StartIsBack: real start menu for Windows 8 and Windows 10 Start Menu for Windows 8


Start menu is back and it's better than ever. Get the most useful shell enhancement for Windows 10 now!

Your faithful desktop friend which helps you:

  • Launch programs you use frequently
  • Open documents you're working on
  • Find stuff you're looking for
  • Go to system places in one click
  • Easily shut down your system
  • Feel at home with new Windows
StartIsBack fully integrates with Windows and provides original Windows 7 start menu and taskbar experience, enhanced with many new features as well.

Supports all Windows languages!

StartIsBack for Windows 10 can:
  • Apply skins to taskbar
  • Replace taskbar jump lists (context menus) with better ones
  • Fine-tune taskbar color
  • Add taskbar translucency with blur
  • Restore larger taskbar icons
  • Reduce OS resource usage
It looks totally awesome with new style, round user avatar and modern glyph icons.

Also it opens 100% of a time and always finds what you want to find - sorry, Windows 10 gimmick!

Unique experience

Personalize your system as you want it:
  • Choose a skin for start menu
  • Choose a skin for taskbar
  • Choose start button appearance
  • Choose shortcuts in Start menu
  • Make Start menu work like XP one
  • Configure translucency for Start menu and Windows taskbar
  • Tinker with anvanced settings
Whether you're power user or senior citizen, StartIsBack will work for you. StartIsBack is lightweight and secure: it does not require administrator rights to install, consumes minimal amount of system resources, does not run additional processes or services.

StartIsBack is actively developed - you can get StartIsBack for Windows 8, StartIsBack for Windows 8.1 and StartIsBack for Windows 10.

Each version is tailored for specific Windows version to be able to address weaknesses of each Windows release and gain strength with targeted features and clean user experience.

Lifetime license - just $2.99! Works with any StartIsBack version.

Free Trial Just $2.99

How do I configure Start Menu

Either right-click Start button and click "Properties" or right-click opened Start Menu itself and choose "Properties" context menu item.

Can I use StartIsBack without start menu, just for skinning / jump list / awesomeness

Yes. Just pick leftmost (Windows 10) style. Then select taskbar and start button styles separately.

Can StartIsBack break my system

No. If you experience issues with old StartIsBack on too recent Windows 10 update, just hold Escape key when logging in to disable StartIsBack.

How do I uninstall StartIsBack

As expected: go to Control Panel - Programs and Features, find StartIsBack and click Uninstall.

Trial, licensing and activation

How trial version works

There are no limitations in trial version. After installing it runs for 30 days. If you don't activate it with license number you bought within 30 days, it will still work, but in limited mode: Start Menu will be blank and sad; every boot you'll be nagged about evaluation period over. Trial period runs for each user which have installed StartIsBack on one PC separately.

What is activation and why is it needed

Activation is a process of validating your license online. It ties your computer to your license via online service. It is required in order to make sure license use is not abused. One license key allows you to activate a limited number of computers.

How my computer is identified

Your computer is uniquely identified by motherboard unique number and hard disk physical serial number OS is installed to.

What if I change hardware configuration of my PC or replace it

If you change both hard disk and motherboard, you will need to activate your license again as modified PC will count as new. You can activate your license on new PC after 30 days since you used license on the old PC, so you may need to wait while trial period is over.

Does StartIsBack "phone home"

No. StartIsBack does not collect information about your PC hardware or software. It does not use Internet connection for license validation purposes except the moment you activate it. Online activation service does not collect your IP address or any other information which could identify you or your computer. Computer unique identifiers are transferred in hash form, which does not allow anyone else to view it.
Note: automatic new version checking functionality requires Internet connection.

How many times can I reinstall / reactivate StartIsBack

There is no limitation on how many times you can activate an installation on the same PC.

Does my license expire

No, your license will never expire and is valid for all future versions of StartIsBack.

StartIsBack 2.6.4 ~1.2 MB download

This download is intended for Windows 10 only.
Check Additional downloads for archived program versions for Windows 8 and 8.1.

StartIsBack is digitally signed by Stanislav Zinukhov. Do not download StartIsBack from untrusted websites.

Before downloading, installing or using this program you must read Personal License Agreement and agree to be bound by it.

English, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, French, Danish, Greek, Italian, Turkish, Spanish, German, Polish, Czech, Croatian, Slovak, Finnish, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Serbian, Slovenian, Bangla, Hungarian, Swedish, Simplified Chinese, Indonesian, Arabic, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Farsi, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Latvian, Japanese, Romanian, Hebrew.

