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Without question, Angry Birds Star Wars II is full of new and unique gameplay that makes it one of the best games of the year. It doesn’t stop there though, as you can now zap new characters right into the game using something called TELEPODs. This mean that if you don’t like your character lineup you’ve been given for a particular level, don’t worry, swap them out! With the TELEPODs technology and “Character Swaps”, you can now set your own attack lineup! This feature has actually been requested for years in the Angry Birds community, and it’s interesting to see how Rovio has included it.

What Are TELEPODs How Do They Work

In the most basic of terms, TELEPODs are small figurines or action figures. They are sold with a small clear stand that has a magnifying glass built in. On the bottom of the figurine is a unique QR-code.

When you want to use a TELEPOD, click the “T” button in the upper-left corner of the level screen. A pop-up will instruct you to place the figurine on the stand, and position the stand over the front-facing camera of your device. Then… BOOM! Like magic, that figurine will take the place of the existing character in the slingshot!

Also, a small “T” will appear in the corner of that character’s button in the Character Swap Bar. We will talk more about in-app character swaps below.

Rules and Restrictions

No good feature comes without rules.

Foremost, you cannot change your allegiance. That is, bird-side TELEPODs can only be used in bird-side levels, and likewise for the pork-side. Even though **spoiler alert** Anakin becomes evil, you can’t trade out his Pod Racer character with a much more powerful Sith Apprentice TELEPOD.

Next, you cannot use the same TELEPOD twice in a single attempt. So if you start with a level with three Qui-Gon Jinn in the lineup, you cannot use TELEPODs to use three Obi-Wan Kenobi. You may use multiple different TELEPODs to change the lineup, however. So instead of three Qui-Gon Jinn, you can use one Obi-Wan Kenobi, one Podracer, and one C-3PO for example.

Note: If using in-app character swaps (more below), this restriction is lifted: You can use the same character swap multiple times in a single level.

The final significant restriction is that TELEPOD data require an Internet connection. This makes sense to help prevent fraudulent use of this technology. If you are not connected to the Internet, you cannot “zap in” your TELEPOD. If you lose Internet after importing your TELEPOD character, you may use it (with the above restrictions) without needing to re-import until you close and re-open the game.


TELEPODs are made by Hasbro and available at most major retail stores, such as Walmart and Amazon. They come in packs of two or more, sometimes random and sometimes as part of specific sets. If you want to collect all 32, it takes quite a bit of time. But if you are hunting for specific characters, this list may help you. An asterisk (*) denotes that the specified character can only be found in that specific set. (Special thanks to @SnTrooper.)

  • Star Destroyer Set: Darth Vader(*), Droideka(*), Padme Amidala(*), Jedi Youngling(*), Captain Panaka(*), Zam Wesell(*), Darth Sidious, Stormtrooper, Anakin Skywalker Podracer, Luke Skywalker Jedi
  • Death Star Trench Run Set: TIE Fighter Pilot(*), Luke Skywalker Pilot
  • Endor Chase Set: Biker Scout(*), Luke Skywalker Endor
  • Battle of Geonosis Set: Battle Droid(*), Mace Windu
  • Bounty Hunters Set: Jango Fett(*), Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Duel with Count Dooku Set: Count Dooku(*), Anakin Skywalker Padawan
  • Darth Vader Pig Carrying Case: Chewbacca(*)
  • Jedi vs. Sith Multi-Pack: Darth Maul(*), Qui-Gon Jinn(*), Darth Sidious, General Grievous, Yoda, Anakin Skywalker Padawan
  • Miscellaneous 2-Packs: Anakin Skywalker Sith Apprentice, Boba Fett, Jar Jar Binks, R2-D2, Princess Leia, Han Solo, C-3PO are only available in these randomly paired 2-packs.

What About In-App Character Swaps

Character Swaps are the only “Power Ups” in Angry Birds Star Wars II. In addition to physical TELEPODs, Character Swaps can be earned and/or purchased in-game.

