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How To Reinstall Windows 7 Easily (Step-by-step guide)

General - Fixed cleaning from the Recycle Bin context menu - Fixed cleaning via commandline Browser Cleaning - Added a new Edge cleaning rule for cleaning Credit Card data
v5.46.6652 (30 Aug 2018)
Privacy Settings - Added a separate control for the reporting of anonymous usage data - Added a link to a Data Factsheet (, which explains the data reported from CCleaner, why it’s reported, and what it’s used for Smart Cleaning - Renamed the ‘Monitoring’ feature to ‘Smart Cleaning’, to better describe its function (intelligent cleaning alerts) - Reworded checkboxes for clarity - If Smart Cleaning is disabled, CCleaner’s background process will close and the feature will not run on startup General - Restored previous System Tray and minimize behavior - Fixed various stability issues
v5.45.6611 (24 Jul 2018)
- Removed Windows.old cleaning rule - Fixed a crash in Disk Analyzer - Added more detailed reporting for bug fixes and product improvements
v5.44.6575 (26 Jun 2018)
- Internet Explorer cookies are now cleaned from the INetCache folder in Windows 10 - Fixed a bug causing cleaning incompatibility with Firefox Malwarebytes extension - Added reminders for expired CCleaner Professional subscriptions
v5.43.6522 (25 May 2018)
- Amended Privacy menu in CCleaner Free to include opt out of sharing usage data with third parties for analytics purposes
v5.43.6520 (23 May 2018)
- Removed Font Cache cleaning temporarily while we resolve an incompatibility with the Windows 10 April Update - Added preference to select the level of detail on the Cleaning Results screen - Added new Privacy menu
v5.42.6499 (16 May 2018)
IMPORTANT FIX FOR CHROME Browser Cleaning - Fixed a critical issue where very long float values were saved in scientific format, causing the Chrome profile to be lost - Fixed a critical issue where systems using non-standard decimal separators caused data to be stored incorrectly, causing the Chrome profile to be lost
v5.42.6495 (23 Apr 2018)
Browser Cleaning - Internet Explorer: Fixed a bug where cleaning Temporary Internet Files left some files behind - IE/Edge: Enhanced cleaning of YouTube viewing history (thanks alhazred!) Cookies - Search terms are now highlighted in the results list General - Where appropriate, CCleaner Free may recommend improvements to your system’s antivirus protection Installer - Fixed an issue where localized text was overlapping in the Professional Edition installer
v5.41.6446 (13 Mar 2018)
UI - NEW! Cleaning results now displayed as a Cleaning Summary (Free and Professional versions only) - NEW! Product tips to help users discover less visible features - NEW! Fresh, clean Upgrade page design Browser Cleaning - Edge/Internet Explorer: Fixed cleaning of cookie and icon file types on Windows 10 (thanks alhazred Judesman for reporting this via our forum!) Localization - Added improved Estonian translations (thanks to our volunteer translator ProPaan!) Technology - Added support for Sciter: a lightweight, embeddable HTML/CSS/script engine for modern UI development
v5.40.6411 (13 Feb 2018)
Browser Cleaning - Edge: Added new 'Set aside tabs' cleaning rule Windows Cleaning - Added warning for 'Old prefetch data' cleaning rule General - Minor improvements to user interface - Minor bug fixes
v5.39.6399 (16 Jan 2018)
Disk Analyzer - Fixed a rare crash where a UI layer was still active General - Minor user interface improvements - Minor bug fixes
v5.38.6357 (12 Dec 2017)
Browser Cleaning - Edge: Session clean no longer removes set-aside tabs - Chrome: Added support for cleaning cookies from Local Storage Cookies - Chrome Local Storage Cookies can now be managed from Cookie Manager Windows - CCleaner no longer cleans the list of files waiting to be renamed Installer - Fixed 'Error opening file for writing' error General - Fixed a library dependency that was preventing CCleaner from opening on Wndows XP in some cases - Fixed a rare case where CCleaner could check for updates multiple times in a short space of time
v5.37.6309 (15 Nov 2017)
Browser Cleaning - Edge: Session clean no longer removes set-aside tabs - Firefox: Fixed an issue where some favicons were still being cleaned
v5.36.6278 (24 Oct 2017)
Browser Cleaning - Firefox: updated Session cleaning rule to support changes in Firefox 56.0 - Chrome ( Chromium): updated Internet History cleaning rule to clean user activity data - Opera: updated Internet History cleaning rule to clean user activity data Default Cleaning Rules - Windows Explorer: Most Recently Used documents and other MRU files no longer cleaned by default - Windows Defender: Scan history no longer cleaned by default - Microsoft Office: MRUs no longer cleaned by default - Edge, Chrome/Chromium, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Thunderbird: Current session data no longer cleaned by default Emergency Updater - Added new executable: "CCUpdate.exe" - Added new Windows Scheduled Task: "CCleaner Update"
v5.35.6210 (20 Sep 2017)
- All builds signed with new Digital Signatures
v5.34.6207 (12 Sep 2017)
Browser Cleaning - Firefox: Internet History cleaning rule no longer removes Favicon content General - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes
v5.33.6162 (15 Aug 2017)
Settings - Fixed an issue where Automatic Update continued to inform users of an existing update after the setting had been disabled Browser Cleaning - Updated Edge cookie cleaning definitions to include new tables from Microsoft - Fixed an issue in Firefox where extensions could not be deleted due to withdrawal of support for Netscape Plugin API - Fixed an issue in Firefox Thunderbird where cleaning 'Site Preferences' would also clean 'Last Download Location' Browser Plugins - Browser Plugins list now saved as browserplugins.txt (not startup.txt) Disk Analyzer - Fixed an issue where analysis results did not display the full filepath Stability - Improved CCleaner launch sequence to resolve a UI lock
v5.32.6129 (11 Jul 2017)
Browser Cleaning - Updated Firefox History cleaning definitions to correctly remove items with associated favicons - Updated Chrome History cleaning definitions to restore removal of 'Other Search Engines' - Restored support for cleaning 'Last download location' in Edge - Restored support for cleaning 'Last download location' in Firefox Windows Cleaning - 'Recent Documents' rule no longer removes items that have been 'pinned' in MS Office applications
v5.31.6105 (13 Jun 2017)
- Improved Windows 10 Creators support - Improved Firefox History cleaning - Improved Chrome Cache and History cleaning - Optimized Scheduling functionality (Professional only) - Improved high-DPI support - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes
v5.30.6065 (23 May 2017)
- Improved Edge Cookie cleaning - Updated Internet Explorer 10 and 11 History cleaning - Updated Thunderbird 52 History cleaning - Updated Windows Explorer MRU Cache cleaning - Improved SSD detection algorithm - Optimized Update Checking process - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes
v5.30.6063 (16 May 2017)
- Improved Edge Cookie cleaning - Updated Internet Explorer 10 and 11 History cleaning - Updated Thunderbird 52 History cleaning - Updated Windows Explorer MRU Cache cleaning - Improved SSD detection algorithm - Optimized Update Checking process - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes
v5.29.6033 (18 Apr 2017)
- Improved Windows 10 Creators Update compatibility - Updated Edge History and Session cleaning - Updated Internet Explorer 10 and 11 Cache cleaning - Updated Firefox History and Cache cleaning - New Scheduling section (Professional only) - Updated various languages - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes
v5.28.6005 (14 Mar 2017)
- Improved Chrome and Opera History cleaning - Improved Firefox Session and Cache cleaning - Updated Windows Explorer MRU cache cleaning - Improved 64-bit build architecture on Windows 10 - Optimized Auto Update process (Professional only) - Updated ZoneAlarm cleaning - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes
v5.27.5976 (14 Feb 2017)
- Improved Firefox and Chrome History cleaning - Improved Opera Beta cleaning - Improved Windows 10 Support - Improved Uninstall tool version sorting - Updated internal architecture - Added Foxit Reader 8.0 cleaning - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes
v5.26.5937 (17 Jan 2017)
- Improved Firefox History and Session cleaning - Improved Opera History cleaning - Improved Thunderbird Session cleaning - Optimized 64-bit build architecture - Updated various translations - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes
v5.25.5902 (13 Dec 2016)
- Added support for Firefox Web Extensions - Improved Firefox History and Cache cleaning - Improved Chrome and Opera Session cleaning - Improved Edge Extensions management - Improved DPI awareness and support - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes
v5.24.5841 (15 Nov 2016)
- Improved Firefox History cleaning - Improved Opera and Vivaldi Session cleaning - Updated Internet Explorer and Edge Cache cleaning - Updated Windows Explorer MRU Cache cleaning - Improved Monitoring notifications - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes
v5.23.5808 (18 Oct 2016)
- Improved Microsoft Edge and Internet Cache cleaning - Updated Microsoft Edge Tab cleaning - Improved Firefox History and Session cleaning - Optimized Silent Update functionality (Professional only) - Updated various translations - Minor bug fixes - Minor GUI improvements
v5.22.5724 (13 Sep 2016)
- Improved Windows 10 Anniversary Edition support - Improved Microsoft Edge Cookie and History cleaning - Updated Firefox extension management - Improved 64-bit build architecture on Windows 10 - Updated ZoneAlarm 2016 cleaning - Minor bug fixes - Minor GUI improvements
v5.21.5700 (16 Aug 2016)
- Improved Chrome 52 History and Cache cleaning - Updated DOMStore cookie cleaning - Improved Auto-Update checking process - Improved crash reporting architecture - Updated Xilisoft Video Converter cleaning - Improved localization and language support - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes
v5.20.5668 (19 Jul 2016)
- Improved Firefox Internet Cache cleaning - Improved Chrome Download History cleaning - Added Vivaldi browser cleaning - Optimized Silent Update functionality (Professional only) - Improved DPI awareness and high DPI support - Added Turkmen translation - Minor bug fixes and GUI improvements
v5.19.5633 (21 Jun 2016)
- Improved Firefox and Chrome History cleaning - Improved Windows 10 MRU cache cleaning - Optimized Browser Plugin detection routine - Improved System Monitoring (Professional only) - Improved Window resizing and DPI support - Improved Unicode text support - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes
v5.18.5607 (24 May 2016)
- Improved Microsoft Edge Cache and History cleaning - Improved Firefox 46 Session cleaning - Optimized detection and cleaning of portable browsers - Improved Browser Monitoring functionality (Professional only) - Improved Unicode support in Startup and Browser Plugin management - Improved localization support - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes
v5.17.5590 (26 Apr 2016)
- Improved Firefox 45 cleaning - Improved Google Chrome Extension management - Improved Windows Store apps Uninstall tool (Windows 8.1 and 10) - Optimized Start-up Items and Browser Plugins detection - Improved localization and language support - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes
v5.16.5551 (22 Mar 2016)
- Added Opera GPU and Application cache cleaning - Improved Google Chrome cleaning: IndexedDB, Quote Manager DB and Service Worker cache - Improved Microsoft Edge Temporary Files cleaning - Update Google Chrome Browser Plug-in management - Improved keyboard navigation - Updated various translations - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes
v5.15.5513 (23 Feb 2016)
- Updated Google Chrome cleaning: Cache, Session and History - Improved Firefox Cookie detection - Added Disk Analyzer search feedback - Improved System and Browser Monitoring (Professional only) - Improved Media Player Classic cleaning - Improved localization and language support - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes
v5.14.5493 (26 Jan 2016)
- New Browser Plugins section for browser start up management - Improved Google Chrome and Opera session cleaning - Improved Disk Analyzer file scanning process - Improved TeamViewer and PDF Creator cleaning - Updated exception handling and reporting architecture - Updated various translations - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes
v5.13.5460 (21 Dec 2015)
- Added Opera and Chrome Media Cache cleaning - Improved Chrome Extension and Cache cleaning - Improved Windows 10 Registry cleaning - Optimized 64-bit build architecture - Improved Auto-Update checking process - Improved Unicode text support - Minor GUI Improvements - Minor bug fixes
v5.12.5431 (24 Nov 2015)
- Improved Firefox 42 Cache cleaning - Improved Google Chrome Download History cleaning - Improved Skip UAC on Windows 10 - Improved detection and cleaning of portable browsers - Optimized cleaning rules loading routine - Improved localization and language support - Minor GUI Improvements - Minor bug fixes
v5.11.5408 (26 Oct 2015)
- Added Windows Store apps to Uninstall tool (Windows 8, 8.1 and 10) - Improved Google Chrome Download History cleaning - Improve Firefox 41 cleaning - Optimized Start-up Items detection routine - Improved keyboard navigation and shortcuts - Added Microsoft Office 2016 and Camtasia Studio 8.0 cleaning - Updated various translations - Minor GUI Improvements - Minor bug fixes
v5.10.5373 (24 Sep 2015)
- Improved Microsoft Edge Cookie management - Optimized internal architecture for faster start up - Added Chrome extension cache and cookie cleaning - Improved Firefox session cleaning - Added Firefox HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) cookie cleaning - Improved Intelligent Cookie Scan - Improved Window resizing and DPI support - Added Corsican translation - Minor GUI Improvements - Minor bug fixes
v5.09.5343 (25 Aug 2015)
- Improved Microsoft Edge cleaning - Faster UI and styling improvements - Improved Windows 10 Registry detection and cleaning - Improved Internet Explorer 11 DOMStore cleaning - Optimized 64-bit build architecture for Windows 10 - Improved Paint.NET and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware cleaning - Improved localization and language support - Minor bug fixes
v5.08.5308 (23 Jul 2015)
- Improved Windows 10 (10240 RTM build) compatibility - Improved Microsoft Edge Cache and Saved Password cleaning - Improved Opera 30 Session cleaning - Added Microsoft Edge Browser Monitoring (CCleaner Professional only) - Added 'Open CCleaner' to System and Browser Monitoring (CCleaner Professional only) - Improved Include and Exclude Wildcard support - Added Foxit Reader 7 and RealTimes cleaning - Improved Avira Antivirus, BlueStacks and Media Player Classic cleaning - Updated various translations - Minor GUI Improvements - Minor bug fixes
v5.07.5261 (25 Jun 2015)
- Improved Microsoft Edge (Spartan / IE 12) cleaning - Improved Google Chrome Internet Cache and Session cleaning - Added Firefox Web Apps start-up management - Improved Windows 10 Recycle Bin and Delayed cleaning support - Improved Skip UAC functionality for domain accounts - Added Adobe Reader DC cleaning - Updated various translations - Minor GUI Improvements - Minor bug fixes
v5.06.5219 (26 May 2015)
- Added Microsoft Edge (Spartan / IE 12) cleaning - Improved Firefox session cleaning - Improved Google Chrome Download History cleaning - Improved system restore detection routine - Improved keyboard navigation - Updated exception handling and reporting architecture - Improved localization and language support - Minor GUI Improvements - Minor bug fixes
v5.05.5176 (23 Apr 2015)
- Improved Windows 10 (build 10049) compatibility - Improved Internet Explorer and Firefox Startup Items detection - Improved Opera Cache and History cleaning - Improved context menu management - Improved DPI awareness and high DPI support - Improved Unicode text support - Updated various translations - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes
v5.04.5151 (25 Mar 2015)
- Added Include items option to ignore newer files - Improved Opera history cleaning - Improved Skip UAC functionality - Optimized system restore detection routine - Improved small screen size support - Improved localization and language support - Minor GUI Improvements - Minor bug fixes
v5.03.5128 (24 Feb 2015)
- Added Google Chrome IndexedDB cleaning - Improved Windows 10 (build 9926) compatibility - Improved Firefox and Google Chrome session cleaning - Improved Unicode support in Startup tool - Improved keyboard navigation and shortcuts - Updated various translations - Minor GUI Improvements - Minor bug fixes
v5.02.5101 (26 Jan 2015)
- Improved Firefox Local Storage and Cookie cleaning - Improved Google Chrome 64-bit support - Improved Firefox Download History analysis and cleaning - Optimized Disk Analyzer scanning process - Improved detection and cleaning of portable browsers - Updated various translations - Minor GUI Improvements - Minor bug fixes
v5.01.5075 (18 Dec 2014)
- New Disk Analyzer tool - Improved Firefox 34 cleaning - Improved Opera History cleaning - Optimized Memory and CPU usage - Improved localization support - Minor GUI Improvements - Minor bug fixes
v5.00.5050 (25 Nov 2014)
- New improved GUI - Improved internal architecture for better performance - Added Google Chrome plugin management - Improved Google Chrome Startup item detection - Optimized automatic updates for Pro version - Improved system restore detection routine - Updated exception handling and reporting architecture - Optimized 64-bit builds on Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 - Updated various translations - Many performance improvements and bug fixes
v4.19.4867 (24 Oct 2014)
- Added Windows 10 Preview compatibility - Improved Opera 25 Cache cleaning - Improved exception handling and reporting architecture - Improved Auto-Update checking process - Updated various translations - Minor GUI Improvements - Minor bug fixes
v4.18.4844 (26 Sep 2014)
- Added Active System Monitoring for Free users - Improved Firefox Saved Password cleaning - Improved Opera History cleaning - Improved 64-bit build architecture for Window 8 and 8.1 - Added Ashampoo Burning Studio 14, XnView and FastStone Capture cleaning - Improved localization support - Minor GUI Improvements - Minor bug fixes
v4.17.4808 (26 Aug 2014)
- Added Google Chrome and Opera GPU cache cleaning - Improved Google Chrome and Opera Download History cleaning - Improved Firefox Aurora session cleaning - Improved Firefox and Google Chrome Startup items detection - Added PhotoScape, BlueStacks and ManyCam cleaning - Improved AntiVir Desktop and Wondershare cleaning - Minor GUI Improvements - Minor bug fixes
v4.16.4763 (24 Jul 2014)
- Improved Google Chrome 36 cleaning and start-up management - Improved Firefox browsing cache cleaning - Added Repair option to Uninstall tool - Improved 64-bit build architecture on Windows 7 and 8 - Improved Startup Item tool compatibility - Added Teamviewer, Microsoft One Drive, Real VNC 5, Tag Rename and Tango cleaning - Minor GUI Improvements - Minor bug fixes
v4.15.4725 (25 Jun 2014)
- Added Google Chrome 64-bit support - Improved memory usage and management architecture - Added Yandex browser cleaning - Improved Wipe Free Space algorithm - Added SnagIt 12, Format Factory, Nitro PDF Reader and Virtual DJ cleaning - Added Social Media links - Updated various translations - Minor GUI Improvements - Minor bug fixes
v4.14.4707 (22 May 2014)
- Improved Firefox and Mozilla based browser Cookie cleaning - Improved Startup item Unicode support - Improved Operating System detection - Added Cyberfox browser cleaning - Improved 64-bit Registry detection and cleaning architecture - Improved skip UAC warning for Monitoring (CCleaner Professional only) - Added PowerArchiver 2013, Nitro Pro 9 and Stardock WindowBlinds cleaning - Improved Microsoft Office 2010, Foxit Reader 6, AVG AntiVirus 8, 9, 10, 2012 and 2013 cleaning - Minor GUI Improvements - Minor bug fixes
v4.13.4693 (24 Apr 2014)
- Added Windows 8.1 Update 1 and Server 2012 R2 Update 1 compatibility - Improved Chrome cleaning: Internet History, Last Download Location and Startup item management - Improved Opera 15 and newer cleaning: Internet History, Last Download Location and Startup item management - Added Firefox plugin activation mode support - Improved handling of removed and unmounted disks - Improved Windows keyboard shortcut support - Improved Shutdown after cleaning and /AUTO command-line - Added Wondershare Video Converter Pro, Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate, Real Player Cloud cleaning - Improved Java, Windows Defender, FrostWire, CuteFTP 9, Winamp, FileZilla, SUPERAntiSpyware, OpenOffice 4 cleaning - Added Mongolian language - Minor GUI Improvements - Minor bug fixes
v4.12.4657 (25 Mar 2014)
- Added Opera 15 and newer Saved Form Information cleaning - Added Opera Developer Channel support - Improved ActiveX and Class Issue Registry cleaning - Added Facebook and Twitter cookies to Intelligent Cookie Scan - Improved Scheduler management (CCleaner Professional only) - Added Xilisoft Video Converter and DVD Ripper, dBpoweramp and SyncBackFree cleaning - Improved Internet Download Manager, Oxygen XML Editor, Orbit Downloader, CA Anti-Virus, Microsoft AntiSpyware, and Vuze cleaning - Minor GUI Improvements - Minor bug fixes
v4.11.4619 (25 Feb 2014)
- Added Opera 15 and newer Startup item management - Added File content duplicate detection to File Finder - Improved Drive Wiper SSD detection - Added Torch Browser support - Added File Finder upper file size threshold - Optimized Firefox Profile Startup items detection - Improved Scheduler language support (Professional only) - Improved Google Earth, Winamp, MusicMatch Jukebox, Windows Live Messenger, Free Download Manager and Internet Download Accelerator cleaning - Minor GUI Improvements - Minor bug fixes
v4.10.4570 (23 Jan 2014)
- Improved Firefox 26 cleaning - Improved Firefox extension management - Improved Shutdown after cleaning and /SHUTDOWN command-line - Added new cleaning scheduler (CCleaner Professional only) - Added Facebook Metro, Picasa 3, Spotify, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, Kingsoft Office 2013 and Sublime Text cleaning - Improved Audacity cleaning - Improved localization and language support - Minor GUI improvements and bug fixes
v4.09.4471 (19 Dec 2013)
- Added Google Chrome v32 cleaning and startup management - Added individual cookie cleaning from Cookies screen - Improved Internet Explorer 11 DOMStore cleaning - Added Shutdown after cleaning option - Improved Live Monitoring notifications (CCleaner Professional only) - Added Alcohol 52%, The Bat and Nero 14 Platinum HD cleaning - Improved Camfrog Video Chat, Alcohol 120%, Adobe Fireworks 6.0, Nero 12 Platinum HD Suite, Nero Video 11 and eMule cleaning - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes
v4.08.4428 (25 Nov 2013)
- Added Firefox 27 new cache location cleaning - Improved Chrome cleaning: Flash cookies and last download location - Improved Internet Explorer and Firefox Startup Items detection - Enhanced Thunderbird and Firefox detection algorithm - Improved context menu management - Optimized system restore detection routine - Improved secure deletion of files with long filenames - Added advanced scheduled task management for Windows Vista and newer - Improved portable browsers management in Startup screen - Improved live monitoring notifications and settings (CCleaner Professional only) - Added CyberLink AudioDirector 4 and PowerDirector 12, Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 and Premiere Elements 12, Nero Express 2014 and BackItUp 2014 cleaning - Improved Real Player, Real Player 15 and 16, Steam and Xfire cleaning - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes
v4.07.4369 (24 Oct 2013)
- Added Windows 8.1 compatibility - Added Internet Explorer 11 Release Preview for Windows 7 compatibility - Added old Windows installation folder cleaning - Improved Internet Explorer history cleaning - Added Baidu Spark browser cleaning - Improved debug mode notification - Added ABBYY FineReader 11.0, Corel PaintShop Pro X6 and Nero Burning Rom 2014 cleaning - Improved WinZip, Java, UltraEdit, Macromedia Shockwave 10 and 11, Photodex ProShow Producer and RealPlayer SP cleaning - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes
v4.06.4324 (25 Sep 2013)
- Improved Internet Explorer DOMStore cookie cleaning - Enhanced Firefox Internet History cleaning - Added free text entry for include and exclude items - Optimized Startup tool browser detection - Updated procedure for recursive folder analysis and cleaning - Improved system monitoring startup procedure (CCleaner Professional) - Added CDBurnerXP, UltraEdit, Photodex ProShow Producer, SketchUp Make 2013 and HandBrake cleaning - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes
v4.05.4250 (26 Aug 2013)
- Added Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview support - Added Windows Event Log cleaning - Updated Intelligent Cookie Scanning - Improved behavior when removing System Restore points - Improved Windows XP last download location cleaning - Enhanced the File Finder function keyboard navigation - Improved privacy data cleaning for multiple users in Internet Explorer 11 (CCleaner Professional) - Improved the time interval options for system monitoring (CCleaner Professional) - Updated exception handling and reporting architecture - Added Adobe Premier Pro CC, OpenOffice 4, CuteFTP 9, and Directory Opus 10 cleaning - Improved Foxit Phantom PDF and QuickTime cleaning - Minor GUI improvements and bug fixes
v4.04.4197 (25 Jul 2013)
- Added Windows 8.1 Preview support - Added Internet Explorer 11 cleaning - Added Opera 15 cleaning - Improved Google Chrome cleaning: Flash Cookies, Channel ID Cookies and Last Download Location - Improved detection of Chromium based browsers - Added Comodo IceDragon cleaning - Improved detection and cleaning of portable browsers - Improved Monitoring notifications (Pro version) - Added cleaning for Sony Vegas Pro 12.0, Bing Search, Bing Finance, Bing Maps, Bing News, Bing Sports and Bing Travel - Added Hindi translation - Minor GUI improvements and bug fixes
v4.03.4151 (25 Jun 2013)
- Added command line option to reboot after cleaning (/AUTO /RESTART) - Improved Firefox cleaning: Site Preferences, History and Startup items - Improved Internet Explorer 10 cleaning: Saved Passwords, Userdata Cookies and Last Download Location - Improved Internet Explorer 9 Last Download Location cleaning - Improved Opera Cache cleaning - Updated Startup items detection for Firefox and Google Chrome - Added Cookie management for multiple users (Pro Version) - Improved Startup item management for multiple users on Windows 8 (Pro Version) - Added cleaning for Express Scribe, Gom Player, Skype Metro App, Twitter Metro and Adobe Reader Touch - Improved cleaning for Microsoft Office 2013 - Added Thai translation - Improved localization and language support
v4.02.4115 (27 May 2013)
- Improved History cleaning for Internet Explorer 10 - Optimized Cache cleaning for Internet Explorer 10 - Improved Download History cleaning for Firefox - Improved DOMStore cookie cleaning for Internet Explorer 10 - Optimized detection of Google Chrome Startup items - Improved drive detection in File Finder - Improved System and Browser Monitoring (Pro Version) - Added cleaning for Adobe Fireworks 6.0, Nero 12 Platinum HD Suite, Foxit Reader 6.0, Virtual Clone Drive, PDFCreator and PDF Architect - Improved cleaning for Freemake Video Converter - Minor bug fixes and GUI improvements
v4.01.4093 (25 Apr 2013)
- Improved History cleaning for Google Chrome - Improved compatibility with Firefox v19 and newer - Optimized Registry cleaning algorithm for Windows 8 - Improved Internet Explorer 10 compatibility - Improved Duplicate File Finder tool - Optimized System and Browser Monitoring (Pro Version) - Added cleaning for Adobe Acrobat XI, VSO Blu-ray and DVD Converter Ultimate, Oxygen XML Editor 14 and Connectify Hotspot - Improved cleaning for Google Earth and MailWasher Pro - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes
v4.00.4064 (26 Mar 2013)
- New improved graphics and icon - Improved internal architecture for better performance - New Duplicate File Finder tool - New System and Browser Monitoring (Pro Version) - Optimized and improved Registry Cleaning - Added cleaning for Avast Antivirus 8, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Samsung Kies and Real Player 16 - Improved Drive Wiper performance - Optimized Startup item detection algorithm - Optimized 64-bit builds on Windows 7 and 8 - Many performance improvements and bug fixes
v3.28.1913 (25 Feb 2013)
- Improved Windows 8 compatibility - Improved cleaning for Windows Log Files - Improved memory usage and performance on Windows 7 - Improved cleaning for Adobe Flash Player and ConvertXToDVD - Added cleaning for Gadu-Gadu and Foxit Phantom PDF - Faster automatic updating for Pro version - Updated various translations - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes
v3.27.1900 (24 Jan 2013)
- Added cleaning for Internet Explorer Metro Cache - Added cleaning for Internet Explorer Metro History - Added Google Chrome v24 support - Improved Firefox compatibility on v17 and newer - Improved Google Chrome extension compatibility - Improved Unicode text support - Added Burmese translation - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes
v3.26.1888 (21 Dec 2012)
- Improved Firefox add-on management - Improved Google Chrome extension management - Optimized directory analysis algorithm - Added cleaning for Office 2013 - Added cleaning for Adobe Reader 11.0 - Fixed minor issue with Windows 8 installer - Updated unicode translations - Minor GUI improvements - Minor tweaks and bug fixes
v3.25.1872 (26 Nov 2012)
- Added Google Chrome Extension management - Improved compatibility with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 - Improved security when managing Firefox plugins - Improved internal module loading speed - Added cleaning for Adobe Dreamweaver, Corel PaintShop Pro X5 and Anonymizer. - Improved cleaning for Microsoft Office 2010 and ImgBurn - GUI navigation improvements - Minor bug fixes
v3.24.1850 (25 Oct 2012)
- Added Firefox Plugin and Extension management - Optimized architecture for 64-bit builds of Windows 7 and 8 - Improved Firefox Aurora cookie cleaning - Improved Chrome Canary Saved Form Information cleaning - Added cleaning for AVG AntiVirus 2013, 4Sync, Copernic, DVDFab, Inkscape and PKZip - Improved cleaning for Windows MRUs - Faster automatic updating for Pro version - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes
v3.23.1823 (25 Sep 2012)
- Improved performance for Windows 8 - Improved memory usage and shutdown time - Added support for Firefox 16 - Added Google Chrome DNS Prefetch cleaning - Added Google Chrome journal and tmp file cleaning - Improved Publisher discovery in Startup Tool - Improved support for Run Once actions in Startup Tool - Improved file deletion security - Added support for CoolNovo formerly ChromePlus - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes
v3.22.1800 (24 Aug 2012)
- Added full support for Windows 8 - Improved Startup Item tool compatibility - Improved benchmarking for Cleaner summary results - Improved support for Custom Files and Folders - Improved file security algorithms - Added option to Exclude a single registry value - Improved wildcard support in search boxes - Fixed support for Windows 2000 - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes
v3.21.1767 (25 Jul 2012)
- Added support for Windows Server 2012 - Added Opera plug-in cache cleaning - Added benchmarking for Cleaner summary results - Improved Startup Tool loading algorithm - Improved Drive support in Drive Wiper tool - Improved Font Cache cleaning - Improved Wildcard behavior in search boxes - Improved System Restore discovery - Improved Windows 8 identification - Added cleaning for Universal Extractor - Updated Internet Download Manager cleaning - Added Tatar translation - Minor GUI improvements and bug fixes
v3.20.1750 (25 Jun 2012)
- Added Windows Explorer Context Menu management to Startup tool - Added Windows 8 Release Preview compatibility - Added Opera 12 support - Updated History cleaning for Aurora - Updated History cleaning for Chrome Canary - Improved UAC bypass code - Improved accuracy for uninstall items installation date and size - Improved Scheduled Tasks detection - Improved cleaning algorithm duplication detection - Improved file and setting removal when uninstalling - Minor bug fixes
v3.19.1721 (24 May 2012)
- Added option to skip User Account Control (UAC) warning - Added support for Firefox 13.0 beta - Moved Thunderbird to be cleaned separately - Improved Aurora History cleaning - Improved Google Chrome Saved Passwords cleaning - Improved Scheduled Tasks detection - Improved Uninstaller Installation Date on XP - Added cleaning for BitDefender - Improved detection for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, VLC Media Player and Avast! Antivirus 6 - Minor bug fixes
