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How to Download Microsoft Toolkit

When you choose this program, you’ll need to turn off your anti-virus program(s) for a while, as virus guards tend to block this toolkit, due to its modifications of system registries. Once you’ve done so, you should download the program. Look for version 2.6.6 via the Web and only download from a trusted website. Checking out a website’s reviews online before you download should boost your chances of choosing a safe website.

Next, download free Microsoft Toolkit and then unzip it. After you do so, you should install the program. Afterwards, select the product that you wish to activate, then hang on for a bit while the process completes. After this, simply re-start your home computer. When you do, you’ll find that Microsoft Office and Windows are completely activated using your bought license key.

At this point, you’ll never need to worry about updating Windows again. The free toolkit will take care of updates for Home, Enterprise and Pro versions of Windows 10. Again, this toolkit works with an array of Microsoft Windows programs, rather than just the newest ones!

MS Toolkit free download may also be referred to as Office 2010 Toolkit or an “Easy Activator” for Windows 2010. The newest toolkit activates the newest version of Windows (10) and also allows users to uninstall all Office-related products with just a click in their computer. You’ll be able to find detailed lists of supported Microsoft products, which are compatible with the toolkit. These lists should give you definitive answers about what you can control and uninstall, in case you haven’t found the answers that you need here in our detailed guide.

Why Use the MS Toolkit

The toolkit combines every activator in one convenient software package. For example, you’ll find that the Easy Activator (or EZ Activator) elements are programmed into the toolkit, with a mind to providing users with the ultimate algorithm for efficient and failsafe activation. As well, when you choose to download the toolkit, you’ll be able to access a feature that allows you to manually call people via Skype. In order to use this feature, hit the phone button icon and then enter the twelve-digit telephone number. This will place the call from Microsoft to Skype! After this, provide a code that is generated by the toolkit.

You’ll be able to activate 8.1 versions onwards and may activate Microsoft Office programs up to the 2013 version. Just choose the correct activator and add your license. Free Microsoft Toolkit download is quite superior to many others, which are out there online. This is due to Toolkit’s premium validation module, which expertly validates activation. Lots of other toolkits don’t have this important feature, so why settle for anything less As you can now see, this app really has it all. Since downloading and using it is really simple, it’s a great choice for those who prefer to get more from an array of Microsoft products.

If you wish to activate Office via the Microsoft Toolkit free download, just hit the MS Office icon. This will bypass the voice activation process. Then, hit the EZ Activator icon. Pause as the process of activation completes. Once you see a message that confirms activation, you’ll be able to open up MS Office’s various products and features. This program will also keep your key safe for future usage.

To summarize, let’s list some key benefits. This app offers 2-in-1 activation. One tool performs the work of two tools in order to activate Windows and Office. As well, when you choose this toolkit, you’ll access activator modules which work offline and online. Activation will last for a lifetime and you’ll access system support of 64 bits. The MS Toolkit is a clean application that doesn’t contain harmful digital viruses and it includes two activator modules, which are Auto KMS and EZ Activator. Lastly, you’ll access support for all Windows and Microsoft Office versions.

If you’re worried about hurting your computer by utilizing this popular and trusted app, don’t worry! It won’t damage your computer in any way. All of your software and hardware will remain intact and uncorrupted. Since you’ll access lifetime activation, you may anticipate utilizing Microsoft Office for 24 to 26 months without even encountering errors! This app gives the most optimal results when it’s used with a Web connection. However, you may use it even if you’re not connected to the Internet Format Factory 3.0

View Результаты поиска,После установки операционной системы Windows 10, в течение 30 дней необходимо выполнить ее .,This article discusses the support life cycle for Microsoft Deployment Toolkits. The latest version of the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit can be downloaded .

View Программа Microsoft Toolkit для Windows бесплатно, скачать Microsoft Toolkit на русском,Microsoft has released an updated version of Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, a system for deep learning that is used to speed advances in areas such as speech .,The Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK) is an open-source toolkit for commercial-grade distributed deep learning. It describes neural networks as a series .

View Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.3 is one of the most downloadable and contains all features included in single Microsoft windows activator especially for people those are .,How to Download Microsoft Toolkit. When you choose this program, you’ll need to turn off your anti-virus program(s) for a while, as virus guards tend to block this .,После установки операционной системы Windows 10, в течение 30 дней необходимо выполнить ее .

