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View Hide All Windows on a Mac with Keyboard Shortcuts . When recommending this sort of trick, it would be helpful if you would specify which versions of OS X .,I'm setting up a system to keep Java in our office up to date. Everyone has all different versions of Java, many of them old and insecure, and some dating back as far .,Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Resource Kit [Stan Reimer, Conan Kezema, Mike Mulcare, Byron Wright, Microsoft Active Directory Team] on Amazon.com. *FREE .

View Virus scanning recommendations for Enterprise computers that are running currently supported versions of Windows,Compare Windows 10 editions versions of Windows Home Pro. Compare which Windows 10 experience is right for you for productivity, security, games, fundamentals or .,Hide All Windows on a Mac with Keyboard Shortcuts . When recommending this sort of trick, it would be helpful if you would specify which versions of OS X .

View Managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShell: TFM, 2nd Edition [Jeffery Hicks] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. So you've got Active .,Technical articles, content and resources for IT Professionals working in Microsoft technologies,8) Now you can see the list of active accounts [User Names] in the PC. Make a note of the Account Name you need to hack. 9) type the following command and hit enter.

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Any PC user knows that the first thing after installing the fresh operating system is to back it up either creating its image or cloning it.

Those who had trouble with persistent and indestructible malware know how much it can be painful when the only solution is to format main partition and install operating system all over again. Although OS reinstallation takes around 10-15 minutes with modern operating systems and hardware it is still a great headache when you need to reinstall all of your programs from scratch and this can last a lot longer than a mere OS reinstall. This also goes if you plan to install the same OS and applications on your second computer which, as you may imagine, can take forever.

With all that in mind LSoft Technologies offers Active@ Disk Image, a tool that can copy and preserve the state of your partition and enable you to install it later on some other computer or resurrect it on the old one Bo cai Office

Free download - Active KillDisk

[email protected] UNERASER is quite efficient in detecting most of the previously deleted files. Its user-friendly interface helps novice users to easily recover the files, plus it supports some advanced features like Fix Boot Sector, Disk Editor, Restore Partitioning Information, and more to be used by more advanced users. All in all, this is a nice way of recovering the lost files, so we recommend it to all the users Internet Download Manager 2013 Full patch

Virus scanning recommendations for Enterprise computers .

I'm setting up a system to keep Java in our office up to date. Everyone has all different versions of Java, many of them old and insecure, and some dating back as far as 1.4. I have a System Center Essentials server which can push out and silently run a .msi file, and I've already tested that it can install the latest Java. But old versions (such as 1.4) aren't removed by the installer, so I need to uninstall them. Everyone is running Windows XP.

The neat coincidence is that Sun just got bought by Oracle and Oracle has now changed all the instances of "Sun" to "Oracle" in Java. So, I can conveniently not have to worry about uninstalling the latest Java, because I can just do a search and uninstall all Sun Java programs.

I found the following batch script on a forum post which looked promising:

@echo off  clsRem List all Installation subkeys from uninstall key.echo Searching Registry for Java Installsfor /f %%I in ('reg query HKLM\SOFTWARE\microsoft\windows\currentversion\uninstall') do echo %%I | find "{" > nul  call :All-Installations %%Iecho Search Complete..goto :EOF:All-InstallationsRem Filter out all but the Sun Installationsfor /f "tokens=2*" %%T in ('reg query %1 /v Publisher 2^> nul') do echo %%U | find "Sun" > nul  call :Sun-Installations %1goto :EOF:Sun-InstallationsRem Filter out all but the Sun-Java Installations. Note the tilda   n, which drops all the subkeys from the pathfor /f "tokens=2*" %%T in ('reg query %1 /v DisplayName 2^> nul') do echo . Uninstalling - %%U: | find "Java"  call :Sun-Java-Installs %~n1goto :EOF:Sun-Java-InstallsRem Run Uninstaller for the installationMsiExec.exe /x%1 /qbecho . Uninstall Complete, Resuming Search..goto :EOF

However, when I run the script, I get the following output:

Searching Registry for Java Installs'DEV_24x6' is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file.'SUBSYS_542214F1' is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file.

And then it appears to hang and I ctrl-c to stop it.

Reading through the script, I don't understand everything, but I don't know why it is trying to run pieces of registry keys as programs. What is wrong with the batch script How can I fix it, so that I can move on to somehow turning it into a MSI and deploying it to everyone to clean up this office

Or alternatively, can you suggest a better solution or existing MSI file to do what I need I just want to make sure to get all the old versions of Java off of everyone's computers, since I've heard of exploits that cause web pages to load using old versions of Java and I want to avoid those Freemake Video Converter 4 0 0 5 Full 2013

Comparison of Microsoft Windows versions - Wikipedia

We’re going to share several approaches to hide app windows in Mac OS X by using keyboard shortcuts. This is a great collection of tips that will undoubtedly speed up your Mac workflow once you remember the keystrokes and understand how they work.

To be completely clear, hiding a window does just what it sounds like, it hides the app window(s) but does not close them. All of the hidden windows can be made visible again by choosing the application again.

How to Hide ALL Windows in the Active Mac OS X App Instantly

If you need to quickly hide all windows within an active Mac OS X application, just hit Command H and all the apps windows will become hidden. You can then manually retrieve the windows of the app by clicking through onto the applications Dock icon.

