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If you have any questions about, or find any problems with, Universal Extractor, please post your comments to the UniExtract subforum on the MSFN message board.  This has become the main point of discussion for this project.

Universal Extractor is a program designed to decompress and extract files from any type of archive or installer, such as ZIP or RAR files, self-extracting EXE files, application installers, etc.  The full list of supported formats can be found in the table below.  It's able to support so many varied file formats by utilizing the many backend utilities listed in the credits at the bottom of the page.

Please note that Universal Extractor is not intended to be a general purpose archiving program.  It cannot (and never will) create archives, and therefore cannot fully replace archivers such as 7-Zip or WinRAR.  What it will do, however, is allow you to extract files from virtually any type of archive, regardless of source, file format, compression method, etc.

The original motivation behind this project was to create an easy, convenient way to extract files from various types of installation packages without the need to remember arcane command line switches or track down separate utilities to handle the unpacking.  Over time, and with the encouragement of its many users and the fine folks over on the MSFN forum, it has evolved into a mature and very capable unarchiving utility that many, including myself, find indispensable.

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Universal Extractor context menu

Universal Extractor file/destination GUI

Universal Extractor preferences

Download  Current Version: 1.6.1, Released: 05/12/2010

UniExtract Installer (5.3 MB) - This is the recommended download.  The installer will automatically install the application and optionally integrate with the Windows Explorer context menu.  This package does not contain source code.

UniExtract Binary Archive (4.95 MB) - This archive contains the binaries.  Download this if you want a portable version, or just prefer not to use the installer.

UniExtract Source Code (163.13 KB) - This archive only contains the source code, but it includes all support files as well (compiler scripts, installer, etc.).  This is best to download (along with the binary archive) if you want to help further development of UniExtract.

ChangeLog, ToDo - UniExtract development details

Universal Extractor Download Archive - archived versions of all official binary and source code releases

Note:  If you download Universal Extractor from one of the official links above, it is not infected with a virus.  If your anti-virus software tells you otherwise, please see this forum post for details.

Language Files

As of version 1.4, Universal Extractor supports internationalization.  If you're interested in translating Universal Extractor into another language, please download the source archive and follow the instructions in English.ini.  Please send me your completed translation and I'll include it in the next version of Universal Extractor.  Thanks to all of the contributors!

To use these language files, simply download and copy into the lang\ directory of your Universal Extractor installation.  The new language will appear as an option the next time you run UniExtract.

Note: The (alt) language files are alternate translations that are not included with the official release.  Sometimes I get multiple submissions for a single language, and I like to give everyone credit, but I generally stick with the first one that's submitted out of fairness.  Some of the alternate translations may be better than the included ones (or, they may not be), so feel free to give them a try.  If you find that an alternate version is better than the included version, please let me know; I may switch them out for the next release.

* = Included in current release

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Installation and Usage

To install UniExtract, download the installer and run it on your system.  You will have a few options during installation:

Select Components - These options specify which program components are installed to disk.  These options are only really useful if you need to reduce the installation size.

  • Documentation and licensing information - This includes all files in the docs\subdirectory
  • Language files for internationalization support - This includes all files in the lang\ subdirectory
  • Support for ACE files - Binaries and/or libraries required for ACE archives
  • Support for KGB files - Binaries and/or libraries required for KGB archives
  • Support for Pea files - Binaries and/or libraries required for Pea archives
  • Support for StuffIt files - Binaries and/or libraries required for StuffIt (.sit) archives

Set Program Options - These options adjust the default Universal Extractor behavior.  They can be changed after installation through the Preferences menu.

  • Default Language - specifies the language used by UniExtract
  • Debug File Location - specifies the directory to which UniExtract should write its debug file
  • Append missing file extensions - attempt to determine and append the correct extension for improperly named files using TrID
  • Maintain archive history - maintain a list of the ten most recent files that were extracted, as well as the destination directories
  • Remove duplicate files - attempt to detect and remove duplicate that may have been created during extraction
  • Remove temporary files - automatically remove temporary files that may be created during extraction
  • Warn before executing files - some .exe archives must actually be executed in order to perform the extraction.  Since this can be a security risk (executing unknown/untrusted code is always a bad idea), UniExtract will display a warning before extracting these types of files.

Select Additional Tasks - These options specify additional actions that can be performed by the installer.  They only affects installation of Universal Extractor, and cannot be modified later.

