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Read more Avast Software s.r.o. is a Czech multinational cybersecurity software company headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic. Avast has more than 435 million users and the .,Avast Internet Security 2018 (1 PC, 1 Year) PROTECTION. There’s a reason why Avast Internet Security is so popular amongst our 400 million users.,Avast Total Care Your premium tech support for PCs, printers more Call now for a free consultation and subscribe! 1-844-340-9251 1-844-340-9251

Read more The choice of programs: Antivir, Avast and AVG are the most used and most well known freeware antivirus programs, and I use or have used all three for long periods of .,Bottom line Avast protects you from the "classic" threats like viruses, worms, and trojans, but also offers protection against adware, bots, and other .,Результаты поиска

Read more The choice of programs: Antivir, Avast and AVG are the most used and most well known freeware antivirus programs, and I use or have used all three for long periods of .,Read this ultimate Avast vs AVG comparison to find out which of two antivirus software is better in terms of performance, protection, interface, and more.,Avast Total Care Your premium tech support for PCs, printers more Call now for a free consultation and subscribe! 1-844-340-9251 1-844-340-9251

Lighter, more powerful – and absolutely free


Also available for Mac and Android too.

“Scores high... an excellent choice for free antivirus protection”

Packed with the largest threat-detection network, machine-learning virus protection, easy password management and home network security that won’t slow down your PC.

Avast is recognized by the most important anti-malware institute.

5 Advanced awards and the lowest impact on PC Performance

Certified for 100% protection against 0-day threats.

Avast Free Antivirus scans for security and performance issues and tells you how to fix things instantly.

It protects you in real-time by analyzing unknown files before they get to you. So relax: With Avast, you’re running the most trusted antivirus out there.

A beautifully intuitive interface, advanced application protection, a new passive mode for running multiple security products in parallel — and a little something for you gamers and movie buffs.

Just a click of our fresh, new, easy-to-use interface checks everything from your passwords to your home network security.

We’ve renamed Game Mode and taught it some new tricks. Now called Do Not Disturb Mode, it blocks distracting popups whether you’re gaming, watching movies, or presenting in fullscreen.

We don’t just check your applications for malware. We now keep an eye on their behavior to make sure they don’t suddenly go rogue.

Avast Free Antivirus uses multiple layers of security to keep you safe from even the newest, never-before-seen threats.


But just don’t take our word for it.

Avast Free Antivirus

Ryan Rentfro


The UI for your software - amazing. Great work over the years. Can't say enough good things!

Avast Free Antivirus

Eric Scherer


Thank you, Avast, for the excellent work you do. I run your antivirus software on both my Mac OS X and my Windows machines. You have the best products on the market, period.

Avast Free Antivirus

Daryl Colley


I’ve been using Avast for over a year and have found it one of the best free software protection devices on market.

* Both the 32- and 64-bit versions, excluding Starter and RT editions.

Avast recommends using
the FREE Chrome™ internet browser.

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Avast Free Antivirus : Still a Price to Pay - Tom's Guide

  • Has password manager, network scanner, hardened browser
  • Gaming mode
  • Highly customizable
  • Middling malware protection
  • Fairly heavy impact on system performance
  • Possible privacy concerns

Avast Free Antivirus offers lots of extra features, but its malware protection is mediocre and it may collect your browsing history.

Avast's Free Antivirus costs nothing, but it does an excellent imitation of a security suite, tossing in a password manager, a hardened browser, a gaming mode and a Wi-Fi scanner. It also works with all recent Windows versions and lets you customize the program to suit your computing style.

On the downside, Avast's malware defenses are a rung below the best, and you'll have to suffer through long scans and deal with its complicated interface. It also collects and sells your search and browsing history to third parties — although you can opt out to some extent — and shows you ads for other Avast products.

If you want better protection and don't need extra features, Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition and Kaspersky Free Antivirus offer nearly perfect malware detection with little impact on system performance.

What's Covered and Upgrade Options

Avast Free Antivirus works with all Windows releases from Windows XP (with Service Pack 3) to Windows 10.

It's almost a free security suite, what with the extra features we've already mentioned. But if you want a firewall, file encryption or a file shredder, you'll need to upgrade to a paid product.

