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Going through an uninstallation process does not always get the job properly done. Most of the times files with no further use are left behind and registries can get broken or invalid. However, there are specially designed applications like AVG PC TuneUp, formerly known as TuneUp Utilities, that help you clean the computer for a little extra boost in performance.

A quick and easy cleaning process

Right from the start, the application undergoes a “1-Click Maintenance” to scan several areas of your PC for errors. Your registries, broken shortcuts, programs, browsers, as well as the status of your hard disk drive are but a few of the areas put under the scope.

It is not mandatory to go through the process mentioned above, with the possibility to cancel it, but it is recommended that you don't, seeing how there's nothing to lose but junk files. Once issues are detected, you gain access to a list that points out the problem and what file is causing it. Depending on your system's health status, the scan and clean procedures can take a few seconds up to several minutes.

Cleverly organized interface

When finally reaching the main window, you find all available tools cleverly stored in tabs. The dashboard offers brief details on your PC performance, health and maintenance level, with the possibility to trigger actions or switch between economy, standard or turbo mode.

Tabs that follow give you the possibility to manage startup programs or uninstall them, fix registries, and even have your hard disk drive cleaned for a little extra free space, with the cleanup potential showing you how much you can gain back.

Have known issues fixed

What's more, you can fix known system issues by choosing from a list of available possibilities that include important icons no longer being displayed, desktop and taskbar not working, installer related issues and a lot more. In addition, you can bring back deleted files from nearly any storage device connected to your computer, given it is not strongly damaged.

Schedule cleaning processes

Advanced users will also feel at home using this applications, as there is a great number of highly configurable options. All available functions can be viewed and accessed from the “All Functions” tab. Furthermore, nearly all of them can further be customized from the settings menu. Here you can also set the application to automatically keep your computer clean while you're away, for instance.

In conclusion

On an ending note, AVG PC TuneUp deserves, by far, to sit at the winners table, not only for the amount of tools it provides, but also for efficiency. Nearly all areas can be customized to suit various needs, and the way this is made available lets both beginners and experienced users quickly get accommodated. Don't hesitate to give it a try whether or not your PC shows signs of weakness Windows 8 Pro Final Activator

System optimizer Optimize Windows Tuneup computer Tune Tuneup Optimize Maintenance

Download AVG Antivirus Free 2017 Now - intowindows.com

AVG PC Tuneup es la suite de optimización de sistema de AVG. Al igual que su pariente antivirus, AVG PC Tuneup también escanea el sistema, pero con un propósito distinto: buscar errores y archivos basura. Su objetivo es lograr que tu ordenador funcione más rápido que antes.

El escaneo de AVG PC Tuneup, que se lanza desde la primera pestaña, es rápido y busca errores del Registro de Windows en varias categorías, indicando la severidad mediante barras coloreadas. Al mismo tiempo, investiga la existencia de archivos temporales, historiales de navegador y errores en el disco.

En la segunda y tercera pestaña, AVG PC Tuneup reúne sugerencias para mejorar el rendimiento del sistema y un monitor de recursos. Este último da acceso al impresionante administrador de tareas de AVG PC Tuneup, que indica la fiabilidad de cada proceso y permite bloquearlo en caso de emergencia.

Finalmente, en Herramientas avanzadas, AVG PC Tuneup juega sus cartas más interesantes, con un desinstalador y gestor de Inicio, un asistente para aumentar la velocidad de conexión, un administrador de ajustes y un recuperador de archivos borrados.

Comparada con los grandes de la categoría, la suite de AVG PC Tuneup no desluce apenas, pues todas sus utilidades son de buena calidad. Sin embargo, no hay nada particularmente novedoso en su planteamiento. Ideal para quien busca una solución de optimización fiable y bien diseñada patch idm

AVG AntiVirus Free (2017) Review Rating PCMag.com

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بازی زولا یک بازی اکشن اول شخص آنلاین است که بازیکنان با ثبت نام و فعال سازی اکانت خود در بازی زولا می توانند آن را به صورت رایگان دانلود و بازی کنند، گیم پلی اصلی بازی زولا شبیه بازیهای رقابتی معروف مثل کانتر است که شما در قالب دو تیم در مقابل هم رقابت می کنید، تیمی که بتوانند بیشترین امتیاز یا تمام افراد تیم مقابل را شکست دهد برنده مسابقه خواهد شد، بازی زولا مخصوص سیستم عامل ویندوز است و به صورت دوره ای مسابقات کشوری برای این بازی به صورت آنلاین برگزار می شود.
این بازی کاملا فارسی، به صورت رایگان خدمت شما ارایه می گردد.

