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View I've been using Photoshop Elements since version 2 and I still believe it is the best photo-editing software there is for under $100. This is the software program .,Best Photoshop custom shapes – over 10000 Photoshop shapes . I’ve been a web applications developer for a couple of years now. I started up as a wannabe designer .,This tutorial will help you master turning your very own hand drawn icons into vector shapes in Photoshop. You can follow this tutorial with any line drawings and it .

View Photoshop brushes - is featuring the best Photoshop brushes on the net, free Photoshop brushes downloads, as well as linking you to the finest .,'Photoshop', today is the most popular and profitable application that supports layers, filters, brushes, text, 3D objects, videos, etc. Photoshop is .,Download the Font Awesome Free Photoshop Custom Shape Pack here. Font Awesome is an amazing resource for web designers and developers. For those who are new to Font .

View features Photoshop tutorials and tips by Jennifer Apple, and offers links to other free Photoshop tutorial sites.,Learn how to create digital design paper using Adobe Photoshop, for creative projects or art backgrounds,Kinetic Typography Pack V8.0 6210510 - After Effects Projects CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5, CS4 | 1920x1080 | No Plugin | 1 Gb Preview Project: For After Effects Cs4 . is dedicated to free Adobe Photoshop brushes, featuring handpicked collection of the best brushes for Photoshop on the net, all free to download.

Here you’ll find a Photoshop brushes for every style and taste, ranging from always popular decay grunge brushes, over abstract and tech, to gothic, fractal, coffee spills, hair and fur Photoshop brushes. Have a look around and, well, have fun… happy photoshopping

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Kinetic Typography Pack V8.0 6210510 - After Effects .

by hannah 9,930 views5

Download the Font Awesome Free Photoshop Custom Shape Pack here.

Font Awesome is an amazing resource for web designers and developers. For those who are new to Font Awesome it is a downloadable font which contains a myriad of web-related icons. These icons can be translated into code as scalable vectors. This means that you can treat them the same as any other font by adding colour, drop-shadows and other effects whilst scaling them up to your hearts content without loss of quality. I was instantly sold as soon as I saw the huge selection of icons available but I hit a stumbling block when I wanted to use them in Photoshop. The method to use them within Photoshop seemed to involve a lot of copying and pasting. So ta-da! I created a Font Awesome custom shape pack to use direct from the Photoshop Shapes Toolbar. All 519 icons within the current 4.3.0 version are included.

The download is available as a .csh file which you can load into Photoshop.

*This is a free download. Font Awesome is completely free for commercial use but please check out the official license here.

Font Awesome is by Dave Gandy –

For updates to these icons follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest RPG Maker VX Ace Full

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Free Photoshop Tutorials Adobe Photoshop Tips .

by hannah 36,427 views9

This tutorial will help you master turning your very own hand drawn icons into vector shapes in Photoshop. You can follow this tutorial with any line drawings and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a hand drawing that you start with. Any line drawing can be turned into a vector shape in this way.

UPDATE: If you like these icons and would like to use them you can now download them as a Free Custom Shape pack for Photoshop; Free Hand Drawn Web Icons

Below is a photo of my original hand drawn icons on a post-it note with the finished vector shapes below.

turn hand drawn icons to vectors

I first discovered this technique a few years ago when I was designing a website which had a hand drawn feel. I started thinking of icons that I could use for each navigation item. The icons that I needed were very specific and a quick search on a stock library returned none that I could put together to make a set that would all match. The only solution was to create my own! As I was working on the web I only needed low resolution icons and didn’t necessarily need them in vector format. But I always find that during the design process you may make them smaller to see what they look like and if you ever forget to save the original you’ve lost your icons and are faced with having to make them again or having nasty pixelated icons! Vector shapes are always the solution and don’t take five minutes to make. You can even create your own custom shape set for a project, so they are there to use whenever you need them.

Please note Adobe Illustrator fans; any vector shapes created in Photoshop can be copied and pasted into Illustrator, so you can use this process too!

Here is the process I use to create hand drawn vector shapes:

Step 1.Draw your shapes out.

