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TXB0104 4-Bit Bidirectional Voltage-Level Shifter with .


Copy protect files in USB flash drives!

A remarkable one-stop-solution program to prevent unauthorized copy and distribution for files in all types of external mobile storage devices. It supports a wide range of main media formats and assigns specific access permissions to different users. Learn More>>

  • Copy protection: Prevent any unauthorized access and stop illegal copy or modification to files in a USB disk.

  • Multi- format supported: Copy protect all main media formats, namely DOC, XLS, PPT, PDF, TXT, Flash, EXE, CAD, PSD and so on.
  • Portability: Files under protection are within the reach of usage and can be carried to anywhere in anytime.
  • Total control: Distribute different permissions to different users and realize the complete supervision of the disk.
  • Using supervision: Limit the number of uses of the USB drive and district using date for each user.
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Protect against unauthorized viewing and illegal distribution.

Video Copy Protection is designed to protect audio files (mp3, ogg, wma, wav, etc.) and video files (avi, mpg, wmv, etc.) intended for playback on personal computers against copying, illegal distribution and unauthorized use. The program converts your files into standalone, executable media applications that can only be run on Authorized PC. Learn More>>

  • High-level Encryption: With 256-bit AES encryption and advanced video encoding algorithm, more secure and reliable!
  • Anti Screen Recorder: Automatically identify various known and unknown screen recorder software and prevent it from running.
  • Fast and stable: Encrypted video can be quickly played, the user will not feel the delay.
  • License Control: Only with the play password, can the user play the video; Limit the number of plays and the expiration date.
  • Watermark: Set different text watermark for each user. Static watermark and floating watermark are supported.
  • Support large files: maximum support 100G!
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Protect Shared Folders on File Server, LAN and Network

A copy protection tool for users to protect shared folders and files from being copied. Password protect shared folder and assign different permissions for multiple user groups. Learn More>>

  • Password Protect Shared Folder: Read only by default. Users get more permissions with specified password.
  • Copy Protect All Files: PDF, Excel, Word and other MS Office Documents, Flash, Videos, Photos, Pictures, Images,and Application.
  • Multi-user Permission Settings: set up to18 types of access permissions for multi user groups.
  • Rapid deployment process : Anyone can access the protected folder by LAN without installing the client.

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Ultimate USB Security Software for Windows!
Password protect USB Drives, External Drives, Thumb Drives in seconds for Windows users. Learn More>>

  • Password Protect USB Drive: USB lock USB Secure. Protect USB drives and all other portable devices with passwords. Never worry about data leaking even when your USB drive is lost or stolen.
  • Ease of Use: Only 3 steps. 1. Plug in USB drive, 2. Run USB Security 3. Set a password. Then your USB drive is password protected.
  • Protect All Portable Drives: USB Security can protect USB drives, flash drives, thumb drives, memory sticks, external drives, jump drives, and memory cards.


Absolutely Fantastic. Easy to Use!

Portable folder protection software to password protect folders, files and drives. Simply copy the program to a drive or folder and run it to protect your files. Learn More>>

  • Three Security Methods: Lock, Scramble and Encrypt.
  • On-the-Fly Protection: Secure 256-Bit AES On-The-Fly Encryption.
  • Portability: No need to install. Directly run it on hard drive, USB drive and any other removable drive to protect folder and files with passwords.
  • Data Security: Undeletable, Unmovable and Inaccessible. Protected folders and files are locked and hidden and totally secure.
  • Support Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000
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All-in-one File Folder Encryption Solution!

All-in-one Folder Locking Software! 2 Steps to Lock, password protect, encrypt, hide, shred folder and file on Window hard drive, USB flash drive and any other portable device. Learn More>>

  • All in one - Folder Lock, File Lock, USB Security, Drive Lock, Folder Encryption, File Encryption and File Shredding.

  • Lock Folder and File in Windows, DOS and Safe Mode.
  • Easily Lock Folder, Encrypt Folder, Hide Folder and Shred Folder in 2 Steps.