v3.18.1707 (25 Apr 2012)
- Added support for Firefox 12 final release - Added support for Google Chrome 20.0 beta - Added multi-select to detailed results view - Improved support for Internet Explorer 64-bit Add-ons - Improved folder detection algorithm for cleaning items - Improved scrolling interface for Include/Excluding dialogs - Improved compatibility with Windows 7 alt-tab functionality - Improved user interface for Drive Wiper Tool - Added support for Opera Portable e.g. CustomLocation1=OPERA|T:\OperaPortable\Data\profile - Added cleaning for Corel VideoStudio Pro X5, MS Security Client and GIMP 2.8 - Improved cleaning for OpenOffice 3, AIMP 3 - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes
v3.17.1689 (27 Mar 2012)
- (Build 1689) fixed bug in Windows Media Player - Added wildcard support for Cookie cleaning - Improved Google Chrome Saved Form Information cleaning - Improved Google Chrome History cleaning for Search Engines - Added Hosts history cleaning in Aurora - Added Shortcuts history cleaning in Google Chrome Canary - Improved JumpList menu to avoid possible UI lock - Improved option to close running browsers when cleaning - Improved IE AutoComplete Form History and Saved Passwords cleaning - Improved shortcut cleaning in Windows 8 - Added cleaning for CyberLink PhotoDirector 10, DivX player and Snagit 11 - Improved cleaning for Vuze, Windows Media Center, Windows Media Player, Corel VideoStudio Pro X4 and Game Explorer - Improved BitTorrent detection - Minor bug fixes and improvements
v3.17.1688 (26 Mar 2012)
- Added wildcard support for Cookie cleaning - Improved Google Chrome Saved Form Information cleaning - Improved Google Chrome History cleaning for Search Engines - Added Hosts history cleaning in Aurora - Added Shortcuts history cleaning in Google Chrome Canary - Improved JumpList menu to avoid possible UI lock - Improved option to close running browsers when cleaning - Improved IE AutoComplete Form History and Saved Passwords cleaning - Improved shortcut cleaning in Windows 8 - Added cleaning for CyberLink PhotoDirector 10, DivX player and Snagit 11 - Improved cleaning for Vuze, Windows Media Center, Windows Media Player, Corel VideoStudio Pro X4 and Game Explorer - Improved BitTorrent detection - Minor bug fixes and improvements
v3.16.1666 (23 Feb 2012)
- Added Scheduled Task management in Startup tool - Added Option to close running browsers when cleaning - Improved Google Chrome History cleaning - Improved Aurora History cleaning - Improved Windows 8 compatibility - Added cleaning for AIMP 3, Corel VideoStudio Pro X4 and AlZip - Improved cleaning for Snagit 10, AntiVir Desktop, Ashampoo Burning Studio 11, and Adobe Acrobat 9.0 and 10.0 - Reduced 64-bit EXE memory usage - Minor GUI improvements
v3.15.1643 (25 Jan 2012)
- Added Chrome Canary Omnibox search shortcut cleaning - Added option to only clean Recycle Bin files deleted more than 24 hours ago - Improved Firefox History cleaning - Improved Analysis results for Firefox and Chrome cookies and cache - Improved Driver Wiper feedback for successful operations - Improved thread synchronization algorithm to avoid possible deadlocks - Updated Chrome Canary Saved Form Information cleaning - Updated Chrome Canary Saved Passwords cleaning - Updated Aurora History cleaning - Added cleaning for Camtasia Studio 7.0, CoffeeCup HTML Editor, Ashampoo Burning Studio 11, Any Video Converter Ultimate, ConvertXToDVD, Freemake Video Downloader, Audio Converter and Video Converter - Improved cleaning for Windows Log Files and MS Search - Improved file size detection algorithm for Recycle Bin - Minor bug fixes
v3.14.1616 (21 Dec 2011)
- Improved Startup tool usability - Improved IE Add-on management - Improved Import/Export for Cookies - Improved Recycle Bin cleaning and duplicated filenames - Updated Chrome Canary Saved Form Information cleaning - Updated Chrome Canary Saved Passwords cleaning - Updated Chrome Canary Cookie cleaning - Fixed bug in long filename extensions - Added cleaning for Chrome Canary "Network Action Predictor" - Added cleaning for Real Player 15, PerfectDisk 12.5 and Windows Media Center - Improved cleaning for WinRAR, Windows Log Files, uTorrent and Acrobat Distiller 10 - Minor bug fixes
v3.13.1600 (28 Nov 2011)
- Added IE add-on manager - Added Firefox Jumplist Cache cleaning - Improved Firefox and Thunderbird cache cleaning - Improved Google Chrome Internet History cleaning for typed URLs - Improved Google Chrome Canary Saved Form Information cleaning - Improved Google Chrome Canary Saved Passwords cleaning - Improved Recycle Bin cleaning with symbolic links - Improved item exclusion feedback in Registry screen - Improved keyboard usability on Intelligent Cookie scan dialog - Added support for custom Thunderbird installation e.g. CustomLocation1=THUNDERBIRD|C:\Portable\Thunderbird\Data\profile - Added cleaning for Corel PaintShop Pro X4, Nero Video 11 and Nero Vision 10 - Improved cleaning for WinRAR, LogMeIn, Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 - Added Indonesian translation
v3.12.1572 (24 Oct 2011)
- Added Firefox 8.0 Beta support - Added Firefox 7.0 Final support - Added secure delete for Cluster tips - Added secure delete for Alternate Data Streams - Added cleaning for Network Passwords - Added PATH environment variable cleaning - Added cleaning for Top Sites in Safari - Improved support for Chrome Canary - Improved support for Firefox Aurora channel - Added cleaning for AVG AntiVirus 2012, ACDSee 14, BitZipper and Avast! Antivirus 6 - Improved cleaning for VLC Media Player and Axialis IconWorkshop - Added Marathi translation - Minor bug fixes
v3.11.1550 (04 Oct 2011)
- (Build 1550) Fixed Recycle Bin issues - Added initial support for Windows 8 - Added expanded Recycle Bin contents in detailed view - Improved Thunderbird cache cleaning support - Improved Safari history cleaning - Improved "Unused File Extensions" registry rule improvements - Improved Secure file deletion on FAT32 file system - Improved Drive Wiper tool to prevent UI freezing - Improved cleaning for Windows Log Files, Memory Dumps, Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 - Improved Speedbit Download Accelerator Plus cleaning - Added cleaning for AkelPad - Added Latvian translation - Minor bug fixes
v3.11.1541 (26 Sep 2011)
- Added initial support for Windows 8 - Added expanded Recycle Bin contents in detailed view - Improved Thunderbird cache cleaning support - Improved Safari history cleaning - Improved "Unused File Extensions" registry rule improvements - Improved Secure file deletion on FAT32 file system - Improved Drive Wiper tool to prevent UI freezing - Improved cleaning for Windows Log Files, Memory Dumps, Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 - Improved Speedbit Download Accelerator Plus cleaning - Added cleaning for AkelPad - Added Latvian translation - Minor bug fixes
v3.10.1525 (25 Aug 2011)
- Added Firefox 7.0 Beta support - Added Firefox 6.0 Final support - Added IE 9.0.2 support - Added Safari 5.1 binarycookies file cleaning and management - Added cleaning for MS Search, Cached Fonts, RegEditX, SpeedBit DAP, Spyware Terminator, SUPERAntiSpyware, Acrobat Distiller 10 and Foxit Reader 5.0 - Improved cleaning for Internet Download Accelerator - Improved Opera 9 Last Download Location cleaning - Improved accuracy and reliability for free space and entire drive wiping - Improved Safari local storage cleaning - Improved Google Chrome "Saved Form Information" and "Saved Passwords" cleaning - Updated various translations - Minor optimization tweaks
v3.09.1493 (26 Jul 2011)
- Added Firefox 6.0 beta support - Added HTML5 Offline cache cleaning and management for Firefox - Added wildcard support to folders (i.e. "Include1=PATH|%AppData%\*\|*.txt|RECURSE" or FileKey1=%AppData%\*e|*.txt|RECURSE) - Added convertion of custom file entry to folder when using wildcard - Added cleaning for Zune, BreezeBrowser Pro, FastStone Image Viewer, Notepad and NoteXpad - Improved cleaning for Real Player - Improved Chrome Saved Form Information and Saved Passwords cleaning - Improved Enabling/Disabling StartUp items - Improved icons detection for Uninstall screen - Improved drag-and-drop functionality for Include/Exclude screen - Improved localization support - Improved StartUp items discovery - Improved memory handling and garbage collection - Minor UI tweaks
v3.08.1475 (27 Jun 2011)
- Added support for Firefox 5.0 - Improve Firefox History cleaning - Improved cleaning for Windows Error Reporting and Other Explorer MRUs - Added cleaning for Ditto, Evernote, I2P, McAfee AntiVirus, MS AntiMalware, PerfectDisk, PowerISO, UltraISO, GIMP, Go!Zilla, MagicISO - Improved cleaning for 7-Zip, Daemon Tools, Windows Defender - Improved DOMStore cookie domain discovery and cleaning - Improved Uninstall tool scanning and uninstalling routines - Improved Registry Cleaner detection algorithm - Improved Start Up tool detection algorithm - Added multiple monitor support - Improved shortcut key accelerators - Improved search response when using wild cards - Added support for root registry keys in the exclude list - Added Kazakh language - Minor GUI improvements and fixes
v3.07.1457 (26 May 2011)
- Added Flash Player SOL setting file cleaning and management - Added Safari Icon history cleaning - Added cleaning for Windows Elevated Diagnostics - Added cleaning for Kantaris Media Player, KMPlayer, Orbit Downloader, Pando, Sandboxie and Snagit - Improved cleaning for XFire, Real Player, Windows Log Files, Macromedia Shockwave 10 and 11 - Improved Google Chrome thumbnails and favicons cleaning - Improved Google Chrome Saved Form Information cleaning - Improved Google Chrome Save Passwords cleaning - Improved Opera Last Download Location cleaning - Improved Remote Desktop cleaning - Improved Recent Documents cleaning - Improved Exclusion functionality for Registry cleaning - Improved Registry cleaning for Windows Services - Improved Drive Wiper functionality and feedback - Fixed bug in Cookie importing/exporting - Minor translation fixes
v3.06.1433 (26 Apr 2011)
- Added HTML5 IndexedDB cleaning and management for Firefox and Chrome - Added HTML5 Offline cache cleaning and management for Opera and Safari - Added Firefox Site Preferences cleaning - Added Opera Last Download Location cleaning - Added Opera Recently Typed URLs cleaning - Added Opera Session cleaning - Improved Chrome Most visited Sites history cleaning - Improved Registry reading and cleaning algorithm - Improved Intelligent cookie scanning - Improved IE Temporary Internet Files cleaning - Improved IE History cleaning - Improved "Windows Service" registry issue detection - Improved "ActiveX and Class Issues" registry issue detection - Updated Google Chrome icon - Added cleaning for Core FTP, FileZilla, SmartFTP, A-Squared, MySpaceIM and MusicMatch Jukebox - Improved cleaning for CuteFTP - Minor bug fixes
v3.05.1409 (04 Apr 2011)
- Added support for Internet Explorer 9 - Added support for Firefox 4.0 - Added Internet Explorer Cached Feeds cleaning - Added Internet Explorer Add-ons Statistics cleaning - Added iTunes cookie management - Added Opera cleaning for saved/opened directories paths - Improved Firefox/Mozilla Saved Password cleaning - Improved Intelligent cookie keeping functionality - Improved Registry cleaning for Obsolete Software - Improved Registry cleaning for Unused File Extensions - Added Registry cleaner for Windows Services - Added cleaning for obsolete Firewall Rules - Added detection of invalid Browser Helper Objects - Added new environment variables for user documents. (i.e. %CommonDocuments%, %CommonMusic%, %CommonPictures%, %CommonVideo%, %MyDocuments%, %Documents%, %MyMusic%, %Music%, %MyPictures%, %Pictures%, %MyVideo%, %Video%) - Added cleaning for Adobe Air, Advanced Searchbar, Steam, Xfire, Skype, AOL Instant Messenger, Camfrog Video Chat, Miranda Instant Messenger, Pidgin, Yahoo Messenger, ooVoo, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo Client, Ventrilo Server, FrostWire, uTorrent, Shareaza, iMesh, BearShare, DC and Ares - Additional fix for Steam caching issues (Build 1409)
v3.04.1389 (24 Feb 2011)
- Added support for Windows 7 SP1 - Added Internet Explorer UserData cleaning and management - Added Safari cookie management - Improved Google Chrome detection - Added Google Chrome JumplistIcons folder cleaning - Added Opera Icon Cache folder cleaning - Added support for Comodo Dragon - Added support for SongBird embedded browser - Added support for Thunderbird embedded browser - Added Registry cleaner for Sound Events - Improved Registry cleaning for Unused File Extensions - Improved Registry cleaning for Application Paths - Added environment variable support in Custom Locations - Command line exporting of embedded INIs (/export [folder path]) - Added cleaning for Excel Viewer, FeedDemon, WinDiff and Last.FM, Free Download Manager, Internet Download Accelerator and Internet Download Manager - Improved cleaning for AntiVir Desktop, AVG AntiVirus 10.0 and Windows Media Player - Improved system file detection security - Minor bug fixes
v3.03.1366 (25 Jan 2011)
- Added K-Meleon browser support - Added Rockmelt browser support - Added Chrome Plus browser support - Added Saved Password cleaning for all browsers - Added cleaning for multiple profiles in Google Chrome - Added Recent Search History cleaning for Safari - Added cleaning for Adobe Acrobat 9.0 and 10.0, Shockwave 10 and 11, Daemon Tools, Compare It! and Microsoft Search Helper Extension - Improved Autocomplete Form History cleaning for IE9 - Improved Saved Form Information cleaning for Chromium based browsers - Improved Internet History cleaning for Opera - Improved Internet Cache cleaning for Firefox - Improved cleaning for Silverlight and Adobe Reader - Improved Office 2003 and XP to prevent removal of autocorrect settings - Added more Windows MRU cleaning rules - Added Belarusian translation - Minor UI tweaks and fixes
v3.02.1343 (23 Dec 2010)
- Improved IE history cleaning for Windows 7, to deal with some persistent history entries - Added import and export Cookie to Keep list - Added cleaning for CloneCD, Ashampoo Burning Studio 10 and ExamDiff - Added confirmation dialog when canceling wiping process in Drive Wiper - Improved file size accuracy when analyzing and cleaning - Improved cleaning for Windows Live Messenger, Antivir Desktop and ImgBurn - Added file logging for all screens under Tools - Added better support for mouse-wheel in all screens - Improved icons in Rules tree for Vista and newer - Fixed bug in Uninstall Tool to prevent entries from disappearing when renaming - Minor tweaks and GUI fixes
v3.01.1327 (25 Nov 2010)
- Improved application startup time and INI loading speeds - Removed need to reboot for Index.dat cleaning - Improved cookie cleaning in Firefox 4.0 Beta 7 - Improved Chromium based browser detection and cleaning - Added support for Adobe Reader 10 and Acronis True Image. - Improved cleaning for 7-Zip, Adobe Reader 9.0, Microsoft Silverlight Isolated Storage, WinPatrol and Microsoft Management Console - Added support for local domains in "Cookies to Keep" list - Improved debugging with log file support using /DEBUG command-line parameter - Improved detection algorithm for 64-bit and Program Files - Improved folder drag and drop in Include options - Fixed bug in Uninstall Tool during cancellation - Improved drive detection in Drive Wiper screen - Added support to refresh cleaning rules using F5 - Improved translations - Minor GUI improvements
v3.00.1310 (03 Nov 2010)
- Fixed bug with extensions on Chrome - New CCleaner 64-bit native EXE - New UI graphics and icons - New internal scanning architecture - New Drive Wiper tool screen under Tools section - New Intelligent cookie keeping functionality - Improved support for IE9 - Improved support for Google Chrome - Improved HTML5 Database Storage cleaning - Added support to clean Microsoft Silverlight Isolated Storage - Added support for AVG AntiVirus 10.0, Audacity, LogMeIn Hamachi, BitTorrent and Windows Game Explorer - Improved support for Vuze - Added new environment variables: %SystemDirectory%, %SystemDirectory32% and %SystemDirectory64% - Improved Registry backup to address problems when saving values - Improved cleaning Windows Log Files for 64-bit OSs - Many UI improvements and bug fixes
v3.00.1303 (28 Oct 2010)
- New CCleaner 64-bit native EXE - New UI graphics and icons - New internal scanning architecture - New Drive Wiper tool screen under Tools section - New Intelligent cookie keeping functionality - Improved support for IE9 - Improved support for Google Chrome - Improved HTML5 Database Storage cleaning - Added support to clean Microsoft Silverlight Isolated Storage - Added support for AVG AntiVirus 10.0, Audacity, LogMeIn Hamachi, BitTorrent and Windows Game Explorer - Improved support for Vuze - Added new environment variables: %SystemDirectory%, %SystemDirectory32% and %SystemDirectory64% - Improved Registry backup to address problems when saving values - Improved cleaning Windows Log Files for 64-bit OSs - Many UI improvements and bug fixes
v2.36.1233 (27 Sep 2010)
- Added FTP Account cleaning - Added support for Paint Shop Pro X3, VLC Media Player, MediaMonkey, Winamp, Malwarebytes Anti Malware, Avast! Antivirus and WinPatrol - Improved support for Quicktime Player, Ad-Aware and AntiVir Desktop - Added support for Firefox based browser Pale Moon - Improved support for expanding environment variables %ProgramFiles% and "%CommonProgramFiles%" to both 32-bit and 64-bit folders - Added new environment variables: %ProgramFiles32%, %ProgramFiles64%, "%CommonProgramFiles32%", "%CommonProgramFiles64%" - Splitter bar is no longer misbehaving when cleaning is in progress - Improved navigation using keyboard - Fixed bug in Startup Tool on Windows 2000 - Minor tweaks and fixes
v2.35.1223 (01 Sep 2010)
- Fixed bug in Adobe Flash detection
v2.35.1219 (25 Aug 2010)
- Added Session Cleaning for Firefox and Google Chrome - Added support for Google Chrome Canary Build - Added support for SRWare Iron browser via Google Chrome rule - Added support to clean custom Chromium based browsers e.g. CustomLocation1=CHROME|C:\Chromium\IronPortable\Profile\Default CustomLocation2=CHROME|C:\ChromePlus\ChromePlusUserData\Default - Added application support for Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS5, Adobe ImageReady CS, Nero Burning ROM 10, Google Calendar Sync and Google Talk - Improved application support for Adobe Photoshop CS3, Google Earth, Adobe Flash Player - Added support to search Uninstall Tool items by Publisher - Improved Custom Files and Folders accuracy to avoid duplicate reporting - Improved Include/Exclude Options - Improved Startup Tool functionality - Improved Registry detection algorithm for Missing Shared Dlls - Improved exception handling when cleaning W7 jumplist - Updated URL references to use - Minor GUI tweaks and usability improvements
v2.34.1200 (26 Jul 2010)
- Extended cookie cleaning to include HTML5 Web Storage - Improved Index.dat cleaning by deleting those not locked by the system - Improved "Install date" detection and accuracy for Uninstall Tool - Improved file lock detection when analyzing to avoid false reporting - Improved scrolling for list control to avoid repaint problems - Improved cleaning of Recycle Bin - Improved jumplist support to avoid possible UI lock - Updated eMule cleaning - Minor bug fixes
v2.33.1184 (24 Jun 2010)
- Added support for Flock 3.0 - Improved database compacting to only run when needed - Improved Index.dat files cleaning for IE8 to include IECompatCache, IETldCache, PrivacIE folders - Improved accuracy of cleaning status messages - Improved localization and language support - Improved UI text formatting for Cleaner screen - Fixed Startup Tool double-clicking behavior on Win9x - Minor improvements to Registry Cleaner on Windows 7 - Added Kurdish translation
v2.32.1165 (26 May 2010)
- Added support for Microsoft Office 2010 - Added Opera search field history cleaning - Added Real Player SP cleaning - Added "Analyze" and "Clean" context menu options to rule tree parent nodes - Added "Restore default settings" button to Advanced Options - Improved Opera favicons cleaning - Improved support for Media Player Classic - Improved cleaning of shortcuts on 64-bit machines - Improve localization support - Fixed bug with Russian translation - Minor bug fixes
v2.31.1153 (26 Apr 2010)
- Improved Opera favicon cleaning by only deleting non-bookmarked entries - Detailed view can now be set as default in Advanced options - Added support to save Startup items to a text file - Added new INI variable for Local Low folder %locallowappdata% - Improved OpenOffice 3.x support - Improved Quicktime player cache cleaning when in Protected Mode - Fixed bug where Summary panel text could be edited - Fixed bug in Uninstall Tool for Windows 2008 R2 - GUI improvements to Cookie screen - Include/Exclude screen sorts entries in alphabetical order - Number formatting is more accurate in Cleaner results - Various minor bug fixes
v2.30.1130 (29 Mar 2010)
- Improved Firefox History cleaning to remove orphaned items - Improved Opera History cleaning - Improved Options Include/Exclude screens - Added manual domain adding for Cookies to keep list - Added time remaining to Wipe Free space - Added context menu to Summary Results for individual rule cleaning - Added context menu to Detailed Results to add file to Exclude list - Improved Firefox database compacting - Improved support for OpenOffice - Improved support for screen reader - Improved registry detection and backup support for 64-bit OSs - Improved Free Space wiping routines - Fixed bug in application detection algorithm - Minor GUI improvements
v2.29.1111 (25 Feb 2010)
- Improved speed when loading Cleaner screen - Improved Registry Cleaner speed when displaying issues - Improved Registry Cleaner performance when fixing issues - Changed Wipe MFT Free Space to run before Wipe Disk Free Space - Improved Include and Exclude screen when browsing for folders and files - Added Recursive support to Custom folders in Include screen - Added support to specify multiple file types for Custom folders in Include screen and INI files - Improved how Language Resource DLLs are loaded into memory - Improved application detection algorithm - Improved internal communication between process threads - Improved file scanning when scanning system folders - Improved Windows 7 and IE8 support - Minor GUI text changes
v2.28.1091 (28 Jan 2010)
- Added support for custom locations for applications e.g. CustomLocation1=FIREFOX|C:\MyFirefox\Profile - Improved detection and cleaning algorithm for new releases of Mozilla based browsers - Added news tasks to W7 jumplist - Added new command line parameters: /CLEANER, /REGISTRY, /TOOLS and /OPTIONS - Improved MUI cache cleaning for Vista and Windows 7 - Added drive information to Wipe Free space status - Improved Wipe MFT free space routines - Improved W7 toolbar feedback - Improved several core processes and routines - Improved file search algorithm when recursing - Added support for cleaning Paint Shop Pro 12 - Improved support for IZarc and Axialis IconWorkshop - Minor GUI tweaks
v2.27.1070 (23 Dec 2009)
- Added support to Wipe MFT Free Space - Added cleaning for Windows Explorer breadcrumb bar - Added cleaning for Opera beta versions - Added option to turn off CCleaner jumplist tasks on Windows 7 - Added menu option to Registry Cleaner to add key to exclude list - Improved support for SeaMonkey 2.0 - Improved Windows 7 Taskbar progress accuracy - Improved minimize to system tray functionality across all platforms - Improved Opera cleaning by including opcache and temporary_downloads folders - Improved performance of Compact database routines - Improved Wipe Free Space code to avoid locks - Improved security when deleting files - Minor GUI and interface improvements - Minor bug fixes
v2.26.1050 (26 Nov 2009)
- Added support to clean Windows DNS cache - Added vacuum SQLite databases for Firefox and Google Chrome - Added publisher and version to Uninstall tool - Added Taskbar jump list tasks for Windows 7 - Added Taskbar Progress for Windows 7 - Improved Exclude list registry keys addition functionality in 64bit Windows 7 - Improved Registry Cleaner detection algorithm and 64-bit file system redirection - Improved "Save to text file" functionality in Cleaner screen - Improved system tray icon activation and tooltip - Improved Registry screen "fix selected issues" dialog usability by removing prompt - Further improved RECURSE and REMOVESELF functionality - Improved Uninstall screen detection algorithm - Improved memory usage to avoid GDI leaks - Fixed issue with Sticky Notes being detected as Missing startup item - Fixed "Edit" and "Remove" button availability on Include/Exclude screen - Fixed various GUI bugs
v2.25.1025 (26 Oct 2009)
- Improved Windows 7 jump list cleaning - Improved Windows 7 thumbnail cache cleaning - Added support for Windows Server 2008 R2 - Improved 64-bit support and performance - Fixed issue with Windows 7 task scheduler - Fixed issue with Startup tool, displaying incorrect folder contents - Added support for AVG Antivirus 9.0 - Added support for ExcludeKey in INI files - Improved support for wildcards and RECURSE/REMOVESELF - Fixed minor GUI bugs in non-English versions - Fixed minor GUI usability issues - Improved input validation - Lots of minor bugs fixed
v2.24.1010 (28 Sep 2009)
- Added support for Firefox 3.6 - Added file search history cleaning for Windows 7 - Improved Opera 10 cleaning - Reduced temp folder cleaning delay to 24 hours - Several bugs fixed to better support Windows 7 - Added winapp2.ini filter support to detailed results view - Improved 64-bit support for Registry Cleaner - Fixed minor bug in Uninstall Tool - Fixed minor bug in System Restore Tool - Minor interface bugs fixed - Minor display bugs fixed
v2.23.999 (02 Sep 2009)
- Improved Opera 10 support for final release - Fixed the "No Disk" exception error - Fixed %ProgramFiles% bug in 64-bit Registry scanning
v2.23.993 (26 Aug 2009)
- Added Taskbar Jump List cleaning for Windows 7 - Added history cleaning support for Opera 10 - Added icons to Cookie selection to show browser - Improved scrolling in new results window - Improved Avira Anti-virus cleaning - Improved multiselect in listviews - Improved 64-bit support when including/excluding files - Improved 64-bit issue detection in Registry screen - Updated internal icons - Added language support for Armenian - Fixed language bugs with new results window - Fixed bug in Recycle Bin cleaning - Fixed minor bug with help files in Registry Cleaner - Fixed bug when deleting an application in Uninstall Tool - Fixed bug when enabling/disabling in Startup Tool - Minor GUI improvements
v2.22.968 (27 Jul 2009)
- Redesign of Cleaner results panel - Added support for Opera 10 Beta - Added support for Safari 4.0 - Added search to Uninstall tool - Added search to Cookies screen - Improved User assist cleaning in Windows 7 - Fixed bug in OpenOffice cleaning - Fixed IE8 SuggestedSites.dat cleaning support - Fixed UI bugs
v2.21.940 (25 Jun 2009)
- Added U3 smart drive support. (Separate installer) - Added support for: Adobe Reader 9.0, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Photoshop CS4, Adobe Illustrator CS4, Nero Burning ROM 9, OpenOffice 3.1, AVG AntiVirus 8.0, AntiVir Desktop and Vuze - Added Installed date and size to Uninstall Tool - Added support for multiple item selection on Start up tool - Added support for cleaning Windows 2008 IIS log files - Improved Windows 7 support - Improved 64-bit Registry cleaning accuracy - Improved loading of System Restore Tool - Improved various routines in the uninstaller code - Fixed Windows 7 Task Scheduler bug - Fixed "No Disk" bug when using Wipe Free Space - Fixed Win98 support - Minor text and translation improvements - Minor bug fixes
v2.20.920 (27 May 2009)
- Added support for Google Chrome recently closed tabs - Disabled removal of most recent System restore point - Fixed bug with Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility View settings - Improved uninstaller support for Windows 7 - Enhanced right-click menu options for Cleaner screen tree - Added extra information under title for Options and Tools screens - Added right-click menu to Registry screen tree - Added support to multi-select items in Include, Exclude and System Restore screens - Added language support for Estonian and Farsi - Internal 64-bit improvements - Minor bug fixes
v2.19.901 (07 May 2009)
- Added support for Firefox 3.5 beta - Fixed IE8 cookies deletion after reboot - Improved support for Google Chrome v2 - Fixed bug with IE8 cookies - Added support for Flash Cookies - Added Tool to manage System Restore Files (XP and Vista only) - Added support to remove Opera Recently Typed URLs - Fixed bug which was displaying wrong Total Bytes removed - Improved exception handling - Fixed virtual function bug - Minor performance improvements
v2.18.878 (24 Mar 2009)
- Added support for Internet Explorer 8 - Improved Wipe Free Space routines - Improved internal communication between threads - Escape key no longer closes CCleaner - Added scrolling to Options screen - Added support for multiple DetectFile options in INI files - Fixed bug when clicking links to navigate to URL - Fixed Win98 progress bar problem - Fixed repaint problem on Options screen when resizing - Minor GUI bugs fixed
v2.17.853 (19 Feb 2009)
- Added wiping of disk free space - Progress bar changed to go from 0 to 100% - Improved Apple Safari history cleaning - Improved speed of Uninstaller Tool - Interface string changes and fixes - Added Ukranian translation - Installer language tweaks - Minor architecture changes - Minor bug fixes
v2.16.830 (23 Jan 2009)
- Google Chrome v2.0 compatibility fixes - Improved Firefox support when browser is open - Improved SeaMonkey support - Added Publisher to the uninstall tool - Many translation updates - Several updates to installer code - Cookie options loading now fully threaded - Lots of minor interface improvements - Minor performance improvements
v2.15.815 (19 Dec 2008)
- Added command-line secure deletion e.g. ccleaner.exe /delete "folder\*.*|MyFile.txt" - Added Google Chrome thumbnail cleaning - Moved language files to /lang folder - Improved options cookie list browser detection - Fixed minor bug in XP prefetch cleaning - Fixed bug in IE History Index.dat cleaning - Fixed two minor compatibility bugs with Win98 - Installer engine updates - Minor architecture improvements
v2.14.763 (01 Dec 2008)
- Added support for Windows 7 - Improved Google Chrome support (build 0.4) - Opera cookie management added - Improved Recycle Bin cleaning - Added a warning when cleaning Google Chrome and it's running - Search Autocomplete cleaning now XP only - Improve file association Registry Cleaning - Fixed bug with context menus and excessive CPU usage - Fixed GUI colors on high contrast themes - Minor GUI bugs fixed - Minor performance improvements - Fixed minor bug in Firefox 2 cookies support
v2.13.720 (23 Oct 2008)
- Added support for Firefox 3.1 - Added right-click cleaning and analysis for individual items in the tree - Added icons to tree parent items - Added cleaning for Windows Error Reporting files - Added Include/Exclude list editing - Improved TypeLib registry cleaning - Fixed Index.dat bug that could cause a crash - Fixed bug with INI warning messages - Internal architecture improvements - Fixed minor GUI errors
v2.12.660 (29 Sep 2008)
- Added Google Chrome support - Improved cleaning security checks - Improved recursive cleaning functions - Fixed bug in INI FileKey evaluation routine - Updated INI file processing engine - Improved system info checks for modern CPUs - Various language and translation improvements - Minor GUI tweaks
v2.11.636 (22 Aug 2008)
- Optimized startup and closing of application - Improved Registry cleaning on 64-bit OS - Improved memory usage on Windows Vista - Added System Tray icon status - Internal refactoring of code for efficiency - Improved Uninstall Tool accuracy with MSI installers - Fixed bug in Uninstall Tool on 64-bit OS - Fixed bug in INI file folder recursion - Fixed bug in INI file OS detection - Added Live Messenger cleaning for .SQM files - Added Vietnamese translation - Minor tweaks and improvements
v2.10.618 (29 Jul 2008)
- Added Type Library cleaning to Registry Cleaner - Improved File Extension scanning in Registry Cleaner - Added /SHUTDOWN command-line parameter to shutdown the computer after cleaning. Only works with /AUTO - Added Shutdown option to system tray menu - Added support for Vista common dialogs - Fixed bug in Uninstaller Tool where some items were hidden - Fixed multi-monitor issue with dialogs - Fixed incompatibility with Windows Search 4.0 - Added seconds to filename when saving .REG files - Improved RegEdit location navigation - Improved Google Earth cleaning and detection - Memory usage optimizations - Minor bug fixes

