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Go He may have bared (almost) all of that incredibly chiseled body in this year’s Magic Mike but 2012’s Sexiest Man Alive Channing Tatum was still modest .,Here’s the finals recap of PHXAM 2018. Featuring the top 5 placeholders, Maurio McCoy, Jake Ilardi, Jack Olson, Maurice Jordan and Ivan Monteiro.,Below is a list of famous Illuminati members. Some of the people listed below can be proven to be linked to being a member of the Illuminati while some are .

Скачать Музыка Сборник клипов: Россыпьююю (2012 .

I am dismayed at the lack of information available for taps.  Sure, they are just hunks of metal, but they are hunks that completely reshaped an art form.  I continually find misinformation when searching the internet, and it appears that everyone who writes about taps has cut and pasted from the same unreliable source.  For example:

“Generally, three different types of tap shoes are available: teletone, duotone and supertone.” -About.com

This is not true.  Teletone and Duotone are trademarked brand names of Capezio and are not universally regarded as a type of tap, and Supertone has been applied to a number of taps from a couple different companies.  To say that these are the only types of taps available is like saying all shoes are classified as either Jordan’s,  Air Jordan’s, or Limited Edition Jordan’s.  The worst part is that you can more or less find this EXACT SAME SENTENCE on numerous websites.

But let’s face it: the most interesting part of a tap shoe is the taps.  As a kid I put flat tacks on the bottom of my sneakers because even before my first tap class I knew that it was the sound that gave tap dance its novelty.  The Great Tap Shoeganza wouldn’t be complete without focusing on the tap dancer’s most versatile tool.

Before The Taps

A tap dancer does not need metal taps to produce great percussive art.  By flipping through Marshall and Jean Sterns’ Jazz Dance, which is considered by many to be the tap dancer’s bible, I can’t find mention of the art form being called “Tap” until the beginning of the 20th century.  Until then it was jigging, or vernacular dance, or Buck and Wing dancing, or step dancing.  Wood not being available to everyone, these dances were performed in dirt, on sand, and later developed on concrete street corners.

The shoes that were used had soles of leather or were fashioned with wooden plates.  In many instances, the would-be African pioneers of the art form used bare feet.  Did they have a choice in the matter  I don’t know.  I do know that I am grateful everyday for the spirit that kept them dancing.

Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, as stated in Vallis-Hill’s Tap Dancing America, wore “split-soled clog shoes, an American adaptation of the solid wooden clogs from the Lancashire and Lakeland regions of England.”  The shoes had an attached half-sole made of wood that was “left loose, allowing for greater flexibility and tonality.”

That extra something…

Without the taps, a tap shoe is just a shoe.  The addition of metal taps is that rare phenomenon; what began as a concept was agreed upon by many and has evolved into a tool as useful and versatile as any at an artist’s employ.  What was a fad is now an era.  Make no mistake, many tap dancers are just as finicky with their taps as they are with every other aspect of the dance.

Now That You Have The Tap, Where Do You Put It

I personally struggle with the placement of my taps.  I prefer that the tap covers as much of the edge of the toe as possible, maybe even stick out a little.  But not all taps are large enough for my wide feet.  Sometimes I have to move it up and to the left or the right, depending on the sole of the shoe.  Of course, many of my peers aren’t as compulsive when it comes to tap placement, but, as with the dance itself, it is a labor of love.

If I don’t have enough metal on the lateral side (outer edge) of the front of my shoe, my pinky toes get really sore after practicing wings.  Also, small taps make those satisfying notes you get from striking the taps against each other more elusive.  Wide or narrow, long or short, the dimensions of your foot will affect the type of tap you buy and where you place it.

You have to play around.  There are so many tap-to-shoe variations that it is absolutely possible to be physically and harmonically satisfied with your tap shoes.

Like a Fingerprint…

The taps produced by today’s leading manufacturers are distinctive from one another.  Most of the companies that produce tap shoes also produce the tap that comes with it, and each tap has a personality all its own.

Capezio’s Tele-Tone taps are moderate in both weight and tone.

Leo’s Ultratone toe tap is thicker and fills out the edge of the shoe more, but is a little clunky.

SoDanca’s taps are slightly convex and produce a bright upper-register tone, though their edges are so sharp that your shoes may treat your floor like a grater treats a block of Wisconsin cheddar.