    Version 2.6.4 9 June 2018
  • Support for newer Insider builds
  • Various fixes and improvements
    Version 2.6.3 17 May 2018
  • Various fixes and improvements
    Version 2.6.2 28 March 2018
  • Support for Windows 10 Version 1803 (Spring Creators Update)
  • Various fixes and improvements
    Version 2.6.1 5 March 2018
  • Support for silent uninstall: StartIsBackCfg.exe /uninstall /silent
  • Various fixes and improvements
    Version 2.6 8 February 2018
  • Support for Windows 10 Spring 2018 update pre-release builds
  • Acrylic and Acrylic blurring styles are added
  • Microsoft Edge prelaunching can be disabled
  • Added Properties context menu item for metro apps
  • Various fixes and improvements
    Version 2.5.2 11 October 2017
  • Improved compatibility with 7 Taskbar Tweaker
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes
    Version 2.5.1 3 September 2017
  • Improved compatibility with third-party styles
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes
    Version 2.5 «JumplistIsBack» 23 August 2017
  • NEW: Jumplists replacement! StartIsBack now provides custom taskbar jumplists which are much more reliable and responsive. StartIsBack taskbar jumplists are optional (Windows 10 v1607 or higher is required) and customizable with Windows 7/8/10 styles.

    Also new custom jumplist can do some mac tricks yours can't.

  • Support for Windows 10 Fall Creators update
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes
    Version 2.0.9 8 May 2017
  • Fixed Youdao Dictionary crashing StartIsBack on some systems
    Version 2.0.8 1 May 2017
  • Regression fix - start menu does not work without glyphs
    Version 2.0.7 29 April 2017
  • Improved start menu responsiveness
  • Fixed RTL issues
    Version 2.0.6 19 April 2017
  • Fixed incorrect taskbar icons
    Version 2.0.5 14 April 2017
  • Taskbar icons margins can be optionally increased now
  • 'Pin to Start menu' context menu item is removed if SIB start menu is not used
  • Addressed reported minor regressions in user experience
  • Lots of minor fixes
    Version 2.0.1 «Creators Update» 26 March 2017
  • NEW: Full taskbar skinning! Windows 7 and Windows 8 taskbar styles included
  • NEW: Improved configuration UI for finer personalization
  • NEW: Ability to change style of taskbar and start menu context menus
  • NEW: PC Settings can be expaned into menu
  • Improved PC Settings search
  • Improved dynamic high DPI support for start menu, orb and configurator
  • Added support for opening files via drag two beautiful ones included
  • New: option to combine start button menu with Win X menu
  • New: option to hide user account picture
  • New: shortcut for configuring Start menu in Control Panel
  • Fix: hibernate shutdown option could fail to show in configurator
  • Fix: high contast themes start menu issues
  • Installing for all users no longer requires log off
  • New translations
  • StartIsBack is now digitally signed
    • Version 1.1 20 Nov 2012
    • Fix: opening start button context menu did not prevent autohide
    • Fix: uninstall could fail to remove settings / license
    • Fix: taskbar unhide didn't work in start button area
    • New: silent install (/silent for user install; /elevated /silent for machine install; if machine must be run with admin rights; does not start explorer back)
    • New: option to start with start screen
    • New: option to call start screen with Win key
    • New alternate orb (by PainteR)
    • New translations
    • Less restrictions (same as in Windows 7) on items which can be pinned to start menu
    • Start button context menu shows same items as in Windows 7
      • Version 1.0 9 Nov 2012
      • First official version

You can easily buy StartIsBack license with PayPal or direct card payment (with Gumroad). All payments are processed securely.

for you


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for you such image won't be tied to hardware, or

  • Save activation response when using 'Activate by web browser' request and use it on another PC, or
  • Contact support
  • Buy StartIsBack Business Edition

    You should receive license key to your Paypal buyer e-mail address in several minutes after payment. Please check your spam folder.
    If you don't receive email in reasonable time, please contact me

    Sorry, but there are no alternate payment methods now.

    If you have lost or never received your license key, use the form below patch idm

    General support

    If you have licensing or urgent support questions, please email me to

    StartIsBack MSFN forum

    General community forum

    How to remove login password from windows 8 logon and .

    Большинство персональных компьютеров с Windows 8 чаше всего поставляются с одним предустановленным по умолчанию языком. Однако при этом в системе нет никаких проблем в добавлении или удалении любого другого языкового пакета. Чего нельзя сказать о Windows 7, где такие манипуляции были доступны только в версиях Ultimate или Enterprise, используя Центр обновления Windows. В Windows 8 все намного проще: загрузил, установил и все — можно пользоваться без особых проблем. Но давайте более подробно рассмотрим процесс установки и настройки, для лучшего понимания.