By completing certain achievements in-game, you will earn Bird Credits or some number of Character Swaps. As we said above, in-game Character Swaps can be used without some of the restrictions of TELEPODs.

Bird Credits are your in-app currency. Credits are earned through normal gameplay, but can also be purchased from Watto’s Shop. Prices are 150 credits for $1.99, 400 for $4.99, 1000 for $9.99, 2250 for $19.99, 6000 for $49.99, and 15000 for $99.99. (Worried Be sure to see our post about restricting In-App Purchases.)

If you want to purchase in-app Character Swaps, you have a few choices. There are always some characters “on sale” for heavily reduces prices. There are also a few cleverly named packs, created and compiled by Rovio. But most likely, you’ll be interested in purchasing an individual character.

Even here, you have options. Once you find the character you want, you may purchase 10, 30, 100, or unlimited usages. Note that the credit cost varies by character. Some are quite cheap, such as 10 Obi-Wan Kenobi for 300 credits. Some are costly, such as Darth Vader for 3500 credits (the Force is strong with him).

Interested Here’s Some Jedi Training

So, we got your attention now, did we Well, we’re going to give you some tricks and tips about using this technology.

First and foremost, every normal level can 3-starred without the use of Swaps. Our walkthroughs are living proof of that.

Next, not all levels will benefit from Swap technology. Indeed, some levels are set up with such a specific strategy in mind that the starting lineup is as good as any.

Now, let’s assume you have a level with a couple lowly Qui-Gon Jinn. Nothing against him, but he’s not particularly strong. At the least, you can swap out Qui-Gon for Jedi Luke, whose lightsaber is much stronger and lasts longer. If you are only attacking for brute force, Chewbacca has a lot of force! If you need to attack a high structure, Leia’s pulling and Padme’s pushing tractor beams will bring it tumbling down. And if the attack needs to go a long way through a lot of debris, Mace Windu’s boomerang lightsaber will slice through blocks like butter.

On the Pork Side, most characters are already quite strong. However, a few stand alone in terms of their powers. Darth Vader and Anakin Sith Apprentice are remarkably strong with the Force, able to throw nearby blocks great distances. If a lightsaber attack is needed, Darth Maul has two and General Grievous has four! And Darth Sidious’ lightning hands are extremely useful against metallic blocks and chains IDM patch 6.12

Have more tips Let us know below!

Angry Birds Star Wars


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Mighty Launch (15 points): Mighty Falcon Launched (in Single Player Mode).
    Falcon Escape (15 points): 100% destruction with Falcon (in Single Player Mode).
    Hyperspace (15 points): 100% destruction with Falcon 50 times (in Single Player Mode).
    That's No Moon (15 points): Tatooine completed.
    Tatooine - The Force (20 points): Tatooine: Get 2,380,000 points.
    Disturbing Misobedience (15 points): Death Star completed.
    Death Star - The Force (20 points): Death Star: Get 3,180,000 points.
    Courage of Jedi (15 points): Path of the Jedi completed.
    Path of the Jedi – The Force (50 points): Path of the Jedi: Get 3,250,000 points.
    Probe Explorer (15 points): 1 droid level found.
    Probe Gatherer (15 points): 5 droid levels found.
    Jedi Initiate (15 points): 50 blocks smashed with saber.
    Jedi Knight (15 points): 500 blocks smashed with saber.
    Jedi Master (15 points): 2000 blocks smashed with saber.
    Force Learner (20 points): 2000 blocks thrown with Force.
    Ultimate Laser Shooter (20 points): 1000 blocks smashed with blaster laser.
    Skilled Pilot (20 points): 500 blocks smashed with Pilot.
    Magnificent Grumble (15 points): 300 blocks smashed with Chewbacca.
    Prominent Jedi (15 points): Three lasers deflected with saber (in Single Player Mode).
    Target Shooter (15 points): Three pigs shot with a single blaster shot (in Single Player Mode).
    Star Bird Fan (15 points): Angry Birds Star Wars played for 5 hours.
    True Star Bird Fan (30 points): Angry Birds Star Wars played for 15 hours.
    Fly Bird Fly (20 points): 5000 birds launched.
    There's No-one Here (15 points): Stormtrooper shot another trooper (in Single Player mode).
    Imperial Entanglement (15 points): Stormtrooper popped with Tie Fighter's wing (in Single Player mode).
    Walking Carpet (20 points): Same turret shot Chewbacca 6 times with a direct hit (in Single Player Mode).
    Simple Pigs and Nonsense (20 points): 300 stormtroopers popped.
    The Birds Will Be With You (20 points): 10 levels completed with one bird.
    Lack of Faith (15 points): Level restarted 100 times.
    Pork side of the Force (5 points): Fail level 10 times with one pig left.
    Fatal Attraction (15 points): Lift 500 blocks with gravitational field disruptor.
    Transport Is Away (15 points): Hoth completed.
    Hoth - The Force (20 points): Hoth: Get 3,450,000 points.
    Mynock Tangle (15 points): Mynock popped with another mynock in 6 levels (in Single Player Mode).
    Block Buster (15 points): Smash 25 blocks with a single flight of Boba.

