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Subject: JInitiator, Oracle Business Suite 10gTested OS: Win 7 Enterprise 32 64 bitJVM dll: ——————————–Author: Ilias E Mullalli ([email protected])Section: IT

Date Created: 30-Aug-11

Most of the large enterprises are required to run Line of Oracle Web-applications e.g. Oracle E-Business Suite, which depends on the old JInitiator to access forms within the browser. Due to the cost of upgrading their applications, they are still using Windows XP platform and Internet Explorer 6.

In our company, we decided to migrate some of our machines to Windows 7 Enterprise. By doing so, we realised that after launching the IE8 and navigating to our application, it crashed, which was business critical issue.The reason of the crash as most of you will already know was the jvm.dll.

I am very lucky as I understand very well how Java Platforms run. I got a different version of jvm.dll from Sun to see whether it would correspond as expected, and actually did.

However, it wasn’t as perfect as you would have expected.I did some research on the net and come across quite few websites but the main two were:

I collated a mixture of feedback after users had replaced the jvm.dll and some of the the comments are listed below.

“It still keeps crashing”“The screen keeps repainting”“IE8 rendering keeps flickering”“The theme changes to basic mode”“I get ora-xx error”“Jvm doesn’t load”

“Normal users cannot use it unless the belong in the admin group” and so on.

Some other solutions that were tried are listed below. (It could possibly help other enterprises, so they know what else is out there)

1. Citrix solution to deliver application to end user. Not the most efficient way as it involves additional logins for the user plus the annual cost (£80K). Also, streaming application is not the most preferred way in a business environment.

2. Browsium – UniBrows

It is a very clever web-extension and local application that allows you to run IE6 within IE8 platform side by side. The problems with the application were quite a few. Some of them were:

a) When tabbing application just crashesb) When Oracle Business Suite generates unique reports it doesn’t understand the command, therefore nothing to viewc) Lots of headers scripting which could invalidate data input

d)DEP/NX is only disabled when Browsium extension is used, but still it could potentially probe in a security vulnerability.

3. Med-V
A decent clever application, but not very user friendly as the amount of time it took to launch the IE was too slow, especially for a corporate environment.

I must admit, I have been working on this issue days and nights for the last 2 months and was a very hard task; however I am glad that I did as I managed to come to an end.



If you are using a 64-bit OS make sure to lunch IE8 32-bit.

1. Run IE8 as an administrator to do that press and hold Ctrl Shift and click IE8 shortcut at the taskbar and click yes on the UAC window.

2. Go to tools->Pop-up Blocker->Pop-up blocker settings and add “*.YourWebsiteOfTheApplication.xx” and close.

3. Go to Tools->Internet Options->Security->Custom Level->Disable XSS Filters (3 from the bottom) and press ok and then yes.

4. Go to Trusted Sites (green tick), click on sites, and add http(s):/Yourwebsite.xx

5. Next go to Advanced Tab and do the following:a) Untick Enable Third-party browser extensionsb) Tick Reuse windows for launching shortcuts

c) Untick Enable memory protection to help mitigate online attacks

Click OK, and close the browser.

TIP: Please note that the above settings are only modified to ensure successful installation of the JInitiator. We will change this setting to default once we are done, therefore there is not worry about any security issues.

Below we have two options, depending how you JInitiator is installed.

If the installation of the JInitiator takes place when you type the URL in the address bar do the following

i) Open IE 8 and go to the siteii) Click on the yellow prompt toolbar, Install this addon for all users on this computer and click ok.

iii) When UAC prompt click yes and wait few seconds until it loads the setup

If you have a copy of the JInitiator application

i) Right click the application, go to properties, compatibility, then select “Run this program in compatibility mode for” and select “Windows XP service pack 3) and ok.
ii) When UAC prompt click yes and wait few seconds until it loads the setup

7. Follow setup wizard, and just accept default by clicking next.

8. A windows will pop-up saying that the Installation is complete just press ok.

9. If the Jinitiator screen hangs and is saying Installing Oracle Jinitiator version xxx just close the window. When asked, click Exit Setup. (Ignore this option if the window installation window closes)

11. If you were installing it through IE8 close the Internet explorer and click OK, otherwise go to the next step.

12. I am using same version (apart from update) as Paolo, so follow the steps described above to replace the jvm.dll.

13. Run IE8 as an administrator to do that press and hold Ctrl Shift and click IE8 shortcut at the taskbar and click yes on the UAC window.

14. Go to Tools->Internet Options->Advanced and either click on Reset to reset the settings, or manually put them back as they were. Re-start IE8.

15. Go and access your web application. If everything works ok then you can skip the steps below.

16. If the navigation through the forms is not working, or the rendering on the page is very bad do the following:a) Close IE8, go to control panel, change the category to small icons, double click JInitiator Control.b) In the basic tab, In the Parameter box type the following:

-Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true, then apply and close the window.

17. You may need to restart the PC before you see the difference.

18. Go to the URL and see the change… Voilà…Here we go, done.

If the windows theme keeps change to basic mode and you are annoyed with this do the following:

a. Run cmd with admin privileges (you can search for cmd and hold cltr shift and press enter)
b.) Type “sc config uxsms start= disabled” without the quotes and press enter. This disables the services for the pretty effects that you get.

All commands that can be used for dwm are: Stop Service net stop uxsms Start Service net start uxsms Disable Service sc config uxsms start= disabled

 Enable Service sc config uxsms start= auto

Depending the version of JInitiator that your application supports, you may need a different copy of the jvm.dll. If the above one doesn’t work then you may need to try another version.

If for any reasons something doesn’t work or you have any queries, please let me know.