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Next Here is how I feel today! Just like Super Woman! HaHa! I didn’t accomplish anything too heroic, but I finally won the battle with my black granite composite sink.,Assembling your Raspberry Pi enclosure is relatively straight forward if you've ever built any t-slot based laser cut stuff before, but here's a full guide with,After being taken down twice by Blogger within a single week, we got the message: It’s Time To Go. Gates of Vienna has moved to a new address:

Next The Leica M 240 Real World Camera Review 2013 by Steve Huff. Is it 2013 Already WOW. 2014 UPDATE: The ever growing Leica M 240 Sample Gallery is HERE,I think the controversy over GMOs represents one of the greatest science communications failures of the past half-century. Millions, possibly billions, of .,Acronis True Image Home 2012 or 2013 is a tool for backup and recov.

Assembling your Raspberry Pi enclosure is relatively straight forward if you've ever built any t-slot based laser cut stuff before, but here's a full guide with lots of pictures to help you assemble the whole thing that'll have you housing your Raspberry Pi in no time.

Step 1: Prep the Parts

The laser cut acrylic parts of the kit have a protective mask that keeps the parts from getting scratched up or marred during cutting. You'll need to peel this mask off all the parts before assembly.

Step 2: Insert the Nuts

Tape the 4 M3 nuts in place on the spanning piece with some scotch or masking tape. This step is optional, but can really make your life easier later on. Make sure not to cover up the light pipe holes (the 5 small, tightly spaced holes) in the process.

Step 3: Insert the Bolts and Install the Light Pipes

Now comes the time to bolt on the power/SD side and the USB/Ethernet side to the spanning piece. Don't tighten the bolts all the way in just yet, we'll need some wiggle room to install the rest of the parts. Pay attention to the tabs on the spanning piece and make sure they line up with the two sides with the labeled sides facing out.

Slide the light pipe pieces in at this time as well as shown above.

Step 4: Install the Composite Out/Audio Out Side

Now it's time to install the composite video out/audio out side. Carefully line up the the light pipe parts with the holes and slide the side on. Again, don't tighten the bolts down just yet. If you plan on using a ribbon cable extension (like this one) to access the expansion port externally, now is the time to get it slid through the expansion slot.

Step 5: Install the Raspberry Pi Board

Now carefully insert the Raspberry Pi main board without the SD card in place. It should stay in place from this point on without much effort, but you might want to insert the SD card after getting the board in the enclosure to help keep in in place anyways. Again, if you want to install a ribbon cable to access the GPIO port, make sure to have it in place and installed before continuing on.

Step 6: Install the HDMI Side

Now slide the HDMI side into place.

Step 7: Install the Bottom

Next, place the PCB standoff part and insert it into the bottom piece. Slide it into place with the PCB standoff towards the SD card side.

Step 8: Install Top

Install the top just as you did the bottom piece, tighten the bolts down, and you're done!

Your enclosure should now look something like this:

Black acrylic kits are available here, and a limited number of translucent purple acrylic kits are available here Reg Organizer 6.0

Oh, and you can grab the design files on Thingiverse if you need them!

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Fender Blender Pro - Rock The Bike

The Leica M 240 Real World Camera Review 2013 by Steve Huff

Is it 2013 Already WOW.