Additionally, there are 15 secret achievements:

    Tatooine – All Stars (30 points): Tatooine: Three stars in all levels.
    Death Star – All Stars (30 points): Death Star: Three stars in all levels.
    Jettisoned Jetpacks (15 points): Collect all 5 Jetpacks.
    Path of the Jedi – All Stars (30 points): Path of the Jedi: Three stars in all levels.
    Star Bird Addict (50 points): Angry Birds Star Wars played for 30 hours.
    Hoth – All Stars (30 points): Hoth: Three stars in all levels.
    There is no try (20 points): Play a multiplayer game with a total of four people.
    The circle is now complete (30 points): Complete the Exclusive Levels.
    All too easy (50 points): Exclusive Levels: Three stars in all levels.
    Thank the maker! (15 points): Unlock your first secret from the Extras menu.
    Well, look at you! (15 points): Earn your first bonus score in a multiplayer match.
    No more training do you require (15 points): Unlock 5 different bonus scores within the multiplayer mode.
    The Force is strong (20 points): Unlock all of the bonus scores within the multiplayer mode.
    Impressive (15 points): Collect your first character sticker.
    Most Impressive (20 points): Collect 10 character stickers OO Defrag 14.1 Build 305 Professional Edition FR (32 bit)

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Безумно популярные и известные всем, Angry Birds(Злые птички) в настоящее время лидируют в списке наиболее скачиваемых игр. Количество уже достигло более миллиарда загрузок, то есть птички нравятся примерно каждому седьмому жителю планеты. Выпущенные изначально для Apple OS, Angry Birds в скором времени были адаптированы под практически все операционные системы. Существуют версии для всех вариантов Android, Linux (в частности, разновидностей этой операционной системы MeeGo и Ubunty), Simbian и, конечно же, любимой многими Windows. Игра пополняется все новыми эпизодами. При прохождении каждого этапа, игрок переходит на следующий. За классическими Angry Birds последовали Angry Birds Seasons. После этого сердитые птички стали активно путешествовать – они отправились в одном из эпизодов в Рио, а затем даже в космос. На этом компания-разработчик из Финляндии не успокоилась и выпустила релиз, посвященный Звездным войнам, который так и назывался – Adnngry Birds Star Wars. Кроме того, существует ряд других модификаций игры, так появились птички и в социальных сетях. Теперь можно расстреливать вредных свиней тропическими птицами в Facebook и Вконтакте.

На нашем сайте вы сможете сыграть в эту увлекательную игру онлайн. Сердитые птички помогут вам потратить время с максимальным удовольствием Reg Organizer 6 0 1 Final Portable Angry Birds Star Wars - Nintendo Wii .

