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Click on a state above to see specifics for each jurisdiction or select a state from the drop down menu below.  Be sure to review all of the information on this page.

United States Knife Laws by State

The American Knife Tool Institute (AKTI) is pleased to provide summaries of the knife law in the 50 states across the country, and the District of Columbia. This valuable resource:

    • Was researched and written by a leading knife expert attorney and AKTI consultant
    • Gives appropriate law references
    • Indicates last date updated
    • Is regularly updated from legislative tracking information or to clarify when we receive questions.

This information is only intended to be a ready reference about which knives are forbidden or prohibited under state law; which knives cannot be sold or other restrictions on sale or manufacture; and which knives may be carried and whether concealment is an issue. It is not intended to be legal advice.

Laws regarding knives are frequently found in weapons statutes and certain knives based on type of mechanism, blade length or undefined term may be classified as weapons. These summaries are not intended to be an exhaustive study and survey of the criminal law of weapons possession in any given state. Rather, the goal is to provide an easy reference and point of departure for additional analysis, as needed.

The complete State Knife law information is available to AKTI members and non-members alike. If you find the State Knife Laws useful please consider an AKTI membership or making a contribution to AKTI.

Exceptions:  There are many exceptions to prohibitions regarding carrying of weapons which may include knives. Certain categories of individuals involved in law enforcement, military or government activity are excluded from the prohibitions. Also, there are exceptions for certain activities, such as hunting and fishing. The standard of what is or is not considered concealed also varies from state to state. It is beyond the scope of these summaries to address these myriad exceptions and variations.

If you believe that one or more exceptions apply to you, use the information provided to initiate your search for additional information.

Prohibitions:  In many states, there are prohibitions which apply to persons who have previously been convicted of a crime. There are also statutory limitations ·in many states as to where “weapons,” including knives, can or cannot be carried. Schools are a very common example. ln some states, this means any educational institution, from kindergarten or elementary level through the university level. Other examples of prohibited places include polling locations, courthouses, government buildings, locations where beverage alcohol is served for consumption, airports, nuclear power generating stations, etc. Identifying all of these locations and circumstances is beyond the scope of these summaries.

In most instances, the summaries do not differentiate between levels of criminality. Carrying an illegal knife in some states may be a simple misdemeanor. Carrying the same illegal knife in another state may be a felony. AKTI strongly encourages all concerned to abide by the law regardless of the fact that the consequences may appear to be of little consequence. In many states, even a misdemeanor “weapons” violation can have serious implications. AKTI welcomes suggestions of how these summaries may be improved or made more user-friendly AVG Antivirus Internet Security 2013.0.2890 Final (3264-bit) KeyMaker

Other Resources:

Don’t Believe the Myths About Automatic Knives
Automatic Knives / Federal Switchblade Act
State Laws Regarding Auto-Open Knives
About Statewide Knife Preemption
Encounters With Law Enforcement
The Legal Edge: What Every Knife Owner Should Know

Likumi.lv - Latvijas Republikas tiesibu akti

Akti-S Apartments and Suites

Luxury suites and apartments next to sandy beach of Salonikiou

Akti-S Hotel consists of a three-storey building complex next to the sea, with luxury suites and apartments on the Blue Flag sandy beach of Salonikiou, Sithonia. It provides 6 luxury suites and 8 apartments, spaciously and exquisitely decorated, so as to meet the needs and requirements of the customers.

The hotel is built in an area of 2.5 acres dominated by green and relaxing fields.

Dealing with the tourism and hospitality for owners is a tradition of years. In 1989 Mantzanas Stylianos created the first residence for tourist (mantzanas apartments and suites) at Krotiri, Salonikiou beach, providing high quality services to approximately 4000 families who were hosted the course of 25 years.
In 2012 the two brothers of the family, Asterios and Evangelos, started the creation of Akti-S with the main purpose to maintain and continue the family tradition.

The hotel provides wheelchair access, outdoor shower, playground and fully equipped barbecue which guests can use for free. Use of washing machine upon request.

* Special offer: The hotel offers 24 hour medical care free of charge for all guests of the hotel.