If like me, you want a whole set of icons that will all match, it’s best to draw them all out at the same time. Try and brainstorm all possible icons that you might need. If you draw them at different times you may draw them at a slightly different size meaning they may have bigger or smaller lines when they are finished or you simply may not be able to find the same pen or paper and this can also make a difference to the finished result.

original hand drawn icons

Other points to note:
Dark lines on light paper will be the best – black on white perfect! Don’t draw the icons too close to each other or you will have extra Photoshop work to do!

Step 2.
Scan or photograph the shapes to get them into Photoshop.

Step 3.
You will need to play around with the brightness and contrast and possibly the levels settings so the drawings really stand out from the background. The target would be to have a white background with black drawings with no shadows on the paper left from the photograph or scan.

This is what I did for this step:

I rotated the original photograph to get the icons straight (Apple T / Ctrl T to bring up the rotate tool).

rotated the icons

I then used the crop tool (C) to edit out the background.

cropped the icons

By going to Image > Adjustments > Brightness /Contrast… you can turn up both the brightness and contrast. In this case it helped to reduce the yellow of the background and made the icons stronger.

changed the brightness and contrast

Using Levels you can brighten the whites and darken the blacks. Go to Image > Adjustments > Levels

changed the levels

When the levels option box comes up select the black eye dropper tool on the right and click a point on the canvas (in this case a light part of one of the icons). It will make the sample colour you picked and everything darker than that black.

levels black

Repeat the above with the white eyedropper tool and click on the canvas (this time I choose to click on the darkest part of the background). This will make the sample colour you picked and everything lighter change to white.

levels white

I also had a couple of icons at the end of this process where the lines were a bit weak.

faint icons

I used the brush tool with a similar sized brush to the lines and just filled in the lines on the 2 arrows to strengthen them.

add heavier lines using brush tool

Step 4.
Once you have your hand drawn icons in a good format save them and then copy and paste the first icon into a new document.

To do this:
Choose the marquee tool from the tool bar and draw a rectangle around the first icon. Ctrl C / Apple C to copy. Ctrl N / Apple N to open a new document (since you have just copied something within Photoshop, the new window will be created at the size you need). Ctrl V / Apple V to paste the copied icon.

first icon in new document

Step 5.
Using the magic wand tool click on part of the icon (for this I used the magic wand with the tolerance set to 100).

magic wand\

The tolerance settings can be found in the options bar which for me appears at the top of the screen (You can toggle this on and off in the Windows menu).

magic wand tolerance 100

Once selected you should see something similar to the below

select icon with magic wand

Step 6.
You now need to turn the shape into a path. To do this open the Paths palette (Window > Paths) and click on the drop down icon which is top right on the palette and choose ‘Make Work Path’. When the prompt comes up set the tolerance to 0.5 pixels. (0.5 is the smallest value you can enter here, by using this setting the path will stick closely to the original lines of your icon. The larger the number the less path points will be used and so you will end up with a smoother icon with softer lines and therefore loose some of the hand drawn feel).

make work path
make work path 0.5

After using the ‘Make Work Path’ your icon should look similar to the below showing the path points.

path points
path palette view

Step 7.
You can now turn the path into a custom shape by using the main menu: Edit > Define Custom Shape. In the prompt box you can give your shape a name.

define custom shape
name the shape

Step 8.
To access this shape you can now click on Custom Shape in the toolbar and the choose your shape from the drop down Shape menu in the options bar.

custom shape tool

You can see below that my icon has been added to the bottom of the default custom shapes in Photoshop.

option bar custom shape

Step 9.
To test this shape create a new document and with the shape selected as above – click on the canvas and drag the mouse. To keep the icon to it’s original proportions you will need to press Shift whilst clicking and dragging.

create new document

The shape will take on whatever colour you have selected in the foreground of your colour palette.

house shape

To change the colour go to your Layers palette and you will see a colour next to the outline of the shape. Double click the coloured area in the layers palette to change the colour.

shape layer palette view

Step 10.
To create all the other icons in your set you will need to follow step 4 through to 9 for each icon. You will then be able to access all the shapes by going to the custom shape tool and selecting the individual shapes.

all shapes in custom tool option bar

The finished vector shapes:

UPDATE: You can download these icons for Free and use them in your designs; Free Hand Drawn Web Icons

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How to turn hand drawn icons into vector shapes in Photoshop

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