Angry Birds 2 (formerly known as Angry Birds Under Pigstruction) is a puzzle platformer game developed by Rovio, first soft launched in Canada on March 5, 2015 and officially released on July 30, 2015. The direct sequel to Angry Birds utilizes new challenges such as multi-stage levels and boss battles (referred to as boss piggies). The game also introduces new features such as spells, cards, feathers, and a bird known as Silver.


After the events of Angry Birds, Chef Pig steals the eggs and puts them in an airship, leaving Red to gather the rest of the flock pursuing him and the rest of the pigs. After Chef Pig is defeated, the Foreman Pig takes over followed by the King Pig on defeat. It goes on to avoid the birds from recovering the eggs. The beginning cutscene was removed in later updates.


Main Article: Angry Birds 2/Cards

Typical Angry Birds 2 gameplay level

There are a number of new changes from the prequel, although the core mechanic of launching birds into Pig Fortresses via the slingshot remains constant. Levels are now selected in the form of an overworld similar to Angry Birds Epic rather than a typical selection screen. Birds are unlocked via accessing treasure chests throughout the overworld. Angry Birds 2 introduces multiple sections labeled as "rooms" in each level (indicated at the top center, and can range from two to seven), thus players must defeat multiple fortresses one at a time in order to advance.

During levels, players are not able to select which birds are desired. Birds/cards are auto assigned from a predetermined set drawn from the pool of birds the player has previously 'unlocked'. Three (3) of these 'bird cards' are presented 'face up' thus revealing their identity. While the remaining cards are in reserve and are presented 'face down' and thus rendering their value hidden. At all times the number of reserve cards is displayed. As a card/bird is used to attack, one of the face down/reserve cards is turned 'face up' and is now active and available for attack. The three (3) 'face up'/active cards can be used in any order the player wishes. This differs greatly from previous iterations of Angry Birds, as the order of birds until this installment were locked, meaning the player could not choose which birds to fire at their momentary need. A "Destruct-O-Meter" on the upper-right of the screen accumulates points from playing through levels, and filling up the bar will reset it and award the player with an extra bird card. In the event that the player already has three (3) bird cards 'face up' the awarded extra card will be placed 'face down' in the reserve deck. (note: as the card travels to the reserve deck the identity is NOT hidden.) In the event only one bird is used to destroy a fortress, it is referred to as a "strike!" (such as in bowling) or two birds was used "birdie!" (spare), earning additional points towards the score.

Full 5 lives

Unlike previous games where players could fail levels without consequence or retry levels as many times as needed, Angry Birds 2 features the usage of lives where there are a limited amount of attempts allowed. This means that the player must have at least one life in order to play a level. The game starts out with five lives, one is deducted every time a level is failed or the player forfeits (There was a special offer that allowed the player to have six lives). Lives regenerate slowly over time (one per thirty minutes), but the player may purchase additional lives to use on demand. It is impossible to lose a life if the player does not launch any birds at the beginning of the level.

The lives are shown on the top right of the new screen and campaign map.

As of new version 2.12.2, a new home screen design bought a new layout features the character cards, the right icons redirects into campaign, the arena and daily challenge/King Pig Panic respectively. The bottom shows daily quest, chest and tower of fortune icons.

Star Rank

The star rank is a new feature in which players accumulate stars to level up the rank currently in their possession. It can be earn through campaign levels or The Nest. It is displayed on the top left of the screen in campaign map and home screen.

Level Types

There are various different types of leve in the main campaign:

  • Normal Level () - Clear all the pigs to complete the level. (First introduced in level 1; common to find)
  • Hard Level - () - Clear all the pigs in a harder difficulty to complete the level. (First introduced in level 9; uncommon to find)
  • Boss Level - () Beat the boss pig in the last room to complete the level. (First introduced in level 5; each chapter has at least 3 of this level type)
  • Score Level - Score the required points to complete the level. (First introduced in level 14; very rare to find)

There are a multitude of ways to pop the pigs in Angry birds 2, such as slingshotting a bird directly into a pig, by using abilities or - most commonly - toppling structures that can fall onto the pigs.

