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Next (lpsa),Joshi Merchant M.D., P.A., ADD therapy, addiction counseling, ADHD therapy, psychiatric services, psychiatrist, psychologists in Columbia, Baltimore, Howard County .,


Joshi Technologies International, Inc. is a leader in the application of horizontal well technology. Clients include major oil companies, independents, and national oil companies. JTI has over 200 combined years experience on staff in horizontal and conventional wells including reservoir engineering, completion and drilling design, along with experience in oil, gas, gas-condensate, heavy oil and gas storage reservoirs. Sada Joshi, Ph.D., founder of Joshi Technologies International Inc., is the author of the best-selling book, Horizontal Well Technology, published by PennWell of Tulsa, 1991. JTI offers responsive customer support and consulting services.

Our software JTI.Horizontal™, PROCONE® and MultiLateral™, put advanced technology in the hands of petroleum engineers. The programs are practical, easy-to-use tools which enable the engineer to forecast or evaluate well performance under various conditions. They use analytical (non-numerical) methods for fast execution and easy data requirements. The programs have history-matching features to graphically compare calculated and actual rates, enabling estimation of reservoir properties (e.g. horizontal or vertical permeability, drainage area, etc.) from production history. JTI.Horizontal and ProCone have sensitivity features to show the effect of variables or unknowns on rates and reserves in graphical form. JTI.Horizontal calculates either rates or pressure versus time for vertical, hydraulically fractured, horizontal, or multiple fractured horizontal wells.  PROCONE performs coning calculations for vertical or horizontal wells.  MultiLateral Horizontal calculates either rates or pressure versus time of reservoirs with multiple drainholes that can be used for stand-alone evaluations or as a screening tool for more in-depth studies.

JTI software puts advanced technology in the hands of petroleum engineers. The programs are practical, easy-to-use tools which enable the engineer to forecast or evaluate well performance under various conditions.

Years of daily use by the JTI staff has proven the software to be reliable in projects involving hundreds of wells around the globe.


Providing world-class engineering services for all types of exploration and production projects.


Training designed for reservoir, drilling and production engineers, geologists, geophysicists, and managers who wish to broaden their knowledge of horizontal well technology. Dr. Sada Joshi founded Joshi Technologies International, Inc. (JTI) in 1988 after a successful nine year tenure at Phillips Petroleum Company in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. JTI is a private corporation, based in Tulsa Oklahoma, USA.

In 1988, JTI started as a Petroleum consulting company, specializing in Horizontal Well Technology and Reservoir evaluation. With 200 years of combined experience, JTI quickly became a worldwide leader in consulting and training in over 30 countries Power ISO 5

Next Ashish Joshi is a reporter and presenter for the award winning 24-hour channel Sky News, TOKYO JOSHI GAKUEN Junior High School; TOKYO JOSHI GAKUEN Senior High School; ,Sharman Joshi (born 28 April 1979) is an Indian film and theatre actor. He has worked on and directed stage productions in English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati .

Next .,Sharman Joshi (born 28 April 1979) is an Indian film and theatre actor. He has worked on and directed stage productions in English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati .,K D Joshi, Pune is a leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Rubber and Polyurethane products worldwide that meets global performance and industrial standards.

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Hultman Sensenig Joshi where You Us= Workplace Solutions.  Lori Hultman, Christine Sensenig and Nikhil Joshi formed this labor and employment law firm to practice law differently; to reflect their personalities and philosophy of building relationships. The three friends joined forces to provide human resources and employment law advice, counsel and litigation defense to private and public sector employers. With more than 70 years of combined experience, the three have earned many achievements. Among them are Lori Hultman and Nikhil Joshi’s certification as specialists in Labor and Employment Law by the Florida Bar, Chris Sensenig’s selection for six consecutive years as one of the Legal Elite by Florida Trend Magazine, and Chris Sensenig and Lori Hultman’s selection as SuperLawyers by that organization this being Lori’s fifth year as a SuperLawyer.

The Firm’s services include preventative measures such as advising employers when hiring, disciplining and termination employees, drafting policies, handbooks, independent contractor agreements, non-compete, and employment agreements and employment applications. HS J offers employment law supervisory training, conducts workplace investigations, and will assist with Department of Labor Audits, I-9 Compliance and Agricultural Worker/H2A Compliance. HS J also defends employers when responding to EEOC/FCHR and Human Rights ordinance charges and claims of discrimination, harassment and retaliation (including whistleblower claims), claims of wage and hour (overtime) violation and the Family and Medical Leave Act claims.  The attorneys have experience with union issues  (including collective bargaining).