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit documentation Microsoft Docs

Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.7 is the office toolkit for any windows computer that is free and it is a set of tools that helps you manage, license, deploy, and activate all Microsoft Office programs, as well as Microsoft Windows in general. It does support all editions of Microsoft Windows (windows 10, windows 8.1 windows 8, windows 7) as well. If you run Microsoft Office (2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016) on your computer, you should look into this software. Microsoft Toolkit will help you make your Microsoft Office packages run better if they are copied or pirated versions of the original.

  • Temporary disable your Anti-Virus and Windows defender protection. (Some of virus guard will never allow MS Toolkit to modify system registry and activate any Microsoft product!)
  • Download Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.7 From Here. Mirror-2 Mirror-3
  • FIle PASSWORD IS “123456”
  • Unzip and install.
  • Choose the product you want to get activated and wait a few seconds.
  • Restart your PC and enjoy a fully activated Office/Windows.

For Windows 10 Users

windows 10 settings for microsoft toolkit

May 2016 Update:

chrome settings

Windows defender now blocks Microsoft Toolkit. If you experience this problem, please disable Windows Defender Real-Time Protection to download Microsoft Toolkit!

 Windows 10 activation is now supported. Home, Pro and Enterprise versions are fully supported. Also  you don’t need to worry about Windows updates. Our tool will take care of them. Enjoy !

Microsoft Toolkit is known as Office 2010 Toolkit’ and ‘EZ-Activator’, this new version includes Office ToolkitWindows Toolkit and Office Uninstaller for, it allows to activate Microsoft Windows 10, activate or uninstall Microsoft Office all products completely with one click!

Supported Microsoft Products

Windows (Home, Pro, Enterprise)Office (2003~2016)
Windows Vista (All Editions)Access
Windows Server 2008 (All Editions)Excel
Windows 7 (All Editions)InfoPath
Windows 7 Embedded (3 Editions)OneNote
Windows Server 2008 R2 (7 Editions)Outlook
Windows 8 (10 Editions)PowerPoint
Windows 8 Embedded (2 Editions)Professional Plus
Windows Server 2012 (4 Editions)Project Professional
Windows 8.1 (10 Editions)Visio Professional
Windows 8.1 Embedded (3 Editions)Word
Windows Server 2012 R2 (4 Editions)Lync
Windows 10 (3 Editions)Publisher
Windows 10 Server (1 Edition)… and more

Why the toolkit

Microsoft toolkit is a combination of all activators. Auto KMS and EZ activator modules are built in to provide a perfect activation algorithm. Also toolkit support manually call activation system. What you have to do is click phone button and get the 12 digit code and call Microsoft through Skype. Then provide the code which is getting from the toolkit. As I mention above this tool is 2 in one software, yes you can activate up to 8.1 and up to MS office 2013. What you have to do is select first what activator do you need. That’s all. For the all activation information please see below description.
Compare with other activators toolkit beat all of them, because toolkit has special validation module validate your activation. Any other activators do not provide that. 2nd option is user selected. Before the activation process user must select an activation method. There are two activation method Auto KMS and EZ activator. If you are a windows lover you should know about KMS developers. They are number one server base activation provider in the world. EZ activator module developed by DAZ team. Same team developed windows loader. So now you can get an idea about how cool this application is.

Office activation (Office Toolkit/Activator)

When you run the Microsoft toolkit make sure you click the MS office logo. The other vice activation process will fail. In the next window click EZ activator. (My personal recommendation). Wait until complete the process. After confirmation message open MS office products.

Offline and online

The Microsoft toolkit 2.6.7 (latest version) doesn’t want to access internet to complete the activation. But 2.4 versions such as 2.4.1, 2.4.2 and 2.4.3 are not supporting the offline module system. Make sure download 2.5.1 or 2.5.2 version if you need offline activation

Features of Microsoft toolkit

  • Two in one activation
  • Two in one is one tool do two work which is activate MS windows 8.1 and MS office.
  • Offline and Online activator modules.
  • Lifetime activation
  • 64-bit system support
  • Any windows and MS office version support
  • 100% clean and virus free
  • Auto KMS and EZ activator modules


This will harm my PC

Absolutely not, this tool cannot harm your PC. Including software and hardware. If you are not sure you can use virus total for the check. Our tool use silent install modules and best algorithms.

How long the activation stays

First of all I need to tell you this software not like the other fake activators which are you can find on the internet. The Microsoft toolkit provides lifetime genuine activation. You can use your windows or MS office 2 -3 years without facing errors.