Consider your style.  Do you prefer lighter, tinier sounding taps, or a deeper, warmer tone  Do you dance more flat-footed, or do you get up on your toes  Have you ever cracked a tap before  Matching your particular needs with the perfect tap and shoe combination is a great pastime for amateurs and an essential aide for professionals.

Got a Screw Loose

Loose taps can drive you crazy, and I remember having to tighten my taps every five minutes when I was a kid.  If only someone had showed me all of the options available for keeping the taps from falling off my shoes.  No more!

Fix’em Yourself – Here is a way to make stripped screws like (almost) new.  All you need are a book of matches and some wood glue.  Take a small sliver of pulpy wood product, like the end of a match stick, and dip it in some wood glue.  Be careful that your wood sliver is neither too fat nor too long for the screw hole.  Insert it into the stripped hole and replace the original screw.  The additional wood pulp will make new threads for the screw to latch onto and the wood glue bonds the new threads to the shoe.

I’ve been doing this since I was a kid, and I asked my consultant, Matthew Schroepfer from Dancing Fain Inc., if this is still an acceptable procedure to fix loose screws.  He confirmed that it is, though not before warning about using super glue or other adhesive products.  “Other types of glue become rigid when they dry and will crack.  Wood glue never completely dries, and it stays malleable enough to flex with the screw.”

Capezio TeleTone taps with nails and soundboards

Soundboard – A soundboard is a thin, fiberboard that helps keep the metal attached to the sole.  When the taps get loose the threads on the screws will catch and become retained in the fiberboard.  There is a slight tonal shift produced by having your taps pressed against the fiberboard, but in my experience it is not very dramatic.  Why is it called a soundboard if it doesn’t really affect the sound  I guess “supplementary affixation pad” just didn’t sell as well.

How many screws – By now most tap dancers and shoe companies have agreed on the three screw tap, now the standard for taps.  However, there are taps available that could have as many as five, six, or even eight screw holes, or as few as one.  More screws equals a better attached tap, and less screws means, well, less screws to deal with.

Screws, who needs ’em – Glue them on!  That’s right, you can have the taps glued on with a good adhesive to insure that they stay in place.  This will cause some tonal shift, perhaps more than the soundboard will, but if that doesn’t bother you, then just think of the peace of mind that comes with taps that will stay just how you like them… always

Photo courtesy of Shinichi Matsumoto


Ask car geeks about their cars, and there is no nook or cranny that has not been analyzed.  They can tell you the year, make, model, country of origin, sculptor who designed the exterior, the type of welds used to secure the frame, which engine he chose and why.  The same goes for enthusiasts of guitars, comic books, foodies, technophiles…  So why not tap dance

Who designed the taps used by hundreds of thousands around the world  What are the differences in tone for the various brands  Even finding the right size tap for your shoe can be a frustrating process!  (Size 00)  I’m interested to learn all I can about this wonderful instrument, and I’m betting that there are others out there like me.  Stay tuned WinRAR 4.20 Final 32bit 64bit

Did this deeper look into the ‘tap’ make you think differently about your shoes or how you use them

What is your tap of choice

Go Meaning of Two Nation Theory The Two Nation Theory in its simplest way means the cultural,political,religious,economic and social dissimilarities between the two .,This is the last of a three-part series. On February 13, 2012 we presented the first part (He And His Objectives) and on March 7, 2012, we presented the .,He may have bared (almost) all of that incredibly chiseled body in this year’s Magic Mike but 2012’s Sexiest Man Alive Channing Tatum was still modest .

Go I Am Alive is a survival video game developed by Ubisoft Shanghai and published by Ubisoft. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting and focuses on facing .,I like living. I've sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all I still know quite certainly that just .,This is the last of a three-part series. On February 13, 2012 we presented the first part (He And His Objectives) and on March 7, 2012, we presented the .

Below is a list of famous Illuminati members. Some of the people listed below can be proven to be linked to being a member of the Illuminati while some are just allegedly linked to being members of the Illuminati. The people listed below come from being your typical modern-day celebrities (typical to those who don't know about the Illuminati that is) to also being very famous and powerful world leaders (hence that these are the types of people that the Illuminati recruit).

If you don't know already, the Illuminati was founded in 1776 in Bavaria which is the southeastern area of Germany and it was founded by Adam Weishaupt. It started out as a group of 5 in which they all considered themselves to be the "elite" and "enlightened ones" while many anti-Illuminati will now consider them to be "evil" or a "secretive society". 