  • Enable Explorer context menu integration - allows you to right click on any archive and directly extract its files
    • Add UniExtract Files... to context menu - adds ability to specify destination directory
    • Add UniExtract Here to context menu - adds ability to quickly extract to current directory
    • Add UniExtract to Subdir to context menu - adds ability to quickly extract to subdirectory
    • Force association with with all supported archive formats - Forces UniExtract to associate itself with all supported file extensions; by default, it will only associate itself with native Windows formats (.exe, .msi, etc.) and other formats not currently associated with another program
  • Add Universal Extractor to your system path - allows you to run UniExtract (and any related binaries) from the command line
  • Create a SendTo icon - add a shortcut for Universal Extractor to your SendTo context menu
  • Create a desktop icon - add a shortcut for Universal Extractor to your desktop
  • Create a Quick Launch icon - add a shortcut for Universal Extractor to your Quick Launch bar

If you wish to automate installation (for custom or unattended installs), please run uniextractXX.exe / to get a detailed description of available command-line options for the installer.  All standard Inno Setup command line parameters apply, but also pay special attention to the Components, Tasks, and Custom Parameters detailed at the bottom of the help window.

For manual installation with the binary archive, simply extract the files to the destination folder you would like.  By default, this puts UniExtract in "portable mode".  This means that the globalprefs option is enabled (see changelog for details) and the history option is disabled (see Program Options above).  The end result is UniExtract can be easily run from portable devices like USB flash drives without leaving any trace of use.  Of course, it'll also work just as well if copied to a real hard drive, and all preferences can be modified at any time by editing UniExtract.ini, or by running UniExtract.exe /prefs.

Once UniExtract is installed, usage is simple.  The easiest way, if you used the installer and enabled context menu integration, is to right-click on any archive and select click one of the UniExtract options.  UniExtract Here will extract files to the current directory, UniExtract to Subdir will extract files to a subdirectory named after the file, and UniExtract Files will prompt you for the destination directory.

If you did not enable context menu integration, you may run the Universal Extractor start menu shortcut, or double-click directly on UniExtract.exe.  This will launch the UniExtract GUI.  Enter (or use the file browser to select) the file you wish to extract and the destination directory, then click OK.  It is also possible to drag-and-drop the file you wish to extract onto the icon or main application window to easily extract the dropped file.

UniExtract can also be run from the command line.  Run UniExtract.exe / for detailed command line parameters.

You can use Add/Remove Programs to uninstall UniExtract, or just delete the directory if you used the binary archive.

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Technical Details

When a file is passed to UniExtract, it begins by scanning the file with TrID.  If the file format matches one of the supported non-executable formats listed below, it immediately begins extraction from the archive.  If it's an executable file, it calls PEiD to analyze the file signature.  If the signature indicates that it's a supported format, then it attempts to begin extraction.  If it is not a recognized signature, it will try running it through 7-Zip and UnZip as default cases.  If 7-Zip or UnZip recognizes it, it will be extracted; otherwise, UniExtract displays an error message and exits.

Note: Filetype scanning with TrID is new as of v1.5.  Older versions relied on the file extension to identify the filetype.  This behavior is still used if the TrID scan cannot determine the filetype.

If the filetype is supported, UniExtract begins by checking for a valid destination directory and recording the directory size.  If necessary, a new directory will be created (with a directory size of zero).  UniExtract then spawns a shell and calls the supporting binary to begin extracting files from the selected archive to the destination directory.  After completion, UniExtract checks the size and timestamp of the subdirectory to determine if extraction was successful; if the size or timestamp is greater than the initial values, UniExtract assumes success and exits.  If extraction fails, UniExtract notifies the user and leaves a log file (uniextract.log) that (should) contain any error messages.

The uniextract.log file is created during the extraction process by the tee program.  Essentially, all output from the running binary is redirected to tee, which in turn writes the output to the log file as well as echo it to the screen to give the user current progress.  Upon successful execution this file is deleted, but if an error is detected it is left alone for the user to review.  Note: As of v1.4, the location of uniextract.log can be changed to any user-specified directory.

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Supported Formats

As of v1.5, UniExtract uses TrID to determine the filetype of any given file.  If this detection fails, file extensions are used as a backup identifier.  The table below is a reference of known-supported filetypes and common extensions; any supported archive types should work regardless of actual extension.