Daily Quest

Every day, you can complete six challenges in order to claim a large amount of feathers if you complete all of them. These include the following (as of version 2.19.1):

  • Playing the arena [Rewards × 10]
  • Collecting (x # of) stars [Rewards × 10]
  • Completing Stage 1 daily challenge [Rewards × 10]
  • Completing the King Pig Panic [Rewards × 20]
  • Claim gem letter [Rewards × 70 ]  (must purchase the gem letter in the gem shop)

In total, the players can get × 120 every day.


Similar to achievments in Game Centre or Google Play, these are missions that are intended to be coompleted over a longer period of time than the daily quests. Listed below are the feats in the game:

  • Completing the daily challenge x times [Rewards black pearls]
  • Defeating x boss pigs [Rewards black pearls]
  • Leveling up all birds to x [Rewards feathers]
  • Logging in on x different days [Rewards black pearls]
  • Getting x arena wins [Rewards ]
  • Watching x video ads [Rewards ]
  • Popping x pigs [Rewards black pearls]
  • Opening x rare chests [Rewards feathers]
  • Completing x arena win streaks [Rewards ]
  • Opening x common chests [Rewards ]
  • Using x spells [Rewards black pearls]
  • Reaching floor x in Tower of Fortune [Rewards black pearls]
  • Completing King Pig Panic x times [Rewards ]
  • Completing x x4 hat sets [Rewards ]
  • Winning x weekly tournaments [Rewards rare chests]
  • Completing all Daily Quests x times [Rewards feathers]
  • Opening certain number of legendary chests [Rewards × 1]
  • Unlocking Blues; Chuck; Matilda; Silver; Bomb and Terence [Rewards × 100 each bird]

The Nest (Bird Arena)

For details on The Nest, see Angry Birds 2/The Nest.


For details on Clans, see Angry Birds 2/Clans.

Score Multiplier Rank

For a list of bird and slingshot ranks, see Angry Birds 2/Score Multiplier Rank

Daily Challenge

For details on daily challenges, see Angry Birds 2/Daily Challenge.

King Pig Panic

The King Pig Panic is a bonus set of levels, which can be unlocked every day by completing the Daily Challenge. The King Pig Panic always consists of three boss levels, which increase in difficulty towards level 3. You cna try this challenge multiple times in one day, but you have only have one hour to complete it after completing the Daily Challenge.

Tower of Fortune

For details on Tower of Fortune, see Angry Birds 2/Tower of Fortune.



Spells are powerful cards that can be brought into normal and hard levels in the campaign, as well as in the arena. They are in addition to your normal cards, and when it is selected you are guaranteed to receive at least one randomly in the level. Spells will rank up if all the birds (and slingshot) have reached the specified level (unless all the birds' level are inconsistent, the lowest level will be applied to spells). For example, if all your birds are at rank 18, except Red who is at Rank 17, then the spells will be at rank 17.


Golden Ducks

"It's Raining Ducks!"

Ducks fall onto entire screen causing damage.


"Turns Blocks into Ice"

Makes blocks easy to destroy.

Hot Chili

"The Heat is ON!"

Will ignite one random pig and explode.

Pig Inflater

"Pumped Up Piggies!"

Enlarges some pigs on screen causing them to pop.

Mighty Eagle

"Enough Said!"

Will clear entire screen of pigs.

The spells listed below were only available for a limited amount of time, and were usually very similar in function to the Golden Ducks.