Do I need an internet connection

No internet requirement is optional. The best result will be received if client have an internet connection. However the toolkit automatically detect your internet connection and automatically choose what module suitable to your pc.

Change log

Version 2.6.7Microsoft Windows 10 Microsoft Office 2017 updates supportFixed Mrg16kz update supportWindows Files expire fixed

Office 365 Support

Version 2.6.6Office 2016 SupportFixed KMS Server Service crashLicensing State message “Store License”. Occurs when getting the free permanent Windows 10 UpgradeDisable KMS Online Ticket ValidationImproved TAP DriversImproved WinDivert Uninstall

Updated new KMS servers

Version 2.6Remove Trial and Grace KeysSupport for KMS PID with 5 Digit Build NumberDisable Windows Vista Rearm CountFixed removing of Trial/Grace Product Keys

Office Uninstaller removes Office 2016 and Click To Run

Version 2.5.5Microsoft Office Setup Customization FunctionsAdded AutoKMS Uninstaller for win10Added AutoRearm UninstallerAdded Product Key Checker

Added Run Partial Support

Version 2.5.4Bug fix Office 2013 Professional Activation SystemAdded windows 10 Removewat label supportAdded windows 10 Watermark RemoveAdded windows 10 server support

Added TOR backup

Version 2.5.3Beta Support windows 10Fixed windows 2013 Server Activation 2223 error

Foxed window8.1 RTM Patch

version 2.5.2Updated new module online activatorAdded new algorithm for auto KMS and KMS serverImproved windows 8.1 supportAdded windows server supportAdded key backupFixed restart lag errorFixed ms office 2013 activation error

Fixed ms office 2007 841fs.dill missing error

version 2.5.1Added new module online activatorAdded new algorithm for auto KMSAdded windows 8.1 supportAdded windows server supportAdded key backupFixed token backup errorFixed ms office 2010 activation error

Fixed ms office 2007 324fs.dill missing error

Version 2.5Added windows 8 supportAdded office 2013 supportAdded key backupFixed token backup error

Fixed ms office 2010 activation error

version 2.4.3Added windows 7 sp1 supportAdded office 2010 supportAdded key backupFixed cache backup errorFixed ms office 2010 activation error

Added removewat module beta

System Requirements
Microsoft .NET Framework 3 Complex mod

5 Microsoft Office 2003

Windows Vista 10

Telecharger Microsoft Toolkit 2018 [2.6.7] - Windows 10 .

После установки операционной системы Windows 10, в течение 30 дней необходимо выполнить ее активацию. В ином случае пользователь столкнется с неудобствами: на рабочем столе будет уведомление о необходимости активирования, невозможно будет настроить персонализацию, компьютер будет автоматически перезагружаться спустя несколько часов работы.

Для многих людей стоимость ключа для операционной системы очень велика, поэтому они вынуждены использовать специальные программы для установки лицензии. В этой статье вы узнаете, как пользоваться активатором Microsoft Toolkit.

Что это за программа

Одним из самых популярных активаторов для операционной системы Виндовс является Microsoft Toolkit. Он подойдет для неопытных пользователей, поскольку для активирования нужно будет нажать всего несколько клавиш. Чтобы не опасаться различных вирусов, ошибок или потери личных данных с жесткого диска, скачать на русском данную утилиту вы можете с нашего сайта совершенно бесплатно.


В программе есть несколько инструментов для управления, развертывания и удаления продуктов Microsoft. При запуске она проверяет какая версия операционной системы и Office установлена на компьютере, после чего подбирает оптимальный вариант для установки лицензии.

Также программа обладает следующими возможностями:

  1. Если активировать одним способом не получилось, она автоматически исправит ошибку и переактивирует другим методом.
  2. Вывод детальной информации об операционной системе или Office – каким ключом активировано, когда закончится срок действия лицензии, какая версия установлена.
  3. Преобразование Retail в Volume лицензию.
  4. Резервное копирование существующей лицензии, что после переустановки даст возможность быстро восстановить активацию.
  5. Установка и настройка KMS-сервера. Настроить сервер можно автоматически и вручную.
  6. Автоматическая переактивация продуктов Майкрософт после окончания периода действия ключа.

Программа подойдет для активирования Windows, начиная с Vista. Активация Майкрософт Офис доступна для версии 2003 года и более новых. Чтобы запустить ее, на компьютере должен быть установлен пакет обновлений Microsoft NET Fraemwork 4.0. Для Windows 10 это не проблема, поскольку пакет встроен автоматически.