Archive Type Common File Extension(s)
7-zip archive .7z, .exe
ACE archive .ace, .exe
ARC archive .arc
ARJ archive .arj, .exe
ASpack compressed file .exe
BIN/CUE CD-ROM image .bin, .cue
bzip2 archive .bz2, .tbz2, .tar.bz2
CPIO compressed file .cpio
Debian package .deb
DiscJuggler CD-ROM image .cdi
Encoded files .b64, .uu, .uue, .xx,
.xxe, .yenc, .ntx
Gentee package .exe
gzip archive .gz, .tgz, .tar.gz
IMG floppy disk image .img
Inno Setup package .exe
Installer VISE package .exe
InstallShield Cabinet archive .cab, .1, .lib
InstallShield package .exe
ISO 9660 CD-ROM image .iso
KGB archive .kgb, kge, .exe
LZH compressed file .lzh, .lha
LZMA compressed file .lzma
LZO compressed file .lzo
LZW compressed file .Z, .tz, .tar.Z
LZX compressed file .lzx
MHTML file .mht
Microsoft Cabinet archive .cab, .exe, .imf
Microsoft Compiled Help file .chm
Microsoft compressed file ._
Microsoft LIT e-book .lit
Microsoft Windows Help file .hlp
HTC NBH ROM image .nbh
Nero CD-ROM images .nrg
NSIS package .exe
Oasis Document Format (ODF) document .odt, .odp, .odg, .ods
Office Open XML (OOXML) document .docx, .pptx, .xlsx
Outlook Express mail archive .dbx
PEA archive .pea
RAR archive .rar, .001, .exe
Reflexive Arcade package .exe
RoboForm package .exe
RPM package .rpm
SetupFactory package .exe
SIS (SymbianOS) packages .sis
StuffIt packages .sit
TAR archive .tar, .tbz2, .tgz, .txz, .tz,
.tar.bz2, .tar.gz, .tar.xz, .tar.Z
UHARC archive .uha
UPX compressed file .exe, .dll
Windows Imaging Format image .wim
Windows Installer merge module .msm
Windows Installer package .msi
Windows Installer patch .msp
Windows Update Standalone patch .msu
Wise Installer package .exe
XZ compressed file .xz, .txz, .tar.xz
ZIP archive .zip, .jar, .xpi, .wz, .exe
Zoo archive .zoo

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Universal Extractor relies heavily on other programs, and would not be possible without the incredible generosity of the Free Software community.  This is a list of all of the applications that are used by, or in the creation of, Universal Extractor:

  • 7-Zip (Igor Pavlov, Open Source) - Excellent general purpose Windows archive utility; used to extract .7z, 7-Zip SFX .exe, .bz2, .cab, .chm, .cpio, .deb, .gz, .iso, .lha, .lz, .lzh, NSIS installer .exe, .rpm, .tar, .xz, .wim, and .Z files (and probably even more that I overlooked)
  • ARC (Howard Chu, Open Source) - ARC archiving utility; used to extract .arc files; Note: binary was obtained from http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/arc.htm
  • AspackDie (yoda, Open Source) (homepage seems dead) - Unpacker for ASPack-compressed files; used to unpack .exe files with ASpack compression
  • AutoIt (Jonathan Bennett, Open Source) - General-purpose Windows scripting language; used to write the UniExtract front-end
  • bin2iso (Bob Doiron, Joonas Loppi, Open Source) - Utility to convert BIN/CUE CD-ROM images to ISO images; used in conjunction with 7-Zip to extract .bin/.cue images
  • Barebones Ooz (Booz) - (Rahul Dhesi, Open Source) - Zoo archive extractor/lister; used for extracting .zoo files
  • cdrip (DeXT, Open Source) (homepage seems dead, possible replacement) - Utility to convert DiscJuggler (CDI) CD-ROM images to ISO images; used in conjunction with 7-Zip to extract .cdi images
  • cmdTotal (Adam Blaszczyk, Open Source) - CLI frontend for Total Commander plugins; enables support for the following plugins used by Universal Extractor:
    • DBX (Dmitri R. Letichevski, Freeware) - extracts Outlook Express mail archives
    • InstallExplorer (Domo, Freeware) - Total Commander port of the InstallExplorer plugin for FAR by Sergei Wanin; extracts Gentee, Inno Setup, Installer VISE, InstallShield, NSIS, SetupFactory, and Wise Installer packages
    • MHT Unpacker (Ariel Perez, Freeware) - extracts MHTML files
    • MSI (Alex Gretha, Freeware) - extracts Windows Installer package (MSI) and patch (MSO) files
    • PDunSIS (Patrik Daranský, Freeware) - extracts SIS (SymbianOS) packages
  • Convert LIT (Dan A. Jackson, Open Source) - Converter for Microsoft Reader format e-books; used extract contents from .lit files
  • Crystal SVG (Everaldo Coelho, Free) - Collection of extremely high-quality icons for Linux/KDE; used as the source graphics for the UniExtract icon
  • E_WISE (Veit Kannegieser, Open Source) - Wise Installer decompiler; used for extracting files from Wise Installer packages
  • extract (Gilles Vollant, Freeware) - Floppy disk image extraction utility; used to extract files from .img images
  • ExtractMHT (Jared Breland, Open Source) - Splitter and base64 decoder for MHTML files; used to extract .mht files
  • GIMP (Spencer Kimball and Peter Mattis, Open Source) - The GNU Image Manipulation Program; used to create the icons used by UniExtract
  • HelpDeco (Manfred Winterhoff, Freeware) (homepage seems dead, possible replacement) - Decompiler for Windows Help files; used to extract/reconstruct .hlp files
  • i3comp (Stirling Technologies, Freeware) - InstallShield 3.x Compression and Maintenance utility; used for extracting files from InstallShield 3.x installer packages; can be download as part of WinPack
  • i5comp (fOSSiL, Open Source) - InstallShield 5.x Compression and Maintenance utility; used for extracting files from InstallShield 5.x installer packages; can be download as part of WinPack
  • i6comp (fOSSiL, Morlac, Open Source) - InstallShield 6.x Compression and Maintenance utility; used for extracting files from InstallShield 6.x installer packages; can be download as part of WinPack
  • Info-ZIP UnZip (Info-ZIP, Open Source) - Highly portable ZIP archive utility; used for extracting .zip and ZIP SFX .exe files
  • Inno Setup (Jordan Russell, Open Source) - Open Source packaging application for Windows; used to create the UniExtract installer
  • Innounp (QuickeneR, Open Source) - Inno Setup Unpacker; used for extracting files from Inno Setup installer packages
  • IsXunpack (Pit0n and SkYuS//vN, Freeware) - InstallShield Unpacker; used for extracting files from modern InstallShield installer packages
  • KGB (Thomasz Pawlak, Freeware) - KGB archiver; used to extract .kgb, .kge, and KGB SFX files
  • lzop (Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer, Open Source) - LZO file compression utility; used to extract .lzo files
  • MsiX (Heath Stewart, Open Source) - General purpose stream and transform extractor for Windows Installer files; used to extract files from .msi, .msm, and .msp files
  • NBHextract (pof and TheBlasphemer, Freeware) - Utility to extract contents from NBH files (HTC device ROM images)
  • nrg2iso (Greg Kokanosky, Open Source) - Utility to convert Nero (NRG) CD-ROM images to ISO images; used in conjunction with 7-Zip to extract .nrg images
  • Open-source ARJ (ARJ Software Russia, Open Source) - Open Source implementation of the ARJ archiving utility; used to extract .arj and ARJ SFX .exe files
  • PeaZip (Giorgio Tani, Open Source) - PeaZip archiver; used to extract Pea archives
  • PEiD (Jibz, Qwerton, snaker, and xineohP, Freeware) - Portable Executable File Identifier; used to analyze .exe file signature to determine the filetype and whether or not it's a supported archive; includes Bob's external signature database
  • RAIU (Icebird, Open Source) - Utility to unwrap Reflexive Arcade installers; used in conjunction with innounp to extract Reflect Arcade packages
  • StuffIt Expander 6.0 (Aladdin Systems, Freeware) - StuffIt file decompressor; used for extracting .sit files
  • StIX (Veit Kannegieser, Freeware) - Decompressor for InstallShield 3.x archives and installers; used to extract InstallShield 3.x archives (.1, .lib) and SFX installers (.exe)
  • tee (Free Software Foundation, Open Source) - Shell utility that redirects standard input to multiple outputs; used to write messages to a log file while also displaying current progress; Windows binary was obtained from GNU Utilities for Win32
  • TrID (Marco Pontello, Freeware) - Utility designed to identify file types from their binary signatures; used to determine the type of file passed for extraction
  • UnLZX (Oliver Gantert, Open Source) - LZX file decompression utility; used to extract .lzx files
  • UnRAR (Eugene and Alexander Roshal, Freeware) - Command-line utility for RAR archives; used to extract .rar and RAR SFX .exe files
  • UnUHARC (Uwe Herklotz, Freeware) - Command-line utility for UHARC archives; used to extract .uha files; can no longer find a legitimate source
  • UPX (Markus Oberhumer, Laszlo Molnar used to unpack .exe and .dll files with UPX compression
  • UUDeview (Frank Pilhofer, Open Source) - Encoded file decoder; used to decode Base64, UUencoded, XXencoded, and yEnc files
  • WUN (Jägermeister Markus, Icebird, Open Source) - Wise-Setup Unpacker; used for extracting files from Wise Installer packages (updated version of HWUN)
  • XAce (Marcel Lemke, Freeware) - ACE archive utility; used for extracting .ace and ACE SFX patch idm