  • Buzz's Honey Blaster Spell (Special Honey Nut Cheerios event spell available in the U.S.)
  • Octo the Lover Spell (Special Nibblers event spell)
  • Monstrous Spell of Mavis (Special Hotel Transylvania 2 event spell)
  • Shakira's Love Rocks Spell (Special Love Rocks event spell)
  • Idea Advantage Spell (Special Idea MNP Operator event spell available in India)
  • Hatchlings Spell (Special The Angry Birds Movie event spell)
  • Cardbury Gems Spell (Special Cardbury Gems event spell)
  • Release The Catch Spell (Special Support to WWF event spell available only on iOS devices)
  • SpinMaster Spell (Special Angry Birds Spinmaster toy spell)
  • Birthday Spell (Special Angry Birds 2 1st Birthday)
  • Angry Birds Evolution Spells (Special Angry Birds Evolution event spells)
  • Duck Tales Spell (Special Disney XD Duck Tales spell)


Gems are the primary premium currency in Angry Birds 2. They can be used for:

  • Continue levels, Clans, Daily Challenge, King Pig Panic when you are out of cards and there are still pigs alive, or continuing the Arena when you are losing ( × 60 x times revived)
  • Refill all five lives (or six if there is an offer) ( × 60)
  • Opening either a Rare Chest or a Legendary Chest ( × 0~900)
  • Purchasing spells or power-ups ( × 50~800)
  • Reviving yourself in the Tower of Fortune ( × 20 < 50 < x2 until 3,200)
  • Changing your profile name (first is free) ( × 100)
  • Replaying clan levels ( x0 < 20 x times replayed)
  • Replay clan battles (x200)
  • Replay Mighty Eagle Boot Camp rounds (x300)
  • Switch opponents in the arena (x15)

Gems can be earned in several ways:

  • Free chests ( × 10)
  • Completing daily quests ( × 3~79)
  • Weekly tournament ( × 5~300)
  • Through in-game purchases ( × 80~16,800)


There are three chests:

  • Common [Free; resets every 30 minutes (or 15 minutes with Tutor upgrade) with a additional rewards by watching an advertisement video]
  • Rare (Costs × 80 to open)
  • Legendary (Costs × 900 to open)

Generally speaking, the rewards for opening a chest are listed below:

  • × 25~7,500
  • × 10~1,400
  • (The common Golden Duck to the rare Mighty Eagle, sometimes will earn up to 3 copies.)
  • (Free hat)
  • × 5~1,000

Naturally, opening a Legendary chest will grant much better quantities and qualities of items than opening a common chest.


Playable characters



Shoots red soundwaves which can be used to topple structures"Leader of the Flock!"
Red is the first bird introduced in the game.

He is the main protagonist of the series, and has appeared in almost every game to date.

Jay, Jake, and Jim

Splits into three small birds and slightly speeds up"Cool with Ice!"
Jay, Jake, and Jim are triplets who can split into three. They do good damage to ice.


Heavily speeds up when the screen is tapped"Good with Wood!"
Chuck is a canary who can heavily damage wood and can go very fast.


Shoots egg bombs vertically downwards, while simultaneously propelling herself upward"Explosive Spirit!"
Matilda is a chicken who lays egg bombs that cause destruction and explosions to structures below.


Does a 360-degree loop before violently crashing down on the ground"Looping Legend"
Silver is a gray falcon who can crash violently down on the ground. She does significant damage to stones and bosses.


Blowing up causing significant damage to structures"Explosive Temper..."
Bomb can blow himself up to deal large damage to structures, especially to stone blocks.


Huge strength and power to topple structures and towers"Big, Bad, Bold"
A large bird who can cause massive destruction.  Also deals heavy damage to some bosses.



Minion Pigs

These are Minion Pigs. Some of them may wear costumes, like a Rocket Pig and an Umbrella Pig.

For a full list please go to:

List of Special Pigs in Angry Birds 2

Chef Pig

He is a chef who cooks food for the pigs and King Pig.

He wants to oust King Pig from the throne.

A boss who needs to be defeated in boss levels.

He is succeeded by Foreman Pig.

Foreman Pig

Commonly plans on stealing eggs and wants to give them to his master, King Pig.

A boss who needs to be defeated in boss levels.

He is succeeded by the King Pig.

King Pig

Also known as King Smoothcheeks.