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-شماره سریال جدید اضافه شد!

PC Tuneup نرم افزاری قدرتمند در زمینه بهینه سازی وضعیت ویندوز و افزایش کارایی سیستم محصول شرکت AVG می باشد. حذف فایل های تکراری و بیهوده، بهینه سازی جایگذاری فایل های سیستم، تعمیرات خطاهای رجیستری، تنظیمات مربوط به اتصال به اینترنت، بازیابی اطلاعات از دست رفته، ارائه اطلاعات دقیق در مورد سخت افزار و نرم افزار، پاکسازی هارددیسک، پاکسازی رجیستری و ... از ویژگی های این نرم افزار می باشد.

قابلیت های کلیدی نرم افزار AVG PC Tuneup:- قابلیت پاک سازی دیسک

- امکان یکپارچه سازی دیسک

- قابلیت پاک سازی رجیستری- تعمیر خطاهای رجیستری برای افزایش ثبات کامپیوتر- امکان یکپارچه سازی رجیستری

- بازیابی فایل های حذف شده

- بهینه سازی اینترنت- قابلیت حذف تاریخچه استفاده از اینترنت و کامپیوتر شما- پیدا کردن و حذف فایل های تکراری- از کارانداختن خدمات غیر ضروری کم کردن سرعت کامپیوتر شما

- مدیریت برنامه هایی که به صورت خودکار شروع به بوت در ویندوز می کنند

- uninstalls کامل برنامه ها- دارای لیست تمام فرآیندهای در حال اجرا، خدمات و فایل های قفل شده- ارائه اطلاعات دقیق در مورد سخت افزار و نرم افزار

- و ...

- Processor: Intel Pentium 1.5 GHz or faster- 64 MB of RAM

- Hard disk free space (for installation): 50 MB

1- نرم افزار را نصب کنید.2- فایل Block-Hosts.bat را به صورت Run as Adminstrator اجرا کنید.3- نرم افزار را اجرا کنید و با استفاده از نام های دلخواه (برای مقادیر Full Name و Organization) و شماره سریال زیر آن را رجیستر کنید.

- شماره سریال جدید در فروردین 1397 (توجه داشته باشید که مدت زمان اعتبار سریال مشخص نیست)


1- بهتر است با استفاده از یک فایروال، دسترسی به نرم افزار را مسدود کنید(جهت مشاهده ی آموزش قرار دادن نرم افزار در فایروال، به این لینک مراجعه کنید).
2- قبلاً برای فعالسازی نرم افزار از فایل کیجن موجود در پوشه ی Keygen استفاده می شد و با استفاده از سریال دریافتی از Keygen و هر نام دلخواهی، مطمئناً نرم افزار فعال می شد. در حال حاضر ممکن است مجبور به تست کد های تولیدی زیادی توسط کیجن باشید اما شماره سریال های موجود در فایل Serial.txt قطعاً نرم افزار را فعال می کنند.

  • اگر نرم افزار مدیریت دانلود ندارید، قبل از دانلود هرگونه فایلی، یک نرم افزار مدیریت دانلود مانند IDM و یا FlashGet نصب کنید.
  • برای دانلود، به روی عبارت "دانلود" کلیک کنید و منتظر بمانید تا پنجره مربوطه ظاهر شود سپس محل ذخیره شدن فایل را انتخاب کنید و منتظر بمانید تا دانلود تمام شود.
  • در صورت بروز مشکل در دانلود فایل ها تنها کافی است در آخر لینک دانلود فایل یک علامت سوال قرار دهید تا فایل به راحتی دانلود شود.
  • فایل های قرار داده شده برای دانلود به منظور کاهش حجم و دریافت سریعتر فشرده شده اند، برای خارج سازی فایل ها از حالت فشرده از نرم افزار Winrar و یا مشابه آن استفاده کنید.
  • چنانچه در مقابل لینک دانلود عبارت بخش اول، دوم و ... مشاهده کردید تمام بخش ها می بایستی حتماً دانلود شود تا فایل قابل استفاده باشد.
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  • چنانچه در هنگام خارج سازی فایل از حالت فشرده با پیغام CRC مواجه شدید، در صورتی که کلمه رمز را درست وارد کرده باشید. فایل به صورت خراب دانلود شده است و می بایستی مجدداً آن را دانلود کنید.
  • فایل های کرک به دلیل ماهیت عملکرد در هنگام استفاده ممکن است توسط آنتی ویروس ها به عنوان فایل خطرناک شناسایی شوند در این گونه مواقع به صورت موقت آنتی ویروس خود را غیر فعال کنید.
  • فیلم راهنمای دانلود و رفع عیب فایل های دانلود شده را در این صفحه ببینید.
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4.0 out of 5 starsAVG - Pluses and Minuses