    Как добавить необходимый языковой пакет в Windows 8

    1. В поисковой строке стартового экрана введите «Язык».

    2. Вот что вы увидите после выбора соответствующего пункта меню. Выберите «Добавить язык».

    3. Windows 8 предлагает огромный список поддерживаемых языковых пакетов. Для удобства и быстроты поиска нужного вам языка найденные языковые пакеты можно сгруппировать различными способами.

    4. После выбора языкового пакета Windows 8 предложит установить множество сопутствующих языков-диалектов для более тонкой настройки под ваш регион или прочее условия.

    Для примера в этой статье был выбран Немецкий (Германия), для этого необходимо кликнуть по и иконке с языком и нажать на кнопку «Добавить» внизу формы.

    5. Это действие перенаправит вас на предыдущее окно с списком добавленных языков.

    6. Далее необходимо кликнуть по настройке «Параметры», напротив выбранного языкового пакета. Откроется окно настроек, с которого можно будет скачать и установить выбранный языковый пакет.

    Здесь также можно настроить методы ввода и прочие настройки.

    В том случае если опция «Загрузка и установка языкового пакета» по какой то причине недоступна или не отображается, необходимо перейти в панель управления, где все в той же настройке «Языки» найти меню «Дополнительные параметры».

    Где в пункте «Переопределение языка интерфейса Windows» необходимо установить «Использовать список языков».

    После этого в параметрах выбранного языкового пакета должна появиться опция «Загрузка и установка языкового пакета».

    7. Затем всплывающее окно обновления Windows оповестит вас о начале процесса загрузки и установки. Это может занять некоторое время, так что теперь Windows поработает на вас.

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    9. Как только выполнить это настройку система сразу спросит о выходе из учетной записи для применения изменений.

    10. После рестарта практически весь интерфейс системы должен сменить свой язык. Кроме этого в панели «Пуск» в языковой панели вы должны увидеть, что в дополнение к основному языку по умолчанию в списке появился еще один.

    11. Здесь вы также сможете изменить язык ввода с установленного по умолчанию на только что установленный язык системы.

    После установки в языкового пакета появиться только одна опция — удаление.

    Все выше описанные настройки без каких либо проблем можно вернуть обратно, но не забывайте что для их применения необходимо выйти/зайти в свою учетную запись или же просто перезагрузить компьютер.

    Как удалить языковой пакет из вашего ПК

    Если вы захотите удалить ненужный языковой пакет, перейдите на стартовое окно раздела «Язык» и найдите язык, который необходимо удалить и нажмите «Удалить». Появится всплывающее окно деинсталляции, вы можете пойти заварить чайку пока Windows завершит процесс удаления языкового пакета. После удаления последует стандартный вопрос о перезагрузке системы, подтвердите перезагрузку для корректной работы системы.


    Консилиум врачей постановил:  добавление и удаление языковых пакетов и их дополнений в Windows 8 очень удобная штука не требующая танцев с бубном, как это было в младших версиях Windows 7.

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    Classic Shell - Start menu and other Windows enhancements

    This is version 2 of a step by step guide on Sysprepping a Windows 7 machine from start to finish. I cannot take full credit on this because my first article had so many helpful comments and discussions that this is simply a combination of all the good advice written into a working guide. (I would especially like to thank George for his input on Cscript for auto activation and Nathan for input on Sysprep Audit Mode).

    Note – I highly recommend creating a boot or rescue disk before starting any windows 7 technical projects. There are many tools in the market and I use Spotmau BootSuite rescue software and boot disk utility because of it’s versatile features and top notch performance.

    Windows 7 Sysprep

    Last Updated on 06.08.13

    Proud to announce, this tutorial has been translated to Serbo-Croatian language by WHGeeks

    This will guide you through the following:

    • Audit Mode
    • Building the unattend.xml file in WSIM
    • copyprofile=true command to copy the default profile (no manual copy)
    • Prompt for a computer name
    • Enable Administrator account
    • Administrator account logs in first time automatically
    • Activate windows automatically with Cscript;
    • Successfully copy over taskbar icons;
    • Delete unattend.xml file automatically upon completion of re-image.

    Here is a list of what you will need:

    First we are going to walk through building the unattend.xml file (answer file) and then we will walk through the actual Windows 7 imaging process.


    Step 1

    If you have a Windows 7 installation DVD, insert it now. Or if you have an ISO of 7, go ahead and extract it to a folder on your desktop. (I recommend 7-zip).

    Step 2

    Launch Windows System Image Manager. Your start menu should look like the image below:

    Step 3

    Under the “Windows Image” header, right click and select new image.