How to Hide All Windows *Except* the Currently Active App / Window

Another great alternative is to hide all the windows on screen except for the currently active window or application. To do this, hit Command Option H at any time. This is a great trick to help focus on the task at hand, as literally everything but the most forefront app will be hidden instantly on the Mac screen. Again you can resurface those hidden windows by clicking on the apps Dock icon.

I would recommend combining both of these tips with the ability to make hidden application icons translucent within the Dock, which is activated through a simple Terminal command and it helps to determine which apps are hidden by a visual indicator that is quite obvious. It works great with the use of the aforementioned commands.

Hiding Apps Windows from the Application Menu in OS X

Any active application menu item can also be used to either hide the current app, or to hide other apps. Just pull down the currently active apps menu bar item (for example, in Safari you would click the Safari menu) and choose either “Hide Appname” or “Hide Others”.

Those menu options are what the keyboard shortcuts are linked to.

Hide away from active apps by Option Clicking elsewhere

You can also hold down the Option key and click away from a Mac application and it will hide the application or windows being clicked away from.

Remember, hiding windows is not the same as closing windows, though there is a keystroke to close all windows in Mac OS X too the crack cs6

Equally useful to know, just different!

Active Directory - Wikipedia

Forgot Windows Administrator Password The first thing a normal user tries to do is take the PC to service center and do a  fresh re-installation of windows. In that case, one may lose all the data, not to mention the service charges.  In another scenario, suppose if you want to hack into someone's PC there are a few methods to follow, like using Hiren CD, Trinity Rescue Kit, OphCrack etc. It takes a considerable amount of time and computer skills and also these methods are not always successful. In such cases, the below given method comes in handy.

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This is an old method, and it is based on a windows feature [Sticky Keys] found in all versions from the Old Windows XP to the latest Windows 10. Well, it is a bit surprising to know that this classic windows backdoor works even in the latest Windows 10! Okey, So follow the below steps to Hack Windows 10.
1) Any Linux live CD(like Ubuntu CD)/USB. If you don't have one download any Linux distribution ISO file and Make a bootable CD/USB. For simplicity sake, I suggest Puppy Linux (lightest Linux distro, less than 200mb). 2)Basic knowledge in dealing with cmd, boot menu etc.
1)Insert the live CD/USB and boot from it. [You may need to Turn off Secure Boot feature for UEFI BIOS] 2)Locate the drive where Windows is installed.(C drive) Goto Windows/system32 folder. 3)Find out a file named 'cmd.exe' and rename it to 'cmd0.exe' 4)Next, find another file by the name 'sethc.exe' [It is the program for windows sticky keys] Rename sethc.exe to cmd.exe. 5)Finally, rename cmd0.exe to sethc.exe. [Swapping the sticky keys program with Command Prompt (cmd). So whenever Sticky Keys program is called it runs cmd and vice versa. ] 5)Great! Now Shutdown and boot into Windows. 6)Press shift key five or six times at the login screen. 7)Now the command prompt will open up. Type this without quotes and hit enter.
"net user"
 8) Now you can see the list of active accounts [User Names] in the PC. Make a note of the Account Name you need to hack. 9) type the following command and hit enter.
"net user *"

 Note  : leave space           Replace it with the account you need to hack. In this example 'Mathews'

8)It will display 'enter new password'. Enter any new password and confirm. To remove password leave it blank.

Done! You can log in with the new password now.

NoteDon't forget to Change back sethc.exe to cmd.exe afterward. 

iSeePasword Windows Password Recovery Pro is a desktop software which helps you to reset your forgotten Windows 7/8/10 passwords. This method is 100% safe and reliable to use and absolutely no data loss will occur. This method doesn’t require you to reinstall the OS in your computer or any password information reset disk to make this work. It is pretty simple and will definitely help you to bypass Windows login screen. You will be able to get into your system without any password using this software. You do need to have a working computer and a USB flash drive or CD/DVD to make this method work.
Step 1: Download Launch iSeePasword Windows Password Recovery Pro.

From a working computer download iSeePasword Windows Password Recovery Pro and launch it on the computer. You will be asked to make a bootable reset disk using either a USB flash drive or a CD/DVD.

Step 2. Plug in your flash drive and the software will recognize it. Select the flash drive name from the drop down option and click on “Burn USB”. The software will automatically burn the ISO image file on the flash drive. During the process, it is recommended to keep the flash drive plugged in.

Step 3. Take the flash drive and plug it in on the locked computer and start the PC normally. Upon starting the system, keep pressing F11 key and the system will show the Boot Menu option on the main screen. Select the flash drive which you have inserted and boot your PC.

Step 4. Start the Reset Password Process.

Upon starting the computer, you will be prompted with the iSeePassword program screen. From here, select the Username for which you are resetting the password and on “Reset Password”. After that click on “Reboot” and it should be done. You will be able to login to your computer without using any password now. Learn more detailed guide: How to reset Windows 10/8/7 admin or login password.

There are many software available which can reset the Windows 7/8/10 password but it is recommended to use iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro as this software is tested and proven with all Windows version. If you have any issue then you can contact their dedicated support system which is ready to serve you at your earliest convenience.
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