Avast Internet Security provides a firewall and extra ransomware protection that automatically duplicates key files during an attack. It starts at $60 per year for a single system and goes  up to $500 for 10 PCs for three years.

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With the Premier edition, which starts at $70 per year, Avast throws in protection against webcam spying as well as a file shredder to make confidential or embarrassing items disappear.

Ultimate is a bundle that packages Premier with an unlimited subscription to Avast's SecureLine VPN service (provided by Avast subsidiary Hide My Ass) as well as its system optimizer and a premium password manager that includes some identity-protection features.

At $120 for a single Windows PC, Ultimate is rather expensive. For the same price, Bitdefender Total Security Family Pack offers unlimited device coverage, including software for Macs and Android devices, with similar features and better malware protection.

Antivirus Protection

Avast's first defensive layer is traditional signature-based scanning that compares files to  known malware. The second layer monitors activity and code snippets to look for indications of a malware attack. Finally, anything suspicious gets sent to Avast's cloud lab for analysis, and if it is confirmed as malicious, a new malware signature is sent out to the company's 400 million users.

Avast Free Antivirus includes browser add-ons for Chrome and Firefox that steer you away from dangerous pages. It also scans email attachments for dangerous software.

Antivirus Performance

Avast's malware-detection engine is shared by all Avast Windows antivirus products as well as those of its corporate sibling AVG. The engine does a decent but unspectacular job, according to three of the four testing labs whose results we use.

Our own lab in Utah measures how well antivirus products protect against and block malicious websites, and it gave Avast Free Antivirus a 98 percent rating in tests during the first half of 2018. That matched the ratings of Kaspersky Anti-Virus and beat Avira Free Security Suite, Panda Dome Essential and even AVG AntiVirus Free, though it was a point behind Bitdefender Antivirus Plus.  

The AV-Test lab in Germany measures protection against "zero-day" malware that's previously unseen and can't be detected by signature scanning alone, as well as against widespread malware whose signatures are known.

Avast Free Antivirus did well on Windows 7, catching 100 percent of both kinds of malware in January and February 2018, but racked up seven "false positives" — exactly the same as AVG Internet Security.

Avast didn't do as well on Windows 10. In March and April 2018, it stopped only 99.0 and 98.8 percent of zero-day malware, while Avira, Bitdefender and Kaspersky stopped it all. Avast fared better with widespread malware, detecting 100 percent in March and 99.9 percent in April with three false positives.

Another round of Windows 10 tests showed a partial improvement by Avast, as its program detected all zero-day and widespread malware in May 2018, and all widespread malware in June, though it blocked only 99.2 percent of zero-day malware in that month. Avast registered one false positive during both months.

Avast had its ups and downs in tests conducted by Austrian lab AV-Comparatives. Over six monthly tests, its software averaged 99.4 percent detection of online malware, but the actual scores ranged from 100 percent in June to 98.6 percent in March. Avast got 10 false positives over six months. Bitdefender led the way here, with an average detection rate of 99.8 percent, while Windows Defender trailed with 98.4 percent.

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But Avast did poorly on tests conducted by Britain's SE Labs, which checks not only detection rates but also how antivirus products treat malware after detection and if they can handle sophisticated attacks that target politicians, journalists and dissidents.

Avast Free Antivirus got an accuracy rating of only  91 percent in SE Labs' early-2018 evaluations. That was behind the ratings of most of the other free antivirus brands. Avast failed to spot five out of 100 attacks, and couldn't stop four more, leading to nine infections overall.

Even AVG did better, tying Avira at 94 percent. Kaspersky led the free pack with 99 percent.

Security and Privacy Features

Avast's SafeZone secure browser, part of Free Antivirus, can keep your wallet secure by limiting add-ons while blocking ads and suspicious sites. Its Bank Mode isolates the browser from the rest of the system to thwart nosy malware.

But Avast's Privacy Policy notes that if you search for items in the Secure Browser, "you consent to having your search query and history transmitted to third-party search providers and to being redirected to third-party sites."

The password manager stores an unlimited number of credentials locally; it works with Firefox, Chrome and Avast's SafeZone browser.

The Wi-Fi Inspector scans your local network for flaws such as weak passwords, incorrect settings or outdated firmware. There's a seven-day unlimited-data trial of Avast's SecureLine VPN service, but after that, SecureLine costs $20 a year for a smartphone, $60 a year for a PC or Mac, or $80 for five varied devices. By contrast, Panda Free Antivirus gives you 150MB of free VPN data a day.

