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Over the course of nearly 8 years and 800 million subscribers, Instagram's become the go-to social network for sharing photos and videos of whatever's going on in your life. Later this year, the app will finally allow users to download offline copies of their data.

Similar to the "Download Your Information" feature that Facebook introduced in 2010, this would enable Instagram users to save offline copies of their photos, videos, and direct messages. Along with ensuring you've got access to your content even if something should ever happen to Instagram, this would also make it easier for folks to grab their virtual belongings and easily take them over to another competing platform.

As great as this news is, exact details are still a bit murky. It's unclear if Instagram will also allow people to download things such as comments, likes, and stories, and there's no word as to whether or not downloads of pictures and videos will be further compressed than they already are.

Speaking to TechCrunch, a representative from Instagram said –

We'll share more details very soon when we actually launch the tool. But at a high level, it allows you to download and export what you have shared on Instagram.

This will mark the first time Instagram offers a first-party solution for easily saving offline copies of the content you share on the service, so it'll be interesting to learn more about the approach it's taking once further details emerge.

April 2, 2018 - Instagram ends support for Apple Watch

Instagram has reportedly called it quits on the company's Apple Watch app. MacRumors says the app was built using the watchOS 1 SDK, so it's been out of date for quite some time.

As of an April 2 app update, the Instagram app for iOS will no longer include a stand-alone app for watchOS.

The Instagram app for Apple Watch will no longer be available as a stand-alone experience once users upgrade to Instagram version 39 on iOS, released April 2, 2018. We are committed to providing users with the best experience with their Apple products and we will continue to explore ways to achieve this on all platforms. Users with an Apple Watch will continue to enjoy a great Instagram experience through various rich and varied notifications.

March 22, 2018 - Instagram has finally changed its algorithm in response to user feedback

Instagram announced today that in response to concerns users have been voicing for the last year and a half or so, it will be making changes to its feed algorithm to once again put focus on newer posts first.

Waaaay back in the day, Instagram feeds were chronological — i.e., showed the newest posts at the top of your feed when you opened the app. However, in 2016, that changed, with Instagram displaying posts based on popularity and relevancy. This was especially bad for creators, whose work would sometimes get buried underneath other, days-old posts that were only shown because they were deemed more relevant by Instagram's algorithm. To make matters worse, the company added an auto-refresh feature that would refresh your feed unexpectedly, causing you to lose your place and end up back at the top again, seeing the same old posts you'd been seeing. Lots of people were irked.

Now, it seems, Instagram is finally listening to its users. Starting today, when you open the app, newer posts will be more likely to appear first in your feed. That (hopefully) means no more missing out on posts that are important to you. And, if you're an artist, it means more eyes on your work once again.

In addition, the company is testing a "New Posts" button that lets you choose whether or not you want to refresh your Insta feed. If you tap the button, you'll refresh the app and be taken to new posts at the top of the feed. If you don't tap it, you'll stay right where you are, and the app won't refresh on its own when you aren't looking.

Instagram also hinted that they'd be tweaking and improving feed further, and would be sharing details over the next few months.

March 9, 2018 - GIF feature removed due to racial slur

If you're wondering where the GIF feature went on your Instagram Stories (or Snapchat) recently, the answer is simple: an extremely aggressive racial slur slipped past the sensors (full disclosure: IDK if they actually have sensors, but you get what I'm saying).

As soon as we were made aware, we removed the GIF and have disabled Giphy until we can be sure that this won't happen again . . . while we wait for Giphy's team to take a look at it. (Snapchat)

A source tells TechCrunch the same racist GIF was spotted in Instagram as well, indicating that Giphy is at fault... Giphy appears to have removed the GIF as it's no longer available in Instagram. An Instagram spokesperson tells TechCrunch 'This type of content has no place on Instagram. We have stopped our integration with Giphy as they investigate the issue.' (TechCrunch)

February 1, 2018 - Introducing Type Mode in Stories

You wanted different styles for your Instagram story text BAM.

You wanted to amp up the colors to match your aesthetic BAM.

Cycle between typewriter, neon, strong and modern text options with the latest update to Instagram stories.

Today, we're introducing "Type" mode in stories, a new way to share anything that's on your mind with creative text styles and backgrounds — no photo or video required. Now, you can turn your most random thoughts into something colorful and expressive.

January 18, 2018 - Like Facebook Messenger, Instagram will now share your activity status

Yes, once again, a social media site has found a way to get even more creepy and stalker-y — starting today, Instagram will join the likes of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp in displaying the last time you were active in your friends' direct message inboxes. Now, when you check your DMs in the app, you'll be able to see the activity status of certain accounts.

The newly introduced feature is automatically enabled for every user, but thankfully you can actually turn it off within your account settings if you don't particularly feel like letting everyone know every time you check your phone. If you're worried about randos being able to view your activity status, though, don't be — you can only see the statuses of individuals you mutually follow or share a message thread with.

Though some people may see value in this sort of online voyeurism, the fact that it's only available to those you know does make it seem like its only use is to let others see when you're not answering their messages (and denying you any privacy re: how you spend your time).

To disable the feature, you just have to do the following:

  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Open Settings by tapping the little gear icon in the top righthand corner.
  3. Scroll down until you see Show Activity Status.
  4. Toggle it off.