    exe files

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Next Free Download Universal Extractor 2.0.0 RC1 - Decompress a wide variety of archive files from your computer in a quick, convenient manner by turning.,Product Description. The Mayhew 29895 Stud Extractor is used to remove seized or broken studs and bolts. Designed to fit into small areas, where studs may be hard to .,CBS ArcSafe’s RRS-2 BE is a universal Motor Control Center (MCC) bucket extractor remote racking system.

Universal Extractor - Download - CHIP

If your work implies handling several compressed documents, you probably understand the importance of having a trustworthy software solution that can simplify your tasks.

One of the applications that can help you achieve quick, satisfactory results is Universal Extractor 2, since it packs a wide variety of functions and can process an enormous number of formats.

Powerful decompression tool

Please keep in mind that Universal Extractor 2 is an extended version of the original Universal Extractor, developed by Jared Breland. Therefore, if you are familiar with the latter, you can easily comprehend the former's abilities without significant effort.

This utility can help you unpack various files from your computer in an efficient, intuitive manner. You just need to specify the target file and choose a destination path for extracting the data contained within it. However, you cannot use it to create archives, as this function is not supported.

Helpful setup assistant

When you first run the application, you are prompted with a wizard-like menu that can help you perform a few configuration steps with minimum difficulty.

Among the adjustable parameters you can find global preferences and context menu entries, but it is also possible to enable additional features from the same assistance component. This program can help you extract both audio and video tracks from standard video files on your computer, but requires you to download some required files.

Batch processing capabilities

In case you want to save yourself some time, you can handle multiple documents at the same time by using Universal Extractor 2's handy batch processing function. You just need to click the Batch button from the main window for each file you plan on adding to the queue.

A small numeric indicator is shown on the Batch button so that you can precisely know how many files the application is going to unpack.

Password list and scan mode

Additionally, this program supports using a password list for secured archives. This function might come in handy if you need to decompress a large number of compressed items that are locked with different passwords.

More so, you can switch between extraction and scan-only modules by clicking the corresponding radio button before executing the process. The scan feature analyzes the source documents and determines their file types without attempting to extract them to your computer.

Integrates into the context menu

Instead of launching the application each time you need to decompress a file on your computer, you can also make use of its context integration module, which can help you perform the desired action quicker.

It is possible to choose between simple and cascading context integration, as well as enabling custom file associations by ticking the corresponding checkbox and typing all the desired formats in the designated field.

Advanced file extraction tool that packs an immense variety of features

All things considered, Universal Extractor 2 is a reliable application that can help you extract the contents of numerous files from your computer efficiently and without considerable efforts. It provides you with a user-friendly interface, straightforward, effective controls and various customization options, including context menu integration capabilities Avast Antivirus 2013 7.0.1474