Should your PC get bogged down with malware, Avast's Rescue Disk software can help. Just load the software onto a CD or USB drive and restart the system.

Performance and System Impact

Avast's Free Antivirus tended to use too many of our system's resources during active scans, which took a long time.

To check system performance, we used our custom benchmark test, which times how long it takes the CPU to match 20,000 names and 20,000 addresses in an OpenOffice spreadsheet. Our testbed was an Asus X555LA notebook with a 2GHz Core i3 processor, 6GB of RAM and 117GB of files on a 500GB hard drive, running Windows 10 with the latest updates.

Before we installed Avast Free Antivirus, we established a baseline of an average of 6 minutes and 54 seconds to finish the OpenOffice benchmark. Completion time rose to an average of 7:21 with the Avast software loaded, but without any active scanning taking place, indicating a 6.5 percent passive decline in performance.

That's a little worse than AVG and Bitdefender's 5 percent declines, but better than Panda and especially Avira, whose 9.8 percent hit brought up the rear. Kaspersky was the champion, slowing the Asus by only 2.6 percent.

During Avast's full scan, the OpenOffice completion time stretched to 8:47, 27 percent slower than the baseline and 19 percent slower than Avast's background load. Only Avira Free Antivirus did worse, with a full-scan slowdown of a whopping 35 percent. AVG AntiVirus Free was the overall winner, slowing down the system by only 11 percent.

Smart Scan, Avast's term for a quick scan, put less stress on the system, letting the OpenOffice task finish in 8:24, 22 percent slower than the baseline and 14 percent slower than without an active scan. But that system mpact was still heavier than all except Avira. AVG and Panda tied for best with quick-scan impacts of 7.4 percent.

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Avast Free Antivirus took an average of 1 hour and 42 minutes to look at 795,601 files on our Asus. That wasn't as long as Bitdefender's initial 2-hour-and-15-minute scan, but Avast's scan times didn't decline with subsequent runs.


Avast's main interface window has the standard green check mark next to the words "You're Protected." If something's amiss, the check mark changes to a red X.

There's a button to start a Smart Scan, which checks for malware, weak passwords and vulnerable software as well as network and performance problems. Three clicks away are the Protection settings, which let you start a full scan, scan specific folders or run a boot-up or custom scan. You can scan any single item by right-clicking it in Windows Explorer. You can schedule scans to run daily, weekly or monthly.

Avast's interface is both complex and customizable. You can turn off or adjust just about every tool, from web shields to Browser Cleanup. The more you dig, the more opportunities there are for personalization.

If the program becomes too intrusive, you can adjust the aggressiveness of the scanning or try Avast's Game Mode. Avast's Task Tray icon lets you update the software, temporarily disable protection, peek into the quarantine area or switch to the secure browser.

Installation and Support

Installing Avast Free Antivirus took a little over 7 minutes. We got to choose from 48 languages, including Pirate Talk; whether to make SafeZone our default browser; and whether to install the Avast app on an Android device.

By default, Avast Free Antivirus collects data about your browsing behavior and sells it to third parties. The Privacy Policy states that Avast shares "statistical data that has been anonymized and aggregated geographically and so, cannot be used to identify individuals, with third parties for trend analytics." 

You can't opt out of this during installation, but you can at the bottom of the Settings Privacy section. While there, you might want to turn off Avast's pop-up ads as well; you'll still get ads for upgrades on the program's main page, though. You'll find more information and more ways to opt out at Avast's Privacy Portal.

There's no need to set up an online Avast account, but if you do, you can remotely control some aspects of the company's mobile apps and also use the Privacy Portal.

Avast Free Antivirus' users get neither phone nor email support. You'll need to check the company's forums, FAQs, installation tips and knowledge base to fix any problem.

Bottom Line

Avast Free Antivirus offers more features than other free AV products and comes close to a full security suite. Its protection is OK, but it's a step behind the best. In addition, Avast's program can slow the system a bit more than necessary, and its privacy policies leave something to be desired.

If you can do without the bells and whistles that Avast offers, Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition and Kaspersky Free Antivirus each provide better malware protection and system performance McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2011

Credit: Tom's Guide

Amazon.com: Avast Internet Security 2018 (1 PC 1 Year .