Ta-da! Now go forth and check your Insta freely.

December 27, 2017 - Instagram is now displaying recommended posts in your main feed

As part of its continued effort to help users find more content relevant to their interests, Instagram has now inserted recommended posts directly into their main feeds. First reported by Sarah Perez over at TechCrunch, the quietly-released new feature saves you all the super strenuous effort of switching over to the Explore tab to find recommended posts by putting them smack dab in the middle of your regular Insta feed. According to Instagram's support documentation, Recommended for You will suggest posts you may like based on the content that have been liked by other accounts you follow.

This most recent change comes after another update that was focused on more effortlessly finding content from new accounts: the ability to follow hashtags. However, as Perez points out, you can't opt out of recommended posts like you can with the hashtags feature — instead, you can only temporarily hide them from your feed. You do this by tapping the three dots above the post then tapping Hide in the menu that appears at the bottom of your screen.

Though TechCrunch reports Instagram claims the section will only appear after you've viewed every new post in your feed, many users are still very vocal about their disdain for the feature, taking to Twitter to vent their frustration:

To learn more about Instagram's new implementation of recommended posts, check out TechCrunch's article here.

December 21, 2017 - Keep your friends caught up with your live videos by sending them via DM

Want to make sure your friends never miss when you're broadcasting live on Instagram Now you can! Today, Instagram announced in a blog post that users can now send live video — whether it's theirs or someone else's — in Direct.

Once you start your live broadcast, all you have to do is tap the Direct icon at the bottom of the screen to send your video to your friends. According to Instagram's announcement, you'll also have this option when going live with a friend. Once your message is sent, the recipient will be able to see the live video in their inbox, as they would a normal direct message. However, friends can only view your video in Direct while it's live, so if they don't hop on it ASAP, they'll just end up getting a message saying that the live video has ended. If you want to send a video that you're just watching and not a part of yourself, you can do that too — just like when sending your own live videos, all you have to do is tap the Direct icon at the bottom of the screen while you're viewing a live broadcast and choose who you want to send it to.

If you're not down with sending your live videos in Direct, you can disable the feature by going to your stories settings. If you have a private account and one of your followers attempts to share your current live video with someone who doesn't follow you, it won't work — only your followers will be allowed to view your live video.

Ta-da! Now you can access and share live videos you're excited about more easily than ever. Get streaming!

December 12, 2017 - You can now follow hashtags on Instagram!

Today in a blog post, Instagram announced that users can now follow hashtags on the social media platform, making it easier to discover photos, videos, and accounts relevant to your interests.

On Instagram, users usually tag their content with with relevant hashtags — #slime or #makeup, for instance. When they post their photo or video, other users can then find it by doing a search for those hashtags. In the past, if a user wanted to see more content related to their interests, they had to follow a myriad of separate accounts. With this update, they'll be able to follow hashtags themselves, allowing them to constantly find new content related specifically to the things they like.

To start following hashtags, all you have to do is do a search for a topic you're interested in (or, if you find a relevant hashtag on any post, you can tap on it). Once you do that, you'll see related hashtags displayed in your search results, as well as with suggested related accounts. When you find a hashtag you want to follow, just open the hashtag page and tap on the follow button. After that, you'll start to see popular posts and stories anyone creates using that hashtag. If you decide it's not your jam, you can always unfollow a hashtag at any time. If you want to know what your friends are into, you can also view the hashtags they follow on their profile (and maybe pick up some new interests yourself!).

December 5, 2017 - Instagram introduces Stories Archive and Stories Highlights

When Instagram introduced the ability to archive posts and share them later if you changed your mind, people were pretty excited — it's like if you delete that photo of you and your ex, it's gone forever, but if you archive it, you might be able to get back together without things being too awkward!

Now Instagram is taking things a step further with the newest Stories Archive and Stories Highlight options!

Stories Archive: you can now add Stories to the existing Archive feature. Stories will automatically save in your private archive for you to reference later. You can reshare Stories from your archive to your current Story, share them as a post in feed, add them to a highlight (more on that below), or turn off Stories Archive altogether.

Stories Highlights: a new space on your profile where you can group Stories you've previously shared into highlights and keep them on your profile. You can add as many highlights as you want from your archive and they'll appear as a horizontal scroll bar above your photo grid.

You'll even be able to customize and change your stories highlights depending on what you want seen and when.

November 29, 2017 - Request to join a Live Stream!

Let's say you see your bestie is Live Streaming on Insta and you think "Hey! I wanna get in on that!"

Well now you can request to join a Live Stream straight from your Insta account!

To request to join a live video a viewer can tap a request button in the comments section. Hosts see the request pop up in real time and can accept or deny, and also have access to a list of pending requests in case a bunch of different people are trying to join in. (TechCrunch)

November 28, 2017 - You can now draw mustaches (and other stuff) on your friends in Direct

Instagram announced in a blog post today that you can now remix your friends' photo messages and send them back, presumably to show them how fly they look with devil horns, goofy glasses, and a big snot bubble. (Or, y'know, maybe something more flattering. You do you.) In addition to doodling on the photo, you can also move it, resize it, and add fun stickers and text.