The original purpose of forming the Illuminati was to gain both world power and control. They would do this by recruiting members who have fame, fortune, and power (aka the elite) and use these people like puppets to influence ordinary people. 

Here is the list below of famous Illuminati members (both alleged proven evidence):

  • Aalyiah - Illuminati
  • Adele - Illuminati
  • Alicia Keys - Illuminati 
  • Angelina Jolie - Illuminati
  • Avril Lavigne - Illuminati
  • Barack Obama - Illuminati
  • Beyonce Knowles - Illuminati
  • Blue Ivy - Illuminati
  • Bob Dylan - Illuminati
  • Bob Marley - Illuminati 
  • Bono (from U2) - Illuminati
  • Britney spears - Illuminati
  • Cash Money/Young Money Records - Illuminati
  • Celine Dion - Illuminati
  • Chris Brown - Illuminati
  • Ciara - Illuminati
  • Cristiano Ronaldo - Illuminati 
  • Cypress hill - Illuminati
  • Darren Brown - Illuminati 
  • David bowie - Illuminati
  • Disturbed - Illuminati
  • Dr dre - Illuminati
  • Dr. Dre - Illuminati 
  • Drake - Illuminati
  • Eminem - Illuminati
  • George W. Bush Sr. Jr. - Illuminati
  • George Washing (was a Freemasonry) - Illuminati
  • Gordon Brown - Illuminati 
  • Hugo Weaving - Illuminati
  • Hulk Hogan - Illuminati 
  • Iggy Azalea - Illuminati
  • Jay z - Illuminati
  • Jay-Z - Illuminati
  • Jennifer Hudson - Illuminati
  • Jennifer Lopez - Illuminati
  • Jim Carey - Illuminati
  • Jimi Hendrix - Illuminati 
  • John Cena - Illuminati cm punk - Illuminati 
  • John Travolta - Illuminati 
  • Justin Bieber - Illuminati
  • Kanye West - Illuminati
  • Katty Parry - Illuminati
  • Keith Urban - Illuminati
  • Ke$ha - Illuminati
  • Kevin Nash - Illuminati 
  • Kid Cudi - Illuminati
  • Kim Kardashian - Illuminati
  • Kobe Bryant - Illuminati
  • Kris Angel - Illuminati
  • Kyle Monogue - Illuminati
  • Laddy Gaga - Illuminati
  • Lady gaga - Illuminati
  • L'arc en Ciel - Illuminati
  • Laruku from Japan - Illuminati
  • Lebron James - Illuminati
  • Lil Wayne - Illuminati
  • Linkin Park - Illuminati
  • Liverpool FC - Illuminati 
  • Lana Del Rey - Illuminati
  • Madonna - Illuminati
  • Manchster UTD - Illuminati 
  • Marilyn Manson - Illuminati
  • Michael Jackson (Former member turned against Illuminati)
  • Miley Cyrus - Illuminati
  • Nas - Illuminati
  • Natalie Portman - Illuminati
  • Nelson Mandela - Illuminati
  • Ne-Yo - Illuminati
  • Nicki Minaj - Illuminati
  • Notorious B.I.G - Illuminati
  • One Direction - Illuminati
  • P Image Comparer 2008 PC

    Diddy (aka Puff Daddy) - Illuminati
  • Paul Mccartney - Illuminati 
  • Paul Mkenna - Illuminati 
  • Queen Elizabeth ( entire royal family) - Illuminati
  • Randy Orton - Illuminati 
  • Real Betis - Illuminati 
  • Rihanna - Illuminati
  • Scott Hall - Illuminati 
  • Sean Waltmen - Illuminati 
  • Selena Perez - Illuminati
  • Serena Williams - Illuminati
  • Taylor Swift - Illuminati
  • Taylor Momsen - Illuminati 
  • T pain - Illuminati
  • The Dudley Boys - Illuminati 
  • The Mizz - Illuminati 
  • THE POPE! (Jewish Satanist!) - Illuminati
  • The Pretty Reckless (Taylor Momsen!)
  • The White Stripes - Illuminati
  • Tom Cruise - Illuminati
  • Tony Blair - Illuminati 
  • Tupac Shakur (but then turned against them as well) 
  • Vitas (Russian Male Singer) - Illuminati
  • Warren Buffet - Illuminati
  • Whitney Houston (former member with claims of being murdered by Illuminati)
  • Willow Smith (quoted as "Next Illuminati Star")
  • Wiz Khalifa - Illuminati
  • YeahYeahYeahs - Illuminati
  • Yelawolf - Illuminati