    Step 4

    You will now want to browse to the .CLG file in your Windows 7 installation (I am using Windows 7 Enterprise x64 in my example). It is located in the sources folder. See Image below. You can select either the .clg file or the install.wim. Both will have the same result.

    Step 5

    Now we need to create a new answer file. Go to the file menu and select “Create New Answer File.” Right after creating one, go ahead and simply go to file menu and select “Save Answer File.” This will give your XML file a name and save location. I chose to name mine unattend.xml. Now you see we have two category folders, Components and Packages. Under the Components folder you see that we have 7 options:

    • 1 windowsPE
    • 2 offlineServicing
    • 3 generalize
    • 4 specialize
    • 5 auditSystem
    • 6 auditUser
    • 7 oobeSystem

    Step 6

    These are very important as these are the steps in which the unattend.xml file is sequenced.
    The next part is a little confusing. You are going to add components, from under the “Windows Image” section on the bottom left hand side to the passes on your Answer File. To add a component, you can right click on them and select “add to # pass”. There are many different options you can add, but they have to be done in a certain order and pass otherwise your sysprep might fail. I am simply going to use the one I created as the example.

    Here is more information about adding options under the passes:

    1 windowsPE

    Nothing required in my example.

    2 offlineServicing

    Nothing required in my example.

    3 generalize


    Set 1 for SkipRearm to allow up to 8 rearms

    4 specialize


    Order: 1
    path: net user administrator /active:yes
    WillReboot: NeverRunSynchronousCommand[Order=”1″]



    SkipAutoActivation: true


    Computer Name: Leave blank (we will deal with this at the end)
    CopyProfile: true
    Registered Organization: Microsoft (you must leave this in this section)
    Registered Owner: AutoBVT (you must leave this in this section)
    ShowWindowsLive: false
    TimeZone: Pacific Standard Time

    (Please view TimeZone settings here ->

    You can delete other sub-header components if you don’t need them.

    5 auditSystem

    Nothing required in my example.

    6 auditUser

    Nothing required in my example.

    7 oobeSystem


    InputLocale: en-us
    SystemLocale: en-us
    UILanguage: en-us
    UserLocale: en-us


    RegisteredOrganization: Your Company Name
    RegisteredOwner: Your Name

    1. Password: Administrator Password
    Enabled: true
    LogonCount: 5
    Username: administrator


    1. CommandLine: cscript /b c:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs /ipk XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX (windows 7 license key)
    Order 1
    RequiresUserInput: false
    CommandLine: cscript /b c:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs /ato
    Order 2
    RequiresUserInput: false



    HideEULAPage: true
    NetworkLocation: Home
    ProtectYourPC: 1

    1. Password: Administrator Password

    Action: AddListItem
    Description: Local Administrator
    DisplayName: Administrator
    Group: Administrators
    Name: Administrator


    AdministratorPassword: Administrator Password

    If you have questions, look at my image above to see full layout of components, it should help.

    Step 7

    K, now go ahead and save your answer file as unattend.xml.

    Step 8

    If you want the sysprep to prompt for a computer name you need to remove a line from your XML file. Open up your XML file you saved with notepad and remove the following line:


    Step 9

    Install Windows 7 (Enterprise) from CD or USB flash drive, when you arrive at the welcome screen and it asks you to create a username, hit ctrl shift f3.
    This will reboot your machine and put your windows build in ‘audit’ mode.

    Step 10

    On reboot, you’ll automatically be logged in under the built-in Administrator account. A sysprep GUI box will appear, but you can close it and NOW begin to customize your profile.

    Step 11

    Install any software/drivers, make any profile customizations, etc.
    If you need to reboot, the computer will boot you back into the Administrator account. You will be stuck in this audit mode until you run sysprep with the /oobe parameter. After doing so, sysprep will delete/clean up the Administrator account, but if you have copyprofile=true in your unattended answer file, it will copy the customized Admin account to the default profile before deleting it.

    Step 12

    On the PC you are going to be running sysprep on, you need to create a folder called scripts in this directory: %WINDIR%\Setup\. Now you are going to create a CMD file within the %WINDIR%\Setup\Scripts directory. Right click and make a new text file called SetupComplete.txt. Remove the .txt extension and replace that with .cmd. You now have a SetupComplete.cmd file which windows will read the first time it boots up from the sysprep. We need to place a script inside the CMD file. Edit the cmd file with notepad and insert this line: del /Q /F c:\windows\system32\sysprep\unattend.xml. This script will delete your unattend.xml file after it has been used. The unattend.xml file is also copied to the C:\Windows\Panther directory, so you will want to add a second line to the CMD file, del /Q /F c:\windows\panther\unattend.xml. If you have passwords or cd keys stored in that xml file you don’t have to worry about it being left on the computer.