Wants to steal the eggs and eat them very badly.

A final boss who needs to be defeated in boss levels.

After he is defeated the line goes back to Chef Pig.


There are a total of 47 chapters with 1760 levels. Upcoming areas are highlighted in yellow and italic references are fictional.

Under Pigstruction!

This article or section is in the process of an expansion or major restructuring.

You are welcome to assist in its construction by editing it as well. If this article or section has not been edited in several days, please remove this template.

#NameName referenceLocationLevels
1Feathery HillsBeverly HillsCobalt Plateaus1-15
2New Pork CityNew York CityPig City16-35
3Eggchanted WoodsEnchanted WoodsBamboo Forest36-60
4Chirp ValleyN/ACobalt Plateaus61-90
5ShanghamShanghaiPig City91-120
6Greasy SwampN/ABamboo Forest121-150
7GreenervilleGreenvilleCobalt Plateaus151-180
8SteakholmStockholmPig City181-210
9Misty MireN/ABamboo Forest211-240
10PigsylandDisneylandPig City (Carnival)241-280
11Snotting HillNotting HillBamboo Forest (Halloween)281-320
12Fluttering HeightsWuthering HeightsCobalt Plateaus321-360
13Mount EvernestMount EverestCobalt Plateaus (Christmas)361-400
14Ham FranciscoSan FranciscoPig City (Carnival)401-440
15Pig BayBig BayCobalt Plateaus (Water)441-500
16Gravity GroveN/ABamboo Forest (Gravity)501-540
17The Pig AppleThe Big ApplePig City541-580
18The HamalayasThe HimalayasCobalt Plateaus (Snow)581-620
19MadagooscarMadagascarBamboo Forest (Halloween)621-660
20HambergHamburgCobalt Plateaus661-700
21OinklahomaOklahomaPig City701-740
22The HamazonasThe AmazonasBamboo Forest741-780
23CopacabaconCopacabanaCobalt Plateaus (Water)781-820
24Snout SloughN/ABamboo Forest (Halloween)821-860
25PorklandPortlandPig City861-900
26Pigfoot MountainsBigfoot MountainsCobalt Plateaus901-940
27Central PorkCentral ParkBamboo Forest941-980
28HamsterdamAmsterdamPig City981-1020
29Missispiggy RiversMississippi RiverCobalt Plateaus (Water)1021-1060
30BoarneoBorneoBamboo Forest1061-1100
31Got Ham CityGotham CityPig City1101-1140
32Twin BeaksTwin PeaksCobalt Plateaus1141-1180
33Hog WartsHogwarts School of Witchcraft and WizardryBamboo Forest (Halloween)1181-1220
34PiggymanjaroMount KilimanjaroCobalt Plateaus1221-1260
35PorkyoTokyoPig City1261-1300
36HambodiaCambodiaBamboo Forest1301-1340
37LichtenswineLiechtensteinCobalt Plateaus1341-1380
38Porka RicaCosta RicaPig City1381-1420
39United Steaks of HamericaUnited States of AmericaCobalt Plateaus1421-1460
40OinktarioOntarioBamboo Forest1461-1500
41HamtarcticaAntarcticaCobalt Plateaus1501-1540
42PigsburghPittsburghPig City1541-1580
43LuxembirdLuxembourgBamboo Forest1581-1620
44Ham MarinoSan MarinoCobalt Plateaus (Water)1621-1660
45BoarlängeBorlängeBamboo Forest1661-1700
47Snouta CruzSanta Cruz1741-1760


For this game's achievements, see Angry Birds 2/Achievements.


For this subject's image gallery, see Angry Birds 2/Gallery.


The game has received mixed reviews. Pocket Gamer gave the game a 7/10, feeling that the gameplay was a step forward in puzzle design and the graphics were gorgeous—however, it did not like the energy system that, after failing to complete a few levels, either makes the player stop playing or use gems to continue playing; overall the website thought the game was Rovio at its best. IGN awarded it a score of 6.7 out of 10, saying "Ever-shifting levels and limited lives take a lot of the fun out of smashing pigs with birds in Angry Birds 2."