on August 8, 2012

After reviewing the competition in PC Magazine I tried the free AVG Interet Security software. Wanting the complete package I purchased the full version. Then, after experiencing various PC problems in June I purchased the 2011 version of AVG PC Tuneup in July. Fairly painless install, but as with AVG Internet Security, the PC Tuneup license registration with AVG has been a real struggle In fact, even though I have submitted all the required documentation to AVG, I still have not received a confirmation of acceptance by them for the PC Tuneup license registration. I have experienced difficulty communicating with their Customer Service reps, both verbally and via email. However, after such difficulty they helped me to understand certain specific requirements for their software operations. Internet security software runs very well (almost too thorough sometimes - RE: constant screen alerts for detection of various security breaches, esp. when on the internet that require action); PC Tuneup has made my PC run faster by executing a regular review and cleanup. Admin issues (licensing registration)still unresolved Windows 8 Pro Final Activator

AVG PC TuneUp 2016 Serial - IntercambiosVirtuales

Everybody needs antivirus protection. Everybody! And I don't mean the antivirus built into Windows—it just doesn't measure up. Fortunately, you can get that protection without spending a penny. AVG AntiVirus Free (2017) looks a bit different from its previous edition, and it includes some new technologies. In our own tests and tests by the independent labs, it earned very good scores.

Last year, Avast acquired AVG, but fans of either company needn't worry, as both product lines continue their separate existence. Why would a company want to acquire such a similar competitor Both AVG and Avast have huge followings, but globally each is strong in different areas. The combined company has a worldwide reach.

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Of course, AVG only makes money if somebody purchases the for-pay security suite. There's a certain amount of upsell when you go to install the free antivirus, but it's much more laid back than, for example, Comodo. You can choose the free antivirus or start a 30-day free trial of the suite. You don't have to enter a credit card, and if you do nothing, at the end of the trial it reverts to the free antivirus. It does offer to install a plug-in for all of your browsers, and replace your home page, new tab page, and default search. However, as I'll explain below, installing AVG in the browser gets you a ton of useful security features.

Management by Zen

Like all AVG products, the antivirus includes AVG Zen, a management and launching utility that offers an overview of AVG security on all of your devices. It's similar in many ways to the component that helps you manage McAfee AntiVirus Plus and other McAfee products.

Four panels dominate Zen's main window, devoted to antivirus, PC tuneup, VPN, and Web Tuneup. Each panel contains a circle that can be fully or partially colored, depending on whether or not you've installed all possible protection in that area. If all is well, the circle glows green; if your attention is needed, it changes color.

When you install the free antivirus, you see a three-quarter circle in the antivirus panel. That becomes a full circle only if you upgrade to the paid edition. If you followed the installer's instructions regarding Web Tuneup, that panel displays a full circle. As for the VPN panel, that one remains empty unless you separately install the Hide My Ass VPN.

Likewise, you won't see anything in the PC Tuneup panel unless you install AVG PC TuneUp. You do get a one-day trial of the tuneup product along with the free antivirus; I'll discuss that below.

New User Interface

Last year's edition of the antivirus looked extremely similar to AVG Zen, with the same color scheme and the same circle-based status indicators. This year, the color scheme hasn't changed, but almost everything else has.

The main window has two main panes. The Basic protection pane includes icons for computer protection and for Web and email protection, both enabled. The Full protection panes icons represent protection for private data, protection during online payments, and protection against hack attacks, all three disabled. To enable those, you must upgrade to AVG's non-free security suite.

In the middle, below the two panes, is a big button labeled Scan Computer. Clicking it launches a full scan, which does more than just scan for malware. It also scans for junk files, revealing browser traces, system logs, and Registry problems—but if you want to fix those you must start your short-time trial of AVG PC Tuneup.