  • Explorer Right-Click Context Menu to quickly Lock Folder and file Window 8 Store Crack

  • Support Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000
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Next Ever wanted to keep some files private and hidden on your PC Here are instructions for making a folder for your secret stash.,Password-Protect Folders. If you want to protect folders with passwords without encrypting the files, then Folder Guard is the tool you need. The password protection .,Lock folder lock your files. Software to hide and protect your folder with a password in Windows XP Vista 7.

Next User guide about how to password protect a folder with the easy-to-use Kakasoft Folder Protector.,KakaSoft is a professional folder protection, USB security, Shared folder protect, private disk encryption software provider for Windows users.,How to Lock a Folder Using a Batch File. Have you ever had the need for a protected folder, but didn't want to use Window's basic security Then create your own! Open .

Next User guide about how to password protect a folder with the easy-to-use Kakasoft Folder Protector.,Hi Mike, To change the location of the System Temp folder, follow the steps given below. 1. Right click on Computer and click on Properties.,Download Center. Wise Care 365, Free Registry Cleaner, Disk Cleaner, Program Uninstaller, Data Recovery, Folder Hider etc.

Part I. Password Protect a Folder

Part II. Unprotect a Folder

Part III. Advanced Settings

Part IV. Login Password

Part V. Command-line Execution

Kakasoft Folder Protector is an easy-to-use software which is specialized in password protecting files, folders or drives on any computer with Windows system. If you place your sensitive files and documents in your PC you need to pay attention to data security of those files when there are so many potential threats leave a door for cyber criminals.

Folder Protector is a widely accepted application which has been welcomed by users from all over the world for quite a long time. Get Folder Protector here and learn to lock folders and files by yourself:

Download the Folder Protector with the following button. And then follow the step by step guide to protect folders with password.

Free Download (1.5M)

    Step 1. Select folders for protect
  • Copy Folder Protector (lockdir.exe) to the folder you want to protect or drag and drop the folder you want to protect in the operation window of Folder Protector for adding the folder to protect.
  • step 2. Send Password to protect selected folder
  • Make settings in Settings window and then right-click on the folder and navigate to "Folder Protector" option to password protect it.
Step 3. Make settings to retrieve password.
  • a. Click on the ">>" Button on the right side of the main window. b. Type a password hint to help you remember your password.
  • Remember that anyone unprotected this folder will be able to see the password hint. c. Set an e-mail address to help you retrieve password. The program will remember this e-mail address if you click on "Save as default e-mail".
Step 4. Click "Protect" button to Protect folders
    Three different unprotection modes
  • Virtual Drive: Access your data in a virtual drive without extracting the data, which means the folder will be reprotected automatically as soon as you close the explorer window.
  • Temporary: Show a restore window on your taskbar after unprotection, which allows you restore protection easily.
  • Complete: Completely unprotect your folder. You need to run Folder Protector again and enter a new password to protect the folder if you wish to gain folder protection again.
  • Temporary unprotection Window.
  • 1. Security Level Setting:
  • security levels: Normal, High, Highest.
  •   Normal High Highest
    Encryption Speed Fastest Fast (50 files per second) Slow (15M data per second)
    Encryption Method hide and Lock Files Scramble and encrypt file headers 256-bit AES Encryption

2. Language

  • There are as much as 9 display languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.

3. Login password

We recommend you to set a login password to avoid unauthorized access to your folder.

4. Create an unprotection program in the protected folder

Allow you unprotect your folder by running "lockdir.exe" program. If you uncheck this option, you have to copy "lockdir.exe" file to the protected folder first and run it when you need to unprotect the folder.

5. Show a protected sign(a special folder icon)

The special folder icon helps you distinguish protected folders from other folder.

  • 6. Display on the Right-Click menu
  • Allow you to right-click a folder and select "Folder Protector" option in the Rignr-Click Menu to protect.