All you have to do to remix a friend's photo message is open it and tap the camera icon at the bottom. This will automatically create a sticker of what you're replying to (i.e. your friend's pic). You can then embellish it to your heart's content and send it back. Your friend can do the same, and you guys can go back and forth forever showing off your fantastic makeover skills in an endless visual duel. Fun, right

Today's update also includes a new feature that gives you more control over photo message replays. You can now choose "One View" for messages you want your friends to only be able to look at once. However, if you're cool with multiple views, you can choose "Allow Replay" so your pals can take another peep at your messages. Note that if you do select "Allow Replay," any photos and videos you send will play on a loop that the recipient can tap to pause.

If you haven't updated yet, we highly encourage you to do so so you can experience these fun new additions. Get to face doodlin'!

November 8, 2017 - You can now add older videos and photos from your Camera Roll to your Instagram story

Instagram announced on its blog today that you can now add any photo or video from your Camera Roll to your story, even if it was taken more than 24 hours ago. Prior to this update, Insta users could only add content if it was taken within a day of when they were attempting to post it, severely limiting the media they could share with their followers in story form.

To add an older photo or video to your story, all you have to do is swipe up or tap the small gallery icon at the bottom left of the screen to view your Camera Roll (as you would normally). Then select whatever you'd like to share by tapping it. If it's over 24 hours old, Instagram will automatically supply a new sticker showing the date the photo was taken. However, unlike on Snapchat (where adding an older photo or a photo taken outside the app gives you a telltale white frame), the timestamp isn't mandatory — you can choose to remove it if you'd like, leaving your story aesthetically uninhibited.

October 26, 2017 - ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM... with Instagram's new Superzoom feature

If you're like me and you find zooms hilarious, then the latest update to Instagram Stories is going to make you so, so, so happy.

Superzoom as it's called is the latest Instagram stories record feature on the app that goes alongside features like Boomerang, Rewind, Hands-free, and Live Mode, and it does exactly what it sounds like it does:

Highlight the tool in the story camera, choose the front- or rear-facing camera, and then tap the button. If you tap once you'll create a 3-second Superzoom; you can tap and hold to create a longer one. (Verge)

The best part All of your Superzooms will have dramatic music in the background, so now you can truly be the dramatic gopher you always dreamed of.

( today that it's rolling out some new control features that allow you to keep your account a kind, safe place for you to express yourself. The new tools are as follows:

Comment controls

If you have a public Insta account, you'll now be able to hand-pick who is able to comment on your posts. According to Instagram, this can mean everyone or groups of people, such as only your followers or only people you follow. In addition, whether your account is public or private, you'll be able to block any person from commenting on your posts. The company is also expanding its offensive comments filter (which launched in June and only worked for English comments) to include Arabic, French, German and Portuguese.

Anonymous Reporting for Live Video

This feature allows you to anonymously report concerns you have for anyone streaming a live broadcast. This means that if you see that someone is in need of help or struggling with mental health concerns, you can reach out to Instagram. The user will then see "a message offering help with options to talk to a helpline, reach out to a friend or get other tips and support." The company says it has responders across the world working 24/7 in order to attend to those who require support as quickly as possible.

**Kindess Walls and new Kindness Stickers

Instagram is painting murals in different cities in order to turn walls into "kindness walls." Users can visit, take a photo or video, and share kind messages with their followers. The company also released new heart-shaped stickers specifically for use at kindness walls.

For more info on Instagram's commitment to fostering a gentle and encouraging environment, you can visit the Instagram Together page.

September 21, 2017 - Instagram introduces Live Face Filters

Instagram announced on its blog today that you can now play around with Face Filters while you're streaming video using Instagram Live.

If you want to use a Face Filter during your broadcast, all you have to do is tap the icon that looks like a sparkling face in the bottom right-hand corner. You can then scroll through the Face Filters on the bottom of your screen and tap the one you like to activate it. Instagram is also offering a special sunglasses Face Filter that will be available exclusively in Live video for the next week. If you use it, after you've selected it you can tap to change the scenery that's reflected in your virtual lenses.

Once you've finished streaming, you can either choose to save the video to your story or discard it.

September 18, 2017 - Instagram for iOS changes how autoplay functions

Up until this point, Instagram has autoplayed videos on mute as you scroll through your feed, only playing the clips with sound once you tap them. However, now when you tap one autoplayed video to hear it with sound, all future videos you see on your feed will autoplay with sound. This will reset every time you close the app.

Don't worry though - even during a single Insta-scrolling session, if you don't want to hear sound on any further videos, you can silence them once again by tapping on them just as you did to hear the audio in the first place.

August 31st, 2017 - You can now watch Instagram Stories online!

Never fear, online Instagram Stories are here!

Instagram announced today that you will soon be able to watch Instagram Stories on online browsers!

Before, users could only view videos/images, comment, like, and search their Instagram accounts on, but now stories will appear at the top of your feed, just like they do in the app itself.

To skip or go back to a specific story, all you have to do is tap the left and right arrows.

Stories has quickly become an important part of the Instagram experience — over 250 million people use it every day to see what their friends are doing in the moment. Now we're excited to bring stories to people who use Instagram on the web. (Instagram)

August 29th, 2017 - PRAISE THE 'GRAM: You can upload portrait and landscape shots in Instagram photo galleries

Don't be such a square: upload your Instagram galleries with portrait and landscape photos ASAP!