Portfolio - Gallery - Photographer Alisa Verner

If you’re reading this, you may be considering having the NovaSure endometrial ablation done, or you may have already had it done. If you have, then I sincerely hope it went well for you. If you have not and are thinking about it, please read this and make an informed decision about it before going forward with it. I can understand a mistake, or a 'oopsie' once in a while, and there are risks associated with any medical procedure. However, once I saw the number of injuries as a direct result of this NovaSure endometrial ablation device, I just couldn't let it go. Not to mention, the suffering I personally went through, the horrible scar and the ongoing issues/pain that I still have to this day. There needs to be some form of retribution made to me, and I certainly hope to anybody out there that was injured from this device.I had the NovaSure procedure done for heavy bleeding, in September ’05, and I am still suffering residual effects from the injury sustained as a result of the NovaSure product. All seemed to go well during the procedure, then the following night I had the most excruciating pain imaginable. I called the OB (no longer my doctor) , she immediately said “it has nothing to do with what we did yesterday”. But she said, if I felt I needed to go in to ER, then go. Oh, she also said “it’s probably gas”… funny one. Basically, I felt I was bothering her. I had no choice but to go to ER, it was awful. I was begging my husband to just shoot me. I’d rather go thru days of hard labor pains than what I was dealing with then.It turned out that the tool had burned my uterus and then burned my bowel, perforating it. This caused sepsis/peritonitis, which can be deadly. They did “emergency” surgery… about 14 hours later. All the while I was still in terrible, awful pain and asking my husband to just shoot me, kill me, whatever. I was then in the hospital for 13 days, 7 of them spent in ICU not knowing if I was going to make it or not. I had congestive heart failure (I was 43 at the time), needed blood transfusions, blood pressure was anything but stable the entire time, my organs were not doing well, etc… of course, according to the OB doctor, Sharon Washington, I was the picture of health. Almost everything she wrote in the medical records contradicted what was actually happening to me physically. Talk about CYA!Had I known the number of injuries this device has caused, I never would have had the NovaSure procedure done. I would have researched other methods – had I been informed of other methods. The doctor (she is no longer my OB) only mentioned NovaSure. It appears this device is marketed very well. After deciding to go with the ablation, I was sent home with an educational video about the product. It was just a marketing tool, and I was gullible.

My purpose for sharing this info is that I’m hoping anybody considering having the NovaSure ablation done, will at least be able to make an informed decision based on some of my research and my horrible experience. Just don’t assume (like I did) that medical products and devices are safe and have been thoroughly tested, and that doctors are well trained in using them. The FDA has a link to information listing all “adverse events” related to devices, here it is: http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cdrh/cfdocs/cfMAUDE/search.CFM Type the word NOVASURE in the ‘brand name’ field and modify the date range. It goes back thru March of ’03.

If you’re wondering if I have a lawsuit against all involved with this “adverse event”, I do. Although, apparently Cytyc is protected by some law as the device was approved by the FDA and is considered a Level 3 device. So patients that are seriously injured cannot sue them for compensation for their injuries and horrible experience. My guess is the families of the women that died cannot sue Cytyc either, due to this law, although I do not know that for sure. It’s a shame. I have never been involved in a lawsuit, ever. I feel there are many frivolous lawsuits from people simply trying to hit the “lotto” by suing . This, however, is warranted. I have a huge scar on my abdomen (up and down), still suffer from pain on the left side of my stomach – daily. Was put thru hell while in the hospital and during recovery, and I have a morbid fear of infections considering it was sepsis that almost killed me.Cytyc’s only defense is this law, that they are protected and I, nor a judge can override this law. So basically, “sorry, but you can’t touch us”. I incurred medical bills due to this, was off of work for 3 months, and just the trauma of almost dying, does, in fact, deserve some form of compensation. They are not at all concerned with the fact that women are being injured regularly with this device. They are well aware of the injuries. In fact, on 6/9/06, Cytyc themselves uploaded appx. 19 “adverse events” all on the same day, which I thought was odd. Some of them were a few years old, yet they are supposed to report injuries within 30 days from the date they are aware of them. Seems somebody wasn’t doing their job, or they just didn’t want the additional adverse events to be public. Obviously they’re not playing by FDA’s rules.Cytyc claim that the FDA’s approval process is “a rigorous one”. They indicate, “on average, the FDA spends more than 2800 hours reviewing each PMA over the course of one year.” Not quite sure how true that is when you consider the last paragraphs in the PMA (P010013) for this device… here they are:


“The pre-clinical and clinical data provide reasonable assurance that the NovaSure System is safe and effective when used in accordance with the directions for use.”