If you don’t trust Windows Defender to keep you safe from nasties, Avast is an attractive alternative. It has a few key strengths that set it apart from other free antivirus packages, and while the zero-cost approach inevitably comes with some compromises, they’re not too hard to live with.

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Let’s talk about the good stuff first. In AV-Comparatives’ most recent test, Avast blocked 99% of malware threats. To be fair, that’s not as exceptional as it may sound: antivirus suites are getting extremely good at spotting attacks, and in fact that 1% failure rate put Avast toward the bottom of the table. All the same, it’s better protection than you’d get from Windows Defender – and Avast proved more accurate too, incorrectly flagging just three false positives, where Windows Defender blocked six.

Another strength is Avast’s low impact on system performance. Every one of this month’s antivirus suites had some measurable impact on file copies, application launches and web browsing – but Avast was never rated worse than “fast” in any task. The same can’t be said of competing free efforts from Microsoft and Panda.

Get Avast Free Antivirus 2018

Avast also comes with some decent secondary features. The best one is the Rescue Disk creator. Lots of security vendors provide some way of creating a bootable CD or USB flash drive, just in case something should sink its claws so deeply into your system that you can’t remove it from within Windows – but you often have to go trawling through the website to find the rescue media builder, then download and deploy it by hand. With Avast, it’s just a few clicks away.

Then there’s the Online Security browser extension, which plugs into Chrome or Firefox and helps block threats to your security and privacy. For really sensitive browsing, you can also choose to install a standalone secure browser called SafeZone – this isn’t included as standard, but installing it is as straightforward as ticking a box during the installation process.

Finally, there’s a free password manager, which can store and synchronise your credentials across Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. Of course, there are already plenty of dedicated password-management tools out there, such as Dashlane and LastPass, but there’s an argument to be made that using a less popular utility means you’re less likely to be targeted by hackers.

The downside of Avast is the relentless upsell. The interface is packed with buttons for premium features – such as a firewall and a dedicated ransomware shield – that aren’t actually included in the free edition of the software: click one and you’ll simply be prompted to buy the upgrade. To be fair, this latest version of the software is more up-front than previous releases: premium features are now shown with a little padlock icon, so you can tell at a glance what’s included and what’s not.

Avast also nags you with occasional popups: each time an update is downloaded, you’ll see a little notification in the corner of your screen, inviting you to move up to the paid-for suite. If you hate intrusions then these might drive you mad, but they’re fairly easy to live with (if you ignore them, they disappear after 30 seconds), and again the program is at least quite open about them: in the notification settings, you’ll find an explanation that if you want to disable these advertising pop-ups, you must – you’ve guessed it – upgrade to the paid-for suite. You can also silence them by leaving Game mode permanently activated, although of course this means you won’t get any notifications at all.

Buy now

By default, Avast also installs a second browser extension, called SafePrice. That’s a misleading name, as this isn’t about safety at all: rather, it tacks a banner onto the top of your browser, alerting you to cheap deals when you’re shopping online. This sort of thing is clearly well outside of the remit of a security package, but it can be easily disabled.

Avast Free Antivirus 2018 review: Verdict

With this in mind, it’s hard to wholeheartedly recommend Avast Free Antivirus. Panda Free Antivirus will give you a quieter life – or, if you can stretch to £25 a year, Bitdefender will give you a lot more bells and whistles to play with, too.

However, Avast still gets enough right to remain our favourite free antivirus program overall. It combines strong anti-malware performance with solid features, such as Rescue Disk, and a commendably light touch avg free x86 all 2012

The Difference Between Antivirus and Anti-Malware (and .


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Avast or AVG Who wins in a head-to-head battle for dominance 

In this comprehensive Avast vs. AVG guide, you’ll see what both companies offer in their security suites, as well as how both products compare to each other in terms of protection, system performance, user interface, and more.

In the modern, technology-driven world, the need for a reliable antivirus software is apparent. A recent study says that the average American spends nearly half a day looking at a screen.

So it makes sense that we should be actively protecting our devices — especially computers — from a range of online threats, such as viruses, spyware, ransomware, Trojan horses, worms, and rootkits (all collectively called “malware”.