Starting today, you can choose landscape and portrait formats when sharing multiple photos and videos in one post. (Instagram Blog)

When Instagram first announced their gallery idea where people were able to put multiple photos in a series into one post, the Internet went wild — and for good reason! You no longer needed to clutter people's timelines with your 10 photos of your weekend trip to the lake.

One thing that people were bummed out about was the fact that you were only able to upload square images: this meant that if you had a beautiful portrait shot of a group of friends, or a stunning landscape shot of a sunset on the horizon, you were SOL.

Now Instagram has made some changes, and starting today, you can now upload your photos and videos in both landscape and portrait formats!

Oh, and before you ask...

To keep the experience smooth and consistent, however, all photos and videos in your post must be shared in the same format. (Instagram Blog)

August 15, 2017 - Instagram adds comment threads

Looking to improve upon the conversations that take place in the comments section, Instagram is adding threaded replies to comments.

When you hit reply underneath a comment on a post, you'll be replying directly to their comment and Instagram will nest your comment beneath theirs. The company says it's a much better way to keep track of conversations:

Comment threads help you keep track of conversations and make it easy to respond to a specific thread. This update will make your feed an even better place to share interests, get inspired and connect with others.

I'll admit I've enjoyed reading through some silly arguments in the comments of famous folks' Instagram posts. Now instead of scrolling through hundreds of comments and trying to sort through the mess, you'll be able to see all the action in one thread! Or you can, y'know, "get inspired and connect with others," as Instagram puts it.

The new feature is available in the latest versions of Instagram on both iOS and Android.

August 8, 2017 - Instagram testing new feature that'll let you broadcast live with a friend

Instagram is testing a new live video feature. The feature lets you add a guest to your broadcast, creating a split-screen viewing experience between the two of you. Instagram says live video can be a little intimidating and lonely, and this feature is meant to help with that:

Now, you can hang out and go live together, whether you're just doing homework or catching up on your day. Live video helps you share in an authentic way, but sometimes it can be intimidating when you're on your own.

Next to the switch camera icon in the bottom right corner of the screen, you'll find a new button that lets you add someone who's currently watching your broadcast. Instagram says you'll be able to remove the guest at any time, swap them out for someone else, or let them exit the broadcast on their own.

Although Instagram seems to be marketing it as a means of hanging out with a friend (while others watch), the real value is arguably its use as a live interview tool. You can also use it to pull in a viewer for a more back-and-forth interaction.

The new feature is currently in testing with "a small percentage of [Instagram users]," but it's expected to roll out to everyone over the next few months.

Share a Replay of Your Live Video to Instagram Stories

On June 20th, Instagram announced that they're going to start rolling out the option for users to share a replay of their live videos directly to their Instagram Stories!

When your broadcast has ended, you'll be able to tap "Share" at the bottom of the screen to add your replay to Instagram Stories for 24 hours. You can also tap the toggle and choose "Discard," and your live video will disappear from the app as usual.

Instagram is letting users send links in direct messages now!

Yup, you read that right! Instagram's latest major update is for it's Direct messaging feature: users can now send links directly!

On top of that, the app is also adding automatic links to phone numbers and addresses, which is incredibly helpful while conversing with pals over Insta.

The Verge:

Additionally, the update adds support for both landscape and portrait pictures sent through Direct. So, instead of weirdly cropping your pictures, they'll now show up properly in their intended dimensions.

Instagram has introduced Snapchat-style augmented reality face filters. Here's everything you need to know!

One of the reasons Snapchat has become so popular over the last couple of years has been because of the app's AR (or augmented reality) face filters AKA World Lenses.

If you're ever been swiping through Tinder or scrolling through Facebook and have noticed a photo of a girl with a dog nose, floppy ears, and sometimes a big tongue, that feature is actually from a super popular Snapchat AR filter that blew up last year once the Kardashians got their hooks into it.

Now Instagram has announced that their following the filter hysteria and introducing their very own AR filters to Instagram stories!


Today, we're introducing face filters in the camera, an easy way to turn an ordinary selfie into something fun and entertaining. Whether you're sitting on the couch at home or you're out and about, you can use face filters to express yourself and have playful conversations with friends.

How many filters will there be to choose from

There are allegedly 8 AR face filter options, but there's nothing stopping the app from (yet again) copying Snapchat and adding and updating new ones every day/week.

How does it work


Face filters will work with Instagram's built-in Boomerang feature which creates short loops, and both rewind and hands-free mode work with the new feature. After you capture a photo with a face filter, you can use Instagram's existing markup features to draw over the image, add stickers, and more.

When will this feature be launched

Today, apparently!

How can I find it

There will be a new 'face effect' icon that will appear in Instagram's main camera section.

Any questions

Are you excited for face filters/World Lenses/Snapchat 2 деньги на WebMoney

0 to come to Instagram Or would you prefer if the app would stop ripping off the original

Let us know what you think of Instagram's latest update in the comments below!