    UPDATE AS OF FEBRUARY 27, 2013: Read my Taskbar Icons Tutorial before continuing.

    Step 13

    Once you have everything configured correctly, Copy or move your unattend.xml file to : C:\windows\system32\sysprep.

    Now to run sysprep you need to launch Command Prompt as an administrator. To do this press start, and type into the search CMD then right click on CMD and select run as Administrator. Next navigate to the sysprep folder by typing: cd sysprep and pressing enter.

    Next, input the following commands:

    [vb]sysprep /generalize /oobe /unattend:unattend.xml /shutdown[/vb]

    Step 14

    Turn the computer back on and boot to WinPE 3.0 environment (USB stick or CD/DVD). You can use our TheITBros WinPE3.1 BootLoader to boot up from USB or CD and capture your image. Capture image and save image to network location.
    A Dell 960 or GX755 is a good standard for capturing when you want a generic image for use with multiple systems. Might require injecting additional drivers for 3rd party brands, HP, etc. Most should work though right out of the box.

    Step 15

    On reboot, Windows will run out of the box, as the /oobe is intended. As long as you put your cd key into the unattend.xml file, windows will be activated automatically in the background, you will be automatically logged into the administrator account, and the unattend.xml file is deleted. You are now ready to use the computer or join it to the domain. Enjoy!

    Additional. In case you want to sysprep Windows 10, you can take a look on our guide.

    TIP #1

    Thanks T800 for the tip: “Apparently I had to stop ‘Windows Media Player Network Sharing’ service before I could run /oobe /generalize, otherwise it gave me a fatal error.”
    Dan Wright also mentioned that you need to set the network location to “Public” and/or delete some files and registry keys. See this article:

    TIP #2

    To enable Aero your computer needs to calculate it’s performance score. Do you want to do that on each and every machine No. So, if all machines have the same hardware, run this before syspreping your master-image :

    [vb]winsat prepop[/vb]

    This will calculate the performance index and put it on your machine in xml-format. If the OOBE wizard finds this xml file, and the hardware hasn’t changed, it uses the pre-populate values and Aero works out of the box.

    TIP #3

    From user comment:
    After many hours of battling, I also found that a registry entry must be added for sysprep to look in the C:\Drivers location. In HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current Version click on “DevicePath” and enter “C:\Drivers” (remember the entries must be separated by a semicolon). More info here:

    TIP #4

    From user comment:
    To keep the drivers installed to the computer there has to be a option under “generalize” (Microsoft-Windows-PnpSysprep_neutral -> PersistAllDeviceInstalls=TRUE and DoNotCleanUpNonPresentDevices=TRUE. Otherwise if one of your device is off, the driver is uninstalled and etc AVG PC Tuneup 2012

    Windows 10 — Википедия

    WampServer 64 bits (x64) 3.0.6

    – Wampserver 3.1.0 64 bit x64 – Apache 2.4.27 – PHP 5.6.31, 7.0.23, 7.1.9 – MySQL 5.7.19 – MariaDB 10.2.8 – PhpMyAdmin 4.7.4 – Adminer 4.3.1 – PhpSysInfo 3.2.7

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    WARNING : Don't Use previous WampServer Extensions/Addons. There are no more compatible with the new wampserver version's (VC11)

    WARNING : Do not try to install WampServer 2 over WAMP5.

    If WAMP5 is installed on your computer, save your data, uninstall it and delete the WAMP5 directory before installing WampServer 2.

    WARNING : All the components of the v2.2 WampServer stack have been compiled with VC9 version of Microsoft compiler.

    Earlier versions of Wampserver have been made with VC6 version of Microsoft compiler.

    So, You can't mix components of 2.2 stack with previous version of Wampserver Stack components.

    If you do it you will get an instable Wampserver.

    WampServer 32 bits (x86) 3.0.6

    Wampserver 3.1.0 32 bit x86 – Apache 2.4.27 – PHP 5.6.31, 7.0.23, 7.1.9 – MySQL 5.7.19 – MariaDB 10.2.8 – PhpMyAdmin 4.7.4 – Adminer 4.3.1 – PhpSysInfo 3.2.7

    changelog Close

    Wampserver is available for free (under the GPL license). You can fill up this form that will enable us to send you the Alter Way Training news, publishing society, as well as all the informations linked to Wapserver evolutions. If you don't wish it, you can download directly.

    WARNING : Don't Use previous WampServer Extensions/Addons. There are no more compatible with the new wampserver version's (VC11)

    WARNING : Do not try to install WampServer 2 over WAMP5.

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