  • 7. Search

  • When you forget the location of the protected folders, you can search them from your computer.
  • Protect this software from being misused by others hence protect your critical data, in other words, you can set a password to control the usage of this application.

    To set login password, navigate to SETTINGS-> Login Password.

1. Password Protect a folder
  • Usage: lockdir.exe p [-n -h -x] [password] [path]

    -n: Protect with Normal Security Level -h: Protect with High Security Level

    -x: Protect with Highest Security Level

    Protect a folder ( E:\test) in Normal Security Level with password "123456".

    E:\lockdir.exe p -n 123456 E:\test

2. Unprotect a folder
  • Usage: lockdir.exe u [-i -t -c] [password] [path]

    -i: Unprotect with Virtual Disk Mode -t: Unprotect with Temporary Mode

    -c: Completely unprotect this folder.

    Example: Completely unprotect a folder with password "123456".

    E:\lockdir Corel Draw X5 with Keygen0

    exe u -c 123456 E:\test

Download Folder Protector NOW!

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Change location of TEMP files folder to another drive .

My Lockbox™ enables you to hide, lock and password protect almost any folder on your computer. You can use My Lockbox to hide your private data from prying eyes - your files will be not accessible both from local and remote users.

The easiest way to protect a folder

During the installation of My Lockbox, you will be asked to provide the location of the protected folder. On completion of the installation, your folder will become hidden and locked.

Read Quick Start Guide

Features and benefits

  • Extremely easy in use;
  • Clear and convenient user interface available in more than 10 different languages;
  • Hotkey combinations for basic actions;
  • Instant data protection with no limits on size of the protected data;
  • Password protection for locked data and program uninstall;
  • Free edition protects one folder with unlimited number of subfolders. Professional edition protects unlimited number of folders;
  • Supports all modern Windows operating systems (XP, Vista, 7, 8) including 64-bit editions;
  • Instant and safe online password recovery;
  • Almost any folder on your computer can be password protected;
  • Prevents you from locking system-critical folders, e.g. C:\Windows;
  • Trusted processes feature lets backup, antivirus or similar software to backup or scan your protected folder;
  • Protects folders even in Windows safe mode;
  • Renaming upper-level folder would not reveal protected files;
  • Modern skinned user interface;
  • Freeware. *

* Can be upgraded to My Lockbox Professional edition which enables you to protect any number of folders GarenaMStarTW121002up

Download My Lockbox

Upgrade to My Lockbox Pro Now!

  • Compare My Locbox with our other folder protection software
  • Hide Folders
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Ask for Help

Kakasoft: USB Security Copy protection FileFolder .

Folder Guard is a is a powerful computer security software tool that you can use to hide your private files and folders from other users of your computer, lock folders and files with passwords, restrict access to Control Panel, protect system files from damage (intentional or not), and to control access to other Windows resources.

Hide files and folders

With FolderGuard you can hide any folder or file and it will be invisible to Windows applications, Office and even for MS-DOS programs.

Lock folders with passwords

Folder Guard can lock your private folder with a password, so that only you would be able to open the files and documents it contains.

Restrict access to files by their type

You can use Folder Guard to restrict access to the whole classes of files: for instance, you can specify that no user should be able to open any JPG image file unless you have authorized him or her to do so.

Protect your data from modifications

Other users as well as computer viruses can modify or destroy your documents, accidentally or intentionally. Folder Guard lets you make folders of your choice “read-only”, and thus prevent their modification until you decide.

Control access to external drives

Don’t want someone to copy your confidential documents to the removable flash stick or a USB drive With Folder Guard, you can stop that. Don’t want others to install unauthorized software from the external source Folder Guard can help you with that, too.

Disable Control Panel

If you don’t want other users to mess up your system configuration, you can use Folder Guard to restrict their access to Control Panel and various configuration tools of Windows Windows 7 Ultimate CRACK INCLUDED 1 - Washington Quarter 4-Pack Folders - 1932 .

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