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Top 5 Free Screen Recording Software for Windows . - HKDC

With the Windows 10 operating system launches Cortana, which is very helpful for users. However, Windows 10 inbuilt features have some errors. Among all these errors Cortana Is Not Working In Windows 10 is the error which most of the users reported and encountered with! If you are also facing this issue and want the solution for this then here we are giving you some quick fixes that will help you in fixing this problem. To know more keep reading.

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How to fix Cortana Is Not Working In Windows 10

These are some couple of fixes that would help you in fixing the issue of Cortana, in your Windows 10 device. These fixes are:

Check you are not using small icons

Most of the times Cortana Is Not Working In Windows 10 error can also be occurred because you are using small icons. If you are also facing the issue of Cortana not working Windows 10, so first check that you are using small icons or not. If yes then change it. To change the icon size follow the steps:

  • Step 1. On the taskbar right click to open properties.
  • Step 2. In properties Windows open Taskbar and start menu properties.
  • Step 3. To disable small icons uncheck the checkbox of use small taskbar button.
  • Step 4. Click on Apply button.
  • Step 5. Click on Ok button to save the applied changes.

After applying all the changes close all the tabs of properties. Now refresh your system. After refreshing your system, you will see that Cortana search box will automatically appear on your screen.

Fix – Disable your Antivirus Software

The Antivirus software which you are using may be the reason why Windows 10 Cortana not working. You have to disable the Antivirus software from your system. As in Windows 10 operating system, you don’t need to install any Antivirus software to prevent your system from virus or malware infection. There is the inbuilt feature of firewall and antivirus software to protect your system from virus attacks. So you don’t need to install any antivirus software on your device.

Fix – Check regional settings

After you see Windows 10 Cortana is missing, the first step you should take is to check your regional settings. As we all know Cortana supports only limited languages.

So if you are facing this issue then check the settings of Cortana to see if you have installed it with wrong regional settings. To check that steps are:

  • Step 1.  The open setting app on your device.
  • Step 2. Under settings click on Region and Language option.
  • Step 3. From the region and country drop down menu select any supported regions or country.
  • Step 4. Now click on speech option.
  • Step 5. From the speech drop down menu select any supported language.
  • Step 6. Now save all the settings you change and close all the tabs.
  • Step 7. Restart your system.

Fix – Check Microphone settings

If you are still facing Cortana Is Not Working in Windows 10 issue then the problem can be with the settings of your devices Microphone. As we all know Cortana is dependent on the microphone, so if there is a problem with settings of your microphone then the Cortana issue will not be easily solved. To solve this issue, you have so checked settings of Microphone.

To do that steps are:

  • Step 1. Open device manager on your system. You can also open it from start menu by right clicking on the start menu and select device manager.
  • Step 2. Move to sound and game controller.
  • Step 3. Now right click on sound driver option.
  • Step 4. From there select update drivers.
  • Step 5. After downloading the updated version of the software, install it on your system.
  • Step 6. Now open recording devices option.
  • Step 7. To set your preferred microphone as your default microphone, click on it.
  • Step 8. To open properties of microphone right click on it.
  • Step 9. Now test your microphone. If it is working properly, then it will rise.
  • Step 10. If there is still a problem with the working of microphone the open the property of default device.
  • Step 11. From level tab, volume up option.
  • Step 12. Restart your system.

After restarting you will see the Cortana is visible to you again and is working properly.

Fix – Reset Cortana

If the problem persists, then the problem Windows 10 start button and search not working can be solved by resetting the Cortana software with the help PowerShell. To reset Cortana with the help of PowerShell, you have to run some commands on the command prompt Windows, and that’s it.

To do that steps are:

  • Step 1. Type PowerShell in the search box to open it.
  • Step 2. Run this PowerShell as Admin.
  • Step 3. In the PowerShell command prompt type the following command

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode-Register “  $($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml ”.

This command will automatically download the essential software and reinstall Cortana on your device.

  • Step 4. After running the command wait for the process to finish.
  • Step 5. Restart your system.

After restarting your system check out Cortana, it will be free from Cortana not working Windows 10 error.

Fix – Reset your system

If all the methods didn’t work for you then the option left for your system, you can reset your device using system recovery option or reinstall Cortana. Since resetting your system can be a lengthy process but to solve Cortana Is Not Working In Windows 10 error this can be the last option you have to try. To reset your device using recovery option. To reset your device follow the below given steps:

  • Step 1. The open setting app on your device.
  • Step 2. Click on Update and security option to open.
  • Step 3. Now click on option Reset this PC.
  • Step 4. Click on the button of Get started.
  • Step 5. Now select keep my files option. Now the reinstallation process gets started.
  • Step 6. After that restart your system.

After restarting your system you will see Windows 10 Cortana not working error is solved and Cortana is working fine on your system. But one thing remembers before resetting your device always take a full backup of your data and application programs. As after resetting your device, the data can be recovered, but application programs will be removed from your device.

This is all about Cortana not working Windows 10 error and how to solve this. We hope all the given methods help in solving the Cortana Is Not Working In Windows 10 error. Now Cortana is working fine on your system. If you have any problem with any of the explained methods feel free to ask Malwarebytes Anti Malware 2015


STOP! You are welcome to read this post and understand the background on my search for a complete solution to posting images to Instagram from the Web.

However, if you just want to cut to the chase and get to a solution that works, read this article instead. Of all the solutions I have tried, it is the best.