In short, Hultman Sensenig Joshi guides employers through the maze of employment laws and regulations that face employers on a daily basis, so that truly, You Us= Workplace Solutions Windows Essential Software

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The Museum has been visited by dignitaries like Hon. Shri Manohar Joshi, Shri Rajendrasinhji (Rajju Bhaiyya), Shri Anna Hazare, Shri Vitthalrao Gadgil , Milind Gunaji, Sharwari Jamenis, Mrunal Kulkarni, a lot of high ranking Railway Officials and others prominent personalities. All of them have appreciated the effort and organization which has gone into the Museum.

The Museum also finds mention in the “Limca Book of Records 2004” as the only one of its kind in India.

From its inception in 1998, the Museum has become an integral part of the Pune tourist scene, and has about 30,000 visitors every year.

On 6th July 2008, the Pune Municipal Corporation in appreciation of Bhau’s work,  named the lane next to the museum as “B.S. alias Bhau Joshi Lane”

The Museum completed 10 years. A book about Bhau’s remembrances by his relatives/friends was published on the occasion at the hands of Mr. Vithal Kamat of Kamat Hotels.

Video Clip

Video taken at Joshi Miniature Railway Museum, Pune R-WipeClean v9.7 build 1827 Portable{h33t}{mad dog}

Amazing place to see miniature railway …

Book tickets and tours for this popular attraction in Pune 
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Railway Museum in Pune-Joshi's Museum-Home




【結果】<Aクラス> 参加4チーム

優勝  棋友館LG(小澤望・小田切葉月・石井三愛・山田朋佳・内山あや)

準優勝 魔法少女 みそじ☆まじか(泉對直子・泉對貴子・笠井友貴・奥村香・水上舞)

3位  チームフレンズ(礒谷真帆・森美伶・原田知実・礒田知里・阪本葉)

<B1クラス> 参加7チーム

優勝  天野チルドレン(高柳理沙・長谷川千夏・森西良子・田島麻里子・宮田奈津子)

準優勝 スマイル(滝祐子・川延怜奈・甲木あつ子・重森美由紀・青木与志野)

3位  Shogiotome長女(加納久美子・北岡三緒・荒木良子・柴野絢子・松﨑由記・大江田翠)

<B2クラス> 参加12チーム

優勝  王手飛車サロン(佐藤伸子・白井晶子・中村真里子・斎藤未来・小林千洋)

準優勝 イケメンラヴァーズチームF(秋浜和子・山根順子・澤田由夏・栗田七重・小野田さおり)

3位  イケメンラヴァーズチームT(川崎祥子・東海栄・三浦千怜・豊田彩乃・栗原唯)

4位  小駒(酒田怜実・川畑千紘・三堀七々恵・越路涼・千葉美空)

5位  リフレクション(関田智子・増田真奈美・細谷ツヤ子・清水美絵・上田富美香)

6位  イケメンラヴァーズチームK(足立陽子・西嶋科菜子・小林千英子・田中友美子・前波愛子)

<Cクラス> 参加6チーム

優勝  歩女子ーず(石川和綺子・榊原真璃子・三宅麻祐・牧野智美・児玉朋子)

準優勝 ツナ缶(林幸菜・浦上厚子・名古桜・山口翼・白井杏香音・田尾愛華)

3位  ハッピー将棋(石村康子・磯野正子・水野友子・中澤田鶴子・亦野千代子)

<ベストドレッサー賞 大人の部>細谷ツヤ子(リフレクション)、


<ベストドレッサー賞 ジュニアの部>





小池玲子(イケメンラヴァーズチームB)、青木紗代子(府中っ娘 しんボウ's)

<ベストパフォーマンス>府中っ娘 しんボウ's


日時:2015年11月22日(日) 10:00受付/10:30開会/17:00終了予定
会場:マイナビルームA (東京都千代田区一ツ橋1-1-1 パレスサイドビル9階)
アクセス 東京メトロ 東西線「竹橋駅」より直結

参加資格 女性のみ5人で1チーム編成
競技方法(進行により変更の場合あり)  ・Aクラス(有段者3名以上)  ・B1クラス(中級・3級~初段)  ・B2クラス(初級者・10級~4級)  ・Cクラス(初心者・10級以下)




参加費 一般:2,000円/中学生以下:1,500円 ☆1人分の参加費です(参加賞付)     例:一般3名、中学生1名・小学生1名のチームの場合は2,000×3+1,500×2=9,000円


[email protected] Minecraft 1.5

com)にて下記までお申込み下さい。〒105-0014 港区芝2丁目24番1号2階 日本女子プロ将棋協会事務局 「女子アマ団体戦」係 TEL:03-3457-7631 FAX:03-3457-7632



賞   各クラス上位チームを表彰

 その他特別賞として 「ベストチームワーク賞」(チーム)、「新人賞」(個人)、「ベストドレッサー賞」(個人)など表彰予定

特別協賛:美白歯みがき剤『アパガード』 株式会社サンギ


続きを読む "11/22(日)アパガード杯・第9回女子アマ将棋団体戦" »

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