Можно выделить следующие преимущества Microsoft Toolkit:

  1. В отличии от других программ для установки лицензии, Майкрософт Тулкит абсолютно безопасна и выводит все проводимые действия в командную строку.
  2. Работает как с 32-битными, так и с 64-битными версиями продуктов от Microsoft.
  3. Простота интерфейса, благодаря чему с активатором разберется даже неопытный пользователь.
  4. Все действия выполняются автоматически.


После скачивания программы, откройте .exe файл в режиме администратора. После этого появится небольшое окно с информационной консолью. Снизу находятся две кнопки для выбора продукта: ОС или Office.

После выбора продукта откроется главное окно. В верхней панели находится 4 вкладки. В первой вкладке «Main» содержаться сведения о версии и данные о том, поддерживается ли утилитой возможность активации данной сборки.

Во второй вкладке находятся основные инструменты для работы с лицензией операционной системы. Здесь можно выбрать тип активации, и включить некоторые другие функции. Активировать Windows можно одним из следующих способов: удалением сервиса проверки лицензии, обходом механизма, проверяющего наличие ключа или установкой KMSauto — сервера.

В третьей вкладке есть алгоритмы для активации продуктов Microsoft без вмешательства в систему. Для этого нужно указать версию и сборку своей операционной системы, после чего выбрать подходящий код активации, таким образом заменив его покупку.

В четвертой вкладке пользователь может создавать резервные копии лицензий и восстанавливать их с хранилища, которое находится на жестком диске.

Как активировать

Чтобы активировать Windows, необходимо:

  1. Запустить программу с правами администратора.
  2. Во вкладке «Activation» нажать на кнопку «EZ-Activator».
  3. После этого начнется процесс активации, который займет несколько минут. Все проводимые операции будут записываться в командную строку, которая находится снизу.
  4. Чтобы проверить, успешно ли выполнена активация, нажмите на кнопку «Check».
  5. Если же активировать Виндовс не удалось, потребуется сделать это другим способом.

Ознакомьтесь визуально с тем как пользоваться:

Отключать ли антивирус

Поскольку Майкрософт Тулкит – это программа для незаконной активации продуктов компании Microsoft, то антивирус может выдавать сообщение о угрозе. Если вы скачали ее с нашего сайта, то перед проведением активации можете смело отключить защиту. После установки лицензии включите защиту антивируса назад, при этом добавив программу в список исключений.

Удалить программу после активации

Активация продуктов Microsoft утилитой Microsoft Toolkit проводится на срок 180 дней. Ключ может удалиться и раньше, например, при установке некоторых обновлений. Если включить соответствующую функцию, система будет автоматически проходить валидацию. Если вы не хотите тратить свое время на повторное скачивание Майкрософт Тулкит и активацию, рекомендуется не удалять ее. Ресурсов компьютера она не отнимает, делает все в автоматическом режиме.

Скачать бесплатно

Microsoft Toolkit – это оптимальный набор инструментов проверки лицензии, активации и копирования ключей для операционной системы Windows и Office. Все действия программа выполняет автоматически. Перед началом активации потребуется отключить защиту антивируса.

В остальном, процедура занимает всего несколько минут и требует минимум действий со стороны пользователя. Скачать последнюю версию Microsoft Toolkit можно на нашем сайте абсолютно бесплатно CCleaner Pro Business v 3 24

Скачать активатор Microsoft Toolkit

Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.7 Activator Windows Office

Are you one of those people who keep on downloading Microsoft programs but can’t remember product serial numbers You do not have to worry anymore because there is a special program that will help you maintain your codes and activate products once you install them. It is called the Microsoft Toolkit, a tool that is easy and safe to download.

Microsoft Toolkit: All About

Microsoft Toolkit is an Office toolkit and program activator for any Windows device with your specific registration number. It has a set of selections that helps you deploy, license, manage, and run all your Microsoft Office and Windows programs. If you have Windows 7, 8 or MS Windows 10, do not worry because this Toolkit supports all these versions. It supports all versions of Windows and activates all programs such as Microsoft Office and all of its editions. Therefore, some people even call it a MS Office activator.


If you are not a computer genius, that is okay because Microsoft Toolkit download is easy to use and has a simple interface. It is a two in one tool which allows activating Microsoft Windows and Office of any version. It also has online and offline activator modules but depends on the version you have downloaded and installed on your computer. You can also create and delete internet protocol routes using its Win32 API. The best thing about this application is that it offers lifetime help with your product serial codes.