UPDATE: If you found this post via the search engines, definitely read through the various options below, but also check out this newer post that covers using HootSuite for posting photos from your desktop PC or Mac to Instagram.

I have used the Dropbox method detailed below for almost 2 years now and it still works fine, and I really consider it to be the easiest, fastest way to upload your photos from your Mac or PC desktop to Instagram. If, though, you use Hootsuite on a regular basis, you might consider using the Hootsuite method.

Well…it’s happened again. I’ve stumbled across another one of those social media tasks that should be soooo simple, yet isn’t. Similar to my articles on switching between Twitter mobile and desktop and reorganizing your Facebook photos,

I expect that there are a lot of people out there searching for the answer to this one too. From family and friend, as well as readers, I have gotten the same question numerous times.

How do I upload photos from my digital camera, desktop PC or Mac to Instagram

I found my solution to this problem after returning from a much-needed family vacation from social media via a Disney cruise to the Bahamas. After the trip, I had tons of photos stored on my digital camera.

I wanted to share some of them via Instagram, but since they aren’t on my phone or my table, I found I couldn’t share them. You see, unlike Facebook, Instagram doesn’t offer any way to upload photos from the Web interface.

So, I turned to Google for ways to upload my photos to Instagram from my deskotp. Here are some queries that I tried to find a solution:

  • Upload photos Instagram from my desktop
  • Upload photos from a PC to Instagram
  • Add photos to Instagram via the Web
  • Instagram workaround for uploading photos
  • App for uploading Instagram photos from PC or Mac
  • Upload Instagram photos from my computer

Unfortunately, all of these queries really pointed to the same set of outdated (and now non-functional) tips, hints, workarounds and “solutions”.

I gave them a try to see if they worked and then found the one that seemed to be the easiest and worked flawlessly.

Yes, you can post photos to Instagram directly from your desktop. Here's how. Click To Tweet

Closest Solution #1 – Use

The first out of date solution is to use a product called Gramblr. This app is a desktop app that says it allows you to upload photos from your PC directly to Instagram. The problem is that the app isn’t available. Right on their front page, they acknowledge that they’re working out issues with the Mac version of their software, but when you click the link to the PC version of the download, you get a 404 error.


Unfortunately Gramblr Is Not A Solution For Uploading Photos To Instagram Via The Web

UPDATE: Per my note at the top of this post. is now available and does allow you to update via your desktop. So far, it’s the easiest solution available that doesn’t require a mobile device. If you don’t like the Dropbox solution outlined below (which is what I use), check out Gramblr.

Non-Solution #2 – Use BlueStacks

The second recommendation, from CNet, is to use an app emulator called BlueStacks. This was one of the worst, cludgy, and non-functional suggestions that I tried. I installed BlueStacks just fine, then installed the Android version of Instagram and then fired it up.

I could browse, like and comment on the photos just fine, albeit horribly slow (and I have a pretty beefy PC). However, when I tried to add a photo, no go.

The article says:

To upload a photo from your desktop, click the camera button, then select the polaroid icons in the lower-right of the app window. This will prompt you to select a photo from your drive. (If you use Instagram on Android, this entire process will be familiar.) Then, edit and upload the photo as usual.

Unfortunately, the Android version that is specifically called out in this article, doesn’t allow you to browse the local file structure on your PC.

Sure, I could take an additional step and install ES File Explorer, map a network drive to my PC folders via IP address and then share…but that’s a LOT of extra steps and work just to share a photo.

BlueStacks was cludgy and didn’t allow for access to the file system on your PC or Mac, so it’s not good for uploading photos to Instagram

So…BlueStacks is out as a potential solution.

Somewhat Solution #3 – Use Botio

I call a “somewhat solution” because, while it might work, I don’t recommend it.

You see, Botio asks you for your Instagram username and password. I’m not comfortable passing that information through a site/application that I know nothing about so I chose not to try it.

NOTE: I don’t recommend giving your social network passwords to any third party app. That’s just asking to be part of a future hack. If the developers aren’t savvy enough to use Instagram’s Web services and authentication services, then they probably aren’t really focused on security.

Like I said, I don’t recommend it, but if you decide to give it a try it claims to allow you to upload one photo at a time via their Web interface. If you try it, let us know how it works by adding a comment.

Botio requires that you pass a username and password to upload photos to Instagram

So, at least for me for security reasons…Botio is out.

The Best Solution (For Me, Anyway) – Use Dropbox To Store And Upload The Photos

So all those “solutions” that tout allowing you to upload photos from your PC or Mac….they don’t. And there’s probably a good reason for that. Instagram was designed to be a mobile app, capturing the world around you via your phone.

They didn’t build an upload interface because that’s not how they saw the app being used. But…since humans are humans, we often use the app in ways that differ from how the developers intended it.

Soo…the workaround.

The fastest and easiest way to share your photos to Instagram from your PC or Mac desktop is just to use Dropbox. Dropbox is a great free app that allows you to easily share photos and files from your desktop to mobile phone or tablet, so I just dropped the photos I wanted to share in a Dropbox folder on my PC and then shared them from my Android tablet.


Dropbox takes 2 minutes to install on your PC and then you can create as many folders as you’d like.

I created a folder called “Cruise” and then just dropped the photos into the folder.