2014 UPDATE: The ever growing Leica M 240 Sample Gallery is HERE

Wow. I can not believe it is March 2013 and I am sitting here at my big white Ikea desk writing about the new digital Leica M! No, NOT the M10 but the M Typ 240. Yes, Leica decided to be clever and call their new 24 Megapixel monster M, simply “M” with a number attached at the end to distinguish models. Problem is they were already doing this with the M (M3-M9) successfully but with shorter numbers. Now we have more to type when we write or talk about the M as we have to add “240” to the end…and that is a pain. The “220” is the M-E, which in reality is an M9. After much thought, I would have preferred the new M to be called the M10. Much easier, shorter and it would have kept with the history of the company using sequential numbering. Then again, Leica just wants us to call it the “M”. But I know if I tell someone I have an M, they will ask “Oh, Which one” Then I will have to say, “Oh, the M 240”.

Yours Truly with the M240 and Voigtlander 15mm

But hey, I am no Leica big wig. I am just a guy that writes on a blog about his passion, and man have I always been passionate about Leica cameras. So much so in fact that I have been labeled a “Leica Fanboy”, especially in 2009-2010 when I heavily used my trusty M9 for just about everything. From family to casual and even tons of pro work and it never failed me.

But what those people who were trying to irritate me did not realize is I actually considered myself a Leica fanboy! I mean, what is a fanboy I see it as someone who REALLY loves something and is crazy passionate about that something. Leica and photography go hand in hand and always have. Using a Leica is a wonderful experience and when you shoot with one you know you have a piece of quality gear as well as the history of the company behind you. If that makes me a Leica fanboy then so be it! I guess I am also an Olympus fanboy and Sony fanboy as well though because I love what they are doing for photography as well with the OM-D and RX1.

The new 50 APO Cron wide open at f2

So yea, I love Leica products, well…most of them (but NOT all). The Leica M9 has been my favorite camera ever since its release but can the new M change that I know the answer to that question and you too shall soon see the answer because I am about to write my review of the new M 240 and I bet you will not find a more passionate real world review of this camera anywhere else (at the time of this writing anyway)! So thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings, my thoughts and viewing the sample images I was able to snap during the review period.

The color…oh the color.  Color can be MUCH MUCH richer and more beautiful than it was with the M9. This was while driving home with the 50 set to infinity..2nd image shows the wide Dynamic Range and smoothness of the files

It’s no secret I was one of the worlds biggest fans of the M9 and I was not shy about saying so. Millions of people have read my “Big Bad Ass Leica M9 Review” and hundreds if not thousands have purchased the M9 due to me pouring out my love for such a machine over the past few years. I am not tooting my own horn but it is a fact.  The words I write on these pages seem to be heavily influential just as a movie reviewer influences the publics movie choices, which is why I always keep it real and am always honest and let my heart do the talking, even if I get grump-o’s attacking me for being overly enthusiastic. That is just who I am and when I am excited about something…you guys will know it.

The fact is that myself and Thorsten Overgaard (the original Leica web presence) have probably done more for the M9 than anyone else has due to us oozing our passion for that camera over the past few years. We have taken heat from many of those who disagree with us but that is OK, it is well worth it. I will always speak my mind and speak the truth about the cameras I write about. Period. As for Thorsten, he is a GREAT guy and after meeting him in Berlin for the Monochrom event I sensed his Leica passion as well. He is the real deal and I have been reading his words since the Digilux 2 days. He also just received his M 240 and I look forward to seeing what he has to say.

If you go to the “About me” tab above you can see that most of the galleries there were shot with an M9 from Seal to Rural Landscapes to Street. Yes, the M9 gave me the one thing I loved about photography. Simplicity. Of course it gave me the quality as well and when using those gorgeous Leica lenses (the best in the world, period) everything just came together. The M9 was not and is not perfect but no camera is Even with the lowest DXO score of any full frame sensor ever, the M9 sensor delivers stunning results in real world photos as long as you keep the ISO under 800 or so.

FACT: DXO can not judge real photo results but I am sure when they test the new M, it will rank fairly high and much better than the M9 sensor.

The M9 and the competition

With the M9 I had the classic body, the classic feel, and the classic rangefinder system. It was all there, everything I needed. Being a rangefinder with a rangefinder focusing mechanism all you needed to be sure of was a properly calibrated body and lens and there was nothing like the output of the M9. Nothing. It had its own unique flavor or rendering images in 2009-2010 and it was a pretty exciting time for Leica fans to be able to shoot the 1st full frame digital Leica.

But that was in 2009-2010 and in 2011-2012 we started getting cameras coming in from other manufacturers such as the Fuji X100 and that camera was able to deliver gorgeous results at 1/10th the cost of a Leica setup. The M9 was still on top but other cameras were creeping in with much better high ISO, faster processing times, bug free SD card use, AF and even in Leica shaped bodies. Competition is always good as this is what pushed Leica to improve the digital M once again but these other cameras, while technically superior in many, ways had one problem.

They simply were not Leica and did not give the M experience.

Those cameras were NOT rangefinders at all though somehow many felt the Fuji X-Pro 1 was indeed an RF. That just was not so and shooting the X-Pro 1 was/is nothing like shooting a real Leica M. The experience is not even close in my opinion and it all comes down to that unique rangefinder experience that you can not get from anything other than a true RF camera. If you want that RF experience, the only way to get it digitally is with a Leica (or an old RD-1). That my friends is a fact. But then again, that RF experience is not for everyone. Some hate it because it does take some getting used to, especially if you have never shot with one. There are also some limitations, like close focusing, or needing a massive burst of 20-30 shots. You will really not get that with a Leica M digital RF.

Kids having fun..always a great photo opportunity  (50 APO)

Below: Shot with the old 1940’s 50 Summarit 1.5 wide open, flare and all!

But was that all Leica had going for it by the time 2012 hit The “RF experience” and name Well, not really. I still feel the M9 sensor is a great sensor, mainly at base ISO. When shooting an M9 you just know what to expect. But it was no secret that Leica needed to move on to something bigger and better with more modern features otherwise they faced the possibility of DOOM like the not so old days before they launched the M9 and were headed for troubled roads. They indeed had some improvements and changes to make so as early as 2010, behind closed doors they started to decide what to do with the M10, which became the M (Typ 240).

It looks like an M, feels like an M and that is because it is still an M

The Big Worry – Uneasy Feelings about the CMOS sensor

Most Leica shooters were worried when Leica announced the new M 240. Why Well for starters many assumed that doing away with the CCD of the M8 and M9 that gave those cameras their unique look and feel would be a mistake, but yes…a change was gonna come. Instead of CCD, Leica was going to use a custom made CMOS sensor, made just for the new M. CMOS Isn’t that what is in every DSLR today that gives us somewhat different output than what we are used to with our beloved M9’s and even Monochrom Yep. That CMOS. Now there are debates and some feel there is no difference while others feel there is. I fall into the camp that know there is a (very slight) difference but is that a bad thing No, not at all because the difference is actually a BETTER one.

My camera of the year 2102, the Sony RX1 uses CMOS and that sensor is amazing. So yes CMOS can be superb and better than CCD and I am telling you now that there is no need to worry. At all. Really

The Leica 35 Summicron and the new M – Lightroom 4.4

Being that this is Leica, many of us assumed they would in no way harm their reputation by releasing a camera that was anything less than the previous 09/09/09 Leica M9 and we all had hopes that it would beat the M9 output not just equal it..or God forbid…be below it.

So worry was all over certain forums about CMOS..and the addition of video..and the addition of Live View and the addition of a big fat EVF. I even felt a bit slighted when I saw all of the new additions but I also knew it was needed. This is 2013 after all and Leica has to do what they feel they have to do!

It appeared that Leica wanted to move to the future with the new M instead of sticking in the past with a basic but powerful featureless camera like the M9. In the beginning I sort of disagreed on that though as I felt the new M did not need video..did not need an EVF to sit on top nor did it need to be modernized. It just needed:

  1. a smoother shutter – M 240 has it
  2. bug free operation – M240 has it
  3. better LCD and menu system – M240 has it
  4. Better battery life – M240 has it
  5. Weather sealing – M240 has it
  6. A better CCD sensor – Oops, M240 has CMOS

But Leica had some balls and decided to risk it all with basically an all new camera. The new M 240 is really a ground up camera and it is in no way a tweaked M9 but instead it offers MANY improvements over the M9, MANY. After shooting with it for a while now my concerns on the CCD vs CMOS issue have faded 110%. I will state right up front that it does NOT share the same exact  look or output as the M9 but the M9 did not share the same look of the M8 and guess what The M output is even better than the M9 in every single way (and I know many M9 shooters are shaking their fist at me right now) and once someone works with the files of the new M they will see this for themselves.

But yes, you heard that right… I feel the M 240 is an improvement in every single way over the M9 and in this review I will go over each and every one of these things, even things other reviewers may have missed. 

So for the “Big Worry”…you can ease your mind. No need to be worried as the M 240 can and does deliver the goods, it just may take a while to get used to the new look (of rich color and extended DR) if your brain has been used to seeing those M9 files, which to me now look a bit off after shooting the new M for a while.

The good thing is that once you use this new M you will begin to slowly but surely appreciate the sensor in this camera. It is technically better than the M9 sensor and does offer the Leica look but it offers much more as well. 

Shooting at an Aquarium to see how the M does in low light. ISO 1000, 50 1.4 at 1.4

An M 240 of my Very Own

On March 1st I heard from that they were getting in ONE and only ONE M from Leica. I tried to buy it from Tony Rose but I was not on his list at all so of course that did not work Minutes later I heard from The Pro Shop Leica store and they said “we have gotten ONE M in and only ONE“…it was sold of course but I was wondering…”what is Leica doing Sending out 50 of these as a beta test or are they trying to build up hype to create big demand”. I mean, they had a long time to manufacture these but as early as a week ago I was reading how the new M was still being beta tested. Hmmm. Not sure why Leica was being so stingy with the M stock but I am sure they have their reasons.

There are loads of people on pre-order lists and sending one camera to select dealers was sort of odd. Sounds like the same old Leica tactics to me but I really have zero inside info so who knows. I am just thrilled to death that I managed to get one of the 1st 50 in the USA.

The 50 Summilux is one of the best, if not THE best Leica lens available. To me it has much more character than the new 50 APO Summicron. Sometimes, too perfect is too boring and from what I have seen of the M and 50 APO I felt the results were a little “sterile”. I prefer MOJO to perfect. I prefer EMOTION to PERFECT. I also prefer imperfections to stunningly perfect. 

Even so…minutes later I heard from Ken Hansen whose list I was indeed on from months and months ago. In fact, I was put on his list before the M was announced as my crystal ball told me it was coming, he he he. So I was 1st in line and Ken informed me he was shipping the camera to me. WooHoo! The very next day, Saturday, my mailman delivered the box..just one day after the email from Ken letting me know he had just received ONE M. I did not even pay the guy yet and the camera was in my house. Damn, he is good.

I immediately did my unboxing video and held the camera for the 1st time

I can tell you that I was pretty excited. Not quite as excited as the day the M9 landed in my house in 2009 or even when the M8 was delivered to my door but I was excited. This was the new M here..the latest and greatest M! It was almost 4 years since the M9 (not quite but almost) and 4 years in digital camera time is HUGE. My expectations were super high (This was Leica!!!) but as I was soon to find out, I have become quite spoiled. How so Well, when shooting the M9, Monochrom and even the Sony RX1 you will indeed get spoiled by uncompromising image quality. When shooting these three cameras your eyes and brain get used to huge levels of detail (monochrom), dynamic range (RX1) and 3D depth and pop (M9).

The M with the 50 Lux wide open at 1.4 – LR 4.4

To make a long story short, my very 1st snaps (which are not in this review) with the M 240 left me a bit disappointed. I was seeing increased dynamic range for sure (over the M9) but the detail and pop that I was so used to seeing with my M9 and Monochrom files was missing in action. The files were pleasing, had good color but was just missing something when directly comparing to my old M9 files. But it was way early and all I have done was take a few snaps with my 50 Lux. I had a LONG way to go. I was also just looking at the OOC JPEGS and the images were just lower light indoor snaps with slow shutter speeds. HARDLY a way to test a new camera.

But as time went on and I became comfy with the camera and even using the EVF I realized that this sensor has its own new look. It is a mix of something like the D800 and Leica M9 mixed in with some Fuji color. The color is much much different than the M9. The color signature is not like the D800 or 5D II or II either. It is what I call “The new Leica color” and  it is much richer, deeper (than the M9) and the sensor handles reds much better as well where the M9 had a tendency to blow them.

Hmmm. I see the Leica look here. The pop, the 3D depth, the color…


Once RAW processing is figured out the files look gorgeous with a smooth and deep tonality that has lots to appreciate. Yes..always shoot DNG RAW with any digital M for best results. Period.

Be Careful What You Wish For

I remember back in 2010 there were so many people bashing the M9 (those who never owned one of course) just due to cost and then there were those bashing the M9 saying it had a horrible sensor. Others were saying they wished Leica would have just used the Canon 5DII sensor. So many were saying they would buy an M9 in a heartbeat if it just had the 5D sensor..well, that wish may have just come true for all of you who wished for it! While the sensor in the M240 is NOT the one in any of the 5D cameras, the sensor is now CMOS and can do the things no other M is capable of doing.

Lovely rendering even in harsh daylight sun..this was NOT taken in the golden hour but instead, mid day. Lightroom 4.4 – 35 Summarit.

In fact, if you keep reading this review (it may get long) then somewhere down there I will have a comparison with the M-E (M9) and Sony RX1 – same shot, same lens, same settings, same subject and light. I will do this with high ISO and low base ISO just so we can see what all of these differences are, if any.

But enough of the CCD vs CMOS debate, let’s get on with the review and talk about the new M and what is new because there is really nothing to complain about with the IQ, instead there is loads to rave about. It looks and feels like Leica because it is the LENS that draws the image, and the new M retains the character of the glass you use and this new sensor is beautiful.

The M with the 50 Summilux ASPH – missed focus a bit on the guys face but still liked the shot.

The New M 240 Is An All New Camera

The new M 240 is a beast of a camera. It is like a Sony RX1 on steroids. It is more muscular, has a viewfinder, is heavier, has longer battery life and is also a full frame sensor camera. In fact, this new M is not really much like previous M’s at all. Some will say THIS is the definitive digital M. Others will say the M9 is the definitive M digital. What do I think Well, keep reading and somewhere in this review I will let you know

When Leica decided to start planning the design of the new M they had some tough choices to make. They collaborated with many of their long time Beta testers who gave their input on wether video should be implemented, wether they should go with CMOS over CCD and wether they should even ditch the RF and go EVF all the way.  In many ways they caved under the pressure of certain folks who told them they would be doomed if they did not go the way of the future with CMOS, Live View, etc. Is that true Maybe. Probably.

The new M has a very smooth way of rendering images. There is no harshness at all with the output, no matter the light. DR is huge, sharpness is just right and the color is sooo nice.

What they ended up with is a digital M that is a “tour de force” digital M that includes everything but the kitchen sink. This is good for the majority of camera buyers I guess, just not great for Leica die hards who love their simplicity and  refuse to go any more modern than the M9. With the new Leica factory and their newfound ability to manufacturer in mass quantities they needed a solution for their new M that would allow them to break into new markets..such as the full frame DSLR user who may want a Leica but avoided them in the past due to the Leica M8 and M9 not having certain things like high ISO ability, video, live view, etc.

With this new M, Leica can attract a bigger audience and suck in some of those FF DSLR users who are now curious on the new M, and besides, the IQ coming from the new M will be right up their alley. Smooth, rich, and with great all around potential. To be honest, the IQ from the new M is improved over the M9. Better color, better dynamic range, better high ISO, richer files, more MP, and still sharp as a tack.

The new M 240 delivers really enjoyable color and the files still have that look. Click the image for larger and better version. 

Like I said, the new M is all new. It is not a re-tweaked M9, it is an all new body, new button layout and new buttons, new sensor, new LCD, new video capability, microphones on top of the body (where water can leak into, or so it seems) and even a new baseplate and tripod mount. Speaking of the baseplate, it is a great upgrade to the M9 baseplate. Beefier, solid and now the tripod mount is directly in the body, which is also an improvement. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the new battery. It is huge but man the battery life is superb. I wish Sony did this with the RX1 instead of choosing their teeny battery. The new M 240 battery rocks and the new charger does as well. It takes about 2 hours to charge the high capacity battery and I was able to get 1700-2100 shots from a full charge using the RF to frame my shots. Incredible for a Leica M.

Leica also made the new M with the ability to use the Olympus VF-2..ooops, I mean Leica EVF just like they did with the X2. So now you can plop on the EVF and frame and shoot just like you are shooting any other mirrorless EVF camera. It works well but if it were me I would have created a viewfinder much like the Fuji hybrid where one button press would give you a high quality EVF and another would bring you back to the RF, and of course this would be all internal. This would have avoided the huge wart on top, added convenience and shooting pleasure and just been more sexy. I would have paid an extra $1000 for this alone. Maybe the M Type 260 will give us this in 2017

The 35 Summarit in WhoVille – see the wide dynamic range This is not HDR but direct from RAW.

Below: The old 50 Summarit 1.5 for a street portrait

As it is though, I am happy to see the EVF ability added as this can give you confirmation that you have an RF that is either calibrated or out of whack. I have had many times with my M9 where the rangefinder accuracy drifted and I can tell you that is super frustrating as it makes the camera unusable for me. Now with the EVF and live view I can still get rock solid in focus shots, even if the RF drifts a little.  I can say that the RF in this new M was calibrated correctly out of the box as it should be. That was a good thing because I did buy an M9-P once with an out of alignment RF out of the box. That really sucked.

So yes folks, the new M is a much different camera than the M9. In looks (it is slightly thicker), in use (it is faster and the new shutter is beautiful) and in output (different than M9 but this is not a bad thing).

Let me put up a list of the things that are different over the M9, just off the top of my head:

  1. The body is slightly larger and thicker – wish it was M6 sized as that body is perfect IMO
  2. New battery system – this is a big improvement
  3. New 3″ LCD – this is HUGE over the M9 and MM
  4. Newly “S2” styled menus – nice
  5. Maestro Processor of the S2 – Anything S2 is good
  6. Now 4 FPS for faster burst shooting
  7. Live View mode for critical focus if needed – with focus peaking!
  8. HD Video now on an M! One button press activates it though video is not my priority with this camera.
  9. Newly designed custom CMOS sensor improves high ISO, color and DR
  10. Focus assist button in front for manually activating assist using live view
  11. EVF capability
  12. External microphone can be added to hot shoe
  13. Improved performance with ultra wide lenses
  14. New electronic frame lines taken from the M9 Titanium (red or white, I prefer red)
  15. New thumb wheel scroll and thumb grip – I like this better than the M9
  16. New layout of buttons on back left, they feel nice and solid
  17. Power on and off button is more solid
  18. Shutter is a 2 stage shutter instead of 3 and is more damped and quiet. No grit.
  19. Shutter button no longer has grit. Smoother to push.
  20. Tripod mount is solid and now mounted to body instead of base plate
  21. Weather sealed!

So there you go, just off the  top of my head there are 21 things different than the M9, most of them are big improvements. What it boils down to in the end is YOUR preference. Over a new M-E (which is an M9) you will spend about $1500 more and to me, $1500 is well worth all of these improvements.

The M240 for BW shooting. Uh Oh..I may prefer it to the Monochrom..Let me tell you why.

Oh no! I am going to get attacked for this one… no question! I have been shooting with the Leica Monochrom for many months. I tried a beta camera in Berlin and then bought one of my own but it took a while to learn it and how to process the files. In fact, the Leica Monochrom is one tough cookie to master and I chalked it up to it just being better than I am. I have friends who LOVE it to death and produce consistent gorgeous results with it but for me, after shooting the new M 240 and doing some BW conversions…I have to say I prefer the M to the MM! Oh the insanity! But let me explain.

Why do I prefer it to the MM (Monochrom)

Easy: It is not because I think the new M gives better BW results it is because The M is cheaper by $1000 and shoots color as well as having all of the new 2013 upgrades I spoke about above and it does BW very very well. It may not have the exact signature of the Monochrom or the ultra high ISO but I can not complain about the BW performance of the new M, or the higher ISO. Unless you are super duper picky about your BW, need HUGE prints, or are just a dedicated BW only shooter I feel the new M is a better buy, unless you can afford BOTH. Then you are in Leica heaven and have the best of both worlds. I still love the MM but if buying new from scratch one has to think…$1000 less for the M that can do color and a good BW or $1000 more for a camera that will ONLY do BW, but excellent BW.

Here are two shots of ME taken same time, same place, same lens, etc – the differences, even in the 100% are MINIMAL

So the TOP image is the new M, the 2nd image is from the Monochrom – direct from camera and no PP – click for larger

Again, look at the TONES of each image not the DOF or lens character. Tonality wise they are almost the same. The M shot was not even converted using a plug in but rather just by sliding down the saturation. One more..the image below has one from each. One side is the M and the other the MM. I see the character of each, do you

BTW, the answer is: Leica M on the left, Monochrom on the right.

Now I know there are loads of Mono users who love their Mono ( I love it as well) and technically, it can do a better job due to the sensor and insane detail it can capture with the right lenses… BUT….I just can not argue with these M BW conversions that have a bit more snap, crackle and pop over the Mono. You can see my Monochrom gallery HERE and yes there is a difference in tones but it is personal pref as to what one will enjoy more. The Mono out of the box offers less contrast and more “sharp” in the rendering. Taking an M 240 file and using Alien Skin Exposure on it gives you the chance to do what you want. Low contrast, high contrast, deep blacks, faded blacks, etc and it is 95% as sharp as the mono file.

As always, just telling it how it is FOR ME, not for you. What you like will depend on your preferences. The MM is fantastic and the M is as well, just gives a different flavor of Monochrom. Below are all samples from the M240 that were converted to BW in Alien Skin Exposure 4.  Click them for larger views with more detail to see them correctly. BTW, if you are a BW shooter and want to make huge huge prints, the MM can not be beat and would be the one to go with due to the detail it is capable of capturing. It also has a different way it renders those Monochrom tones.

The M is capable of high contrast (what I prefer) or low contrast (which I sometimes like) conversions or anything in between as you will see below. One image below is from the Monochrom. Can you spot it

What I am really digging about the files from the M240 is that they are HARDY and very very “rich”. Much more so than M9 files that fall apart a little easier. They are also more hardy than the MM files (Monochrom).  Again, it takes getting used to if coming from an M9 but after a few days you learn to appreciate the quality of file coming out of the new M. Seriously. I am guessing you will hear this from anyone who owns the M for any amount of time.

