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CINEMA 4D Studio - это самое лучшее, что компания MAXON может предложить художникам, работающим с трехмерной графикой. Если вы хотите создавать сложную потрясающую 3D графику и хотите иметь инструмент, который поможет вам в этом - то это ваш выбор.

Это издание продукта CINEMA 4D имеет в своем составе все функции, которые есть в пакетах CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize и Broadcas, плюс продвинутый инструмент создания персонажей, волос, движок моделирования физики и неограниченное количество сетевых клиентов для рендеринга. В результате, с помощью этого продукта можно создать проект любой сложности.

Инструмент для создания персонажей позволяет легко создавать персонажей и производить анимацию любой сложности. Добавление волос и шерсти теперь является очень простой процедурой благодаря специальному набору инструментов, который позволяет изменять прическу, стиль и движение волосяного покрова. Движок моделирования физики позволяет моделировать сложные столкновения нескольких объектов, будь их всего несколько или тысячи. Функция сетевого рендеринга позволяет использовать вычислительную мощь всех машин в локальной сети, для того чтобы сократить время на создание ваших проектов. Несмотря на то, что эти дополнительные функции рассчитаны на использование профессионалами, они все же остаются интуитивно-понятными и дружественными к пользователю.

Создание ошеломляющих трехмерных эффектов, таких как движение волос, на удивление простое, ведь программа сделает всю основную работу за вас! Например, волосы будет автоматически развиваться вместе с движением персонажа в пространстве, а создание эффекта взаимодействия тысяч различных объектов, займет у вас всего лишь несколько щелчков мыши. CINEMA 4D Studio позволяет раскрыть вашу креативность и наслаждаться созданием трехмерной графики без границ Chicken Rush

C4dr17Cinema 4D R17_

My first two months as MAXON’s CEO have been a whirlwind, even though I have 20 years’ experience...

From September 14-18, 2018 at the Amsterdam RAI Convention Center, hall 7, booth A59 or on

MAXON will be presenting its newest innovations in Cinema 4D from August 14-16. High-end speakers will also be at the MAXON booth to talk about their latest projects.

Walking into the MAXON headquarters on my first day, I am humbled by the opportunity to join such...

32 years ago, after a quite boring university lecture, we three computer freaks were sitting in a...

Chris Bjerre and Peter Clark were given complete creative freedom for their production of an impressive short film in Cinema 4D for the Motion Plus Design event.

A panel discussion hosted by MAXON at this year’s NAB Show. A video of the event is available online.

Enjoy all presentations from our speakers at this year’s NAB at!

For his first attempts at 3D, Cam Guest got his inspiration from childhood memories and takes us back to 1989.

Beeple is a star in the Cinema 4D community. His work is now being featured as an individual exhibit named ‘Crap: a Beeple Retrospective’ in New York.

MAXON’s motion graphics software wins Content Creation prize at Digital Media World Awards.

It can be challenging for artists to find a fitting medium for expressing their art. Damian Swiderski was no exception – until his search led him to Cinema 4D!

At his Petit Fabrik studio, this very talented artist uses Cinema 4D to create impressive character animations for adverts and industrial projects.

This new release opens impressive possibilities for VFX and motion graphics artists

Jeremy Mansford's 'Find Magic Inside' has won the Ident Competition at the Node Fest 2017

Web design doesn’t always have to be 2D: Hybrid Forest uses Cinema 4D and WebGL to create a picturesque 3D landscape for its own Website! 

Michael Marczewski's comical solo project 'Vicious Cycle' sees a bunch of hapless robots being tormented at the hands of Cinema 4D's rigid body dynamics engine.

Animation artist Neil Stubbings illustrated the production process behind FREITAG bags in a fantastic short film.

You can catch up on all live presentations from SPOV, Aixsponza and more at YouTube or Cineversity

Aixsponza created a price-conscious bear for an advert for the German energy company Thüringer Energie AG.

Ugly, a short film by Nikita Diakur is finally complete and the trailer can be seen at Vimeo.

Panoply employs a combination of Cinema 4D, Arnold and Houdini to successfully evoke the brand values of Mercedes-Benz

A New Way of Offering Content to Cinema 4D Users

Ultra-fast drone racing with Cinema 4D and Octane Render.

