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Black Concept Windows Icon Pack Works on Windows 8 x32/x64 and Windows 7 x32/x64, it is completely safe to apply and you can restore your previous icons easily. Download Black Concept Windows Icon Pack uses 7tsp free app that allows…

Ramadan Windows 7 Theme With Cursors Sounds And Special Edition this special windows theme working on Windows 7, Windows8 and Windows 8.1 for the special month for Muslims  Ramadan I hope Allah blesses us all in it and forgives us.…

Islamic Windows 7 Theme With Quran Sounds Islamic Icons Prayer Gadget And Blue Curosrs In The Name Of Allah .. I introduce to you magnificent Islamic Windows 7 Theme that i can say it is the best of my themes…

20 different colors for your Windows 8.1 also works on Windows 8. it is created by neiio. two different version for every color: – minimal with no address bar. – Full with address bar. Download Free Metro X Windows 8.1…

20 different colors for your Windows 7. it is created by neiio. two different version for every color: – minimal with no address bar. – Full with address bar. Download Free Metro X Windows 7 Visual Style You can use…

Elementary ipack Windows Icon Pack Works on Windows 10, Windows 8 x32/x64 and Windows 7 x32/x64, it is completely safe to apply and you can restore your previous icons easily. it is created by neiio. Download Elementary ipack Windows Icon…

Collection of the Xp Windows Themes port to Widnows 10. You can use it with any of this icon packs Windows 10 Icon Packs.

Blue Soft Windows 7 Visual Style. You can use it with any of these icon packs Windows 7 Icon Packs.

Blue Smooth Windows 8.1 Visual Style also works on Windows 8. You can use it with any of this icon packs Windows 8 Icon Packs.

Blue Black Windows icons pack. It also has 7-zip and winrar themes. it installing without even restart. Download OMN Windows Icon Pack that uses free app that allows you to customize Windows in a simple way, and it is also…

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Windows Official Site for Microsoft Windows 10 Home .

Enable Windows 10 Dark Theme

If you prefer the look of apps that use a Dark Theme, Windows comes with one that’s almost complete but isn’t 100%. If you’re okay living that close to the edge, you can enable it now.

You can either download the registry entry and merge it, or make the edit yourself.

Before you start, review this guide if you’re unfamiliar with editing the Windows registry.

To make the edit yourself:

  1. Open the registry editor and navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Themes
  2. Create a new key named Personalize
  3. Within the key, create a new DWORD (32-bit) value named AppsUseLightTheme with a value of 0
  4. Navigate to:
  5. If it doesn’t already exist, create a new key named Personalize
  6. Create the same DWORD (32-bit) value named AppsUseLightTheme with a value of 0
  7. Sign out of Windows and sign back in

To switch back to the light theme, delete the registry entries and sign out and back in. If you’d like to enable this for multiple users, sign in as that user and make the same change under HKCU (read more about the registry root keys.)

Want to customize Windows 10 further See this tip and others like it here: Unlock secret settings in Windows 10

Windows 10 failed to update FIX (HP machines)

I have recently tried to update to the Windows 10 Creators Update on a few of my computers. Two of them kept failing, stating “we couldn’t update the system reserved partition”:

Read more…

Update Your Windows Installation Now

What’s Next with Windows 10

In this guest post, Abby Perkins from Software Providers shares her insight into what’s coming with Windows 10 and how it will function for users of desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

Microsoft is a large company (the sixth biggest in the world by market cap), and its customer base reflects the company’s size. Unlike Apple’s customers, Microsoft’s tend to display less brand loyalty across products. The product that unifies all of Microsoft is the Windows operating system. Microsoft’s challenge with the upcoming release of Windows 10 is holding its large family of customers together. Here is how the tech giant plans on meeting everyone’s demands.

One operating system for all devices

Windows 10 will be designed to run on all devices. Microsoft believes its operating system is simple enough to run on the most basic smartphone yet sophisticated enough to keep businesses’ most demanding servers running smoothly. It has also designed the newest version of Windows to run on every size screen, from 4 inches to 80 inches.

Read more…

How to Remove the Windows August 2014 Update (MS14-045) Causing Blue Screen of Death

The August month for Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 users came with a surprise. The updates from the Microsoft arrived on schedule but this time there was an erratic behavior in one of the updates. The update MS14-045 can make using the fonts in Windows 8/8.1 a trying experience. This update may lock the fonts, render them incorrectly or in the worst case scenario throws the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) on your screen. Listening to the outcry of the Windows users, Microsoft has issued a guideline for removing this update from your Windows.

Here is how you can remove this MS014-045 update from your Windows 8/8.1 PC in case you are experience blue screen of death issues: Read more…

[Dec 11th Update: Several Giveaway Offers] Tis the season to get freebies…

Every holiday I receive several requests from dedicated software developers to promote their giveaway. And this season is no different. Each time I go through them all and pick the ones I believe you, our loyal follower would love to get. This time around I thought I would collect them all in one place Bitdefender internet security 2013 LIcense 1 year

This article will be updated regularly, so make sure you bookmark it! Read more…

Change Windows 7 Theme To Windows XP Luna Theme

Make sure to create a restore point before installing for safety measures.

Sorry to keep you guys waiting. There’s Windows 10 Anniversary Edition (AE) comes up so I decided to release a new major release instead. Good news is Windows 10 AE doesn’t need aerolite.msstyles hack anymore so it works like it should have been now. I also tested and fixed all incompatibilities I found and release as macOS packs today.