So yes, I now prefer the new M files to the M9 files and by quite a bit actually. I do not miss the noise, limited DR and sometimes off color of those M9 files. Once again, I am getting spoiled, but this time from the new M files. I have well over 100k exposures with the M9 and only a few hundred with the new M, so the good news is I am only scratching the surface and have not even begun to see what this camera can do. I can not wait to see what comes from the camera over the next 3-4 years, not only from me but from all who shoot it. I am sure there will be some beautiful “Daily Inspirations” coming in over the next few months.

The 7 Days of the new M Creation:

And on the 1st day Leica said: Let there be ELECTRONIC FRAME-LINES!

An actual shot of inside the viewfinder with the RED Electronic Frame lines activated taken by my iPhone 5

One thing I LOVE about the new M are the electronic frame lines and the accuracy of these frame lines. You can choose to have them show up in White or Red. I prefer RED as they just pop and glow and you can easily frame your subjects plus it looks super cool. When I 1st saw these in the Titanium M9 a while back I so wanted them in my M9 but there was no way I could afford the cost of the Titanium M9. At the time a buddy owned the Titanium and he let me shoot with it a little and I do remember loving those frame lines. Now we get them in the new M and they are great. Purists may not like them but I sure do, and that is a fact. The frame lines are optimized for a 2m distance and this is also an improvement over the M9.

NOTE: Some have showed concern that the electronic frame lines will be too bright but fear not! The frame lines dim in low light so they are not all bright and distracting. In fact, they are never distracting. In full sun they get a little brighter so you can still see them but they are always lit up just right. 

And on the 2nd day Leica said: Let there be a big ass bad ass battery!

When I first saw the new battery I was upset that Leica would change this. Many M9 owners have stocked up on batteries and it would have been cool to use those when upgrading. But after using this new big battery I have grown to LOVE it and I applaud Leica for the choice of making it like this. I get almost 2,000 shots per charge using the RF (not live view). This battery is a beast and the new charger rocks too. Sleek, slim and a fast 2 hour charge. Bravo Leica, Bravo!

And on the 3rd day Leica said: Let there be a new smoother shutter!

I remember all of my M9’s. I have had three M9’s and two M9’Ps over the past 4 years. ALL of them had a different shutter feel. Some were gritty, some were rough, some would feel nice, some were louder than others. It was odd to me that all of them were a but different. They all had one thing in common though..and that is that they were a little rough to push/press. The new M is more of a thud/thunk sound and the shutter release is much smoother. More similar to an M6 than an M9. This is the best shutter feel and sound of any Leica M digital to date.

And on the 4th day Leica said: Let there be Live View Focus Peaking!

There were MANY mixed feelings by Leica fans on this one. Those who love Leica for who they are and what they have stood for hate the idea of Live View on an M. It just makes it so “DSLR”. I was one of those who were against it as well but damn…Live View has been a great addition and using the EVF, while slower, is nice for getting critical focus.

The focus peaking with EVF works very well and it has been easy to manual focus in this way. If your RF is out, the EVF or LCD can be used for critical focus.

I prefer using the RF but live view is nice to have on the M. It is well implemented and bug free too, which is good. Be aware though if you use the EVF there will be a slight lag when shooting. It is slower and I do prefer using the RF as already stated and would not recommend the EVF or LIve View for any kind of fast or even street shooting.

The focus peaking works like it does on the Sony cameras but it is not as is more “light” but you can easily see when eyes or any part of your subject is in focus, and it has been pretty accurate for me. Focus Peaking is good to have. If I could though I would wish for a more pronounced peaking level and continual focus peaking during video shooting (it is off while recording).

When shooting using Live View/EVF you also have the ability to enable focus magnification/assist. You can zoom in on the scene by up to 10X for super critical focus but when you do this it is only the center of the frame that blows up. You will just have to move the camera to where you want to focus and then recompose. You can not scroll around while zoomed in for focusing now can you choose the focus point, it will blow up the CENTER only. Once you focus critically in the magnified view you simply tap the shutter button lightly to go back to the full 1X view.

I have had no issues using this feature and all shots have been in focus when using the zoom focus assist. As I said before, it just slows things down quite a bit as it does on all mirror less cameras when using manual focus lenses so most will just prefer to use the RF which I can use MUCH faster than the EVF/Live View.

Oh, and Manual focus assist can be set to Automatic or manual. When in Automatic it will activate as soon as you turn the focus barrel of the lens. You can then adjust the level of magnification up to 10X using the thumb dial. If you do not use Automatic you can use the button on the front of the camera to activate it. I use “automatic” as I find this to be easy and I do not have to mess with the front button.


Another feature of Live View mode is that you can now for the 1st time ever choose Spot or Evaluative metering. Yes, the new M can be set up to use different metering than the classic center weighted of all previous M’s. I have tested all modes and while spot is a but tricky to use, evaluative seemed to work great. Only problem is the lag with those modes and I much prefer to use the RF/classic for my every day shooting. Still, it is nice to have these choices if you need them.

And on the 5th day Leica said: Let’s make movies!

For the 1st time EVER Leica has put HD Video capability in an M camera. This is a little weird if you ask me because A: There is no real image stabilization. B: The M body style is not the best for shooting video (if trying hand held) and C: There is no Auto Focus so you need some experience using MF for video. The video can also show the dreaded “Jello Effect” when shooting handheld.

Still, the M can take good video though not perfect or up to the standards of the video gurus. The great news is that it will let the character of your Leica glass shine through. It seems to be  something for M users to try and possibly enjoy but it can also be used by those who want a great cinematic look to their video. I am sure we will see some killer video coming from someone soon because this camera delivers great colors, even in low light (as my sample video below was shot) so video looks great. If you are in funky lighting the colors will be off if you do not set white balance manually but for the most part it takes fantastic video.

I suggest using a tripod to avoid jello shakes.

See my video sample below mostly shot at night using the 35 Summarit wide open…

…and one more shooting the Noctilux 0.95 all wide open Also, I had the camera set to BW so the video gets shot in BW as well.

Keep in mind I am not a hardcore video guy so others will do more testing with this. Still, I had to include a couple of samples because no one else really has yet. Video is here but for me it is not a make or break thing as I will not use this for video at all I feel, and if I do it will just be for family fun stuff. Some will though and it hurts nothing to have this capability. If you do not want it, you do not even have to know it is there.

I’d like to see a firmware upgrade that allows us to re-assign the top movie button for  those of us who will never use it so maybe  they can give us this. Leica is good about firmware updates though sometimes it can take them a while to get it released.

And on the 6th day Leica said: Let there be a solid Tripod mount!

As I mentioned earlier the baseplate of the new M is newly designed. It feels beefier but that may be due to the fact that it is a little thicker. With the M9, the tripod mount was built into the metal baseplate. In the new M, the tripod mount is mounted in the body and it looks very sturdy. This is yet another improvement in the all new ground up M. What you would expect from a hand assembled German made and designed camera. Another feature is that you can actually access the SD card without removing the baseplate if you so desire.

And on the 7th day Leica said: LET THERE BE CMOS!

The most controversial decision was to go to CMOS from CCD and there are so many out there screaming about it. When I saw the 1st test shots that were slowly leaking out from Leica I was very disappointed but I tried to hold back judgement until I used the camera. I still see others bashing the CMOS sensor yet they have not used the camera. Instead they are judging from early images taken by others with Beta firmware. Sure, there is indeed a difference but let’s break it down some:

The M9 files are sharp, detailed and have pop. They can be gorgeous at base ISO and in good light it doesn’t get much better.

The M 240 files at first glance do not appear to have the same pop, but in reality they really do have the same exact pop but with more richness in color and overall look. We do indeed get better color, richer color, extended dynamic range which makes it much easier to shoot in not so nice light, better high ISO performance (but not HUGE, Id go to 3200 on the new M and all the way to 10,000 on the MM) and more megapixels (which to me is not important as I prefer fatter pixels). I’ve already said this but the new M files are technically better than the M9 files, period. It is what it is. It is fact. It is reality.

We get more hardy files from the M as well and we can push them more and let’s face it, they are still very very sharp . It doesn’t matter because to my eyes, the M files are easily better in just about every way to these eyes. The new sensor is really good, and better than the M9’s CCD. It pains me to say that but it is the truth. With careful RAW conversion we can equal the M9 detail while gaining all of the other benefits of the new CMOS sensor.

The new files are just so pleasing to look at as they seem to have everything one can ask for. This is not me hyping the camera, it is fact, pure and simple. Are they better files than something like a D800 or 5DIII Probably not but to have this in the M form factor is something so many have been asking for since the launch of the M9, and they can surely equal those high end DSLR files without a problem. Add in the Leica M glass and you have that quality with the character of Leica.

A couple of full size from RAW files. Click them for the full size. 

These next two shots were converted from RAW using ACR and you can click them to see the full size files to see that the detail is still there, even with the CMOS sensor.

and an image with crop – you must click it for full size crop – this was full harsh AZ mid day sun!

Image Quality Comparison between the M 240, M9/ME/M9P, Sony RX1 and Fuji X100s

Many out there in internet land have been claiming the new sensor in the M 240 can not compete with the M9 for pop and detail. I am here to tell you and show you that this is not true. In fact, the new sensor can not only match the M9, it can exceed it in every area. Below you will see a three sets of comparison shots. They are between the ME (which is an M9) and the new M 240. ALL images below are from RAW. Same lens, same subject, same light, and using BASE ISO of each camera which is 160 on the ME/M9 and 200 on the new M. Take a look and click on each image for the full size file (the 1st set is full size). 18Mp for the M9 and 24 MP for  the New M 240. The 2nd set is resized with a 100% crop to show noise at ISO 400 in the dark area.

The third set is the big one – 4 full size from RAW samples using the same focal length and aperture using the M 240, ME, Sony RX1 and Fuji X100s.

First, the M 240 file. Click image for full size 24 MP file. 

and below is the ME/M9 files, Same lens, same aperture, base ISO. Click it for full size 18MP file

What do you see I see minimal difference and no loss of any Leica look or pop or depth.  Period. But let us try a couple more shall we

The 1st one is from the new M 240. If you click it then you will see a larger version with a 100% crop embedded. Both were at ISO 400, indoor, medium light, 35 Summarit at 2.5. As with all of these images you MUST click them to see the larger version. Both are from RAW/DNG.

The image below is from the ME, which is the M9 with a new paint job. I much prefer the color in the M 240 shot as to my eyes it is more natural where the ME file has the M9 color signature which now appears off and ruddy when doing a direct comparison to the new M. There is also more grit in the ME crop at ISO 400.

So for these eyes, the 1st shot is a draw but in reality the win goes to the 240. The 2nd shot for me, goes to the 240 as well. I prefer the color of the 240 here as well.

Now for the big one.

The four images below are all full size images direct from RAW from the M, ME, RX1 and X100s. You can click each image for the full size file. You can save them to your own computer if you want to mess with them, resize them, whatever you like. OK, so here they are and each file is marked. All cameras were shot at f/4, base ISO using the 35mm (or equiv) focal length.

1st up the Leica M 240 – From Lightroom 4.4, exported and saved as an “8” JPEG

Now the Leica M9 file – Lightroom 4.4 – saved as an “8” JPEG

The Sony RX1 file – Lightroom 4.4 – Saved as an “8” JPEG

The Fuji X100s file – Lightroom 4.4 – saved as an “8” JPEG

So there you have it! All 4 cameras give plenty of detail and pop but to my eye, after careful examination I think the M240 and RX1 wins this one overall for sure. Look at the base of the hydrant. The RX1 and M240 have plenty of detail and DR and the X100s has a little mush here. Still, the X100s is impressive because it is $1299 vs the $2799 of the RX1 and $over $8500 price of the M combo. As for the M9, it also did very well as expected with detail and really cant be faulted. What are your thoughts

High ISO. How much better is it over the M9

One of the reasons Leica went to CMOS besides Live View is to achieve better high ISO performance. With the M9, shooting at max ISO of 2500 was pretty rough in lower light. In order to avoid the noise we had to crush the blacks to hide the massive noise. I tried to keep my M9 shooting at lower ISO and usually avoided 1600-2500. With the new M I can comfortably go to ISO 3200 if needed, hell even 6400.  So 6400 is a huge improvement since the M9 days BUT if you are shooting in the dark or VERY low light you may see some banding in ISO 6400 shots. In average light you will not see it, at least I did not.

The new M still does not get us to Monochrom ISO performance. I can use that camera at 10,000 ISO if needed and it still keeps the detail as well. The new M also loses a little bit of Dynamic Range the more you pump up the ISO so in reality, this new M is also at its best at lower ISO. 200-1600 seems to be the sweet spot for me but you can still use it with confidence up to 3200.

The incredible news is that it beats the amazing high ISO champ, the Sony RX1 from 1600-6400. This surprised me as I thought it would fall short because Leica has NEVER been known for their high ISO quality At the end of the day it is a huge improvement in real word photos over an M9. The ISO 6400 shots I am getting look better than the  ISO 2500 on the M9. Want to see Take a look at the samples below in the high ISO test.

HIGH ISO tests:

A HIGH ISO quick comparison: Leica M, Leica M-E, Sony RX1, Fuji X100s – all at 35mm f/4

Many have asked me for this and it has been the #1 request for this review. You guys want to see the same shots, same settings, same everything, tripod mounted and all side by side. So here you go. One shot from each camera..the M, M-E (M9) and Sony RX1. You can click the images below to see the full size from RAW out of camera files. Which do YOU prefer I decided to go to extremes – Max ISO on the M of 6400. Max ISO on the M-E of 2500 and ISO 6400 on the RX1 to match the new M.

UPDATE: Some have stated here in the comments that my results do not match that of focus-numerique. That is because their Sony high ISO samples have Noise Reduction added and their Leica M files do not. Without NR the Sony files would be just as sharp as the M with just as much if not a little more noise. So their test is flawed due to that fact. I never use NR in my ISO tests or personal shooting, it is always 100% off. You can always spot NR as it kills details and adds mush. This makes their Sony test files look very soft as well.

NOTE: I test high ISO in a way that anyone SHOULD test high ISO. In dim or low light conditions. I use the same aperture, same focal length (if possible) and use A mode for all cameras letting the CAMERA choose the exposure. Why Because this is what you will get in the real world when USING the camera. We do not go out and shoot an RX1 saying “Oh, I have to match the exposure to the Leica M”. No, 85% of shooters that use advanced cameras shoot in A mode. So what you see below is what you REALLY get. I would also NEVER EVER do high ISO tests with studio lighting for the very obvious reasons as that is a condition that is so far from “real world” it is really useless. No one will crank up the ISO to shoot with bright studio lighting unless it is by accident. I prefer to shoot a camera how it is meant to be shot so the results you see here are what YOU will get when you take the camera out to shoot.

1 – Leica M 240 – ISO 3200 and 6400 crops embedded in file. Click it to see them full size

2 – Sony RX1 – ISO 3200 and 6400 crops embedded in file. Click them to see full size. M beats RX1 at these ISO for noise

3 – Fuji X100s – Yes, the new S ISO 3200 and 6400 crops embedded in file. Click them for full size. Impressive!

4   – Leica ME (M9) – The MAX ISO of the M9/ME is 2500 so the crops here are ISO 1600 and 2500 crops

As you can see, the high ISO champ among these contenders is the new Leica M where it beats the RX1 for noise by a tad. None of these had any Noise Reduction. What you see is what you get. I am impressed with what Leica has done as they can now say it as fact “no compromise”. The X100s was added last minute and this test impresses me. It appears the X100s will be mighty good. My full review of this camera is coming in 1-2 weeks.

The ME has a greenish hue to the color and for me, the color winners are the M240 and X100s as they are closest to the real scene, which was garage lighting. All cameras were set to AWB to see how they would render the color/WB. All cameras were at 35mm and f/4 (X100s 24mm lens equals a 35mm due to sensor crop).

So there ya go, the M240 chalks up another one with impressive high ISO performance.

Here are two snaps at NIGHT at ISO 6400 with the new M. The M9 could not do this at 2500 at night and this is a nice improvement for night street shooters. You may sometimes see slight banding at ISO 6400 but this is a PUSH mode and why I would normally stick to ISO 3200 for my max.

The new “Info” screen. This was shot on day 4 with the camera and I was still on the same original battery charge with 65% left. Notice it tells me what lens is attached, my ISO, metering mode, WB mode and my quality settings. You access this screen by pressing the middle “info” button that is in the back “d-pad” on the right. 

Dynamic Range – Can you recover shadow detail

I was shooting one day in an old abandoned house. It was smelly, nasty and a cold 34 degrees and I just wanted to take a few test shots and get out. There was one shot I snapped in a rush and when I arrived back home I realized it was underexposed a little. I decided to open the RAW file and see if I could pull out detail from the shadows. Worked like a charm. I was able to recover ALL of the detail and what was invisible before. This is a good indication that the sensor in the M is fantastic. Check out the before and after images below:

1st image is out of camera JPEG. 2nd image was the RAW where I pulled out the shadow detail. The DR of this sensor is HUGE.

Get a Grip

There is a new grip in town from Leica and it means business. Coming in at $895 it is insanely priced. I mean, this is a GRIP you add to the bottom of the camera and it is $895! But it does add GPS functionality to the camera so you can see exactly where all of your images were taken. The grip, which I have not seen or used seems like it adds some size to the camera. I was never a fan of the big grips for the M8 or M9 but this one does look cool and well made. Personally, I will not be shelling out the near $1k for the grip but I am sure many will. Just a bit too rich for my blood.

The M Multi-Functional Handgrip is a beast

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The Pros and Cons of the new Leica M Typ 240


  • New LCD rocks!
  • New shutter rocks!
  • New Electronic Frame lines rock!
  • New big ass battery rocks!
  • Focus Peaking and Live View are a welcome addition
  • Camera feels great and new buttons and layout are an improvement
  • Camera is still beautiful and pure Leica in build and quality
  • Speed has been improved, new Maestro processor from the S2
  • New menus look 2013 instead of 2001
  • HD Video is on board and while not perfect, the quality is great.
  • EVF Capability is good for some situations
  • Camera has been 100% bug free. No issues at all.
  • Cost is $50 less than the original M9 at launch at $6950
  • Color is very rich, files are hardy
  • Dynamic Range is improved over the M9 and is incredible!
  • HIGH ISO is improved over the M9, ISO 3200 is VERY usable
  • New thumb grip helps quite a bit and thumb wheel is a nice improvement
  • Battery charger is very nice, slim and charges in about 2 hours
  • You can use the Olympus EVF or Leica EVF, same with the add on microphone.
  • The new CMOS sensor is exclusive and designed just for this camera.
  • Still feels and shoots like a classic RF, but with modern twists.
  • Weather sealed!
  • A definite improvement across the board for the digital M shooter in every way.
  • You can shoot your R glass with an adapter. This IS Leica’s “R Solution”.
  • More accurate frame lines now optimized for 2M distance
  • Less shutter lag than the M9 while in “classic mode” (not Live View)
  • Color and BW both look great out of this camera.
  • You can now choose classic metering or evaluative or spot, but there will be a lag with spot or evaluative.
  • No more lag for your LCD previews like with the M9. When you take the shot they pop in immediately – crisp and clear.


  • Camera is thicker than the M9 and the M9 is bigger and thicker than an M7. I would prefer M6 size but just not possible.
  • When you power on the camera there is a short 2 second delay, it is not anywhere near instant to power on and it should be.
  • Still no speed demon at 4FPS, but then again, that is not what the M is about.
  • Red dot is a bit too large IMO. Leica really wants people to know you are shooting a Leica. M9P design would have been nicer.
  • 2 year warranty. At this price I feel at least a 3 year would be best, 5 would be perfect.
  • Small shutter lag when using Live View that slows it all down a tad. I do not recommend using the EVF or live view for street or where you need fast response.
  • AWB is improved but can still give some odd results in mixed light.
  • Wish there was continuing focus peaking during video shooting.
  • Should be a way to choose the area you want to magnify for focus assist
  • Banding may be seen in some situations at PUSH ISO 6400, stick with 3200 for max and that will not be an issue
  • Frame line preview selector switch is gone and some may miss this (I never used it ever)
  • HD video has some rolling shutter/Jello effects.
  • Sometimes there is an odd orange-ie type of color cast going on and I expect a FW fix is coming for this
  • Finally, there are other cameras for less money that can give similar results or come close (D800, 5DIII, RX1, and even Fuji X100s) but you lose  the RF experience and Leica glass on a full frame sensor.

ISO 800, 50 lux at 1.4 – Blown highlights at the top This was done on purpose. I will state why in a new article soon

Is it worth an upgrade from an M9 or to buy over the M-E

I have been watching the online comments from potential M buyers and many of them are saying “I see nothing that makes me want to upgrade from my M9”. There are many passionate M9 owners and I can understand that statement because the M9 is a special camera and it somehow has a way of “attaching” itself to you. It is still a highly capable camera and always will be as long as it is functional. If you enjoy your 9 then you have all the camera you need right there.

But for those on the fence, here is what you gain over the M9 with the M, and these are my honest opinions after extensive use with BOTH:

  • The LCD on the new M is 100% better than the M9. It’s jaw dropping when comparing them side by side.
  • The New M thumb grip and thumb wheel are improvements in control and feel.
  • The electronic frame lines are a nice improvement.
  • Battery life is hugely improved as is the new charger.
  • Live View has already saved me for a few shots using the EVF.
  • The new sensor will provide you with better low light results, no question!
  • The new sensor will provide MUCH richer and IMO better color than the M9!
  • The new M has improved AWB.
  • The new M has the ability to use old R lenses if that is your thing.
  • The new M has focus peaking and focus assist when using live view!
  • The new M has HD video capability that is quite decent.
  • The new files are much more hardy when processing.
  • Dynamic Range is much better on the new M, easier to shoot in full sun without harsh results!
  • The new sensor provides just as much pop and detail as the M9. Yes, it really does.
  • The new M has weather sealing so light rain should not be an issue or worry.
  • This is indeed the future of the Leica M, and will be the current model for at least three years.

The M9 is a great tool no doubt and can still take amazing images today as it did in 2009.  If you are pondering an upgrade just decide if you want any of the new improvements. If not, stick with the M9. If you are contemplating buying an M-E or the new M, the new M will set you back an extra $1500 so just be sure these new features are worth it for you. To me, they are VERY well worth it. To you they may not be. Choose what fits your needs the best. Either way you will be getting a great tool but I am telling you now, you will want this new M if you are contemplating an M and can not decide between the ME and the M 240.