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  • دانلود Autodesk AutoCAD 2019.1.1 LT 2019.0.1 Product Help x86/x64 - اتوکد، قدرتمندترین نرم افزار نقشه‌کشی و طراحی صنعتی[51,005]
  • دانلود Readiris Pro Corporate v16.0.2 Build 11871 - نرم افزار تبدیل عکس به متن تایپ شده (OCR) با پشتیبانی از زبان فارسی[312,549]
  • دانلود KMPlayer v4.2.2.15 - نرم افزار پخش فايل های صوتی و تصويری[713,631]
  • دانلود Mozilla Firefox Quantum v62.0 x86/x64 - مرورگر اینترنت فایرفاکس[6,136,725]
  • دانلود IndigoRose Setup Factory v9.5.2.0 - نرم افزار ایجاد برنامه نصب برای نرم افزارها[68,410]
  • دانلود PREMIER Biosoft AlleleID v6.01 v7.70 - نرم افزار طراحی qPCR و ریز آرایه برای ارگانیسم‌های مرتبط[1,367]
  • دانلود WinHex v19.6 SR-6 Portable v19.3 - نرم افزار نمایش و ویرایش فایل ها به صورت هگزادسیمال[102,939]
  • دانلود Siemens SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional (TIA Portal) WinCC PLCSIM StartDrive Energy Suite Legacy Panel Images Visualisation Architect v15 Updates x64 - نرم افزار برنامه نویسی PLC های شرکت زیمنس[13,873]
  • دانلود Nitro Pro Enterprise v12.3.0.240 x86/x64 - نرم افزار ایجاد و ویرایش فایل های پی دی اف[861,457]
  • دانلود VLC Media Player v3.0.4 x86/x64 - نرم افزار پخش فایل های ویدئویی[1,606,248]
  • دانلود Windows 10 Professional/Home v1803 Build 17134.228 Redstone 4 Updated August 2018 x86/x64 - جدیدترین نسخه مایکروسافت ویندوز ۱۰ پرو[1,180,911]
  • دانلود Windows 10 Enterprise v1803 Build 17134.228 Redstone 4 Updated August 2018 x86/x64 - جدیدترین نسخه مایکروسافت ویندوز ۱۰ اینترپرایز[1,415,708]
  • دانلود WhatsApp v0.3.557 for Windows x86/x64 - نرم افزار پیام‌رسان واتس‌اَپ برای ویندوز[379,787]
  • دانلود AMD (ATI) Radeon Software Crimson Adrenalin Edition for Desktop/Notebook v18.8.2 x86/x64 - مجموعه تمامی درایورهای کارت گرافیک‌ AMD/ATI Radeon[842,726]

بازی زولا یک بازی اکشن اول شخص آنلاین است که بازیکنان با ثبت نام و فعال سازی اکانت خود در بازی زولا می توانند آن را به صورت رایگان دانلود و بازی کنند، گیم پلی اصلی بازی زولا شبیه بازیهای رقابتی معروف مثل کانتر است که شما در قالب دو تیم در مقابل هم رقابت می کنید، تیمی که بتوانند بیشترین امتیاز یا تمام افراد تیم مقابل را شکست دهد برنده مسابقه خواهد شد، بازی زولا مخصوص سیستم عامل ویندوز است و به صورت دوره ای مسابقات کشوری برای این بازی به صورت آنلاین برگزار می شود.
این بازی کاملا فارسی، به صورت رایگان خدمت شما ارایه می گردد.

همین الان بازی کن

  • بازدید: 99,009
  • دسته:نرم افزار » کاربردی » فشرده سازی فایل ها

ممکن است تا کنون برای شما نیز پیش آمده باشد که فایل هایی را از اینترنت دانلود کرده باشید ولی فایل های دانلود شده با ابزار آرشیوی که شما در اختیار داشته اید، اکسترکت نشده باشند. زیرا بعضی از ابزار های فشرده سازی تنها از انواع خاصی از فایل های فشرده پشتییبانی می کنند و همچنین مدت زمان زیادی برای اکسترکت شدن فایل ها صرف می کنند. اما نرم افزار Universal Extractor تمامی فرمت های آرشیو فایل را پشتیبانی کرده و در عین حال رابط کاربری بسیار آسانی دارد. این نرم افزار به شما قابلیت اکسترکت کردن هر نوع فایل آرشیو (فشرده) را صرف نظر از منبع، روش فشرده کردن و ... می دهد. هدف اصلی این برنامه راحت تر کردن اکسترکت کردن پکیج های نصب نرم افزار ها مانند Inno Setup یا Windows Installer، می باشد. البته تمام فرمت های مشهور فشرده مانند ZIP, RAR, KGB, UHA, JAR و ... را نیز پشتیبانی می کند. منوی این نرم افزار در کلیک راست شما بر روی فایل های پشتیبانی شده اضافه می شود.