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Everybody knows Final Cut Pro for its professional video editing tools that came from Apple Inc. it gives its users the opportunity to edit their videos with lots of features, such as trimming and moving clips, 360 degree VR editing, with a VR headset playback, multicam editing and other special effects. It also has its downs, mostly with the fact that it’s only compatible with macOS High Sierra.
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It can take a combination of patience, time, and commitment to make a strong connection with your customers, but it’s never been more important. We are in a consumer era where communication with businesses has never been easier or more useful for both sides of the B2C relationship. Building a long-term relationship with your customers is more important than ever, and can make the difference between success and failure in a crowded marketplace. Consider these three essential strategies and learn how to improve connections with your customers and build relationships that last. Those customers can form the backbone of your profit generation for years to come and can act as the foundation to further business expansion.
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When it comes to software, there are a number of ways to save money. You can save on the initial cost of purchasing the license and also on the cost of maintenance in the long term. Explore the different ways that you can save money when on applications.
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Sometimes we encounter tasks in our routine life in which we need to perform the tasks which are new to us. These tasks are sometimes huge and complicated and sometimes as simple as uninstalling an application. If you don’t know how to perform a particular operation, the first step you should take is to ask a friend for help. If you don’t get the necessary help, then you call Google for your rescue. Google has a million pages in its database and it will get you the pages which match your query the most.
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Instagram has 800 million monthly users. Pinterest attracts 150 million. As for Facebook, well it reckons that users upload 350 million new photos a day SkypeSetupFull

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Симпатичные гаджеты для Windows 7 - скачать на рабочий стол

RECOMMENDED: Click here to fix Windows errors and improve PC performance

From Windows 95 to Windows 8/8.1, Internet Explorer had been the default web browser of Windows operating system for two decades. Over the years, Microsoft Internet Explorer became bloated and insecure, making security conscious users look for third-party web browsers.

With Windows 10, Microsoft introduced Edge, a modern web browser built from scratch, and is the default web browser in Windows 10.

Microsoft Edge, the new browser from Microsoft, is part of Windows 10, and can’t be downloaded separately from Store.

Like Google Chrome and Firefox, the Edge browser is fast and loads pages much faster compared to Internet Explorer. Besides that, it offers a clean interface which most users love. The browser recently got support for extensions, and there are a couple of good extensions already available for the new web browser from Microsoft.

Is Microsoft Edge available for Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1

When Microsoft introduced Edge browser for the first time, a significant number of PC users running Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 were expecting Microsoft release Edge for Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 as well.

The truth is that Edge browser is not and will not be available for Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1.

Is there is a workaround to install Edge on Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1

One can’t install Edge on Windows 7 as the Edge browser is built on the new Universal Windows Platform. The Universal Windows Platform was first introduced with Windows 8 as the Windows Runtime. So theoretically it should be possible to install Edge on Windows 8/8.1 but then Edge is not officially or unofficially available for Windows 8 or 8.1 right now.

That said, there is a not so cool way out there to run Edge on Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1. You can run Edge on previous versions of Windows using free virtual machines. Visit this page of Microsoft to download Microsoft Edge virtual machine for VirtualBox, Windows Hyper-V, Vagrant, VMware (Windows Mac), and Parallels (Mac only).

The download page also contains a link to installation instructions page so that you can easily install the downloaded Edge virtual machine on your Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 PC using above mentioned virtual machine software.

Can I make my web browser look like Edge

If you love the clean user interface of Edge and use Mozilla Firefox as the default browser, then you can make Mozilla Firefox look like Edge by installing the Edge for Firefox theme.

Sadly, the Edge theme is currently available for Firefox only. So, if you are a user of Internet Explorer, Chrome, or any web browser, you have no option but to upgrade your Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 to Windows 10 to get Edge.

What’s the best way to experience Edge

The easiest and best way to experience Edge is to upgrade your PC to Windows 10 or get a new PC pre-installed with Windows 10.

Note that Windows 10 is no longer officially available as a free upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users but most users who upgrade to Windows 10 are getting free upgrade even today (December 2016) TeamViewer Setup crack

Windows X’s Live – Bringing the best Windows 10 and OS X .

«Темы для Windows XP»: каталог красивых, качественных, вручную отобранных тематических оформлений Windows XP от Oformi.Net - лучшие темы оформления предлагаем вам скачать бесплатно без регистрации.

Обязательно прочитайте инструкцию по установке тематических оформлений в полной новости, там подробно описан перечень необходимых действий. Если у вас возникли сложности при установке, рекомендуем вам обратиться на наш форум, здесь всегда можно найти помощь а также просто пообщаться на любые темы. У нас молодой и дружный коллектив - сообщество людей, которых объединяет общий интерес - оформление рабочего стола темами оформлений и не только..

Скачать темы для рабочего стола компьютера с XP SP3 бесплатно на Oformi.Net можно с большой скоростью, а также без регистрации, без смс и навязчивой рекламы. Все темы оформления на Oformi.Net проверены и не содержат вирусов Kon Boot v2 1

Как установить темы для Windows XP

Next Les particuliers sont egalement deconcertes par Windows 8, et peu l'adoptent, a en croire les parts de marches comparees de Windows 8 et de Windows 7 [43],1 - первым делом Вам необходимо СКАЧАТЬ АКТИВАТОР windows 7 (для этого нажмите сюда) 2 .,It's finally here. A new Windows that will set the new standards of user experience. I hope we'll have the whole new set of icons updated along with UI in this release.

Next Free Download Bing's Best: Japan Windows 7 Theme - Enjoy Japan's beautiful landscapes by installing this Windows 7 theme,Windows 78.1Windows(KB4056894)(KB4056895)Windows,Windows Tools, Help Guides Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP. Free Windows Books, Wallpapers, customizations, and How-to Guides

Next This topic describes the memory limits for supported Windows and Windows Server releases.,Windows 78.1Windows(KB4056894)(KB4056895)Windows,Free Download Bing's Best: Japan Windows 7 Theme - Enjoy Japan's beautiful landscapes by installing this Windows 7 theme

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