My Final Word on the new Leica M Typ 240

So many of you have skipped here I bet..avoided the over 13,000 words above and just came to the conclusion. Well, if you did that then I suggest you go back up and read all that I have written. I have spent countless hours (over 80) on this review and have went out and done LOADS of shooting! Lol. BUT if you just do not have the time or desire to read it all then I guess you can get the flavor of it all in this final breakdown:

Yes, Leica has finally delivered a modern super versatile rangefinder camera. The new M is filled with bells, filled with whistles, and all kinds of tricks that previous M’s NEVER even thought about or could have even ventured into. The new 240 is loaded and to some this is good news and to others it is not so good news, but to those who feel it is bad news let me say..DO NOT FEAR. The new M is excellent and a worthy successor to the M9. In fact, it has exceeded my expectations and I have found it well worth the admission cost. I have ZERO regrets for selling my M9P for this new M. None. Zilch. Zero. Nada. In fact, if I had to go back to the M9 it would be tough now that I have seen what the new M is capable of as well as the joy of shooting it!

The 50 Noctilux wide open 

Some  of you have seen early online samples and had mixed feelings on the new sensor. The bottom line is that many of us Leica fans have been shooting with the M9 for over 3 years. We are now so used to those M9 files they are almost hardwired in our brain. The amazing pop and detail of those M9 files with a calibrated body and lens are astounding and when we switch to this new M 240 things are not quite the same…at 1st because they look so much different. In my opinion though, they are even better and by a large margin but you do have to get used to that difference and it can take a few days.

The new CMOS sensor in this camera is much different than the Kodak CCD sensor in the M9. The look it will give you is a little bit different and you can not replicate the M9 feel with the new 240 just as you can not replicate the M 240 look with the M9 or even the look of the M9 with an M8 and vice versa.

After extensive use with this new 240 I have a deep appreciation for what this camera can do and how it goes about doing it. While we lose just some of that M9 crispness we gain so much more due to the use of the new CMOS sensor. MUCH better Dynamic Range, better high ISO performance, richer color and more robust files that can be tweaked more during PP, the ability to have Live View (which I do like having) and the image quality is up there with the top full frame DSLR’s like the D800, 5DIII, and in some cases better with more character due to the gorgeous Leica glass available.

The 50 1.4 strikes again – LR 4.4

One thing I found is that it took a few days of using the new M 240 to realize what it can do. I had to relearn processing of the RAW files as they do not work like the M9 files did. Different sharpening levels are needed and there is so much more DR my usual tricks for the M9 files only made the M240 files look worse. Once I figured out my workflow it all started to come together. I started seeing the benefits of the new sensor.

Once this happened the M9 files started looking a bit “hard” in comparison..a bit “off” in color. Yep, my brain has now gotten used to the M240 files! My guess is that if the M240 came out in 2009 and the M9 was just released now that M shooters would be in an uproar asking where their color is, where their DR is as well as their ISO performance. I even prefer BW conversions of these M files over the M9 BW! It’s a win win.

So all of you Leica fans can rest easy.

The new M 240 is a joy to shoot and while it has it “all” you can still shoot it like an old school M8 or M9 using the RF and avoiding the new features. That is what makes it so cool. You can shoot how you want and it is all there for you when you need it and it even has some weather sealing. Nice.

My 240 has been bug free and never had one freeze up, SD card issue or any problems. Seems like the most stable M yet hardware wise, so congratulations to Leica for creating this and having the balls to go into modern times with the digital RF.

When I first obtained the M I was unsure if I would keep it or go back to an M9 or M-E. After using it every day for the past 2 weeks I will not be going back to the M9, no way no how. I have once again been spoiled by the new kid on the block. While the M9 has served me well for almost 4 years, I expect the new M to do the same for the future. This is not spin or me trying to sell cameras, it is my honest to goodness opinion, as always. I even enjoy using the video feature on this camera! I am also not trashing the M9, as the M9 is a legend in my mind. Just as capable today as it was yesterday.

But yes my friends, the new M is a fantastic tool as well as a real Leica. The M has come a long way and the new 240 is a bonafide winner. The great part is that Leica did not increase the price for all of the new additions. It is actually $45 less than the M9 was at launch and comes in at $6,950. Still an insane dollar amount for a camera but as I spoke about in older M9 articles, if this is your passion and you get enjoyment in your life from it then it is well worth it.

Me, I skip the fancy cars, boats, ATV’s, and other toys to afford my cameras and enjoy my photography. This is what I get enjoyment from in life (besides family and friends of course).

If you are stuck between buying an M9 or M-E or new M, I can highly recommend the new M with ease. It is my favorite camera EVER and the new king of the Leica M hill. This is the best Leica digital RF to date hands down and yes you can quote me on that. It has the Mojo, the feeling, the maturity, the soul and the history of Leica behind it. I think this will end up being my new favorite camera ever. 

With all of that said, other cameras like the D800, Canon 5DIII, Sony RX1, and even the new Fuji X100s can get close (X100s) or equal the new M in IQ (FF DSLR’s). But to those who want an M, nothing but an M will do and it is the only camera where you can use all of the gorgeous M lenses on a full frame camera.

I have not even touched upon the new feature and ability to use Leica R glass via Adapter, out of camera JPEGS or new film modes of the M 240. Those sections will be added as I test them and the next update on JPEG and film modes will be next. Soon.

Where To Buy the M 240

Ken Hansen – Ken is the man. A legendary Leica dealer. Ken has done so much for me since day one of my web site and I owe him so much yet he continues to act like he owes me Ken does not have a web site, just an email and phone number. If you need anything leica, new or used feel free to send him an e-mail ([email protected]) and tell him I sent you. You can not go wrong with Ken or any of the dealers I recommend. Period. If it were not for him I would not have this M or the Monochrom.

PopFlash – Tony Rose at is another legendary dealer. Leica fans know him by name for good reason. Me and Tony have not always been best of friends but today we are solid and he is always going out of his way to please every customer that comes his way. He also sells the cool Artisan Artist strap you see on my Leica M. You can read about it HERE. But Tony is a great Leica guy and his website is HERE.

The Pro Shop – These guys are awesome. They know their stuff and within their walls is an official Leica Shop. They also sell Nikon and other high end cameras as they did not get the name “Pro Shop” for nothing. You can check out their site or give them a call here. Great group of guys and they may just have what you are looking for, Leica or otherwise.

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Questions you may have for me after reading this review:

Q: What camera did you use for the product shots

A: I used the Sony RX1 for all product shots, all JPEG.

Q: Do you really like the new M better than the M9

A: Yes, without a doubt. 100%. The improvements are pretty huge and it is a worthy successor. Take a look at the images from my M9 review and then at these in this review. You will see the difference in color, rendering, tonality, DR, etc all for the better in the new M. This is just IQ. When you add in all of the other things it takes it over the top for me. This is also the most fun to use digital M yet.

Q: How come you did not test resolution

A: I do not do that. never have, never will. You can see tests like that from Sean Reid over at Reid Reviews. I like to test in a real world way, using the camera just as YOU would use it. What you see is what you get Sean goes the other route which many love as well and Sean is a good guy. I also met him in Berlin and he let me use his Monochrom for that one hour test (though I think Leica had something to do with that).

Baker Baker – he was in FULL sun – LR 4.4 – click it for better view

Q: Did Leica send you that camera for free

A: NO. As stated I bought mine from Ken Hansen, Leica dealer. Leica has never given me anything. Not even a lens cleaning cloth. My check has been sent to Ken.

Q: Is the camera you have a final production camera with latest firmware

A: Yes, this is one of the very 1st full production models in the USA. It also is running the very latest firmware.

Q: How can Leica charge $6,950 for a camera body in 2013 with so much competition

A: Easy. It is a Leica. Many people have strong feelings and passion for Leica. Yes, we do pay for the name and red dot but we also pay for a finely engineered piece of gear, which when shot with and held gives a sense of price and ownership that not many cameras do. It’s hard to explain unless you are already a Leica user. Plus, those lenses are the best in the world, hands down. From construction, to feel, to image quality. Yes, Leica is priced in the stratosphere and I am just glad they did not jump the price of the new M into the $8-10K range as previously rumored. They kept it at $6950 and at that price they sold loads of M9’s. I mean, did you expect the new M to be $3000 No one did. Again, it is Leica. Oddly enough, when I shoot the M 240 I feel it is worth the cost for me as it gives me so much inspiration, joy and happiness.

Lightroom 4.4 for the RAW file

Q: Do you like the new M more than your “Camera of the Year 2012” the Sony RX1

A: Well, I LOVE my RX1 and it has given me incredible quality in a small well made body and lens. I have the EVF, the Gariz case, and it has never failed me. It has its own unique look due to the Zeiss lens and huge Dynamic Range and is a dream street machine that can even close focus. The M is a different tool all together. With the M you can change focal lengths/lenses but the RX1 is a 35mm camera only. If you shoot only 35mm, the RX1 may just be the better choice as the IQ is somewhat similar between the two, just with different color signatures and mojo. Then again, if you want the rangefinder experience, then Leica is the only game in town for digital RF. The M experience (in use) can’t be replicated with a normal digital camera from Sony, Fuji, Olympus, etc. I love both cameras but to be 100% honest, if I had a choice to grab the M and a 35 or the RX1 for a day trip..I would probably take the M. For an evening street walk, it may be the RX1 or M, depending on mood. Bottom line is both are superb. Pick your poison as they say. I am keeping both.

Q: Are you paid off by Leica or the dealers you recommend

A: Lol, No. The dealers I recommend are all dealers I shop with or have good experience with. Those dealers are also site sponsors (advertisers) but I accepted them because they are the best in the buz. Any business or dealer I recommend is due to the fact that I know you will not be ripped off or taken advantage of. They are top notch. They pay a yearly fee to have their ad on my site (as with any website/blog) but that is not why I recommend them. As for Leica, they do not give me anything..ever. In fact, they do not even send me review samples at all anymore and I have no contact at Leica due to some oddball political reasons.

But that is no problem as I can get their cameras to review from the dealers early on like this M. I’d rather OWN the review camera anyway instead of feeling pressure from a camera company to write a good review. Even one of the beta testers (who I deeply respect)  said in his review that he will talk about good things and not the bad because his loyalties are to Leica. I like being able to say what I need to say though in the case of this new M I really do not have anything horrible to say.  

Q: Does the Olympus EVF VF-2 really work on the new M How about the $48 Olympus Microphone set

A: YES, and yes. I have tried the Leica EVF and the Olympus VF-2. Both work perfect and are exactly the same in quality, build, feel and use. The Leica comes in a silver box and has the LEICA name on it, which I admit looks great on the new M. The Olympus has “Olympus” on the front which looks odd on a Leica M that cost $7k. Both are made by Epson, same EVF. The Olympus is $249 and the Leica runs around $450-$500 depending on where you buy. As for the microphone set, the Leica is the same one as the Olympus SEMA-1 which sells for under $55. The Leica version with the Leica name on it is $250-$285. Same exact mic. I tested them and found the sound quality to not be a huge improvement over the built in mic anyway. The good news is you can use the shoe adapter from the mic set to plug in any mini jack mic you want. Even though they are the same as the Olympus versions, I am seeing most M buyers springing the extra for the Leica versions just to feel “complete”.

Q: Why not just spend less on a Nikon D800 and Zeiss lens

A: If you want a rangefinder and  the experience that goes along with it, as well as the size and weight advantage then a Nikon D800 just will not do. The D800 is a FINE camera and I loved the IQ coming from it when paired with a Zeiss 35 1.4. It was gorgeous in all areas of image quality. But I was happy to send the review sample back as I would never use it due to size, heft and weight.

I am a guy who takes my camera with me 90% of the time. The D800 is just too large and cumbersome for this, for ME.

Sure I can spend a little less and get a D800/Zeiss prime combo but it would end up staying at home 90% of the time. Unused.

Plus throw in the fact that I love Leica M lenses. They are just so nice, small, well made and the character of many of them are unmatched, even by Zeiss. if you want a Leica M, then you want a Leica M. It is all about what you like, what gives you enjoyment and what makes you HAPPY. If it is an M, go for an M. If it is a D800, go for a D800.

Q: What is that red strap you have on your M

A: That is the Atisan Artist Easy Slider and I wrote all about it and even did a video for it HERE.


Q: Why do you review in a “Real World/Real Use’ style instead of battering the camera with a series of scientific tests 

A: Easy! Back about 5 years ago before my site started I used to be a guy who frequented the main forums that were all the rage back in the day. Those sites would do technical tests and long reviews and I would usually skip right to the conclusion because I really could care less about some of those “scientific tests” that they were doing. When certain tests are done it sort of starts taking away from what the camera was built to do, which is take real photos. Memories. Slices of life. Many use these cameras (Yes, even Leicas) to capture memories of their children, their family, their life and yes, even their pets. When I get a new camera in to review I test it in the only way it should be tested. By using it to take pictures. Using it at all kinds of settings – low light, bright light, mid light and indoors. What the camera gives me back in the image quality is what reality is. if I set up a studio in my garage with studio lighting and take images of wood, plants or newspapers then this tells me absolutely nothing. Do I care how surgically sharp a lens CAN be in the perfect conditions No, not me because I will never shoot in the perfect conditions. I will not set my camera to match another cameras metering when do high ISO shooting either.

What you see in my reviews is the results of me using the camera for 1-2 weeks and beyond. Real results in all kinds of situations and the same results you will get if you end up using the same camera. Scientific testing has its place and there are some who prefer that, which is great but there are also many who prefer this style as they like to see what they can expect if they buy the camera.

I will note that this was the very 1st “Real World” camera review site online. Now there are hundreds. That right that backs up my statements that there are more who enjoy real world reviews than technical reviews.

This site started because of the lack or real world reviewing. I would not review any other way.

 2014 UPDATE: The ever growing Leica M 240 Sample Gallery is HERE with TONS of new images!

And now..the end is here…

I want to thank ALL of you for reading this long winded review and ramble about my experience with the new Leica M. I hope you enjoyed it and if you did not then that is OK as well but one thing is certain, it is all true from my personal feelings. Will you feel the same if you jump to the new M I can not say as not everyone is not the same and if you have never shot an RF before expect a 2 week “getting used to” phase. In any case, thank you all! I will leave you with a few more samples from the M using the 35, 50 and 75mm focal lengths and if you have one of these on pre-order I truly hope your wait is not too long. ENJOY!

BTW, I will be adding to this review as I shoot more and discover more about the camera. I will also add more samples or comparisons when I can. Some of the samples below are softer due to slow shutter speeds of me missing focus slightly when shooting wide open. But click on any image for a much larger view which will always look better with more sharpness, color and pop.

THANK YOU ALL! EXIF is embedded in each shot! Most were processed with Lightroom 4.4 and the M profile. 


Hello to all! For the past 5 years I have been running this website and it has grown to beyond my wildest dreams. Some days this very website has over 200,000 visitors and because of this I need and use superfast web servers to host the site. Running this site costs quite a bit of cash every single month and on top of that, I work full-time 60 hours a week on it each and every single day of the week (I received 200-300 emails a DAY). Because of this, I need YOUR help to cover my costs for this free information that is provided on a daily basis.

To help out it is simple. 

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Not only do I spend money on fast hosting but I also spend it on cameras to buy to review, lenses to review, bags to review, gas and travel, and a slew of other things. You would be amazed at what it costs me just to maintain this website. Many times I give away these items in contests to help give back you all of YOU.

So all I ask is that if you find the free info on this website useful AND you ever need to make a purchase at BH Photo or Amazon, just use the links below. You can even bookmark the Amazon link and use it anytime you buy something. It costs you nothing extra but will provide me and this site with a dollar or two to keep on trucking along.

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Thank you!

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Fender Blender Pro bike blenders make great smoothies!

We built the Fender Blender Pro from the ground up as the ultimate expression of human power. Designed for day-in, day-out use, the Fender Blender can hold its own at schools, festivals, trade shows, fundraisers, and events of all types. The Fender Blender Pro brings together fun, fitness, health, nourishment, and sustainability.

Like all Pedal Powered activities, this one really benefits from having a good coach on hand to help pedalers on and off, adjust the bike for each rider, and get the crowd cheering.

Designed and built in the Bay Area. Good for thousands of smoothies with minimal hassle and maximum fun.


Click the image below to see the FBPro Top 10 Features Benefits!

⋅ Blends in front: makes bike blending more fun and social. Ensures the best results.

⋅ Very friendly to adults and kids as young as 5. Widely adjustable seat height and handlebars offer a comfortable and easy grip position. As it is lowered the seat gets closer to the handlebars.

⋅ Many good surfaces and options for your branding on the wheel cover and frame. Please read more about wheel and frame branding options.

⋅ Efficient blending mechanism assures less wasted effort.

⋅ Available in green, orange, blue, red, or your custom color. Please read more about custom frame colors.

⋅ Comes with fully illustrated instructions for setup and use. View and download them here.

⋅ Assembled dimensions: 56″ long, 39″ tall, 31″ wide; shipping carton dimensions: 38″ L x 34″ H x 11″ W.

⋅ Weight: 55 pounds assembled, 60 pounds boxed.

See an example of branding and costs below:

*UPGRADE OPTION* Commercial grade High Performance blender –
2x the volume and 2x bigger blades, giving better circulation of ingredients for faster, more consistent and gratifying blending.

This 6-minute video shows in depth the benefits of the High-Performance Upgrade:

Buying the High-Performance Upgrade at time of Fender Blender purchase will save you money! The upgrade fee is $250/$300 at time of order for a Blendtec/Vitamix pitcher, or $395/$445 if you purchase the upgrade later.

If you want to power sound, lighting, or other electrical activities with your Fender Blender Pro, we recommend the Electric Fender Blender Pro. You can always upgrade your Fender Blender Pro to an Electric Fender Blender Pro by purchasing a Generator Wheel.

  • Rock the Bike is excited to announce that the custom plastic components of all the Fender Blenders are being made from 100% recycled or reused plastic. Historically, these parts have been made of virgin HDPE (high density poly ethylene), and now will be made from a recycled source of the same material – recycled milk jugs.

    Rock The Bike has always sought to make products that help individuals tread lightly on the planet. Making sure that our products utilize as much recycled materials in the manufacturing process and contain as many recyclable components as possible is an exciting way to deepen our commitment to being a truly environmentally minded outfit.

  • We rent our best bike blender, the Fender Blender Pro (High Performance), for $250 per event day anywhere in the continental US. Each bike comes with one commercial-grade, NSF-rated 48 oz blender pitcher, the same kind in use at smoothie shops. Extra pitchers can be rented for $20/each. We recommend extras so you can increase the throughput of the activity; please see our helpful guide on estimating how many bike blenders and pitchers you’ll need for your event.

    You will receive the bike a day before your event, and return it the day after your event. If you’d like to receive your bike 2 days prior to your event — rather than the standard 1 day prior — a Practice Day can be added for an additional $100 / bike.

    Our bikes are sure to leave an imprint on your event. In August 2017 one past rental customer emailed, “People have not stopped talking about how fun that bike was since we used it in March of 2015. I’d say you all made quite the impression!”

    Multi-Day Discounts
    Our tier system allows you to save money on an event that lasts 2 days. Multi-Day Discounts only apply to the cost of rented gear. Discounts are not applicable for packing fees or shipping costs.

    To calculate eligibility:

     Event Days Discount
    2 – 310%
    4 – 618%
    7 25%

    Custom Wheel Branding

    We offer full vinyl custom wheel wraps for rentals, and they are quite eye catching. The fee for printing graphics, installation and post-event removal is $450 per bike. Artwork must be received in print ready format. For an additional $300 fee, Rock the Bike can assist with graphic layout, design and include a rendering proof.

    For rentals in the Bay Area, the client is responsible for pickup and return of gear at our Oakland, CA location unless paying for delivery. There is no charge to pick up a day before your event and return the day after. When you pick up your bike we will give you a quick lesson on the bike and help you load your vehicle. For information on what kind of bike rack you’ll need, please see What kind of bike rack should I use

    We encourage you to try bike towing with your rental. It’s fun, safe, practical and great for the carbon footprint of your event. Any bicycle with a rear rack can tow the Fender Blender Pro. There is no extra rental charge for the trailer wheels and hitch.

    Delivery is possible between 10am – 1pm for those in a 40mi radius from our Oakland location. Further locations will require a crewed smoothie booth, or offer shipping (see below). Delivery fees start at $150, and include a overview of the bike and tips for a successful event. For deliveries in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland, we are likely to get it there by bike as shown above, no trucks or loading docks needed! The bike easily fits through most doorways and elevators at your location. Delivery also possible in the greater Bay Area by vehicle. Delivery is a special service that requires coordination among our team and is harder to arrange last minute. Please give us as much advance notice as possible. Availability of delivery services is not guaranteed, but we have also not said no many times!

    Out of Town Rentals: Ground Shipping

    For out of town rentals, we package and ship the Fender Blenders to you, so they arrive the day before your event, then you ship them back the day after your event. The rental rate is $250 per event day cost of shipping both ways (usually $150 – $300 per bike in the continental US) and a packaging fee of $85. If this cost is too great for your budget, we recommend purchasing a FB Universale, which starts at $249. Unfortunately, we do not rent the Fender Blender Universale.

    Out of Town Rentals: Pallet Shipping
    Ship your rental on a pallet anywhere in the Continental US and receive your Fender Blender Pro ready to blend, no assembly necessary! Contact us today to get an estimate (please provide a destination address). Pallet packaging is $120 for 1 – 2 bike blenders, or $150 for 2 pallets 3 bike blenders.

    What comes with my rental

    Rock The Bike sends you the bikes and blenders you ordered, but we do not supply any cups or ingredients for making smoothies. Be prepared to acquire these items before your event! Check our sample shopping lists for guidance on what to get, whether you plan to hand out 100 smoothies in two hours or 500 smoothies over two days.

    Need ideas for bike blendingCheck out our recipes here.

    How many ingredients should you buy Check out our helpful guide here. We also have a 100 Smoothies Shopping Lists, as well as a 500 Smoothies Shopping List.

    Rent-To-Own Program

    If you fall in love with your Bike Blender, and we think you will, you may purchase it from us! You must let us know immediately (within 1 day of your event’s end date) that you intend to purchase the bike, and the full cost of your rental will go toward the purchase. The remainder must be received within 5 business days. Failure to pay within that time frame will result in late fees.