“Pursuant to the provision if Section 515(c)(2) of the Federal, Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act(FDCact) as amended by the Safe Medical Devices Act of 1990, this PMA application was not referred to the Obstetrics and Gynecology Devices Panel, an FDA Advisory Panel Committee, for review and recommendation. FDA believes that previous panel reviews of related endometrial ablation devices provided sufficient guidance for the review of this PMA.”

Hmmmm, doesn’t sound like they spent an average of 2800 hours reviewing this device to me. Also, Cytyc tested a whopping 175 women in their studies and testing phase before this tool was approved. Doesn’t sound like much testing, granted I am not an expert on the making of medical devices.I have previously had 2 ‘low-segment’ c-sections – in the PMA contraindications it mentions nothing about not being a good candidate if you’ve had low-segment c-sections. Although, if you’ve had the “up/down “ c-section, you’re not a viable candidate for this procedure. Why Because your uterus would be compromised and susceptible to injury. So, what’s the difference, a c-section is a c-section, any previous surgery would compromise the integrity of the uterus. Although, if they were to exclude women that have had the low-segment c-section, that wouldn’t leave much of a market for them as c-sections are so common now and they no longer perform the “up-down” c-sections. Just more potential patients for their tool.Basically, I went in for this procedure to treat very heavy bleeding. I was whole and intact when I went in for this “90 second” procedure. I came out with a thermal injury to my uterus and a perforated bowel, which then caused a very, very deadly condition called sepsis. This has happened to many other women, not just me. The company knows this and they are doing NOTHING to ensure the safety, nor are they accepting responsibility and being accountable for almost killing me. It may have been a combination of the device and the doctor, maybe the doctor was not trained enough and along with an unstable (self automated thermal tool), you end up… almost dead. But when you look at the history and high number of injuries, I think the company needs to step up to the plate and do something about it. Right now they are being morally unethical. I did write a letter to the CEO of Cytyc, it does provide more details and if you’d like to read it, please let me know. Did I get any response from Cytyc I did receive a call from them, of course, not accepting responsibility, just to call and discuss it. Then they filed court documents to dismiss the lawsuit based on the fact that this pre-emptive law protects them. So, who protects the patients Why should they be concerned with injuries and deaths of women as long as they’re protected Real nice ethical way to do business… it makes me sick, it’s all about the money and marketing the products to keep the money coming in, not about the safety of the people being treated with the devices.

If you do decide to go with this product, I truly wish you the best for a good outcome. I wouldn’t wish what I went through on anybody. If you would like more info based on the research I have done and would like to contact me, you can email me at: [email protected] I can provide a copy of the letter I had written to the company. I can also provide the wonderful picture of my disgusting stomach post emergency surgery, all necessary from a “90 second” procedure, and provide any paper work, research info, whatever I have that may help you decide. If you have had this done, with a bad outcome, I’d love to hear from you as well Microsoft Toolkit

Thank you and good luck!!!

Novasure almost killed me: Almost died after NOVASURE .

There is a video bouncing around the web these days called “The Strangest Coincidence Ever Recorded”   (The video is embedded at the bottom of the post.) It tells the story of a ship which sank in the Menai Strait off the coast of Wales on December 5, 1664. All 81 passengers died, except one. His name was Hugh Williams.  Then on December 5th, 1785 another ship with 60 aboard sank in the Menai Strait. The only survivor – a man named Hugh Williams.   In 1820 on December 5th, a third vessel sank in the Menai Strait. All 25 aboard were drowned except, you guessed it, a man named Hugh Williams.

An amazing tale, but is it history or just a an oft retold sea story   It could easily be a bit of each.