Even if you’re practicing safe online habits, experts say that you can still get infected by malware. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

In this ultimate Avast vs. AVG comparison, you’ll see all the features and utilities included in each security suite offered by both Avast and AVG, as well as how their products stack up against each other in terms of malware protection, system impact, user interface, cost and more.

First, let’s see the security products both companies offer for home-based users.

Avast Antivirus Suites
Avast Free Antivirus (Windows only)
Avast Pro Antivirus (Windows only)
Avast Internet Security (Windows only)
Avast Premier (Windows only)
Avast Ultimate (Windows only)
Avast Security (Mac only)
Avast Security Pro (Mac only)
AVG Security Suites 
AVG AntiVirus FREE (Windows only)
AVG Internet Security (Both Windows and Mac)
AVG Ultimate (Both Windows and Mac)
AVG AntiVirus for Mac (Mac only)

If you’re in a rush and want the answer right away, here is a graphic that summarizes the whole comparison.

Short Verdict

Avast offers more security-related features and extra utilities in its security suites than AVG. Independent tests prove that both software provide excellent malware protection with minimal impact on system performance, but Avast’s products are slightly cheaper than AVG’s.

Our recommendation (for PCs): If you’re looking for a mid-level product, go with AVG Internet Security (currently at 20% off) as it offers protection for multiple devices under one license. If you’re looking for a full-blown suite for maximum peace of mind, Avast Ultimate (currently at 40% Off) might be the best option for you.

Our recommendation (for Macs): Go Avast Security Pro (Save 20%); it is one of the best Mac antivirus solutions out there.

Let’s begin with the detailed comparison…

What is Included in Avast’s Security Suites

Avast’s freeware, popularly known as Avast Free Antivirus, is one of the most feature-rich free antivirus product in the market.

Along with providing “essential malware protection,” it offers several handy utilities, such as a WiFi inspector (checks issues and vulnerabilities in your network), a limited Software Updater (tells you about your other outdated applications), an unlimited password vault (available as browser extension), and a Game Mode feature (provides uninterrupted experience).

Protection against web- and email-based threats is also incorporated in the freeware.

If your computer is so infested with malware that it won’t start, you can make use of Avast’s free Rescue Disk to remove deep-rooted malware.

However, you only get limited protection and extra features with the free antivirus products. For a complete peace of mind, you should go with a premium version as they outperform the free ones.

With Avast Pro Antivirus, you get everything in the “free” plan plus Sandbox technology (lets you test suspicious files in a separate environment so they don’t wreak havoc on your computer), a Real Site feature (prevents hackers from redirecting you to fake websites to steal your sensitive details), and premium in-product support.

Get Avast Pro Antivirus – SAVE 20%

With Avast Internet Security, you get everything that comes as part of the “Pro” plan plus a built-in firewall (monitors network traffic and prevents web-based attacks), and an extra layer of ransomware protection (stops hackers from taking over your personal files), and anti-spam filter (blocks junk emails and phishing scams).

Get Avast Internet Security – SAVE 20%

Another level up is Avast Premier. It adds a File Shredder, an automatic Software Updater, and also protects against webcam spying.

Get Avast Premier – SAVE 20%

Avast Ultimate is the company’s full-blown suite, including almost every security-related feature and extra utility that you could ask for. Along with everything jammed into the “Premier” suite, it includes a clean-up utility, an unlimited VPN, and a premium version of Avast’s password manager.

Get Avast Ultimate – SAVE 43%

The two useful browser extensions that Avast offers are Online Security and SafePrice. The latter is price comparison and coupon finder tool that helps you save money while shopping online, while the former blocks dangerous websites and also thwarts phishing attacks.

For Mac users, Avast offers two separate security suites: Avast Security and Avast Security Pro.

Avast Security is the company’s free offering for Mac users. It includes anti-malware security, a WiFi scanner, and also protects against web- and email-based threats.

To get ransomware protection and other additional features, you must upgrade to Avast Security Pro.

Get Avast Security Pro – SAVE 20%

Now, let’s see what is included in AVG’s premium suites.

What is Included in AVG’s Security Suites

AVG AntiVirus Free is the company’s Windows-only freeware. It offers great malware protection but doesn’t offer many extra features and utilities other than a useful File Shredder (thoroughly removes any file or folder).

It blocks dangerous websites, links, and attachments and also prevents phishing attacks.