قابلیت های کلیدی نرم افزار Universal Extractor:- محیط کاربری بسیار آسان- پشتیبانی از تمامی فرمت های آرشیو- اکسترکت کردن فایل نصب یک نرم افزار حتی پکیج های Windows Installer- اکسترکت کردن هر نوع فایل آرشیو صرف نظر از منبع، روش فشرده کردن و ...- اضافه شدن نرم افزار در کلیک راست شما بر روی فایل های پشتیبانی شده

- و ...

The simplest solution here is to have an extractor that works with all (or at least most) archive types, like Universal Extractor.We are referring to a very simple program that doesn't have any special features, and the user interface is extremely simple.During setup, you can enable Explorer context menu integration, such as Add UniExtract Files, Add UniExtract Here, and Add UniExtract to Subdir.You select the archived file or installer you wish to extract, the destination directory, and go!In Preferences you can set up the language of the application, the debug file directory, keep track of archive history, and enable/disable warning before executing files, removing duplicate files, removing temporary files, or appending missing file extensions.This small tool is amazing, and free!It may even compete with more famous names, such as WinRar or 7-Zip if updates will be done as soon as a new type of archives appears.CPU and memory usage is barely noticeable, and we couldn't find one bad thing about Universal Extractor.

What are you waiting for This must be one of the  first software you store on your computer when have just re-installed Windows.

Full List of Supported Formats:
ARCHIVE TYPE  | FILE EXTENSION7-zip archive  | *.7z, .exeACE archive  | *.ace, .exeARC archive  | *.arcARJ archive  | *.arj, .exeASpack compressed file  | *.exeBIN/CUE CD-ROM image  | *.bin, .cuebzip2 archive  | *.bz2, .tbz2, .tar.bz2CPIO compressed file  | *.cpioDebian package  | *.debDiscJuggler CD-ROM image  | *.cdiEncoded files  | *.b64, .uu, .uue, .xx, .xxe, .yenc, .ntxGentee package  | *.exegzip archive  | *.gz, .tgz, .tar.gzIMG floppy disk image  | *.imgInno Setup package  | *.exeInstaller VISE package  | *.exeInstallShield Cabinet archive  | *.cab, .1, .libInstallShield package  | *.exeISO 9660 CD-ROM image  | *.isoKGB archive  | *.kgb, kge, .exeLZH compressed file  | *.lzh, .lhaLZMA compressed file  | *.lzmaLZO compressed file  | *.lzoLZW compressed file  | *.Z, .tz, .tar.ZLZX compressed file  | *.lzxMHTML file  | *.mhtMicrosoft Cabinet archive  | *.cab, .exe, .imfMicrosoft Compiled Help file  | *.chmMicrosoft compressed file  | *._Microsoft LIT e-book  | *.litMicrosoft Windows Help file  | *.hlpHTC NBH ROM image  | *.nbhNero CD-ROM images  | *.nrgNSIS package  | *.exeOasis Document Format (ODF) document  | *.odt, .odp, .odg, .odsOffice Open XML (OOXML) document  | *.docx, .pptx, .xlsxOutlook Express mail archive  | *.dbxPEA archive  | *.peaRAR archive  | *.rar, .001, .exeReflexive Arcade package  | *.exeRoboForm package  | *.exeRPM package  | *.rpmSetupFactory package  | *.exeSIS (SymbianOS) packages  | *.sisStuffIt packages  | *.sitTAR archive  | *.tar, .tbz2, .tgz, .txz, .tz, .tar.bz2, .tar.gz, .tar.xz, .tar.ZUHARC archive  | *.uhaUPX compressed file  | *.exe, .dllWindows Imaging Format image  | *.wimWindows Installer merge module  | *.msmWindows Installer package  | *.msiWindows Installer patch  | *.mspWindows Update Standalone patch  | *.msuWise Installer package  | *.exeXZ compressed file  | *.xz, .txz, .tar.xzZIP archive  | *.zip, .jar, .xpi, .wz, .exe