Interview with the Emmy-awarded motion designer and Cinema 4D artist

Piers Helm of Creative Nuts explains the process of creating the glamorous intro for the BBC's annual primetime show

Create a short film by yourself for your thesis in just eleven months No problem for Shawn Wang with Cinema 4D as his tool of choice!

Designer and animator Raoul Marks has won an Emmy for The Man in the High Castle titles.

Title sequences for television series have to hint at the upcoming content but shouldn’t reveal too much about it. Dan Braga tried his hand at this In the course of his digital media design studies.

A short film about dynamic simulations with characters so ugly that they inspired this project’s name. This is a project that explores new horizons – and uses Cinema 4D to so it!

This service release for Cinema 4D and BodyPaint 3D R17 is highly recommended for all R17 users and...

A lot of stressed out urbanites long for a break in unspoiled nature. This longing was the inspiration for the 360° VR video ‘Longing for Wilderness’ HiDownload Platinum 8 0 6

Pokki for Windows 8 1.0

Tutorials Greyscalegorilla

Smart IBL Loader is a free plugin for Cinema 4D, which allows you to load smart IBL 'sets' and apply them to a scene. Version 1.5 has now been released for Cinema 4D R12, R13, and R14.

Version 1.5 adds full support for Cinema 4D R14, improves compatibility with Vray for C4D, and implements the new 'Lightsmith' addition to the sIBL format.

Since the proportion of users who use C4D R11.5 or earlier is now very small, and because the Maxon SDK for Cinema changed very significantly from R12 onwards, version 1.5 of the sIBL Loader only supports C4D version R12 and higher. The earlier versions which supported C4D down to R10.111 will remain available but do not include the above changes.

I have also decided to release sIBL Loader v1.5 under the GNU General Public Licence. For details of what that allows you to do, please see Among other things, the full source code is included in the downloaded archive, and you may change and recompile the plugin as desired.

If you do make any changes to the plugin, I would be very happy to see them!

changes from version 1.15/1.2

These include:

  • 'Lightsmith' sIBL set support has been added
  • sIBL files in which the sun light has been incorrectly implemented are now scanned to load a proper sun light (an infinite light) rather than a spotlight as in previous versions
  • the ability to remove an sIBL set from a scene has been added
  • in Vray the reflection HDRI is now added to the Vray environment refraction tab as well as the reflection tab (this can be disabled if desired)
  • in Advanced Render, if spheres are used to hold the HDRIs and background, rather than Sky objects, a phong tag is added to the background sphere to prevent a facetted appearance in the editor (this never affected the render, only the viewport appearance)
  • in Advanced Render, if spheres are used to hold the HDRIs and background, rather than Sky objects, the ‘Render Perfect’ option is disabled on the sphere holding the reflection HDRI, to prevent large black artefacts appearing on rendering (this was never seen if Sky objects were used)
  • if you have multiple folders with sIBL files in them (i.e. if you have multiple collections) there is now the ability to set one of the collections as the default one to be loaded when the plugin is run
  • in Advanced Render and Vray, you can now choose to implement non-sun lights either as omnis or spotlights (in earlier versions they were always spots)
  • there are also several other interface enhancements and minor bug fixes


Image-based lighting (IBL) is a highly realistic way of lighting a computer graphic scene. However, it can be tedious and time-consuming to set up a scene with good IBL.  The Smart IBL system (sIBL), developed by the folks at, is a method for making it very easy to apply IBL lighting rigs to a scene.

For full details of sIBL, please refer to the HDRlabs website ( In brief, the system provides for:

  • image files for background, lighting, and reflection
  • creation of the necessary skydomes to hold these images
  • creation of sun objects for outside scenes, including alignment, colour, and brightness
  • creation of multiple lights for interior scenes, again including alignment, colour, and brightness
  • inclusion of GPS data so the user can see exactly where an image set was shot
  • easy (often one-click) insertion of all images, lights, and objects into a scene

These parameters are controlled by a simple text file with the extension ‘IBL’. This file, plus the associated image files, makes up an sIBL ‘set’. A user may have multiple sets and from the loader choose which one to apply to the scene.

smart IBL sets

A number of very good HDRI images arranged in sIBL sets can be downloaded from the archive at In addition, I recommend you look at Bob Groothuis's web site, where he has some very high-quality images, arranged as sIBL sets, available.

system requirements:

  • Cinema 4D R12 or later
  • Windows XP/Vista/7 32- or 64-bit, or Mac OSX 10.4 or later (depending on the version of Cinema you have, e.g. C4D R14 requires 10.7 or later)
  • optionally, Vray for C4D version or later (earlier versions will not work correctly – please use the latest version, which is a free upgrade from the developers for registered users)


This plugin is, and will remain, free for personal and commercial use. If you use the sIBL Loader, and would like to support its future development, please consider making a donation, which you can do using Paypal - see the donate button below. All donations will be gratefully received and will encourage me to go on developing this and other free plugins for Cinema 4D!

download version 1.5 for C4D R12/R13/R14

The loader can be downloaded from the links below. The .zip files contain a manual in .PDF format, and both PC and Mac plugins are contained in the zip files. The archive also contains the full source code for the plugin (but please see the file 'build.txt' in the 'source' folder if you want to build it yourself).

Please make sure you download the correct version for your release of C4D! The builds for R13/R13 and R14 are functionally identical but the R12/R13 build will not work in R14.

Important: please be aware that the sIBL Loader includes a channel shader called ‘Bitmap Transform’ which you will see in your material editor. It has been added specifically for use with Vray, and can be ignored if you aren’t using the loader with Vray, although it will still work in ordinary materials (but the Cinema 4D layer shader would be preferred and this new shader offer no additional functionality over the layer shader). The manual contains full details in the Vray implementation section.

Download sIBL Loader v1.5 for C4D R12 and R13 (2.20Mb, .zip file)

Download sIBL Loader v1.5 for C4D R14 (1.86Mb, .zip file)

older downloads

Versions for older releases of Cinema 4D are still available, but they do not contain the enhanced functionality of version 1.5.

Download sIBL Loader 1.15 for C4D R10/10.5 (2.53Mb, .zip file)

Download sIBL Loader 1.2 for R11 (2.94Mb, .zip file)

Download sIBL Loader 1.2 for C4D R11.5 (3.05Mb, FormatFactory 3.0

zip file)

C4D: Remotion4D SuperVoxels for Cinema 4D .

作者:大众脸   发布:2014-09-21 11:22   分类:Cinema 4D, 插件   阅读:4,949 浏览数   抢沙发  


C4D插件:超级像素体积化插件 Remotion4D SuperVoxels for Cinema 4D


可以将多边形、样条线、粒子等快速填充为立方体或其他形状,渲染速度非常快,类似于Tools4D Voxygen插件。

插件支持WIN和MAC系统下 C4D R14-R16

SuperVoxels is plugin for Maxon Cinema4D R14 and R15,R16

It is multi threaded voxel generator, processing tools for C4D.It also voxel cloner, tetraeder generator, TP generator, Iso Surface Polygonizer, CSG, even voxel Boolean and more…Internally it is using powerful OpenVDB library.

Following OS are supported: Windows Vista, 7, 8. OS X 10.7 and 10.8.


C4D插件:超级像素体积化插件 Remotion4D SuperVoxels for Cinema 4D

本文固定链接: | LookAE WinRAR 4 00 32Bit And 64Bit Full Version



the first render farm in the world with seamless integration into your 3D software. Put 1.000 CPUs on your desktop, in the easiest way and at the most affordable price.

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The REBUS Render Farm provides you with 1.000 CPUs right away to render your still-images and animations. No matter which 3D-application you're using: We support them all!

Whether you have to meet close deadlines or permanently need a reliable partner for your renderings - our renderfarm service is fast, safe and easy, thanks to our unique technology, the Farminizer Software.

We're the only render farm that utilizes a system which seamlessly integrates into your 3D software. Developed by the REBUS Renderfarm the Farminizer Software renders your animation-projects with just a simple click.

The Farminizer is an extremely robust piece of software, which has proven it's worth a thousand times in the daily production workflow with 3D Studio Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, MODO, Lightwave and Maxwell.

Furthermore the Farminizer Software automatically checks the completeness and compatibility of your data. Expensive mishaps, as they happen with other render farms, are impossible. Incorrect render jobs are a thing of the past! That's our guarantee as the market leader. Also our Render Farm Manager gives you complete control over your costs.

Our renderfarm staff manually checks scene-consistency, file-transfers and the rendering process Pokki for Windows 8 1.0

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