    Example Rental Estimate for a one-day event in New York City

    1 Bike Blender$250
    1 Additional Pitcher (Total: 2)$20
    Packaging Fee$85
    FedEX Ground Round Trip Shipping to NYC$135

    How does the rental process work

    Email us using the below form to see if we can accommodate your event. If so, we’ll get you a Rental Agreement and request payment in full. Bikes are rented on a first come, first served basis. We recommend contacting us as soon as possible to lock in your rental. Have a credit card handy, as we will need to have one on file to process your order.

  • If you’re interacting with the public at events, whether it be a trade show, a performance, a marathon, or a science fair, the Fender Blender can help build excitement at your booth. Kids are magnetically drawn to the simple red frame, and they can pedal their own smoothies, or just turn the pedals for fun. Once people are gathered at your booth, what you do from there is your own choice. But having a natural, fun, guaranteed effective way to bring people in can’t hurt.

  • The sleek brushed aluminum chain guard comes standard on all Fender Blender Pros. It keeps pants clean and prevents the chain from ever slipping off the gears of the bike.

  • From the gears, handlebars, and bearings on the blender, to the Oster blender blade and pitcher, you won’t have a problem finding and replacing many of the parts on your Fender Blender. Should your chain wear out (after thousands of smoothies, mind you!) Any bike shop should be able to service your bike blender.

    If you are missing a part, we’re more than happy to get you a new one! Use this link to get replacement parts


    Designed to fit riders from 7 years of age on. Just adjust the seat height for smaller or taller riders and let them loose. Designed for maximum rider participation and superb ease of use. Watch how easy it is below:

  • Simply bolt on the lateral feet and cross bar with included hardware, tilt the handlebar into place, pop on the seat and pedals, load your blender pitcher and get to work! Premium product designed for nearly instantaneous customer implementation. Ship to your tradeshow and have it up and running in twenty minutes!

    Don’t have enough time to build it Ask us about receiving your bike completely assembled!

  • The curved steel frame is locally assembled. The machined plastic parts are made of recycled plastic, and are dishwasher safe and virtually unbreakable. The square drive shaft is heat treated and hardened for maximum life. All hardware is stainless steel to avoid rust. Frame is powder coated for long life/outdoor use. The Fender Blender uses a simple friction drive to spin the blender blade fast, while remaining simple and easy to service.

  • When ordering new wheel covers OR an Icycleta Ice Cream Bike Attachment it’s important for us to know what style wheel you have. Not sure how to tell Let us help you find out. “What wheel cover style is compatible with my wheel” Ordering new wheel covers  We need to know which wheel you have so [...]

  • If you are located outside of the United States, you can still order a Fender Blender Pro from us! However, perhaps you might want to check for an official Rock The Bike dealer near to you! Use our interactive map to find your closest Dealer. We have EXCLUSIVE DEALERS that we will be directing your inquiries [...]

  • Most hatchback style cars can usually fit at least one partially disassembled Pro frame inside. You’ll want to use a car with a large trunk; it’s even better if the back seats fold down to extend the trunk space. A pickup truck can carry 2-4 fully built Pro frames in the bed. Most SUVs can carry a [...]

  • We blended ice and water (the loudest thing you can blend) and found the following measurements: At 2 feet, it peaked at 85db for the first few seconds and fell to 75-80 for the rest of the time. At 5 ft, it peaked at 77 for the first few seconds and fell to 70-73. At [...]

  • Care After Your Event: – Wipe the bike frame and blender with a sponge or cloth using soap and water (we use this spray). Wipe it with a clean rag to dry it. – Wash pitchers thoroughly. This video should help you remove your standard blender’s base flange and get inside the pitcher to clean [...]

  • This video shows you how to cut the wheel cover, in detail: Once you’ve cut the hole, you need to cut the inner part out: SNIP! Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the screws. Note: when re-installing be careful not to over-tighten as this could cause the head to snap off or break the screw [...]

  • We have seen the bike blender work with the Vitamix Creations II 48 oz. 12-in-1 Variable Speed Blender‘s pitcher, as well as our own (Advance Container). We cannot guarantee every blender pitcher from Vitamix is compatible, but you’re more than welcome to ask Vitamix directly. We use Vitamix’s sound reduction pad (Vitamix 15579) and Drive [...]

  • There are various smoothie shops around the United States that incorporate bike blending and ice cream churning into their business. Use the interactive map to find your closest location!

  • Above: Rock the Bike’s new frame (February 2013) Click here to view, download, or print the FB Pro Standard Manual (current)   Click here to view, download, or print the FB Pro High Performance Manual (current)   Click here to view, download, or print the FB Pro Manual (Feb 2013 to Dec 2013)   Click here [...]

  • Yes, you can! Use this photo to identify which replacement parts you need and place your order in our online store here for blender base and pitcher parts:   Use the video (below) to see how to dissemble and reassemble your blending component.     If you need parts for your Fender Blender or Generator [...]

  • Here’s a copy of a recent receipt from Trader Joe’s for a Bike Blending event that served 100 people. To serve the most people in the least time, here are the factors to consider: – Ingredients. This is the easiest. Ingredients cost $0.60 per 8 oz smoothie. Scale this to meet your crowd needs. – [...]

  • Pedal Powered Spin Art is compatible with all models of Fender Blenders: Pro, Universale and Xtracycle. If your Fender Blender was purchased before 2011 chances are you will need a new spindle. The photo shows the proper spindle: If your not sure send a picture of your spindle to [email protected]

  • Yes. Rock the Bike offers 2 Fender Blender options for kids. We offer a Fender Blender Universale with a smaller rear rack and a Stationary Stand to reach 20″ wheels for kids approximately 4 – 8 years old. 6-year-olds and up can also blend with the Fender Blender Pro, pictured above. The FB Pro can fit a wide [...]

  • NOTE: The directions below are good to follow for the proportions, but not the order. Do not start with ice! The blade needs to get moving and a piece of ice can jam it. Start with something soft like chunks of banana! We’ll be updating this page with up to date photos. First, fill up [...]

  • Bike Blending in action at Longfellow Elementary’s Spring Carnival Our Nonprofit Discount Program grants awards of 10% off your purchase and 25% rentals of Rock the Bike gear to a limited number of nonprofit or educational applicants per quarter and has a simple application process. Requirements: – Proof of nonprofit status (501c3) – Paragraph of [...]

  • Above: Custom Color (Pink), Wheel Branding, and Frame Branding. Graphic Design by Brittany at Rock the Bike. Custom brand your Pedal Powered Activities! We can produce custom logos with our printing partners and install them to our customers’ specification on the various Pro frames we offer, including the Fender Blender Pro, Electric Fender Blender Pro, Generator Pro, Ice Cream [...]

  • It takes about 30 seconds of medium-hard pedaling to blend a smoothie with a Fender Blender.

  • The Fender Blender Pro has only one gear. The way to make it easier or harder is to change what you put in your blender pitcher. For example, smaller ice cubes are easier to crush than larger ones, and frozen fruit is easier to crush compared to fresh fruit with ice.

  • Finding a unique way to involve the community in active and healthy living can sometimes be a challenge. This is the challenge that Broken Spokes manager Colin Knab and the community-based initiative, Healthiest Manitowoc County, are tackling with their newly created Smoothie Bike. Taking its cue from similar bikes that have been sweeping the nation, [...]

  • At Something Good in the World‘s Energy of Youth Concert, teenagers performed and raised enough funds to purchase a Bike Blender from Rock the Bike.  Every year, the Blue Star Youth Movement members make delicious organic fruit smoothies for Something Good in the World’s Holiday Craft Fair, and this year, anyone who wanted a smoothie [...]

  • This video is from the Florida Dietetic Association’s Conference breakout session “The Learning Connection” where the Dairy Council of Florida and Action for Healthy Kids hosted participants and their children as they learned and participated in healthy lifestyle activities, such as bike blending Earnest is using a Fender Blender Pro to make a delicious, healthy [...]

  • Schools Superintendent, Malcolm Thomas, rides a stationary bike to make a smoothie with Sue Kennedy on Monday after a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Escambia County School District Center for Health and Wellness. Read the whole article here. Malcom Thomas is riding the Fender Blender Pro with High Performance Upgrade.

  • We did it, set a new record for making 400lbs of smoothie!!! Thanks for everything, the bike was a huge hit.” Best, Karen Cabot Creamery The ‘Cow Bike’ is a Fender Blender Pro (with High Performance upgrade) customized to look like a cow. Custom wheelcover, saddle, and vinyl spots helped Cabot Creamery brand the bike [...]

  • Hi, Friends, Wanted to let you know how much we love our new bike. Sending along a shot from one of its first outings. Thank you for making it possible! We’ll be rockin’ and blendin’….Nutrition Council

  • CalFresh (formerly known as food stamps) is a federal nutrition assistance program that helps low-income individuals and families buy the food they need for good health. It is guaranteed to anyone who meets the eligibility requirements. In 2012, Humboldt County’s Department of Health and Human Services opened up grant applications to access funds provided by [...]

  • The events have been going great.  I was really impressed with the quality of the bike.  Thanks for all of your help. –Adam, Travaasa Travaasa is a interactive resort in Austin, Texas that provides guests with more than just a room. Their activities include guided adventures, cultural encounters, cooking classes, spa treatments, and fitness and [...]

  • We are just under two months of owning our new Fender Blender Pro Vitamix, bicycle blender, and I am excited to say it is a hit!  We already knew that bicycle blenders are a great resource to promote fitness and nutrition at our outreach events, and we are very pleased at the quality of [...]

  • Spinlister, a new framework for borrowing bikes in cities around the country, were headed to a recent Venture Capital funding conference and wanted to grab attention by offering Bike Blended Smoothies. Our favorite mobile chef Slam strapped one Fender Blender Pro and a cooler full of smoothie supplies to her cargo bike and dropped off [...]

  • Check out this great tweet from Whole Foods:

  • go vibrant is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to make an active, energetic lifestyle irresistible.  Our efforts are focused around amplifying the efforts of other organizations/clubs/etc sharing a similar goal.  We accomplish this in a variety of unique and irresistible ways.    We heard of a stationary bike retro-fitted to include a blender powered [...]

  • Habits of Wellness The “New England Dairy Food Council Fuel Up to Play 60” grant helped us purchase a stationary bicycle blender. During our kick off event, we made over 400 fruit yogurts smoothies. Students signed a pledge to eat well and be active on a daily basis. It is great to see students [...]

  • We would like to thank Rock The Bike for allowing us to rent out smoothie bikes for this year’s FunFest at the SF Giants’ ATT Park! We managed to serve over 2,200 smoothies and received more thanks and smiles than we could have ever asked for. This was a first for LIFT and you helped [...]

  • We have been enjoying our bike powered blender greatly. We used it on saturday for a Minnesota Campus Energy Challenge Retreat and it will be used again this Thursday for a end of the semester party for our campus bike coop. -Miwa in Minnesota

  • "Rock the Bike team met the public at the Maker's Faire in May 2007. The Fender Blender, as always was a great draw and a big smile machine for kids at our booth."

  • Bay Area Venture Capitalist Steve Jurvetson blends a smoothie on Songbird's Fender Blender

  • Occasionally we attempt a really big smoothie operation, in which we show up with hundreds of pounds of fruit, ice, juices, etc., and get lots of people bike blending. If this is what you’re going for too, here are the factors you’ll need to consider:– Time (prep, setup, and the event itself) – # of Bike Blenders and enough space to position them – Other kitchen gear: tent, tables, washing system, banners, waste system. – will you be sampling (giving away the rest of the pitcher) Or will each person blend their own smoothie

    Last Wednesday we did a big gig at the Cal Campus in Berkeley. The client / partner was Under Armour and their event firm Engine Shop. The goal was 1000 smoothies in 6 hours with 10 Fender Blender Pros. We nearly hit the goal. We got a lot of things right and learned a lot too, and here’s a report of all that.

    We showed up with a fully packed van at 8:30AM for an 11 O’Clock start time. Unloading with 4 people took 30 minutes, including positioning the bikes. By 9AM we were up to 5 people. With this size group we were able to set up the entire smoothie booth operation in 2 hours with time for coffee!

    Crew size:

    I planned on having a crew of 5 at the peak, but this wasn’t enough. We really needed a crew of 7. The event provided us 1 coach and our crewmember Caleb came on as a floater midday, to bring some things we forgot from the shop, and to help with the lunchtime rush. He stayed till the end. We had an experienced crew. Only their staffer was a newbie.


  • You can green your event by renting our Pedal Power gear, reducing your carbon footprint and inspiring people at your event. Pedal Power gives your event attendees a unique experience that they will never forget. Check out all our great Pedal Powered activities for rent, and let’s start talking about your upcoming event. (more…)

  • Our friends over a the Garden School Foundation told us, “We loved making nasturtium pesto with our bicycle blender!” They loved it so much they want to share the recipe with all our bike blending fans. Check out their Instagram account, @gardenschoolfoundation, for more great pictures of kids learning gardening and cooking skills, and of course–bike blending!

    GSF is using the Fender Blender Universale with  their own bike! Their recipe is below:

  • The Dubai Municipality’s Environmental Awareness Team took it to the people on Kite Beach as part of Car Free Day, an effort to pull over 30,000 private and government cars off the roads on February 21. Their custom branded Fender Blender Pros were the focus of their well-organized activation, drawing in people to experience the joy of pedaling, and then drink the tasty results of their efforts. The man on the left raising his hand is a ‘coach‘ — a crew member responsible for helping people on and off the bikes, pulling them in to the activity, raising or lowering the seat so they get maximum efficiency from their muscles, and cheering for them when they put their all into the pedals.


  • The BlendTec Wildside XR pitcher now comes standard with our High Performance Upgrade for Fender Blenders. You can still buy Vitamix brand equivalent pitchers at the time of purchase or after, but they’re more expensive. Plus, we like the BlendTec pitcher better. Great news all around. Thanks BlendTec!

  • This recipe comes from Jessa Hokayam of e2 events in Virginia. They whipped it up recently for a Bon Secours event, and it’s quickly becoming an e2 staple!

    Prep It In Your Pitcher:

    1. Place your banana in the bottom of the blender, closest to the blades.

    2. Add 1 cup strawberries and 1/2 cup blueberries.

    3. Add 1/2 cup fresh spinach.

    4. Squeeze 1 tsp of lemon juice in your pitcher.

    5. Add 1 tsp flax seeds and 2 tsp raw almonds.

    6. Top off with 1 cup of ice (if not using frozen fruit) and 1/2 cup of water .

    7. Cover with the lid and pop onto your bike blender! Blend until smooth (roughly 30 sec – 1 minute, depending on how hard you pedal), adding more water for desired consistency.

    Serve immediately.

    Makes 24 oz of smoothies, or double the recipes for you 48 oz High Performance pitcher.

    For 120 -5oz servings this is what e2 recommends you buy:

    3 cups flax

    3 cups almonds

    2 pounds blueberries

    4.5 pounds strawberries

    9 pounds bananas

    50 oz (25 cups) spinach

    6 quarts water

    6 lbs ice

    1 cup lemon juice

  • What You Need:

    – 8-10 lbs. fresh apples  (big-flavored, tangy, juicy varieties encouraged. We like Honeycrisp!) – two High Performance pitchers– 2 bowls or Cambros, 1 for apple pulp and one for juice.– electric kettle or access to stove and pot– cheesecloth, or paint straining sack – cinnamon sticks and clove (optional)– Fender Blender bike blender (High Performance)

    – Staff of two (1 bike coach and 1 food handler)


    1. Core the apples and cut them into wedges. Fill the blender pitcher with wedges.

    2. Add up to an inch of water at the bottom of the pitcher. The water is necessary to help the wedges move, and reduce in size at the beginning.

    3. Blend, blend, blend! You’re done when all the ingredients are circulating in a vortex, but don’t worry you can’t over-blend it.
    Coach, please note: It’s likely that the blade of the blender pitcher will jam at the beginning. You may have to grab the wheel and move it back and forth to help the blade reposition and be ready to power through the apples. You may also want to whack the the side of the pitcher to shake apples down into the forming vortex. Adding more water can make this whacking step unnecessary. If you do the whacking step, do it with two hands where one hand stabilizes the pitcher while the other gives it a whack. That way the pitcher won’t go flying!

    4. Dump the whole contents into the cheesecloth and then squeeze! Clean hands or gloves are essential for this step and this is why the coach can’t be the chef/food prep person.

    If you stop here you have pedal powered apple juice, continue on to make apple cider.

    5. Add a stick or 3 of cinnamon and some cloves (to taste), and heat until warm and steaming. Take notes on how long it takes to heat the juice in your electric kettle or stove top and then don’t overheat (and risk scalding your guests). For the nearly quart of juice that’s likely to result from one pitcher full of apple wedges, you probably only have to heat it for 3 minutes or so.

    For those who don’t like to waste any food, the pulp can be used in a streussel topping.
  • Same frame, same base. New Blendtec-made pitcher.

    We’re changing the name of our high-end Bike Blenders from “Vitamix Upgrade” to “High Performance Upgrade” and including a Blendtec pitcher rather than a Vitamix pitcher. We’re also now offering new package pricing that will make it easier for customers to get 2 or 3 pitchers per bike. Having more pitchers is key to meeting the needs of a crowd. We will continue to sell both our value-priced Oster-compatible pitchers and our Vitamix brand pitchers. (more…)

  • This simple 4-ingredient recipe is perfect for busy events!


    Frozen Blueberries1 Banana

    Yogurt (organic is best)

    Vanilla Soy Milk (organic is best)

Prep It In Your Pitcher:

1. Peel your banana and place in the bottom of your blender pitcher

2. Add 1 cup yogurt

3. Scoop in 3 cups of frozen blueberries

4. Pour in 2 cups vanilla soy milk.

5. Cover with the lid and pop onto your bike blender! Blend until smooth (roughly 15 sec – 1 minute, depending on how hard you pedal.)

This recipe yields 32 oz, which can be serves in 8 small samples (4oz), 3 – 4 9oz samples, or 2 16 oz beverages.

  • We are offering a free upgrade to anyone whose Fender Blender Pro seatpost looks like the one on the left and is experiencing seat slippage:

    Old seatpost on left doesn’t hold angles well.

    The issue is that the older style, sold in 2012 and 2013, can lose the knurling that holds the seat angle you set. Once it has slipped a couple times, the problem gets worse. Even if you tighten its bolt with good torque, your seat may slip back and up, looking like this:

    The seat should be flat, not pointing up like this.

    The new seatpost has better clamping force and more pronounced ridges that hold angles better. Check it out:

    The new seatpost (on right) has better grip on angles.

    To take advantage of this offer, call us at 888-354-BIKE (2453) or email us through the contact page.

  • Foost, our Australian partners, have been using the Fender Blender Pro (High Performance) at all their events. A recent event they participated in promoted Melbourne city workers to get active during their lunch break, and to eat more colorful veggies. To stick with the theme of the event they whipped up some hummus and then served it in shot glasses with veggie sticks. Everyone enjoyed it and they got lots of complements on the hummus, so give it a try!

    Ingredients: 1 15oz can chickpeas, liquid drained1 large lemon, juiced2 teaspoons crushed garlic1 tablespoon olive oil1 heaped tablespoon tahini

    1 teaspoon cumin

    1/4 cup water or liquid from chickpeas Pinch salt, optional

    Prep It In Your Pitcher: Blend all ingredients together with your bike blender (we recommend the High Performance option for this). Adjust garlic, lemon juice and tahini to suit your taste buds. Serve with fresh veggies!

    Alternative Ingredients:
    Try making pink hummus by adding raw grated beetroot.
    If you don’t have tahini, use 2 tablespoons of roasted sesame seeds (simply put sesame seeds on a baking tray and roast for 5 minutes).

  • This smoothie uses more banana to make it thick and should be topped with granola and even fresh fruit to make it a filling healthy breakfast.


    Frozen BlueberriesFrozen Mango2 Ripe BananaYogurtVanilla Soy Milk (organic is best)

    Granola / Fresh Fruit topping

    Prep It In Your Pitcher:

    1. Peel your bananas and place them in the bottom of your pitcher

    2. Add 1/3 cup yogurt

    3. Scoop in 1/2 cup of frozen mango and 2/3 cup frozen blueberries

    4. Pour in some vanilla soy milk. Roughly 1/2 – 2/3 cup. If too thick after blending, add a little more

    5. Cover with the lid and pop onto your bike blender! Blend until smooth (roughly 30 sec – 1 minute, depending on how hard you pedal.)

    6. Pour and top with granola, fresh fruit, and even a sprig of mint. Enjoy!

  • This year we hosted a Bike Blended Smoothie Booth at Maker Faire 2014 in San Mateo, CA. Below is some information from the event that can help you plan and shop for your upcoming bike blending event.

    Event Length: 7 – 8 hours / day

    # of Smoothies Served (estimate): 500 16 oz smoothies OR 8,000 oz (2,000 4oz servings / 1,000 8oz servings)

    # of Flavors: 4 – Strawberry Banana, Mango Strawberry, Paradise Punch, and Mixed Berry
       Tip: Have flavors that use the same ingredients. We only needed 4 different kids of frozen fruits to make these 4 flavors.

    Photo Credit: Eric Montross

    Shopping List for 2 Days (purchased at Costco):

     2 Almond Milk (case of 3 each)                     $7.29
      3 Vanilla Soy Milk (case of 3 each)               – $21.87

      4 Yogurt, Plain (64 oz each)                           – $17.96
      7 Yogurt, Greek (48 oz each)                         – $32.45

      10 Orange Juice (1 gal each)                          – $69.90
      16 Bananas  (3 lb bag, each)                          – $31.84
      11 Frozen Mango (4 lb each)                          $95.59
      14 Frozen Triple Berry (4 lbs each)             $143.46
      11 Frozen Whole Strawberry (6 lbs each)  – $98.89
      5 Frozen Pineapple (4 lbs each)                    – $32.95

                                                                  TOTAL:          $552.20

    We had some leftovers afterwards. Want a no-leftover shopping list for a 7 – 8 hour bike blending event

    ‘No-Leftovers’ Shopping List for 1 Day:
    Roughly 225  16 oz smoothies OR 3,600 oz (900 4oz servings / 450 8oz servings)

      1 Almond Milk (case of 3)
      1 Vanilla Soy Milk (case of 3)        

      4 Yogurt, Plain (64 oz each)                                
      4 Orange Juice (1 gal each)                      
      9 Bananas  (3 lb bag, each)                      
      6 Frozen Mango (4 lb each)              
      4 Frozen Triple Berry (4 lbs each)         
      5 Frozen Whole Strawberry (6 lbs each)
      4 Frozen Pineapple (4 lbs each)     

                                    TOTAL:          $254.91

  • Ryan Carpenter gets the Sharks pedaling healthy smoothies as he pitches his Pedal Powered smoothie carts on National TV.