Next level up is AVG Internet Security. Along with everything jammed into the “free” plan, it adds dedicated ransomware protection, webcam protection, an enhanced two-way firewall, an encryption utility, and a WiFi Guard (warns you of unsecured networks).

A silent mode feature and an anti-spam module (blocks junk emails and scams) are also part of the “Internet Security” suite.

Also, a single subscription of AVG Internet Security keeps your whole family secure; you can install it on every device in your household.

Get AVG Internet Security – SAVE 20%

AVG Ultimate is the company’s top-of-the-line suite. It includes everything that comes as part of the “Internet Security” plan and further adds AVG’s TuneUp utility (fixes performance issues, removes junk, improves battery life, and updates other outdated software).

Get AVG Ultimate – SAVE 20%

Note: Both AVG Internet Security and AVG Ultimate are compatible with Mac, too.

AVG also offers a Mac-only freeware, called AVG AntiVirus for Mac. It includes excellent anti-malware security along with protection against malicious websites and downloads.

Get AVG AntiVirus for Mac

Avast vs AVG: Which Provides Better Protection

Nearly all the modern antivirus software — including Avast and AVG — use signature-matching technology to detect all the sorts of viruses, spyware, rootkits, and Trojans.

 In simple terms, they employ different methods to check and compare your files against a huge database of virus definition files, which contain data on known/unknown malware threats and even potentially dangerous files. Any file that matches an existing definition file is either removed or marked as suspicious and is added to cloud servers for examination.

AV-Test, Germany’s IT security institute, regularly conducts independent lab tests to thoroughly examine the performance of different antivirus products on different operating systems.

In their recent tests, which were conducted in September and October 2017, Avast and AVG both had identical results; they both detected 100% of the previously unseen and widespread malware when tested on Windows 10 — scoring a perfect 6 out of 6 rating in protection. (See this and this for detailed reports.)

In tests conducted on Windows 7 in July-August 2017, Avast and AVG again came up with the exact same results; the both provided protection against 99% of the zero-day malware in July and 100% in August, and 99.9% and 100% protection against widespread malware in both months respectively.  (See this and this for detailed reports.)

Australian independent lab AV-Comparatives also conducts various tests to check and compare the performance of various antivirus products.

In their Malware Protection Test Report, which published in September 2017, both Avast and AVG received “ADVANCED ” rating with 99.99% protection rate, and returned 9 false alarms (i.e. wrongly identifying clean software as malware).

In their Real-World Protection Test which took place in November 2017, both products again received an excellent “ADVANCED ” rating courtesy their 99.6% protection rate.

So, it’s a tie in this category as both Avast and AVG provide an excellent level of protection.

Now, let’s talk about which software is less resource-hungry.

Avast vs AVG: Which Puts Less Impact on System

All modern antivirus products continuously run the background to provide real-time protection against malware threats, and that means they use some percentage of system resources.

An application that takes too much of system resources will degrade your computer’s performance. So, it is imperative that not only antivirus software provides comprehensive protection, but also that it doesn’t cause any significant impact on system performance and speed.

Both Avast and AVG both are super-lightweight antivirus products and exert a minimal impact on system resources.

In September-October 2017, AV-Test conducted a study to measure the influence of Avast and AVG on system speed (system performance) by carrying out typical actions like launching popular websites, downloading and installing, commonly used applications, copying of files, and more.  

Here’s how much Avast slowed down the system when performing different tasks on a standard and high-end PC, expressed in terms of percentage slowdown.

And here the results of performance tests with AVG installed.

Both Avast and AVG received a rating of 5 stars out of 6, an acceptable performance score.

In AV-Comparatives’ performance test, they tested the performance of a system by carrying out the following tasks: file copying, archiving/unarchiving, installing/uninstalling applications, launching applications, downloading files, and browsing websites.

Both software received an “ADVANCED ” rating, with an impact score of 8.9.

So, it’s clear that Avast and AVG use system resources in a similar way and — more importantly — neither of them will significantly slowdown your computer

Avast vs AVG: Which Offers a Cleaner Interface

Nobody likes using a piece of software that doesn’t offer clean user experience and easy-to-use navigation. Avast and AVG both will not disappoint you if that is your preference too.