In testing, the full scan finished in just six minutes, which led me to peruse all the scan options. I found another option called Deep Virus Scan. This scan took over an hour, quite a bit longer than last year's edition of AVG. However, because the scan flags safe files that don't need to be looked at again, a second scan goes much faster. I found that a repeat scan finished in just a few seconds.

Lab Scores High and Plentiful

It may seem counterintuitive, but in most cases antivirus makers pay for the privilege of having products included in testing by the independent labs, but they do benefit. A high score gives the company bragging rights; if the score is poor, the lab lets it know what went wrong. When the antivirus doesn't bring in any income, a company might be tempted to avoid the expense of testing. Not AVG. I follow five independent testing labs that regularly release reports on their results; all five of them include AVG.

Testers at AV-Comparatives run a wide variety of tests on antivirus and other security products; I follow five of those tests closely. As long as a product meets the minimum for certification, it receives a standard rating. Those that go beyond the minimum can receive an Advanced rating, or even Advanced . AVG participates in four of the five, and received two Advanced and two Advanced ratings. Note, though, that Kaspersky and Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition both rated Advanced in all five tests.

Lab Test Results Chart

AV-Test Institute reports on antivirus capabilities in three areas: protection, performance, and usability. With six points possible in each category, the maximum score is 18 points. AVG took six points for usability, meaning it didn't screw up by flagging valid programs or websites as malicious. It came close in the other two categories, with 5.5 apiece.

A total of 17 points isn't enough for AV-Test to designate AVG a Top Product; that requires 17.5 or better. Bitdefender, Quick Heal, and Trend Micro earned the necessary 17.5 points, while Kaspersky and Avira Antivirus managed a perfect 18.

AVG scored 81.05 percent in Virus Bulletin's RAP (Reactive And Proactive) test, just a hair below the current average. SE Labs tests products using real-world drive-by downloads and other Web-based attacks, assigning certification at five levels: AAA, AA, A, B, and C.

While most of the labs report a range of scores, tests by MRG-Effitas are more like pass/fail. Half of the products tested failed at least one test; 30 percent, including AVG, failed both. Since not-quite-perfect and epic failure get the same rating in this test, I give it less weight when coming up with an aggregate score.

Avast Free Antivirus, AVG, ESET, and Kaspersky are the only products in my collection that currently have results from all five labs. AVG's aggregate score is 8.7 of 10 possible points, better than many commercial products. At the top is Kaspersky, with 9.8 points, followed by Avira and Norton with 9.7.

Very Good Malware Protection

Malicious software from the Internet must get past numerous defenses before it can infect your PC. AVG could block all access to the malware-hosting URL, or wipe out the malware payload before the download finishes—I'll discuss those malware protection layers shortly. If a file is already present on your computer, AVG assumes it must have gotten past the earlier protection layers. Even so, it checks one more time before allowing such a file to execute.

To test AVG's malware-blocking chops, I opened a folder containing my current collection of malware samples and tried to execute each one. AVG blocked almost all of them immediately, wiping them out so fast it left Windows displaying an error message that the file could not be found. It wiped out most of those that managed to launch before they could fully install.

Initially I determined that AVG detected 94 percent of the samples and scored 9.0 of 10 possible points. However, upon checking with my company contact, I learned that for full protection I should enable detection of potentially unwanted applications, sometimes called PUAs or PUPs. With that setting enabled, AVG's scores rose to 97 percent detection and 9.5 points, better than many commercial programs. I wish, however, that AVG either enabled detection of PUAs by default or, like ESET NOD32 Antivirus 10, made the user actively choose to enable or disable this protection.

Webroot and Comodo Antivirus 10 scored a perfect 10 in this test. However, when I checked Comodo against hand-modified versions of my samples, it missed quite a few.

When AVG detects a file that's completely new to the system, never before seen, it prevents that file from launching and sends it to AVG headquarters for analysis. I managed to invoke this feature using one of those hand-modified samples. AVG killed the process, triggering a Windows error message. To show it wasn't really an error, AVG attached a CyberCapture tab to the error message.

A few other files merited special scrutiny. AVG displayed a message stating, "Hang on, this file may contain something bad," and promising an evaluation within 15 seconds. All of my hand-coded testing utilities triggered this warning; all three got a clean bill of health.

Malware Blocking Results Chart

Detecting my months-old samples is one thing; protecting against the very latest threats is quite another. My malicious URL test uses a feed of URLs detected within the last day or two by MRG-Effitas. An antivirus product gets equal credit if it prevents all access to the malware-hosting URL or if it eliminates the downloaded malware immediately.