Dropbox provides the solution for uploading photos to Instagram from your desktop PC or Mac

Then I headed over to my tablet, where I had the Dropbox app installed and then long-pressed on the photo to open it in the Photo Gallery.

From there, I could share directly to Instagram.

Note: The Android Dropbox app doesn’t allow you to share directly to Instagram, so that’s the reason for opening the photo in the gallery first. Once you open the photo in your gallery, you can edit it, crop it, add text, etc…and then upload it to Instagram using the Share feature.

There you have it. Three non-solutions and one decent solution to allow you to share photos from your desktop or digital camera to Instagram.

There is an actual method to upload photos from your PC or Mac to Instagram. Here's how. Click To Tweet

I hope these helps and would love to hear about any other workarounds out there.



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6 Instagram Hacks You Haven't Heard Before - Later Blog

One of the biggest challenges to using any social network is getting help. In most cases, you’ll often find a lot of people with similar questions, but no answers. We’ve compiled a list of the best way’s to contact Instagram about any issues you are having with your account. This way you can get your resolve your issues quickly by routing them to the right place.

How to contact Instagram

Instagram – Report a hacked account

Has your Instagram account been hacked You can contact Instagram to get this fixed using the “report a hacked account form.”

Instagram – Bugs

Did you run across a bug while using Instagram Contact Instagram and let them know what you were doing when the error occurred and what type of device you were using.  This form provided everything you need to report a bug to Instagram.

Instagram – Username issues

Do you have an issue with your Instagram username If so, use this form to get your questions about your Instagram username answered.

Instagram – Distorted / Pixelated Images

If your issues are related to image quality, there’s a separate form for submitting these issues to Instagram. Before submitting an issue related to distorted or pixelated images, be sure you’ve upgraded to the latest version of their software.

Instagram – Report web profile

Having problems with an Instagram web profile You can contact Instagram and report users. This form is specifically for reporting users and not for technical issues.

Instagram – Device compatibility for Android

Sometimes our devices and our apps don’t play nice with one another. If you have an Android device and are having trouble installing Instagram, you’ll want to contact Instagram using this form.

Instagram – Contact Law Enforcement

If you have an immediate need to contact Instagram about illegal or suspicious activity posted on the site, this form provides instructions on how to reach Law Enforcement.

Note: this form should only be used in extreme emergencies.

Instagram – Black images on Android

If you experience black images or images with gray pixels on them on your Android device, you’ll want to use this form to contact Instagram.

This way you issue is sent to the right team to fix and repair.


Want instant access to contact Instagram You can always send a tweet to their Instagram account on Twitter @Instagram. This is usually one of the fastest way’s to report an issue and to get answers to your issues.


If  instant access to contact Instagram, they offer support @InstagramHelp. This account looks like it hasn’t been updated in a while, so you might be better off contacting Instagram @Instagram, which is very active.

Instagram on Facebook

If you don’t use Twitter and stil need to contact Instagram, you can always message them through the Instagram Facebook Page. In my experience, Twitter has been the fastest way to contact them.

Note: you don’t always get notified when someone sends you a Facebook message. You may have to go back and periodically check your Facebook profile.

What to submit when you contact Instagram

When you’re ready to contact Instagram, be sure you have the following information ready. This can help expedite your issue and lead to a faster response from Instagram. Chances are, they have already received similar questions from other Instagram users.

  • Identify your issue
  • Choose one (1) way to contact Instagram from the above list
  • Provide detailed instructions on how to reproduce your issue
  • Take a screenshot

What to do after you contact Instagram

While everyone considers their issue to be the most important one for Instagram to answer, you don’t need to use every form to contact Instagram.

Decide how important your Instagram issue is and contact them through the appropriate channel. Remember, some issues are more involved than you think so be patient when waiting for a response.

Question: What are some of the issues you currently have with Instagram Leave a comment below with your issues AC III CRACK ONLY


# Windows Registry Not Working - 2017 (FIX) 5 Star Rating .

In Short Hacks: 2018, is going to start and still you’re using old versions of Windows Then you have to read this Windows 10 Pro Feature guide. Here we shared Windows 10 Pro Features, Pro’s and How To Download Windows 10 Full Free ISO 32 Bit and 64 Bit for your desired Computer.So Upgrade your Windows 10 Now.

Download Windows 10 Full Free 2018 | itechhacks

Download Windows 10 Free Official: It’s been quite a time since the Windows 10 is out on the market and it is doing good. As of now with several updates which were needed as the first Windows 10 version had so many bugs that many people didn’t opt for it and went with installing the old and successful Windows 8 or 8.1. Also, we can call the Windows 10 a hybrid of Windows 8 and Windows 7. But now after so many huge updates let’s look at some reasons to opt for Windows now in 2018 as there isn’t any Windows 11 or Windows 12 coming anytime soon.