Avast’s dark interface sits nicely on Windows/Mac and cannot be resized or run full screen. It has a vertical menu on the left which has four main items: Status, Protection, Privacy, and Performance. Each of those menu items — when clicked — elegantly opens sub-menu items, which contain all its features. There’s also a promotional banner at the bottom for getting you to upgrade to the premium version.

At the bottom-left edge, there’s a button which takes you to the settings.

The red color signals a problem, while green represents “everything is okay.”

On the other hand, AVG’s interface looks a bit overwhelming at first, but when you get used to it, you’ll see it’s very easy to navigate, too. Unlike Avast, there a horizontal menu with the following components: Computer, Web Email, Hacker Attacks, Privacy, and Payments.

If you’re using the free version, you’ll get basic protection, and much of what is on the interface will not be useful to you.

There’s a ‘Scan Computer’ button in the middle and next to it, there’s a button which takes to all the different type of scans you can run with AVG. Also, there’s a promotional banner at the bottom.

The green color represents that everything is okay and no further action is needed, while the red color signals a problem.

Overall, Avast’s interface provides a better user experience and navigation, but AVG’s interface is not far behind.

Avast vs AVG: Which Will Cost You More

First, let’s look at the prices of Avast’s security suites.

Avast Security SuitesPrice
Avast Free Antivirus (Get it)Free
Avast Pro Antivirus (Get it)$49.99/year
Avast Internet Security (Get it)$59.99/year
Avast Premier (Get it)$79.99/year
Avast Ultimate (Get it)$119.99/year
Avast Security (Get it)Free
Avast Security Pro (Get it)$59.99/year

Now, let’s see the pricing of AVG’s suites.

AVG Security Suites Price / Devices(s) Covered
AVG AntiVirus FREE (Get it)Free (Unlimited Devices)
AVG Internet Security (Get it)$69.99/year (Unlimited devices)
AVG Ultimate (Get it)$120/year (Unlimited Devices)
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Avast vs AVG: Which is More Popular Solution

Avast and AVG belong to the same company and together they capture a huge market share. To determine which among them is more popular is not an easy task.

Avast claims to have a user base of 400 million (that includes AVG users, too). AVG, on the other hand, no longer shares its numbers publically. So it becomes difficult to decide which one has a bigger market share based on what we see on their official websites.

However, if you look at other sources, you’ll notice that Avast is clearly ahead in this race.

According to OPSWAT, a company which regularly releases reports about the market share captured by different antivirus solutions, says – as of 4th Jan 2018 — that Avast is the leading antivirus software with 18.88% market share, followed by ESET (13.88%) and Malwarebytes (11.57%).

AVG doesn’t quite make it to OPSWAT’s list of top 10 antivirus products.

According to Download.com by CNET, AVG has over 565 million downloads while Avast has been downloaded 411 million times. But Avast’s editor rating’ is 4/5, which means “excellent”, while AVG has 3.5 stars out of 5 (meaning “very good”). Avast also has a better average user rating of 4.5/5 stars as opposed to AVG, which has 4 stars.

If you look at social numbers, Avast’s Facebook community totals to 4.1 million while AVG has over 3 million Facebook fans. On Twitter, though, AVG leads the way with 215k followers as opposed to Avast’s 182k.

Final Thoughts

A premium antivirus product is a requirement in the modern world, mainly because your security and privacy are at stake.

Both Avast and AVG are reputable antivirus companies that offer several antivirus suites to meet your protection needs.

Our recommendation for PCs: If you want all the advanced security-related features/tools and top-notch malware protection in a single well-integrated package, Avast Ultimate (currently at 40% off) is what you need. If your budget is limited, go with AVG Internet Security (currently at 20% off) as it offers protection for multiple devices under one license.

Our recommendation for Macs: If you’re a Mac user, go with Avast Security Pro (currently at 20% off). It is among one of the best Mac antivirus solutions out there.

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Additional Notes

If you believe I have stated something incorrectly or missed something that I should add to this ultimate Avast vs AVG showdown, let me know in the comments.

Full Disclosure: We are a professional review site that believes in being transparent with our audience. Some of the links in this posts are affiliate links, which means we may receive a small commission if you purchase through our links — at absolutely no extra cost to you. In fact, you may end up saving money if you make a purchase through our links as we regularly receive special deals and discounts from the companies we promote 내 PC 드라이버

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