Angry Birds 2 Angry Is Back - Teaser

Angry Birds 2 Angry Is Back - Teaser 2

Angry Birds 2 – Bigger. Badder. Birdier. (Official Launch Trailer)

Angry Birds 2 – Gameplay Teaser 1

Angry Birds 2 – Gameplay Teaser 2

Angry Birds 2 - Official Gameplay Trailer

Angry Birds 2 - Official Animation Trailer

Angry Birds 2 – Meet Red Leader of the Flock!

Angry Birds 2 – Meet The Blues Cool With Ice!

Angry Birds 2 – Meet Chuck Good With Wood!

Angry Birds 2 – Meet Matilda Explosive Spirit!

Angry Birds 2 – Meet Silver Looping legend!

Angry Birds 2 – Meet Bomb Explosive Temper!

Angry Birds 2 – Meet Terence Big, Bad, Bold!

Angry Birds 2 – Buzz’s Honey Blaster!

Angry Birds 2 – Behind the Scenes feat. the LG G4 smart phone

Angry Birds 2 Launch Celebration in Moscow

Out Now! Angry Birds 2 Snotting Hill

Angry Birds 2 – Test Piggies The Golden Duck

Angry Birds 2 – Test Piggies The Blizzard

Angry Birds 2 – Test Piggies The Pig Inflator

Angry Birds 2 – Test Piggies The Chili

Angry Birds 2 – Test Piggies The Mighty Eagle

Angry Birds 2 - Win a Trip for 2 to the Bahamas!

Angry Birds 2 - PvP Arena Battle the world!

Protect our oceans with Angry Birds 2 and Apps For Earth!

Angry Birds 2 - Birthday Update

Angry Birds 2 – NEW Clans Update!

Angry Birds 2 – NEW Clans Update OUT NOW!



  • Unlike the original Angry Birds games (Angry Birds, Angry Birds Space, etc.), the birds have their Toons appearance (except for Silver, who made her debut in this game).
  • The game's former name, Under Pigstruction, is a play on Under Construction, an event used to show that the process of construction is taking place.
  • This is the third Angry Birds game after Angry Birds POP! and the Korean version of Angry Birds to feature the lives system. Failing a level will cost a live and after all five lives are used up (All 3 after the Pigsyland update).
    • Now, the lives system is identical to Candy Crush Saga and its sequels (Soda and Jelly) as there are up to 5 lives.
  • This is the first game to give Red a permanent ability.
  • Even though the Corporal Pig appears this game, he's not a boss; he is a Minion Pig that wears a helmet, from Kombo's episodes of Angry Birds Toons.
  • This is the second time a pun on New York City has been made. The first was New Yolk City, the setting of the Super Angry Birds comic.
  • Bubbles, Stella, and Hal are the only birds from the original game that do not appear in this game.
  • This is the second Angry Birds video game that does not have its own Toons.TV video app, after Angry Birds POP!, as pressing the Toons.TV button redirects to a browser version. Now it redirects to its own Toons.TV app.
  • On the Angry Birds Facebook page, a 3 page comic about the story of Angry Birds 2 was released. This strip revealed why Silver was raised by the pigs. They found her as an egg, and she hatched just before getting cooked.
  • When this game is reinstalled, the black pearls will reset to 90.
  • In the World Map/Game Level, players can tap/click on a random pig. The pigs can blow a raspberry, make a face, burp, or fart. If a pig farts, surrounding pigs will groan at the pig who farted, whilst if a pig burps, surrounding pigs will grow angry towards the pig who burped. This will all happen when players tap/click on a pig.
  • Pig Bay is the only chapter with 60 levels so far.
  • This game has the most levels in the Angry Birds series -- 2500. Angry Birds POP! is the second and Angry Birds Seasons is the third Dr.Web CureIt!

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