I would like to thank Paolo, the author of the thread, and Sai, Database Admin) for letting me post this solution in this existing thread Video Page Template Pack

Many Thanks


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Antananarivo Madagascar -

May 2013, standing on the addition we built

In case you hadn’t noticed, this blog has been sucking a bit recently. I just haven’t been putting in the effort that this thing deserves, and I feel the patient eyes of all of you watching. “Come on, Mustache. Get back to work. Give us something GOOD!”

But there’s a good reason for this: For all of 2013, the blog has been forced to coexist with other bigger projects.

The moment I returned from that carpentourism gig in Hawaii, a friend of mine decided to build a long-awaited addition on the back of his house. And a big addition at that: 2 storeys and 750 square feet of it, with a 30-foot-high peaked roof, a big master suite upstairs, and a couple of nice rooms below. We’re good enough friends that I agreed to be his builder, since the cost difference between teaming up to build it ourselves and hiring an outside contractor would be upwards of $100,000.

So in mid-January, we broke ground. And since then from the hand-dug pier footings all the way to the shingles atop that high roof, we have built almost everything ourselves. I have had the opportunity to sling thousands of pounds of soil, mix and pour a similar amount of concrete, weld the steel columns into place, frame the entire structure, install all the supply and drain plumbing, build up a completely new electrical panel with about 40 circuits, install windows and doors, nail down 1500 pounds of shingles, build in a top-of-the-line EPA woodburning fireplace, and a hundred other tasks. (We’ll get into some of the most useful projects in upcoming posts).

Just before I left for vacation in June, we passed all of our critical inspections from the building department. While standing with the two friends who built this thing alongside me, basking in the moment’s success, we looked up and were amazed. How could this massive, hulking structure come from just the three little dudes who now stand in its shadow

I was especially amazed myself, because much like my recent performance in blog-writing, I felt that my efforts on the addition project had been lackluster and somewhat unsatisfactory. I worked only while my son was in school, between 9 and 3 on weekdays. Plus, I usually started late in the day due to blog-related distractions. Often went home early. Biked home to take long luxurious Latte Lunch breaks with Mrs. MM a bit too often. We all skipped work whenever our kids were out of school for any reason, or when the weather was bad, or during the Seattle and Utah vacations that happened to fall during this time period.

And yet, through daily perseverance and always returning after each delay, somehow the addition got built. And in a not-overly-slow manner: 4.5 months from that first shovel in the dirt until Inspection Day, when we handed it over to a drywall crew to work their magic much more quickly (and cheaply) than we could do ourselves. About 270 hours of my free time went into it, and a similar number from each of the other two fellows.

And thus another life lesson materialized, with applications to Mustachianism as well. And that lesson is that small efforts, repeated over time, will almost always surprise you.

It’s a natural weakness of the human brain that we don’t recognize this, because we have our leftover instincts of survival in the moment. But a ten dollar lunch each workday compounds to $37,600 every ten years. An extra beer or slice of bread beyond your base calorie requirements adds up to 152 pounds of fat* over the same period. A habit of being just a bit rude to your spouse in certain situations can brew itself into lifelong resentment and divorce, while a slightly different habit of patience and respect can keep you happily married for life.

For me, the habit of occasionally typing some shit into the computer has resulted in an enormous pile of articles on this blog. 360 of them, or over 1000 pages if you were to make it all into a (repetitive and poorly edited) book.  It’s a whole empire now, which automatically brings in readers and generates surprising quantities of money, and all caused by a series of individually insignificant efforts over time. And although things seem slow to me right now, with continued efforts I can surely make this place far better, finish the book that really needs to be written, and reach the right people. Then, of course, we can save the human race from destroying itself through overconsumption of its own habitat, which has been the plan all along.

So how can everyone benefit from this effect By watching where your time goes, and making small adjustments to make sure most of those minutes are aligned with your real life goals.

Watching TV, for example, or playing massively multiplayer online games, can feel relaxing and even stimulating at times. But those hours spent relaxing and stimulating yourself can really add up, and when you tally the eventual sum of the life benefits, it ends up awfully close to zero. Many other leisure pursuits (complaining, ATV riding, shopping) often end up the same way.

The key is therefore to trick yourself into doing more things that are good for you. Not just more good things, but over time having your life be almost entirely good things.

Tiny things, like learning one new thing you were afraid of trying before. Fixing the screen on your upstairs window. Or taking a very short walk when you don’t really have the time or inclination to go for a real walk. Reading just a tiny amount of the investing book before you eat a tiny amount of raw vegetables.  I have some gymnastics rings hanging from straps mounted to part of the high ceiling in my kitchen. When I don’t feel like really working out, which is quite often, I will walk over and do just 5 pull-ups on those rings.  Over the past month or two, I’ve done this lazy cop-out routine about 100 times, which adds to 500 pull-ups, which is not such a bad thing after all.

Sooner than you think, you’ll find that your days are starting to change shape. These constant needlings from Mr. Money Mustache seemed annoying at first, but you will end up getting rid of your TV and replacing it with a library card after all, and poking around in the Reading List area of this blog. Over time, you’ll become a Self Improvement Machine, a miniature Dalai Lama with happiness beams shooting out of each of your orifices, which in turn shine onto others and make them happier. All in all, a surprising effect for such a small effort.

 * For every 3600 calories that you eat beyond what your body can use, about 1 pound of fat gets stored. So if you multiply 150 calories x 3650 days, you’d have a 152 pound gain. Of course, real physiology is a bit more complicated, but it doesn’t matter – the tiny change of skipping the beer is the most important part of the equation Youtube Video Downloader

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