Downloading MS Toolkit

There are numerous websites available on the web for downloading this program. Just be careful on which site to get the tool because you might get malware and virus if you download it through an unreliable website. Look for the legit site you are downloading from and check the ratings that were given by people who have got the software before. Usually, some pages show you need to complete a survey for getting a download link of the toolkit. It is 100% virus free if you download it from a trusted website.

How To Use

To start using your newly downloaded MS Toolkit, make sure that you have a stable internet connection. Click the Microsoft Office logo because if not, the activation process will fail. And then, go to the next window and click EZ activator until you complete the process. When your program is now confirmed and activated, a message will pop up, and that will be the time you can open the MS Office products. For the latest version of Microsoft Toolkit install, an internet access is not needed.

Why Use Toolkit

Microsoft Toolkit free download is a combination of all the activators you need. EZ activator and Auto KMS modules are built into this software to provide an excellent virtual assistant. This program can also support a call activation system manually. You just have to tap the phone button and dial the number and call Microsoft using Skype. This system has so much to offer to its users.

Will It Harm Your Computer

Definitely not, it is entirely safe to use. As mentioned earlier, make sure to download your Microsoft Toolkit from a reliable source to avoid any malware or virus. The application will not harm your computer because it uses the best algorithms and silent install modules.

Who Can Use The Program

Whether you are a student or a business person, MS Toolkit download can help you in your everyday life. At school, you are given homework, research papers, and projects that need to be typewritten which mean a Microsoft Office is required. Whether you have an old MS Office version or the latest one, this toolkit can activate your program once you’ve got the original serial code. If you are a business person, on the other hand, videos, slideshows, presentations, and proposals are common in your job. It will be able to help you activate all your MS products needed to finish your tasks at work. Please note that this program is not meant for illegal activities and you still need a product serial number for activation.

Why Is This Toolkit Better Than Other Programs

This two in one toolkit can save you from a lot of problems. For those people who use different devices to activate MS products, they have a high risk of forgetting and losing their Microsoft accounts and serial numbers. Aside from that, these apps are easy to be hacked, and most of them are not reliable at all. It is dangerous especially if you have confidential files together with your personal documents that go at the side of it.

If you always use Microsoft Toolkit to activate all your MS products, make sure to keep an updated version of the program to have a better experience with the tool. It receives updates as regularly as possible to keep its users use the software much better. The developer usually updates the module, algorithm, key backup, Windows server support, Office errors, and more to make sure that everyone will still continue to use it.

This software will help you keep your serials of genuine version of Office and Windows safe. After activating the product, you will see that it is authentic and activated using the Microsoft Toolkit. You will also be able to have lifetime activation depending on your registration details at Microsoft. Even after you remove or disable an MS product, you can re-activate it again.

This Toolkit is a useful application because it runs standalone. You do not have to install other programs and use to activate your MS products. So that means it saves you a lot of time. With MS Toolkit, the user interface is easy and clean. You can control and activate as many products as you want and there are no additional options.

The application supports all versions of Windows and Office and can be easily downloaded. Just remember to look for the most reliable option that you can find to avoid any malware or virus that can cause your computer to crash. If you have friends who have a lot of knowledge in computer programming, ask help from them to better understand how to get this toolkit safely and properly. Just in case you have downloaded it, and it suddenly crashed, there is no problem with that. Just get the Microsoft Toolkit download again and enjoy activating all your MS products as easy as one two three.

Disclaimer: This website ( is not affiliated with the Microsoft brand or any of its products. Microsoft, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and other registered trademarks mentioned on this website belong to their respective owners and are not connected to website. This website has been created for entertainment purposes only, and describe the author’s own opinion about popular computer software. People visiting this website are responsible of how they treat the content Towns v8

Download Microsoft Toolkit to activate Windows and MS Office

Are you using Windows or Office application on your computer Here Microsoft Toolkit can help you to make the genuine version of these programs. It is also very popular tools for activation. This tool can use for any windows and office activation. It will help you manage valid license, and activate all of Microsoft products such as Windows and Office. So, if you have money problems and don’t want to buy these products, then it is the best option for you.

With Windows Toolkit, you can activate the latest version of Microsoft Windows and Office 2016, 17, and 2018 version. If you don’t know more things about Toolkit tools, here you should read our this article which will tell you everything about this activator. We will discuss more Office Toolkit Activator on our website.