Zoo archive  | *.zoo

  • اگر نرم افزار مدیریت دانلود ندارید، قبل از دانلود هرگونه فایلی، یک نرم افزار مدیریت دانلود مانند IDM و یا FlashGet نصب کنید.
  • برای دانلود، به روی عبارت "دانلود" کلیک کنید و منتظر بمانید تا پنجره مربوطه ظاهر شود سپس محل ذخیره شدن فایل را انتخاب کنید و منتظر بمانید تا دانلود تمام شود.
  • در صورت بروز مشکل در دانلود فایل ها تنها کافی است در آخر لینک دانلود فایل یک علامت سوال قرار دهید تا فایل به راحتی دانلود شود.
  • فایل های قرار داده شده برای دانلود به منظور کاهش حجم و دریافت سریعتر فشرده شده اند، برای خارج سازی فایل ها از حالت فشرده از نرم افزار Winrar و یا مشابه آن استفاده کنید.
  • چنانچه در مقابل لینک دانلود عبارت بخش اول، دوم و ... مشاهده کردید تمام بخش ها می بایستی حتماً دانلود شود تا فایل قابل استفاده باشد.
  • کلمه رمز جهت بازگشایی فایل فشرده عبارت www.p30download.com می باشد. تمامی حروف را می بایستی به صورت کوچک تایپ کنید و در هنگام تایپ به وضعیت EN/FA کیبورد خود توجه داشته باشید همچنین بهتر است کلمه رمز را تایپ کنید و از Copy-Paste آن بپرهیزید.
  • چنانچه در هنگام خارج سازی فایل از حالت فشرده با پیغام CRC مواجه شدید، در صورتی که کلمه رمز را درست وارد کرده باشید. فایل به صورت خراب دانلود شده است و می بایستی مجدداً آن را دانلود کنید.
  • فایل های کرک به دلیل ماهیت عملکرد در هنگام استفاده ممکن است توسط آنتی ویروس ها به عنوان فایل خطرناک شناسایی شوند در این گونه مواقع به صورت موقت آنتی ویروس خود را غیر فعال کنید.
  • فیلم راهنمای دانلود و رفع عیب فایل های دانلود شده را در این صفحه ببینید.
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Universal Extractor

Level of difficulty: Intermediate Unpacking an EXE file can be done by utilizing some applications like the Universal Extractor or UniExtract. This application carries out exactly what it states and it is to extract files of different formats or archive types, whether it is an installation program, simple ZIP file or a Windows Installer package. Among the archive types that can be extracted by Universal Extractor include 7-zip archive, ASpack compressed file, ARC archive, bzip2 archive, ARJ archive, Gentee package, Inno Setup package, Installer VISE package, InstallShield Package, Microsoft Cabinet archive, NSIS package and more.

Materials Needed:

- Universal Extractor (UniExtract) application- EXE file- Windows OS

- Mouse

Step 1

Download and install the UniExtract Installer. The uniextract16.exe is the recommended download. This .exe file will automatically install the program and integrate with the context menu of Windows Explorer. Download the UniExtract Source Code if you do not wish to utilize the installer.

Step 2

Once you have finished installing UniExtract, you can then run it and right click on your target EXE file or any target compressed files. Then select one of UniExtract’s options by clicking on it. Some of these options include (1) UniExtract Here, which will unpack files to the current or existing directory; (2) UniExtract to Subdir, which will extract the file to a subdirectory that was named after the archive file and (3) UniExtract Files, which will ask you to select where you wish to extract the file.

Step 3

After you have clicked on the option, the file signature of your EXE file will then be analyzed by the PEiD. If the file signature points out that it is a supported format, then extraction will immediately start but if the signature is not recognized, it will attempt to run your EXE file via UnZip and 7-zip as default cases. If any of these applications recognized the file signature, then it will be unpacked, otherwise, UniExtract will exhibit an error message.

Step 4

You will then be notified by UniExtract once it has successfully unpacked your EXE file. The application will assume success if the size of its unpacked file is much greater than its initial size. You will be notified and will be left with a log file that contains error messages if UniExtract failed to unpack your EXE file.

Step 5

Check the uniextract.log file if for instance, UniExtract failed to unpack your EXE file. The LOG file is generated by the tee program during the unpacking process. All production from the processing binary are essentially redirected to tee that in turn encodes the output to the uniextract.log file Recovery Suite Unlimited Edition 3 3

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