One version of the story appears as a footnote on page 155 of Cliffe’s Book of North Wales, published in 1851.  The story starts out the same with the sinkings on December 5, 1664 and 1785, with Hugh Williams, the only survivor. The story changes for the 1820 sinking. Hugh Williams is still the sole survivor but the sinking took place on August 5th, not December 5th. The footnote goes on to mention that, “Again on May 20th, 1842, a boat was crossing the Menai, near the spot where the above catastrophes happened, when she upset with 15 passengers,  and all perished save one; but in this instance the name of the survivor was Richard Thomas.

Another book, Guide to North Wales by Francis Coghlan published in 1860, repeats the story of the three shipwrecks with the August 1842 date.

There is documentary evidence for at least the 1785 version of the the story.  Pages 281- 286 of Rev. William Bingley’s book “North Wales, including its scenery, Antiquities and Customs” 1804, Vol. 1. describe Hugh Williams escape from the shipwreck on December 5, 1785.

Another version of the story includes: On 10th July 1940, a British trawler was destroyed by a German mine – only two men survived, one man and his nephew – they were both called Hugh Williams.

So it appears that the video version on the Internet may have been slimmed down and improved a bit. Making the third sinking on December, rather than August 5th, pumps up the story and omitting Richard Thomas and Hugh Williams and his uncle, Hugh Williams, makes the tale more pithy and considerably more mysterious.

One thing is obvious from the story of Hugh and his Uncle Hugh – Hugh Williams is not an uncommon name in Wales.  Apparently the Anglicization of Welsh names had an impact.  From Welsh Names : ...by the 15th century the range of names in use was affected by the great popularity of a limited number of names such as John, William and Thomas, which had also been adopted in England by that time.   Also, fixed surnames were adopted gradually in Wales, so the son of William often took his father’s first name as his last, which is how popluar first names became common surnames.  Indeed, Coghlan’s account of the three shipwrecks ends with the comment: “This extraordinary coincidence can only be explained by the circumstance that the name of Hugh Williams is very common in these parts.

Another point which emerges in the longer version of the story which includes the survivor, Richard Thomas, is that the Menai Strait is a particularly nasty body of water with strong currents and rough seas. When listening to the shorter version of the story one might think that only three boats sank in the Menai Strait over two hundred years. The number is probably closer to three hundred. The number of deaths by drowning is probably in the thousands.

So it appears safe to say that the answer to the implied question in the video title “The Strangest Coincidence Ever Recorded” is no. The name Hugh Williams is fairly common and the waters off North Wales are treacherous.  Over a period of almost two hundred years is not that unlikely that there would be three sole survivors of shipwrecks who had the same name. Two on the same day of the month is less likely, though over more than 100 years, maybe not that improbable either.

It is a good sea story all the same.

The Strangest Coincidence Ever Recorded

Thanks to Irwin Bryan and Polly Seip for contributing to the post tlReader

For more about nautical coincidences, see our post, Nautical Coincidence Lifeboat Morality – Richard Parker and the Mignonette

WOW Hits 2012 - Wikipedia


Let me introduce you to my new pet hate: Mi Goreng.  I have always known that Mi Goreng is bad for you.  I have always know that it is full of saturated fat and contains an entire sachet of palm oil.  On the occasions that I have eaten Mi Goreng (probably about twice since leavers 07), I have used rice noodles instead of the fried that have come with it.

Yesterday I spoke to a friend who's friend got hospitalised from eating too much Mi gorgeng.  I spoke to another friend who's boyfriend's friend got scurvy from poor diet consisting of Mi Goreng and I spoke to numerous others who eat at least 2 packets of Mi Goreng as a snack (other than Fi's friend).

This salty, fatty, noodly "meal" is full of absolute crap.  It will be around 60% of a 20 year old female's RDI in salt (and this is for one packet alone)

Let me introduce to you the McDonalds Cheeseburger...

All the badies = less than whats in MiGoreng

There is less fat, less salt and less calories in a slice of dominoes pizza than in mi goreng.  Dominoes pizza is considered the highest calorie fast food meal.

Yes yes, the glorious BIG MAC has a larger number of calories with 576 but hey, 2 packs of migoreng = 780 calories... so you really may as well have that big mac.

Mi gorgeng nutritional info...

In conclusion, dont eat it Microsoft office 2007 and 2010 ACTIVATOR all versions

  Well you can if you want but don't get scurvy!

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