    Click here to watch the full episode. Ryan’s appearance is at the beginning.In a sense, Moberi’s Shark Tank segment was the perfect microcosm of the current debate between environmentalists and pro-business voices. The conservative sharks grilled Ryan about his ability to grow his biz without electric blenders (fossil fuels), while Ryan insisted that his customers want a more organic experience of life, and prefer to pedal their own smoothies, using Bike Blenders purchased from Rock The Bike.”Do you have a normal blender back there you can use if the line is long”

    “No,” said Ryan “that’s the beauty of it!”

    Well said!

    Having produced large smoothie booths at events ourselves, we know that Bike Blending doesn’t hold you back from quenching the thirst of a crowd. You just need to have an efficient system, a good team, and plenty of spare pitchers. Although Ryan didn’t lure the Sharks into making an investment, he successfully defended Pedal Power!

    Wonder what those smoothies taste like Visit Moberi in Portland OR. Or use our map to find a Fender Blender in daily use closer to you.

  • First: Check with your local health department on what they require at temporary food/beverage stalls. Requirements vary by county, so if you’re planning to travel, check every place you’ll want to set up.

    Below is a blend of our experience at large crowd events and working with Bay Area health departments.


  • Above: Executive Chef Ned Bell serves bike blended Raspberry Sorbet w/ Pink Champagne to hungry guests.

    From the Chef:

    This is an incredibly easy recipe!

    We make all our own Sorbets here at the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver, but you should just buy some excellent raspberry or strawberry sorbet from Bella Gelateria…

    In the bottom of your Blender Bike, add:

    • 1 cup fresh berries
    • 1 cup frozen but soft sorbet
    • 1 cup of your favorite sparkling wine!
      I love BC sparkling like Sumac Ridge or Blue Mountain!
      Rose Bubbles are perfect for a warm spring or hot summer afternoon of evening treat!

    Spin like a mad man (or woman) to incorporate well!

    Serve in a mason jar and top with some additional fresh berries, some fresh mint, a wedge of lime and bit more bubbles poured on top! Enjoy!

     Here’s an excerpt of the evening’s recap:

    Fresh Raspberry Sorbet – made with the Vega Blender Bike!

    The highlight of the night (for us and everyone else at YEW that night) was this fresh raspberry sorbet!  Chef Bell blended a “special” vegan dessert just for us– and by blended, we mean “cycled” using the infamous Vega Blender Bike.  Not only were we entertained throughout dessert, but we thoroughly enjoyed the layering of this treat.  Dehydrated strawberries on bottom added beautiful texture.  And the sparkling rose that accompanied the sorbet really hit the spot.

    Go here to read all about The Vegan Option’s dinner with Chef Ned.

    Watch Chef Ned bike blend up some Kale Pesto:

    Chef Ned Bell, Executive Chef at Hotel Vancouver, is an avid cyclist.

    Click here to see more Pedal Power recipes
    If you have a recipe you’d like to share with the bike blending community, please send it to [email protected]

  • Here’s something our friends over at Moberi have been making lately. This smoothie is filling, but a bright energy booster to help through the busy holidays and winter season!

    Fill your pitcher with:
    1 Handful of Greens (mostly Kale and Collards)1 Cup Unsweetened Coconut Milk1 TBS Coconut Oil1/2 Cup Frozen Pineapple 1/2 Fresh Banana1 TBS Almond Butter

    1 TSP Maca (optional)

    Pop on the lid, get the pitcher on your bike blender of choice, and blend until smooth (30 – 60 sec).

    For more Pedal Powered recipes, please check out:

    Moberi is making bicycle powered smoothies on the streets of Portland!

  • Nut butter is packed with protein and can be a healthier alternative to smoothies.

    Above: Cashew nut butter freshly pureed with Pedal Power!


    At least 4 ounces of your raw nut of choice (cashew, almond, pecan, etc.)

    If you desire roasted nut butter put a layer of nuts on a baking sheet and bake at 350°F for 12 to 15 minutes. Stir once or twice to prevent burning.

    Puree It In Your Pitcher:

    Pour raw or roasted nuts in your High Performance pitcher and begin pedaling. It’s that easy!

    If it feels like it’s getting caught up on the edges of the pitcher you can use a little water to help the blending process. You can also scrape down the edges in between blending to help. It should be completely mixed in about 10 minutes. Raw nuts require a little more pedaling.

    You can serve up as is, or mix in salt, maple syrup, cinnamon, vanilla, etc. for a little extra flavor.

    Watch the Fossil Fool blend it on the Fender Blender Pro (High Performance). Nut butter starts at 3:23:

    Click here to see more Pedal Power recipes
    If you have a recipe you’d like to share with the bike blending community, please send it to [email protected]

    • Finding a unique way to involve the community in active and healthy living can sometimes be a challenge.

      Nancy Randolph, manager at Manitowoc County Human Services, rides the Smoothie Bike at a recent farmers market. (Photo: Submitted by Lindsay Brookshier )

      This is the challenge that Broken Spokes manager Colin Knab and the community-based initiative, Healthiest Manitowoc County, are tackling with their newly created Smoothie Bike. Taking its cue from similar bikes that have been sweeping the nation, this locally owned business and community initiative is bringing the Rock the Bike movement to Manitowoc.

      “It’s just seeing biking in different ways and what biking can do,” said Knab. “It’s all about getting into the culture of biking, it’s just one step to move forward into that.”

      Using an exerciser trainer model, the Smoothie Bike depends entirely on its rider to power the blender. To mix the drink faster, the rider will have to pedal faster because the bike only operates at one speed. But the bike has the capability to make more than just smoothies. The bike can create dips, pesto, milk shakes and even soups.

      The philosophy behind the bike ties into the goals that many organizations within the community, such as Healthiest Manitowoc County and Broken Spokes, have been working on for years. Specifically, they have been supporting initiatives to increase the consumption of locally grown fruits and vegetables and being active 60 minutes a day.

      “The Smoothie Bike is a creative tool for the Activity and Nutrition Coalition to expose, engage and educate youth, parents and community members about the importance of fruit and vegetable consumption,” said Cath Pape, Healthiest Manitowoc County grant coordinator. “We can’t afford to ignore our poor health. Two out of three Wisconsinites are overweight and at risk for heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Our local food movement understands that investing in a strong food system is right for health, business and budget. The bike is a fun, friendly reminder that we have better health when we make better choices about where we live, learn, work and play.

      For members of the community that experienced the Smoothie Bike, creating something delicious using locally grown food and the power of their own body made the bike an exciting concept.

      “I love the ‘Fender Blender’ bike and am amazed at how quickly it becomes the center of attention when someone is pedaling it. I think that using the bike to bring focus to the Healthiest Manitowoc County initiative is a fantastic way to market the ‘buy local and eat fresh’ approach.” said Nancy Randolph, manager at Manitowoc County Human Services who gave the bike a spin at its showcase at the Manitowoc Farmers Market.

      The bike’s success at the Farmers Market is a promising sign of how the community is pedaling its way to a healthy lifestyle through the enjoyment of locally grown food.

      This article was posted on July 15, 2014  by HTR NEWS, and written by Lindsay Brookshier. For the full article please go to:

    • Got Milk The Bonita Springs Middle School does.

      Bonita Springs Middle School eighth grader Luc Kellum and his younger sister, Madelyn Kellum recently won the “How Do You Moo” district-wide poster contest sponsored for the third year by the Lee County School District’s Healthy Living Lab program and The Florida Dairy Council.

      To honor the first place students, the Lee County School District and Florida Dairy Council officials visited several schools. The award ceremony and breakfast party for Luc and Madelyn took place Friday, Feb. 21, at the school’s cafeteria with Luc’s fellow classmates.

      After selecting different fruits for a smoothie, Luc hopped on a blue-color blender bike and started pedaling to make smoothies for his classmates.

      Above: Bonita Springs Middle School student Luc Kellum, 13, rides the Fender Blender Pro, a stationary bike-powered blender, during a celebration for his and his sister, Madelyn’s, winning entries in the “How Do You Moo” Lee County School District-wide poster contest on Friday, Feb. 21, 2014. Their poster designs will be featured in next year’s Florida Dairy Council campaign regarding the importance of healthy eating choices.

      “Keep going,” said Lori Nelson, manager, dairy health and wellness at Dairy Council of Florida, based near Orlando. “You have to pedal a lot. You have to work for it.”

      Soon enough, the smoothie inside the blender started to turn the color pink.

      For about an hour, more than 20 students joined the fun of riding the blender bike, sipping smoothies and talking photos — some wearing milk mustache stickers — at the photo booth area.

      Above: Madelyn Kellum, 11, passes out fruit smoothies to her schoolmates during a celebration for her and her brother

      The Florida Dairy Council officials said they plan to use students “How Do You Moo” poster designs on its website, newsletter, and other mediums to promote dairy products to children.

      Nelson said there are many beverages available for children that milk falls to the wayside.

      ”We want to make sure they understand the benefits of milk and the importance of it in their diet,” she said.

      The first place winners receive a $100 gift card to Target Stores and a surprise gift package from The Florida Dairy Farmers. But according to Dairy Council officials, the true excitement for the winners is getting to see their poster designs driving by on The Healthy Living Lab truck and seeing them on the website, hanging in their school or on the kitchen wall of The Healthy Living lab TV Show set.

      Luc, who received a $100 gift card to Target Stores, and Madelyn, who won $75 gift card to Target, said they didn’t know what they were going to buy with their prize money.

      “I have some shopping to do,” Luc said.

      Perhaps he’ll go buy some yogurt for his smoothies.

      This article was posted on February 25th by The Banner. For the full article please go to:

    • Santa came early this year delivering more than $48,000 in grant funds to the Healthy School Team Leaders for each of the 12 Winter Park Consortium schools at their holiday party at the Winter Park Health Foundation (WPHF) on December 11.

      Representatives of the Dairy Council of Florida played the part of Santa, presenting king-sized versions of grant checks to HST Leaders and their principals who joined them for the party. They also brought along a photo booth, games and a bicycle blender to add to the festivities.

      Above: Bike blending on the Fender Blender Pro

      The grants were awarded through the Dairy Council of Florida’s Fuel Up to Play 60 (FUTP60) program.  The program was created by the National Football League in collaboration with the National Dairy Council to decrease child obesity.  As part of the program, schools are invited to apply for grant funding for programs and activities that encourage healthy eating and physical activity.

      Grant dollars will be used for a variety of projects ranging from the purchase of blender bikes children ride to make smoothies to the creation of a cooking club, the support for healthy food and smoothie tastings, and the addition of a white board to promote healthy eating.

      To promote physical activity, the grants will be used to buy pedometers, bicycle helmets, roller skates and related safety supplies, bicycles, heart rate monitors and a table tennis set.

      The partnership with the Dairy Council of Florida is new this school year, and was made possible with the help of Melodie Griffin. She serves as an independent contractor to the Winter Park Health Foundation (WPHF) responsible for coordinating bi-monthly HST leader meetings, providing technical support and helping identify resources and external funding sources to help leaders in meet their goals.

      Do you know of a school that needs help funding a bike blender in 2014 Please direct them here!

      Story Source:

    • Above: Sun ‘N Lake Elementary fifth grader Jackson Colquitt puts the pedal to the metal to mix up a homemade smoothie on the Smoothie Bike as part of the school’s ‘Fuel Up to Play 60‘ awards ceremony Thursday. Coach Willie English (right) looks on as his students work together to maintain healthy lifestyles.

      To read the whole article, please go here: Healthy habits pay off for group of Sun ‘N Lake Elementary students

      More about the Fender Blender Pro.

    • The Oliver Foundation awarded Healthy Choices Grants to three Fort Bend ISD schools – Dulles Middle School, Missouri City Middle School and Oyster Creek Elementary School – to support their efforts in developing innovative programs to help improve students’ nutrition and physical activity habits.

      The Oliver Foundation awarded a $3,000 Campus Grade Level Grant to Missouri City Middle School for the purchase of a Fender Blender Pro, a blender bike from Rock the Bike. The human powered, stationary blender bike is allowing students and staff to spin their way to health as they prepare smoothies. The bike has an actual blender attached to it that works as someone pedals the bike. The faster you pedal, the quicker it blends.

      Above: Shown with the blender bike are (from left): Ivan Sanchez, Kalyn Parks, Coach Michael James, Kevin Butler, Dominique Scott, Marla McNeal-Sheppard, FBISD Assistant Superintendent; Karen Crittenden, School Nurse; Bayli Mosley, Angel Johnson, Lola Washington, Health Teacher; and Dr. Jesus Acosta, Principal.

      “We are so excited and grateful to The Oliver Foundation,” said Karen Crittenden, school nurse. “Our goal is to continue to generate excitement about being healthy and to encourage everyone to increase their physical activity and eat more nutritious meals.”

      The blender bike is used school-wide. Health teachers use the bike as a healthy incentive for students to make fruit and vegetable-based smoothies with low-fat dairy. The blender bike is also used as a healthy and fun icebreaker at faculty meetings. The Human Services class uses it to make healthy spreads like hummus and pesto. The Teens Against Tabacco Use (TATU) and Move It! club members use the bike at outreach events to teach others about healthy lifestyles. The bike is even being used by custodians and cafeteria employees during their lunch and afternoon breaks.

      For the full article, please go here:

    • Food Network’s “The Kitchen”

      A photo from the production of “The Kitchen” in Montclair, N.J., on Wednesday, June 3, 2015.
      Photo: David M. Russell/BSTV


    • We did it, set a new record for making 400lbs of smoothie!!! Thanks for everything, the bike was a huge hit.”


      Cabot Creamery

    The ‘Cow Bike’ is a Fender Blender Pro (with High Performance upgrade) customized to look like a cow. Custom wheelcover, saddle, and vinyl spots helped Cabot Creamery brand the bike to complement their dairy products. The Guiness World Record was achieved May 3, 2013 at the New York Bike Expo. Read Cabot Creamery’s press release here.

    See the official record here:

  • The Fender Blender Pro is up to the task of ice crushing and quality blending. Check out all these great videos of it in action!

  • To our delight Jay Leno climbed on a stylish white and orange step-through cruiser with a properly installed Fender Blender Universale bike blender (FBU) and blended what appeared to be a daiquiri, about 15 minutes into his show as part of the Last Minute Gifts segment. He pedaled for about 15 seconds, though to be honest I was too busy celebrating and making rock signs to count accurately. Jay had a medium-slow cadence and seemed very comfortable on the bike, smiling his trademark chinny grin and joking as he went — “for the active alcoholic!” Although his leg extension wasn’t optimized for power output, he had no problem crushing ice. He did not tuck in his pant leg prior to pedaling.

    Watch the segment on Jay’s site: fast forward to 25:00 if you’re in a rush.

    Above: The Fly Stick Van De Graaf effect levitation wand, one of the cooler toys on the segment.

    Of the 13 products he selected, only three — the FBU, the Fly Stick Levitation Wand, and Snow To Go instant snow — fell into the category of positive, educational, or amazing. The others were novelty gags.

    Six of the products were off-color: a stripping, singing Santa, a pole dancing alarm clock, and two products that involved sticking something (a pencil to be sharpened and a beer bottle to be opened) into the backside of an animal.

    Two were personal care products gone awry — a head massager and a facial treatment system.

    At $249 The FBU was the most expensive product on the segment.  The others (apart from the Deer Rump bottle opener) were all in the $30-and-under price bracket. All of the products were available through the internet. Not a single mainstream store such as Target was mentioned.

    When the producer emailed today to say that Jay had selected the FBU for the show, I had to think for a minute where I’d be able to watch it — there hasn’t been a TV in my place for two years. Luckily Adam had one and was willing to host a viewing party. Four of us from the Rock The Bike crew, plus his two housemates, were there to take it in. At the top of the show, we took bets on whether Jay himself would pedal the bike, or an assistant. Heading into the segment, 4 out of 6 in our SF viewing party thought he’d do the deed. But at the last moment Grace changed her bet and it was 3 and 3.

    above: Adam updating Facebook status to “Jay Rocks The Bike” moments after Leno cranked out a frozen cocktail.

    When the show first contacted us a few weeks ago to request an FBU, we offered to send it to them complete and built up on a Jamis city bike. We figured that they’re busy TV people, not bike people, and they’d probably rather have us install it. No thanks, they said, just send hthe boxed FBU. Clearly installation was straightforward for them. The rack was perfectly level and the pitcher sat directly over the rear wheel.

    above: the FBU installed on a classic Stumpjumper with Sweetskinz tires.

    Invented in 2006 by Nate Byerley, the FBU is our most affordable bike blender, and it’s the one that a lot of schools, nonprofits, and summer camps buy. Earlier this year our engineer Leif redesigned the FBU so that it goes on and off a bike without tools (once you install the aluminum rack). When the blender base is removed, you’ve got a strong, light, functional rack you can use to commute, carry groceries or boxes. Every FBU we sell is adding carrying capacity to the bicycle fleet of America!

    Bike blending is the most approachable, affordable way to demonstrate human power at an event or school. It’s a great conversation starter —  literally an awesome ice breaker — and one of the few products that can raise environmental consciousness without a guilt trip. It gets people pedaling at events, which reminds them how awesome bikes are. Kids love it! Check out the awesome testimonials we’ve posted for the product.

    We also recently came out with a human power generator that’s compatible with every Fender Blender we’ve ever sold, so that a school that bought one, say, in 2007 can now add the generator and use their FBU to make power for a music system, lighting display, etc.

    Many thanks to Jay and the producers for helping to spread the cheer and magic of Pedal Power at the holidays.

  • Seeing human power as a tool for community building, his company: Rock the Bike, sells what might make a good mascot for the human power movement: A pedal-powered bike blender called the Fender Blender.

    NPR’s Jennifer Sharpe interviewed Rock The Bike in August, and also attended the California Academy of Sciences Night Life event the night Rock The Bike brought the Pedal Powered Stage.

    In the shop on the day of her visit we were finishing up a build of a new hybrid Electric Mundo that we used at Nightlife as one of our generators.

    Sharpe also interviewed David Butcher, a pedal power afficionado based in the Mountain View, who seems to get younger as the years pass.

    And she visited Lonnie Green in Grass Valley who came up with a Pedal Powered earth mover.

    Transcript excerpt:

    (Soundbite of song, “Sending Out”)

    Mr. FOSSIL FOOL (The Bike Rapper; Founder, Rock the Bike): (Singing) You got to leave your Prius outside the club. You got to leave your Hummer outside the club.

    SHARPE: Pedal-powered bike rapper Fossil Fool, also known as Paul Freedman, is out on the steps of San Francisco’s Academy of Sciences. Seeing human power as a tool for community building, his company: Rock the Bike, sells what might make a good mascot for the human power movement: A pedal-powered bike blender called the Fender Blender.

    Mr. FOSSIL FOOL: Almost everyone that buys it, the first thing that they want to do with it is they want to take it out into their community and share a sweet, thick, bike-blended smoothie.

    (Soundbite of a blender)

  • Because of its crowd appeal [the Fender Blender Pro] is probably the [eco-friendly feature] that gets the most attention at Habana Outpost.

    This past weekend, Habana Outpost celebrated its season opening with an Earth Day Expo, featuring kids’ activities, outdoor film screenings, an eco fashion show, workshops, local vendor booths and live music. We arrived promptly at noon on Saturday, hoping to beat the crowd (which on this first warm day of the year could be nothing but insane). We did, and were the first to make use of the smoothie “bike blender”, a stationary bike with a blender attached to it — pedal and receive $1 off your smoothie, seems like a deal too good to pass up. Even though it may not be the most efficient eco-feature, because of its crowd appeal it is probably the one that gets the most attention.

    Taking the bike blender for a blueberry spin. TV cameras hovering over the coolest eco-feature, the human-powered bike blender

    Sean Meenan opened NoLita’s Cafe Habana and Habana To Go in 1998, with a mission to serve home-style Latin food with unique Cuban and Central Mexican accents. Habana Outpost, located in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn, is the third member of this culinary family. Besides being a fun place to spend a sunny day, Habana Outpost is NYC’s first eco-eatery, aiming to reduce wasteful consumption and promote sustainable solutions by using earth-friendly practices in the design, construction, and day-to-day operations.

  • It takes just a minute to whip a morning smoothie or an after-work margarita with a pedal-powered blender from Rock the Bike.

    Fender Blender Universale in Sierra

    It takes just a minute to whip a morning smoothie or an after-work margarita with a pedal-powered blender from Rock the Bike.

    Sierra Magazine cover

  • Starbucks is using a bicycle powered blender to project a hip, green image at outdoor events.

    • Moving the Fender Blender Pro from one spot to another becomes as easy as pulling a rolling suitecase. This kit includes two heavy duty rubber wheels and quick-release axles to make deploying the Fender Blender in front of the crowd even faster and easier. The wheels pivot down to contact the ground when the rear [...]

    • The commercial grade VitaMix blender has 2x the volume and 2x bigger blades, giving better circulation of ingredients for faster, more consistent and gratifying blending. More smoothie, less effort. Status: in stock Rentable: no In The Box: VitaMix 48oz MP Blender Pitcher Compatible blender drive with pitcher retention strap Price: $250.00

    • The tried and true standard of blender pitchers, compatible with The Fender Blender™ line of bicycle blenders. Plastic base, durable pitcher, lid, rubber gasket, and stainless steel ice crushing blade.   Status: in stock Rentable: no Price: $33.00

    • Turns any bike into a party bike! Our most affordable bike blender, it's also great for schools, camps, and fundraisers.

    • Our quietest, simplest, most powerful and compact human power generator. It’s the most effective Pedal Power generator we know of. It has all the features of the Generator Pro, plus you can blend smoothies. We use it as one of the key pieces of gear in our Pedal Powered Stage at events such as the [...]

    •   Amaze attendees at your event with Pedal Powered Spin Art. It’s so easy it almost requires no supervision.   With just a few pedal strokes, you can get the platter of your Pedal Powered Spin Art station spinning at 1000-2000 RPM, enough to produce dazzling spirals, circles, and streaks as you squirt paint on [.. minecraft setup


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