We always love the moment when new Windows OS release comes from Microsoft every year. but on this year (2018) Windows refuses to launch Windows 11 for sure. All Users were expecting Windows 11 after the current Windows 10. In this latest version of Microsoft Windows, 10 has a new look of Metro Style UI (User Interface). and Windows 10 now become mostly advanced used OS on any computer or laptop coming to market. So Here we are revealing How to Download Windows 10 Full Free 2018. Here you will get to find latest windows 10 creators update iso download

Download Windows 10 Full Free (ISO 32-64 Bit) 2018 For PC

We all know that Windows is worldwide or we can say 90% of computers are running on Windows operating system. this is because of Microsoft’s best user-friendly interface. and so far they are making their Graphics and User interface smarter and lighter. No doubt, each and every person can use Windows without any problem. Indeed, Windows are quite simple to install and recover. Somehow, many are spreading a rumor that Windows Never Defeat Apple’s OS i.e MAC. What do you think that MAC is better than Windows Obviously,  Many of you never use MAC OS but this is the truth that you regularly use Windows Based Computers. So no doubt, you can say Windows is best and it has loads of features that MAC doesn’t have.

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Features in Windows 10 Full Free Available in 2018

Why should you install Windows 10 Relax! Here I shared it’s some of the best pros that help you to choose Windows 10 right next for your Computer.

The most basic thing which is the start menu is back with its look somewhat like the old start menu from Windows 8.1. Features such as live tiles are back, and these tiles can be resized.

2. Redesigned task viewer

Microsoft has dumped the Windows 8 task switcher as it has come up with a new task viewer in Windows 10 which allows users to switch between virtual desktops. This move could have been inspired by the novice who use the taskbar to switch between desktops instead of other provided shortcuts (Alt Tab).

3. Universal apps

Metro apps/ Modern apps/ Windows Store apps are renamed as universal apps. These apps could also work on Windows phone, but there is no confirmed news as of now. There will be a single app store access for all Windows 10 users. Also, all older Windows apps will work on Windows 10. The new universal apps work across the lot from phones to servers. Notably, they will float in their Windows.

4. Consolidated screens

Microsoft has ruled out the different menu screen and display in Windows 10. Instead, it has put both of them on the same screen now. The newly designed start menu has all the apps/ programs located in one place, and this start menu can be customized by the users.

5. Cortana

Cortana is a personal assistant assigned to every Windows 10 user by Microsoft. Cortana can answer the questions asked by the user. Cortana can be used to know the weather conditions or to send emails etc. Cortana also helps to search for information on Google. An alternative to Cortana is also available to the users. Bing, a search engine also helps to search for answers to your questions.

6. High-level security

Windows 10 has set new limits in case of security with its unmatched security options provided to the users. One can use face detection along with fingerprint and PIN as a password. Also, visual passwords or 3- motion gesture passwords can be used to secure private data. If the user is not comfortable with either of these security options then, account information can be set as a password.

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Minimum System (Computer) Requirements:

Before moving ahead lemme clear the main doubt in your mind about your computer minimum specifications or requirements:

  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster processor or SoC (system on a chip). 64-bit versions of Windows 10 require a processor that supports CMPXCHG16b, PrefetchW, and LAHF/SAHF capabilities.
  • RAM: At least 1 GB for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit
  • Hard Disk Space: 16 GB for 32-bit or 20 GB for 64-bit
  • Graphics: DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver. (No Need or Graphics if you don’t have)
  • Display or Resolution: 1024 x 600. (or less than this)

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Download Windows 10 Full (ISO 32-64 Bit) Free 2018

First, you all have to download “Media Creation Tool“. After that, you can easily upgrade your previous Windows to New Windows 10.

  • Download Windows 10 Full Free ISO 32 Bit
  • Download Windows 10 Full Free ISO 64 Bit

How To: Steps To Install Windows 10 on your PC/Computer 2018

1. After Installing “Media Creation Tools“. All you need to do is to create Windows 10 Installation Disc. Click to “Create an Installation Media

2. Click “Next“. then launch it and you will have two option either to make USB flash drive bootable to install windows or either get the ISO file.Here I suggest you go with USB Flash Drive.

Also Read: How To Create Bootable Kali Linux Live USB on Windows

3. Now Select the “ISO File option” there.

4. See the picture below, Your downloading process will start and it will take time according to your internet speed.

5. After the Windows 10 downloading is Successfully complete you will get a

the.ISO file of Windows 10 and now you need to burn that ISO file on the DVD disc and for that firstly download and install Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool. 

6. Relax! There should be no trouble with a title that is Windows 7. But this software works perfectly fine with Windows 7,8 or 8.1 and Windows 10. Now you have to install the downloaded software. After installing it now, you have to run it.

7. Now there, you can see a popup window with browse option.Now locate the path of Windows ISO file and select it then click on next button.

8. The final Step for Windows 10, Only you have to click on the DVD to make it bootable to install Windows 10 on any PC.

9. Now Simply the burning process will start automatically, or you have to do it. and then choose the desired PC where you want to Install Windows 10 Free Fully.

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Now it’s Your Turn: That’s All Done from our side. This the way you can easily Download Windows 10 Full Free for any Computer in 2018. I think it’s quite easy for you all also. you can also Upgrade Windows 10. or Upgrade windows 8 to windows 10. Free Download Windows 10 are not easy to do but we make it simple and quite easy for our reader. Still facing any problem Relax! Just Comment below or contact us by Facebook. Don’t Forget to share or tell them about Download Windows 10 Full Free (ISO 32-64 Bit) 2018 AVG PC Tuneup 2012

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