What is Microsoft Toolkit

Toolkit is a program that allows activating any Microsoft applications like Windows and Office. The activation will be for permanent and lifetime. It is known as Office 2010 Toolkit’ and ‘EZ-Activator.’ It allows activating Microsoft Windows and Office with one click. That means it will generate the valid license and use for genuine activation. So, you can register your Windows or Office without purchase. MS Toolkit 2.6.6 activator is the best application for these of you who don’t have money for activation.

On the Internet, there are many activators that you can use for Microsoft Office activation. But you should use Windows Toolkit latest version. Many cool features are available in this Toolkit that you can enjoy for free. If you are looking Windows 10 activator, you should download from our website.

Why the Microsoft or Windows Toolkit

Microsoft Toolkit is one of the most powerful activators for Windows and Office activation. Also, toolkit supports manually activation system. You can compare MS Toolkit with other activators toolkit, and it will beat all of them. This tool has specific validation module that will validate your activation for the lifetime.

Microsoft or Office Toolkit supports all editions of Microsoft Windows. It supported Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and more as well Microsoft Office (2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016). So, Office Toolkit will help you to make Microsoft products as a genuine version. Here, you can download Windows 10 activation that is fully supported all Windows 10 operating system.

Features and Benefits of the toolkit:

There are some features and benefits that’s why you need this activator. Here we discussed some benefits of Microsoft activator in below:

Lifetime activation:

You know that you cannot use Microsoft products without activation like Windows, Microsoft office, etc. Now with this activator tools, you can make lifetime activation. Until reinstall your Windows, you can use it. So, you can use for these applications for the lifetime.

100% Safe and Clean:

Before using the activator, you must be sure that it is safe and clean. So people always worry about it. Now I am telling you that Microsoft or Windows toolkit is 100% secure, safe and clean to use. You can use this activator without any problem.

Make Genuine Version:

Do you want to make a genuine version of your Windows or Office software You have good news. You can make a genuine version by using MS toolkit. It can bypass your license from Microsoft and make real one which makes genuine version.

Support Any Versions:

There are many versions of Microsoft products with 32 and 64-bit version. So, you can use this application to activation for these applications with all versions. So if you have 32 bit or 64-bit program, you can use the same activator for both software.

Offline Activation (Office Toolkit/Activator):

Office Toolkit can use for offline and online activation. So, you can use for activation without the Internet connect. Before the activation process, you must select the activation method. You have two activation method such as offline method and online method.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ for the Users)

Will It harm my PC

Answer: Absolutely not, MS Toolkit cannot harm your PC. It is 100% safe, clean and secure. You can use Anti-virus for the check before use it.

How long the activation will valid

Answer: The activation will be for permanent and lifetime. You will get genuine version with permanent. So, you can enjoy the lifetime genuine activation.

Do I need an Internet connection

Answer: No, you don’t need. Internet connect is optional for activation. The toolkit will automatically detect your Internet connection. It also automatically choose what module suitable to activation.

Windows Or MS Toolkit Pros:

  • Easy to use with simple interface.
  • Allow to activate MS windows 8.1 and MS office.
  • Supports offline and online activator modules.
  • Genuine version with Lifetime activation.
  • Supports 32 bit 64-bit OS system.
  • Supports Windows office version.
  • 100% safe, clean and virus free.
  • Auto KMS and EZ activator modules.

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How to Get MS Toolkit Activator

Before downloading the activator, you must check the website because many websites who inject malware or spyware which is very bad for your computer. You can get malware or virus on your computer by installing this activation. You have good news that we are here for you. Our activator is fully secure, safe and clean to use.

Now, you can download different types of activation such as Windows loader, Windows activator and KMS activator from our website. You don’t need to complete any survey for getting the download link. Please check the Windows Toolkit download link in below.

Download: Mirror Link

How to Use for Activation

You need to follow these steps to use it in below:

  • First, download MS Toolkit from our website.
  • Extract the download files by using Winrar tools.
  • Open the folder and run the tool.
  • Select your Windows or Office.
  • Click on activation button, wait.
  • Activation done.
  • Enjoy it!

So, now you can enjoy these programs for free as long as you want.


Finally, With this activator, now you have the Microsoft Windows and office premium version. Now you can enjoy all features and benefits for free. Microsoft Toolkit is really a great tool for everyone. You can also use kmspico and other tools. If you need any help, just comment in the post. Please share the post with your friends Windows Media Player Microsoft Windows 2013 patch crack

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