I test URL after URL until I've recorded data for 100 verified malware-hosting URLs, then tally the results. AVG blocked access to more than half of the URLs and eliminated almost another quarter at the download stage, for a total of 73 percent protection. That's quite a bit better than Comodo, which lacks URL-based blocking and scores just 37 percent. However, others have done quite a bit better than AVG. Symantec Norton AntiVirus Basic holds the lead, with 98 percent protection; Avira managed 95 percent.

Antiphishing Disappointment

Trojans and other malicious programs must successfully infiltrate your compute in order to steal data. Phishing websites, by contrast, only have to trick you, the user. If you log in to a fraudulent site that's pretending to be your bank, or your email provider, you've handed over your account to a crook. Such sites get discovered and blacklisted quickly, but the crooks simply set up new ones.

The most dangerous phishing sites are those that haven't been analyzed yet, so I scour the Web for sites that have been reported as fraudulent but not yet verified. I discard any that don't pretend to be some other site, and any that don't include fields for username and password. I launch each URL in a browser protected by the program under test, and in another protected by long-time phish-killer Norton. I also launch the URL in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, relying on the browser's built-in protection. If the URL returns an error message in any of the five browsers (and they often do), I discard it.

Antiphishing Results Chart

Because the URLs themselves are different every time, I report each product's results as the difference between its detection rate and that of the others. In last year's test, AVG lagged Norton's detection rate by 28 percentage points, which is still actually better than the majority of competing products. This time around, it lagged Norton by 70 percentage points, putting it near the bottom. My contact at the company checked with the developers and confirmed that they know about the problem and are working on speedier updates.

Even though Norton is my touchstone for this test, it doesn't beat every single competitor. Check Point ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus 2017 tied with Norton in its most recent test. Bitdefender, Kaspersky, and Webroot actually beat Norton by a few points.

Bonus Features

The AVG Web TuneUp plug-in installs in all your browsers and offers several useful and important security benefits. First off, the Site Safety component warns when you visit a website that's risky or actively dangerous. You can click for more details, and click again for a full website report online. However, the full report isn't as detailed as what you get from Norton and a few others. And where Norton marks search results with red, yellow, and green icons, AVG only offers a rating once you try to visit a site.

Advertisers love to track your Web surfing, so they can show you ads they think you'll like, and avoid showing the same ad too often. But tracking by advertisers and others is a bit creepy, enough so that there's a header in the HTTP standard specifically designed to tell websites you don't want to be tracked. Alas, the header has no teeth. Your browser can send a Do Not Track header, but sites and advertisers can ignore it.

AVG's Web TuneUp includes an active Do Not Track component, one that checks each page you visit for trackers and optionally cuts off their tracking. It's disabled by default; I suggest you turn it on. A similar feature in Abine Blur uses its toolbar button to display the number of trackers on the current page and let you fine-tune its tracker blocking. AVG just blocks all trackers when this feature is turned on.

The last tune-up feature, Browser Cleaner, doesn't add a lot to your security. It tracks things like browsing history, saved Web form data, and cookies, and lets you click to delete them. But in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, you can simply press Ctrl Shift Del to do the same, with finer control over what gets deleted.

As noted, you can at any time install a one-day free trial of AVG PC TuneUp. Don't do this until you have a little free time, so you can make full use of your short-term trial.

The final bonus feature is a little hard to spot. Buried in the right-click menu for files and folders, you should find a new item titled Shred using AVG. If you choose this item, AVG overwrites the file's data before deleting it, thereby foiling any attempt to recover the deleted file's data.

An Excellent Choice

With the Avast acquisition, both the outward appearance and the technology inside are changing for AVG AntiVirus Free, and that's not a bad thing. The antivirus gets very good marks from all of the independent labs that I follow, and also did quite well in my malware-blocking test. It wasn't quite as good at blocking malicious downloads, but still beat many competitors. Yes, its antiphishing performance wasn't great, but phishing protection isn't a central antivirus component. Overall, it's an excellent choice.

But don't just take my word for it. Go ahead and give the program a try; it's free, after all. While you're at it, have a look at Avast Free Antivirus and Panda Free Antivirus, our other Editors' Choice products in the free antivirus realm ESET NOD32 Antivirus Smart Security Keys 16 Jan 2013

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