Akti Salonikiou (Salonikiou beach)Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece, P Internet Download Manager 6 15 Final Incl Patch

O 630787th km from Agios Nikolaos to Pirgadikia

Telephone: 30 23750 92551

Mobile: 30 6945 878523

Go 1. Temeljna ustavna listina o samostojnosti in neodvisnosti Republike Slovenije (Uradni list RS, st. 1/91-I in 19/91-I- popravek) 2. Ustavni zakon za izvedbo .,Akti-S Hotel consists of a three-storey building complex next to the sea, with luxury suites and apartments on the Blue Flag sandy beach of Salonikiou, Sithonia.,Stranice Zagrebacke burze d.d. koriste kolacice za pruzanje boljeg korisnickog iskustva i funkcionalnosti. Postavke kolacica mogu se kontrolirati i .

Go The American Knife Tool Institute (AKTI) is pleased to provide summaries of the knife law in the 50 states across the country, and the District of Columbia.,Fynd av ograsmedlet diflufenikan satter vaxtodlingen pa prov 28 augusti 2018 – Nu har en tre ar lang provotid av ograsmedlet diflufenikan borjat.,The American Knife Tool Institute has been the advocacy voice of the entire knife community since 1998, ensuring that Americans will always be able to make, buy .

Go Sis timekla vietnes satura kvalitates uzlabosanai un pielagosanai lietotaju vajadzibam tiek lietotas sikdatnes - tai skaita ari treso pusu sikdatnes.,. : . 2 , 16671, . o: 30-210-8960697,Tiesibu akti un to izmainas: visi jaunumi un arhivs. Sistematizeti tiesibu akti. Plasas meklesanas un personalizetas iespejas. Vietni uztur „Latvijas .

Pravila i drugi akti Burze - Zagrebacka burza

Akti House is just a breath away from the sea, with it's golden sandy beach and crystal blue waters, ideal for young children. It has 6 studios, 2 apartments and a loft. Specifically:

Type A: 2 ground floor apartments with the sleeping area on an internal second level (up to 4 people).

Type A1: 3 studios on the 1st floor with a double bed and a sofa bed (up to 3 people).
Type A3: 3 studios on the first floor with 2 single beds and a sofa bed (up to 3 people).
Loft: Comprised of 2 bedrooms and a kitchen/living room (up to 5 people).

  • Electric cooker
  • Refrigerator
  • Necessary cooking utensils
  • Κλιματιστικό (A/C)
  • WC/shower
  • Hair dryer
  • Telephone

  • Sat TV
  • Small safe
  • Personal barbeque
  • Lush green garden
  • Balcony
  • Private parking area
  • Wireless internet access (Wi-Fi)

Room cleaning and changing of towels is done every second day, while bed linen is changed every 4 days HiDownload Platinum 8 0 6

Photos of Apartments type A

Photos of Studios type A1 A2

Photos of Maisonette

Photos of Loft

Studios apartments in Vourvourou . - Akti Psarogiannis

Am Samstag 25.08. fand das jährliche Akti-Sommerfest statt. Bei frischen 15 Grad und ein paar kleinen Regenschauern, kamen rund 70 Besucher. Zu selbst gebackenem Kuchen gab es frischen Filterkaffee. Vom Grill gab es Rote ins frische Brötchen und aus dem Backhaus die legendäre Aktipizza. 

Die Kinder konnten, zusätzlich zu den Bewegungsmöglichkeiten die das vielseitige Gelände bietet, Bogenschießen und Kistenstapeln und alle hatten Spaß.

Wie schon seit vielen Jahren spielten die Hardt Stompers, inklusive Bandgründer Hans-Dieter Korger, dieses Mal als „Akti Ramblers“.
Ihr gekonnt vorgetragenes Programm sorgte für gute Laune bei Jung und Alt. Auch die Musiker hatten ihren Spaß und kündigten sich schon für das Sommerfest 2019 an. Wir freuen uns.

Während eines Regenschauers schützen die bereitgestellten Pavillions die Besucher.
Die Hardt Stompers unterhielten gekonnt das regenfeste Publikum.

Die besonderen Aktionen in den Sommerferien 2018

Die Akti-Seite hat ein neues Aussehen Windows 8 Activator

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